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  • Is this loser one picnic short of a picnic (global warming section)?

    Best answer: There's a lot of messing going on so here's my tuppence worth ...

    1. There are 'legitimate' questions being asked about global warming with people answering those questions as usual. What then happens is that these questions suddenly get moved to Abuse and Spam or LGBT / Gender Studies or whatever. I can only surmise that a troll or group of trolls are simply moving questions for kicks. This is particularly true if the questioner is expressing a view supporting global warming. Usually, if a Level 7 user has answered these questions, they move them back. So, there is at least one 'skeptic' troll moving questions about.

    2. There are a whole series of 'dodgy' questions being asked about global warming. These are usually asked anonymously or by a recent user. At almost the same time as the question is asked, a series of answers appear by similarly anonymous users. Strangely enough, best answer is awarded quickly and more often than not, the question then disappears. So it would seem some troll/trolls are using one account to ask a question then awarding best answer to another one of his/her accounts to beef up their points.

    3. Sometimes a question is asked (seemingly 'legitimate') and is left up until people answer. Suddenly the question is deleted. I think this is just trolls having a laugh ... ask a question, wait till people go to the trouble of answering, then delete it to cause annoyance. If you answer a question, you can see it in your 'answers' tab. If the question is flagged by other users, then when you click on the answer to that question it used to (dunno if it's still the case) tell you that the question was under review. If the question was deleted, your answer won't appear in that tab (dunno it it's still the case). In other words, we could tell if questions were flagged by other users OR deleted. And in many cases, they were deleted not flagged. The questioner then whinged about other users deleting their question ... in fact, they deleted it themselves. If users flag a question then it isn't automatically deleted but is reviewed at which point the questioner gets an email and can reply if they think it isn't warranted. So if a question goes missing after flagging, it's because the user didn't reply or didn't convince.

    4. Every now and then, questions from other sections suddenly appear. This is clearly trolls just moving stuff around to try and be disruptive.
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • How do we end global warming?

    Best answer: Reducing carbon emissions.
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Off grid living with solar would be possible to have satalite tv or would this not be possible or do need data plan?

    6 answers 1 week ago Green Living
  • Man Cannot change the climate some say but we almost did in the Ozone Layer did we not?

    10 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • No chemical eco-friendly diapers?

    Best answer: There are a number of natural eco-friendly disposable baby diapers made from entirely natural materials without any unwelcome additions.

    The best one to my knowledge is Nature Babycare by Naty.
    However there are plenty of others such as Tendercare by Earth's Best, Eco-Natural by Broody Chick, Bambo Nature by Abena, Environmentally Sensitive by Nurtured by Nature and Free & Clear by Seventh Generation.

    6 answers 1 week ago Green Living
  • Beaver stuffing sticks and trees in our dock. What do?

    My family has a cottage on a small island in the Georgian Bay Area and for the past couple of summers we’ve had to deal with a goddamn beaver using our floating dock as a dining room. We keep pulling stuff out and it just keeps stuffing more trees in there. How do we get rid of this nuisance?
    7 answers 1 week ago Other - Environment
  • Is it legally possible to operate a small scale for profit solar farm?

    Say to generate $10,000 a year. At what point are you a public utility?
    5 answers 1 week ago Green Living
  • If you are concerned about Global Warming, what do you propose we do about it?

    Best answer: Plant as many trees as possible, stop using coal, build more nuclear power plants, get everyone to use solar power (where feasible, which is in more places than most people think), make most plastics biodegradable (we already know how to do this), discourage global tourism, reduce the birth rate (I don't care if it results in a drastic drop in population in 100 years - good)), make birth control free, stop using petroleum as fuel, etc.
    6 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • Why is climate such a major factor for survival?

    13 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Why have natural disasters plummeted as CO2 has risen?

    Best answer: So I just saw this question reappear. Why did it disappear for so long? It's because paid trolls instantly move any and all questions opposed to "global warming."

    The weaklings are afraid to debate, so they move questions. They are afraid to debate me. They will get their asses royally kicked. They move and delete opposing opinion because they are weak. They are simply using Yahoo as a free PR board.
    4 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • What could have caused Antarctica to lose as much sea ice in four years as the Arctic lost in 34 years?

    Best answer: From what I understand, scientists are still uncertain if the melting trend will continue or reverse again, and whether the climate crisis is to blame. There was a similar rapid melt period in the 1970s followed by an expansion of ice, and the ice did begin to increase again between 2017 and 2018 before dipping to a new low record low for this time of year.

    Westerly winds which surround the continent mean that Antarctic sea ice doesn't respond directly to global warming averaged over the whole plane. Climate change is affecting the winds, but so is the ozone hole and short-term cycles like El Niño. The sea ice is also affected by meltwater running off from the Antarctic ice sheet. Until 2014, the total effect of all these factors was for Antarctic sea ice to expand. But in 2014, something flipped, and the sea ice has since declined dramatically. Now scientists are trying to figure out exactly why this happened.

    Lets be patient, it is a remote place and there is lots to learn.
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • It is now July. Why are there no ships traversing the Arctic?

    Best answer: You aren't supposed to take their failed predictions seriously. You are simply supposed to congratulate the climate zealots for caring more than everyone else.
    4 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • Global warming deniers?

    Best answer: Remember the earthquake that hit Washington in 2011?

    Republicans tried to claim it was because god was upset with Obama. Pointing out that it damaged a cathedral and not the White House put an end to that nonsense, but can you imaging what would have happened if it had damaged the White House instead of the cathedral?

    People will believe whatever they want to believe. It does not matter if they are young earth creationists, anti vaxers, flat earthers, global warming deniers, they deny science and claim that scientist are conspiring together because the evidence does not match their believes.
    20 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • How does plastic get in the oceans?

    15 answers 2 weeks ago Green Living
  • With 1.997¢/kwh for solar energy and 1.3¢ for power from batteries is it goodbye for coal, gas and even new nuclear?

    Best answer: Nuclear has been too expensive for decades, so most generation companies have been avoiding it. Southern California Edison would rather shut down the San Onofre stations rather than fix their mistakes--they didn't even have to build a new plant, just keep the old one running.

    No new coal plants should be built anywhere. There is virtually nothing to recommend it, other than coal being plentiful. It kills the people that mine it, it leaves environmental disasters behind where it's mined, and it gives off lots of greenhouse gases. It's completely nuts that Trump wants to revive our coal industry. I'd like to put him in a coal mine for a month and see if he changes his tune.
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Does body spray pollute the air?

    Best answer: Everything made by chemical industry pollute the air and world.
    11 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Environment
  • How much is global warming caused by humans, how much is natural?

    33 answers 3 weeks ago Global Warming
  • The big one is coming and we all understand that, but I’m still scared as anyone should be.?

    I live in an old apartment for which I’m the furthest house from the stairs, should I attempt to run outside? Because I have heard that it’s safer but then again not. Also, I have a dog who I insanely love, i know dogs can sense an earthquake, but should I try to pick him up and run? Or let him go because I heard that you need to hold your dog, or just let them go, but if I let him go, that’s probably the last I will see of him because it’s a big area. And should we run up the hill right after? Will there be a tsunami?
    4 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Environment
  • Could we Nuke our garbage?

    Best answer: You don't need to nuke it...some companies like CWT already use a process called thermal depolymerization to break down and convert organic materials/garbage into oil or fuels. Plastics as well can be converted back into oil through various methods. Or plasma gasification processes can be used. All sorts of ways to convert garbage and even highly toxic materials into fuels or disposed of safely. With the millions of tons of garbage we create in the world every year, much of it could be converted into fuels via various processes.




    6 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Environment
  • Should I save money on fuel and use diesel instead?

    5 answers 2 weeks ago Alternative Fuel Vehicles