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  • How far away are we globally from the mass production of cars on Hydrogen fuel?

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  • How do you segregate your medical waste and household waste?

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  • How do solar panels work?

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  • Will the Earth stink if everyone ejaculates at the same time?

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  • Burning fossil fuel is bad why do it?

    Best answer: because people like to live in warm homes and drive their cars to work to earn money to put in their gas guzzling cars and buy groceries and merchandise from the stores (that are also warm), that deliver food and merchandise by gas guzzling trucks from farms and companies that use gas guzzling large farm equipment and machinery to harvest that food and make the other necessities you enjoy. Look around your room. Everything you have, you somehow got with fossil fuel. So unless you have a wand like Harry Potter to conjure up what you need to live, burning fossil fuel is the only way to get it. AND IT'S NOT BAD!! Stupid liberals aren't always right!
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  • Do you believe in global warming?

    Best answer: I come from the era of the 60s. I can tell you as a fact that it has gotten hotter in my state during the summer and colder during the winter. We used to have lots of flowers with bees going from flower to flower pollinating now all the flowers are dead there's no more growing. The summers are baking hot and the winters are getting freezing cold. Something darn sure is happening
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  • What do ice core samples really prove?

    Best answer: ice cores show what earths past climate was like with records of Co2 and other atmospheric gases are recorded.
    From the deneir point of view they play up long defunct deneir nonsense like the lag theory. In as far as the record of past natural climate change goes there was indeed a lag this has always been mentioned in the science, but in a fine example of how denial works they take part of the science and leave out the parts they don’t like.
    The ice core data refers to the glacial cycles which is not started by Co2 it is started by changes in the Earth long term orbit and tile to the sun, after 600-1000 years Co2 starts to add to this natural effect and the the planet warms. What is happening now is not being started by long term orbital shifts but by mhuman actions.
    This of course is one of very many theories deneirs have invented over the years, to try and explain away current climate change, all have long since been shown to be wrong.
    Here is a listing of many of those excuses deneirs have tried over the years, it numbers well over 100 many actually conflict with each other but deneir tend to ignore this.
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  • What causes someone to turn into a degenerate?

    Best answer: Society.
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  • As the Sun is giving off more heat does it have any effect on our global warming?

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  • Are you O.K. with the notion that the next five years will be the hottest period recorded in the Meteorological history of the Earth?

    Best answer: I accept the science that says that it probably will be.

    But, we are overdue for another major volcanic event, which could TEMPORARILY interrupt the warming. Don't get me wrong. Just because nature effects global temperature doesn't mean that humans have no effect on climate. Apparently, "both" is not in the global warming deniers' vocabulary.
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  • Vostok 800 Year Lag: Thought Experiment?

    Imagine you are a climate scientist living 4 centuries after the temperature has continued to fall while CO2 has still been on the increase - i.e. half-way through an 800 year lag. Imagine further that during your lifetime, that continues to happen and, if you had a crystal ball, you would see that it would continue happening for the next dozen or so generations of climate scientists. Would you put your hand on your heart and say that increasing CO2 would necessarily cause warming when you have 400 years of empirical evidence that shows the opposite?
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  • Why don’t we just turn on our air conditioning to combat global warming?

    Best answer: We do. every summer.

    Then we fire up the wood stove ( or whatever is available) every winter to combat "American made Global Cooling".

    I guess every winter the CO2 levels drop like a rock ?....liberal version of "logic"
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  • Has Solar Wind been huffing to much CO2?

    Best answer: No, he's just a crackpot. I doubt that he ever studied science in school, but is interested enough in it to read blogs, especially by those people that go against accepted science.
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  • What are some of the ridiculous things attributed to Global Warming?

    Best answer: There used to be a website called numberwatch that is no longer there. That had many links. At one time it had links to "jelly fish getting bigger" and "jellyfish getting smaller" at the same time!

    The good news is that a version has been archived. http://archive.is/4bHTE
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  • What factors besides Carbon Dioxide can contribute to Global Warming?

    Best answer: .
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  • What is the hottest temperatures recorded that can be attributed directly to Global Warming?

    Best answer: None directly.
    The hottest year in the US was back around 1934. That was before Al Gore s Global Warming which started after WWII. However, the 1934 figure would still stand if it weren't for Jimmy Hansen cobbling up the figures.


    Also, consider the 1934, if it really was caused by GW then the temperatures would have continued to climb. But they didn t. How do we know? Back in the seventies many of the same people who are now touting GW were scaring us with an Ice Age.

    Then there is a matter of record keeping. Back in 1869 when Philadelphia started to keep record the increment was to the closest 1/3rd degree. And Western Union kept all that data in Cincinnati. After that it was some time that we went to 1/10th degree. This was ambiguous as it relied on the observer s eyeball. But it was close enough for honest people. (My uncle who owned the drugstore was the official temperature taker for the town that I was born in.) Then came the automated measuring and recording devices where they used thermocouples and transmitted the results to central localities. This covered much more of the Earth. However this was corrupted when Jimmy Hansen decided not to take the Siberian remote units during the winter time because they didn t work right . At that time these were not factored into the accurate data. They only used these readings from Siberia in the summertime. Then around 1979 the powers that be used satellite data. This proved to be not so accurate so that in the late 1990s a new method of satellite data was devised and it proved much more accurate. However, it disproved GW and that would not work. So Jimmy Hansen went back to ground temperature recording. I think they now went back to satellite data.

    So you see, our data is insufficient to proclaim that any temperature is anthropogenic due to:

    1. Our incrementation has changed.
    2. Our methodology has changed.
    3. Our coverage has changed.
    4. Our data is always rounded up.
    5. People like Phil Jones and Jimmy Hansen have corrupted vital data which can never be recovered.

    So until we get consistent, honest and accurate temperature data for a length of time we will never be able to answer that question of which you ask.
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  • Is cake quickly becoming an endangered species?

    Best answer: Perhaps. I think I will begin a re-introduction program.
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  • How much would the Green New Deal reduce global warming emissions, and how much would this lower temperature over not having Green New Deal?

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  • Do you support the Department of the Interior opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration & drilling?

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  • Is the 4th warmest year on record a sign of cooling?

    Best answer: The long term trend shows that deniers will take a peak temperature and measure from there to claim that the world is cooling. They just stay quiet during the year of the record high temperature, but only when it comes to the global average, a cold winter day will still bring them out in droves.
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