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  • Are liberals still clinging onto hope that Hillary still has a chance?

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  • In the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s we had no mass shootings, internet came out in 93, is the internet to blame for mass shootings?

    the only constant was in this was NO internet in all those decades.
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  • I keep hearing knocking on my bedroom door?

    It’s happened about twice now, the first time happened about a week ago and the second happened yesterday. The second time I could have SWORN I saw a white figure at the other side of my room. It always happens at about 4 AM. Each time I think I say come in but after reflecting on the experience I realize I actually didn’t and I only thought it. At first I thought it was sleep paralysis but I can move (I even got up and checked the hallway the second time). Then I thought it might be my brother but he’s asleep by 4 AM. My parents are definitely asleep and they’re room in downstairs. The only non paranormal explanation I can think of is that it might be my cat but this wasn’t scratching this was knocking!
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  • Religion- On judgement day, do we the righteous get to watch the suffering of the non-believer?

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  • How can anyone want God to exist?

    A Supreme Leader who wants you to give up your critical thinking ability and simply have faith in his teachings with the promise that you'll eventually be rewarded for it, but watches you for your entire life anyway to make sure you don't commit thoughtcrime! Does it sound like totalitarianism or what?
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  • Why didn’t the FBI stop Florida shooter Nikolas “Machine Gun” Cruz?

    Let’s face it here... the FBI (Fake.Biased.Inconsistent) was spending too much time trying to take down Trump that they weren’t monitoring the graph that displayed the warning about that kid. Now that everyone knows how incompetent the FBI is, how can you take them seriously on anything negative towards trump. The FBI is barely a step hire than Walmart lost prevention officers.
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  • Are the greek gods controlled by a higher power or something else? like what is their motivation to intervene in mortal lives?

    Best answer: Many of the early Greek heroes were descended from the gods, and were part of the founding narratives of various city-states. They also became the ancestors of later heroes. In the Illiad by Homer (the story of the Trojan War), the gods were constantly involved trying to protect their own offspring from being killed.
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  • Who here believes in Greek mythology?

    i am wondering if any one also believes in Greek mythology
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  • Why are unicorns so tasty?

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  • Do you think aliens were involved in the ancient civilizations ? -especially the ancient egyptian civilization-?

    many people put up theories that aliens were involved and gave them knowledge, they found draws of planes and flying vehicles on the walls of the Egyptian temples of pyramids, i personally believe this theory, what you think ?
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  • Is there a way that I can get any illuminati scientist to help me with dragons? I need them.?

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  • Is it true that all living beings should have experience of little pain in life to get resistance from serious pains?

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  • Do you dabble in the occult?

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  • Will I get bad luck?

    Today is Chinese New Year and one of the taboos is killing. And if you kill, that’s misfortune. However, a fly flew into my mouth and I think when I was getting it out, it died. So would I get bad luck? (Sorry, I’m very serious about superstitions, lol)
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  • What's this? {Related to feelings}?

    So here goes: I used to wish when I was in school "Wow this area is so cool.. I'd love to live here someday" and 5yrs later, when I completely forgot this wish, due to some reasons, we went on to live there. During school days, I used to go in that area around the school to play in parks and I ended up living in front of one of those parks that I used to play in, during school days. PS: Please don't judge me but I feel I have strong connections with these areas that I go to school to, or live in.
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  • My cat died and I feel guilty?

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  • What kind of love spell have you casted?

    Best answer: None at all. But I've had several of them cast (not casted) upon me, which makes me a bit of an expert on the topic.

    Magic does work, make no mistake there. But like everything else in life, you have to use the techniques that actually work and sometimes you have to accept that close enough is close enough. People who play with magic (also known as lovestruck teenage girls) tend to forget those two laws, for some reason or another. Stick with the stuff that works and keep your expectations reasonable, and you can accomplish a lot with your magic.

    The most powerful love spell by miles goes by many names, but I like to call it the Sacred Rite Of Unbuttoning. Just hold eye contact with the guy you're casting it on, then undo a button while holding his gaze. Any button, doesn't matter which one. If the guy doesn't get the message and fall under your spell, he's either gay or dead.

    Yes, yes that does count as more of a lust spell than a love spell, but remember the rule about close enough. Spells are no different than anything else in life, because sometimes (okay, most times) you have to take what you can get.

    If you set your expectations too high, you'll end up like an ex girlfriend of mine. And trust me, you don't want to end up like her. It's not pretty.

    This girl was a practising witch, a really powerful one (she and all her friends said so), and she was serious about it. She identified as a Wiccan, but she was into every form of magic you can name. Ritual European spells, Vodou, Santeria, Satanic black magic, the Force, Roman Catholicism, New Age Spiritualism, you name it she studied it. If teenage magic belief had a pope, she would have been it.

    And I loved her. We were together for many months (long time for teen lovers), until she dumped me for the guy she had been cheating on me with for a while. Then she realized that he was a bigger jerk than I was, so she broke up with him and wanted me back. When I refused, she got mad. I didn't refuse her totally, I told her we could still have sex casually, but there was no way I would commit to her again. Told you I was a jerk.

    She then summoned all of her vast power, all of her knowledge, and cast a doozy of a love spell on me. Her witch friends found me and warned me, just so I could be aware. This spell was more powerful than any in the history of spells, they said. No way to escape it, no way to deflect or reverse it, I was doomed. Then she slept with me once or a few times, just to help the spell along a little. And when I still didn't fall back in love with her, she was crushed. All that magic power, all those weeks and months of devoted studying, and nothing. For the record she didn't complain about the incredible sex, but the sex wasn't what she really wanted. She wanted my undying devotion, and all she got was amazing sex. Her beliefs had failed her.

    See how this works? As long as you use the stuff that works and keep your expectations reasonable, your magic will serve you faithfully. But if you expect too much, or if you use the stuff that doesn't work (like mixing herbs and chanting in some ancient-ish language, for example), you'll only be disappointed.
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  • How can this be?

    Best answer: Wa salaam (assuming you aren't a troll).

    Allah says:

    And who doth more wrong than one who is reminded of the Signs of his Lord, but turns away from them, forgetting the (deeds) which his hands have sent forth? Verily We have set veils over their hearts lest they should understand this, and over their ears, deafness, if thou callest them to guidance, even then will they never accept guidance. (18:57 - Noble Quran)

    So when a disbeliever rejects the guidance of Allah, then no one can guide that person to Islam with their own guidance, because whose guidance is better than Allah's? Further a person's sins keep a person away from Islam because sins create black spots on the heart until it is covered and stamped and they become a disbeliever if they were Muslim and did not repent and stop the sin or they are disbelievers and make no efforts to polish the heart by having faith in Allah with good works.

    Faith is a requirement for believing in Allah, not doubting, doing good deeds, preferring the hereafter to this life, avoiding sins are all ways that lead to belief in Allah, disbelievers need to do this struggle in order to believe and change, as changing is the hardest thing to do, and every sin removes you further from Allah, incorrect beliefs also remove one from Allah's mercy.

    So most people do not like to struggle, but in Islam you have to struggle, so most people don't believe, and whether you believe in Islam or not you are going to struggle in some way, so it might as well be in dedication to Allah seeking his pleasure and reward, instead of fulfilling your whims and desires for temporary enjoyments.
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  • Do witchcraft spells work?

    I tried a wealth spell and it worked to some degree, but I'm cautious as to whether it was the magic of the spell and my energy or just a coincidence. I enchanted some coins as well and then bought a lottery ticket, unfortunately I only got one number (lol) but I still wonder if it's real and if anyone has any stories on this?
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