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  • I want reincarnation to be real so bad?

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  • Do you like to bake cakes?

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  • Why are people who never voted for a Republican in their life now leaning towards Trump?

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  • Why is not a hate crime to mock someone for having orange skin?

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  • Was Ben Franklin correct to believe that creating the impression that you’re a hard worker is more important than being a hard worker?

    Best answer: I read a long book on Ben Franklin a few years ago and just got done reading one about John Adams. Adams was really frustrated with Franklin in Paris because it seemed all he wanted to do was womanize and lay around being lazy. I think Franklin had his strategy and he was a very smart man. He was trying to make nice with the French nobility and he was about as successful as you could expect for that time considering what he had to work with. I suspect that in many circumstances, impression is more important than actual substance but it depends on the task at hand. Franklin was a very good athlete in his youth and certainly a hard studier and worker in his own right but he was also kind of rock star of his day. He was a good face for America to try to get help from the French in our quest for independence from the swamp of the day which was Great Britain.
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  • Why do atheists live by "IGNORANCE (of God) is bliss"?

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  • Are you a troll?

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  • Do you still have any sympathy for Islam after everything that's happened?

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  • Is climate change a myth?

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  • If you were a demon, would you be content with a donkey offering?

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  • What are the similarities between porn and real sex?

    Best answer: I'm glad you asked this, because the list of differences is too long to type out. 99% of real sex is nothing at all like porn, so let's focus on the similarities.

    1) Real sex often looks just as ridiculous as porn sex. This is why people never film themselves having sex, at least not more than once. Even if they're not having pretzel-sex (intricate positions), sex looks very unflattering.

    2) Some people really are that loud when they have sex. Not everyone, but some people.

    3) Some people, about 5% of the population, really do have porn star bodies.

    4) Some girls (again, not many) actually will have sex with a total stranger. Those girls are usually only attracted to rich celebrity movie stars, pro athletes, and any kind of rock & roll musician.

    And that's about it for the similarities, and they're pretty thin similarities at best. Everything else you see in porn isn't just a myth, it's a complete lie.

    If a guy's wife / girlfriend catches him in bed with another girl, her immediate reaction will not be to join in. If a guy suddenly pulls out and blows his load in a girl's eyes, it will not bring her to orgasm. If a girl says "f**k you" to a guy and he says "okay, f**k me", she will not undress and get into bed with him.
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  • Do people with Schizophrenia need an Exorcism and not all these fancy pills?

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  • Does James 2:14-24 teach that "faith only" is "devilish, v. 19? OR is something more "balanced" true, Gal. 5:6, John 6:29?

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  • Will you automatically go to Hell if you do not believe in God- even if you want to believe and even if you have a good heart and intentions?

    I want to believe- I pray every single day. But I don't believe 100 percent. This isn't something I have control over. I can say I wholeheartedly believe a thousand times a day, but that doesn't make it true. I have faith- I believe that God could exist. I try my best to be a good person. I know how much love is in my heart... but if I fail to completely believe in life, does that mean that my soul is doomed to Hell no matter what good I do? It doesn't seem fair to me to suffer eternally or to perish and become nothing with the souls of people who have committed unimaginable crimes such as murder...
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  • What is a gigantic bird of myth three letters?

    Best answer: ROC!
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  • Why did obama and Hillary collude with Russia they even knew Russia was messing with our election in 2014?

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  • What did Adam's sin do for man, and what did Christ's obedience do for man?

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  • Have you guys ever gotten creepy images on the verify you’re not a robot thingy?

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  • I think I have psychic abilities?

    Best answer: It is possible that you're experiencing some form of latent psychic phenomenon. It's rare, but it does happen. You just don't hear about this type of thing in the news very often because of the strict censorship the press companies have over coverage.
    You see, our current culture rejects such things that reside in the area of ESP because we are conditioned to believe that we live in a 5-sense reality. We are meant to believe that nothing beyond what we can see, small, hear, taste and touch exists.
    As you can tell from Lord Bear Claw's response, not everyone is willing to accept that there are inexplicable things beyond our ken. Although he brings up minor good points, this cannot be accurately tested in a laboratory as most people with the ability don't quite know how to use it command. James Randi, on the other hand, makes up his own rules specifically designed so the tests will fail.
    Yet at the same time we have the US military willing to train and pay specific personnel for Remote Viewing with successful results.

    What you are describing sounds more akin to electrokinesis. I know a girl who once inadvertently fried a sewing needle while undergoing stress. Are radios often accompanied by static when you're present?

    Taking into account the population of the planet, psychic phenomenon is rare. It can show signs in very young children, who are just learning the basics (their mind is fresh and uncluttered so they may accidentally tap into this ability.
    I was once babysitting my nephew, who was sleeping. During his nap his favorite toy in the toybox went off and started playing music... I then heard him giggle in his sleep. A little creepy there...

    However, most of my research on poltergeist activity don't point to ghosts at all, but generally an adolescent going through puberty. The hormones and change suddenly kicking in, causing much emotional frustration can express itself in psychical ways. The child, in most cases, wouldn't even be aware they were doing it.
    You mentioned that this started around when you were 17, which is past, but not too far removed from the pubescent stage. As you've noted this type of thing generally occurs when you're undergoing some form of emotional turmoil.
    There is potential for everyone to have this ability but nobody really knows how to unlock it. You'll often know of someone who has a dream with aspects that would later come true (thank you for adding, Trey). I've had one such experience when I was younger. This is because while we sleep our mind, still active, gets a chance to wander. It's like a video game on 'demo' mode, showing off the potentialities of the mind. It will break passed the 4th dimension and jumble recent events; past, present and future into a dream. Most people will leave this all up to coincidence, and that's fine if they're more comfortable with a 5 Dimensional Reality, but some of us are entitled to believe that not all the paranormal experiences we've either witnessed or heard about in the past thousand years are all lies, mistakes, illusions and insanity. Maybe the belief in the paranormal perpetuates to this day because it's an uncommon part of reality that does happen. But our current society dismisses it because A.) it's not that common and everybody doesn't experience it (How often do people witness the full Corona of a solar eclipse?) and B.) They can't explain it without adding some form of spiritual phenomena to the mix (like acupuncture, it's real but Western Medicine can't explain it by normal standards, so they dismiss it). Plus, most of the media is propagated thinking, they'll scoff at any notion they want us to think is crazy so noone will believe in anything beyond the 5 sense standard. There's a reason for this.

    Unfortunately people will continue to believe what they are told to believe, this preventing any actual growth. Furthermore, those who discover they leave latend psychic abilities will be looked upon as a freak, but as you grow older, not knowing how to use this ability, it will fade as your mind becomes more cluttered with material thought.

    Good luck.