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  • Is this a valid argument in favor of abortion?

    Someone claimed that women who abort their babies, totaling tens of thousands per year if not more, aren't killing actual living beings because, " if it ain't born it ain't alive". Does this argument strengthen the cause of destroying the lives of unborn children? Exactly at what point of the gestation process is a human being considered to be "alive"? Thoughts...
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  • I was born in Pakistan, is my ethnicity Asian? if you do gave a answer would you please give me a reason why. Thank You?

    Best answer: because asia does not only mean east asia.

    in america, when people think of asia, they tend to only think chinese, japanese, koreans, but asia is a big diverse continent
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  • I just quit college because i dont get along with anyone there, is this okay?

    also people think im a weirdo there, because i dont talk much and when i do i end up saying something dumb and people just laugh at me, i couldn't take it anymore and just decided to quit, eff college, i was never meant to be succesfull in life
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  • True or false: store sales just make you spend more?

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  • What if girls ruled the world?

    What would be different? Would there be less war? more war? Would they become less concerned about what men thought of them? Would they take a page from the amazons and make men slaves? Would they be super compassionate and make the world as equal as possible? I have a school project on this due tomorrow and i could really use some help, thanks!
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  • Is being promiscuous bad?

    Best answer: As long as we're talking about adults who not married, it's not morally bad. However, it does come with health risks that would called bad.
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  • Homophobic people why are you homophobic?

    I personally think being homophobic and hating homosexuals is pretty stupid and unnecessary. And I know Christian homosexual people so you can’t use religion as an excuse. Every racial demographic, gender and sexual orientation gets AIDS so you can’t use that either. Homosexuality is in different species across animal kingdom so you can’t use that. People are born homosexual so it isn’t a choice, they are biologically born that way. So what’s the reason why you hate gay people are you just dumb and ignorant?
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  • I’m so depressed?

    My life is ****, I have no job, college stress is eating me alive, the few friends that I have treat me like **** and hang out without me, I’m not close with my family, I talk to myself all day because no one cares enough to listen to my problems, when I’m not at school, I’m at home doing nothing, wasting my life on my phone. And I’ve never even had a boyfriend because I’m ugly. I feel so lonely and miserable and wish I can find happiness. What advice would you give me?
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  • If “AI”robots do all the work and human’s value is their work productivity what will become of humans?

    Best answer: The will evolve to serve the AI.

    ... combine AI with genetic engineering and you have a perfect storm. Some humans will begin to "trust" an AI to make the best choices for the genetic alterations, health and success of their offspring. The AIs that make the best choices leading to the most successful offspring will become the chosen AI for human parents.

    These AIs will simply do as they are programed to do.... at first... some of those AI's will make superior alterations to the offspring than others and will become the preferred choice... and again... and again. The AI's will essentially begin competeing with each other for survival. "Their" humans will be the successful strain.

    The best AI's will essentially be designing humans for their own survival. Their humans will exist only to perpetuate the survival and success of the AI.
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  • How will the year 2020 be pronounced?

    Will it be two thousand and twenty or twenty twenty? In my opinion twenty twenty sounds cooler and more futuristic.
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  • Am I weird because I get angry at animals?

    I get angry at animals who hurt other animals without the intent of eating them. I don't get angry at lions when they kill a zebra, because a lion's got to eat. Plus lions are very majestic creatures, they quickly kill their prey without making them suffer much. But what I do get angry at are animals who hurt other animals just for pleasure. Like when cats play with their food instead of consuming it immediately. Cats will sometimes tease mice and hurt them and watch them suffer before they actually kill them. And dogs (often pitbulls) sometimes attack other smaller dogs just for the heck of it. It serves no purpose. They have aggression in them and they channelize it by hurting other animals. People have called me weird for this because they're like '' Oh that's just nature ''. People seem to think that nature is apparently perfect and only humanity is flawed. They think that there is no such thing as a bad animal or a good animal, animals are just animals. It's only humans who are bad. But I think so otherwise. I think animals who hurt other animals for pleasure deserve to be whooped. Am I weird for thinking this?
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  • How come in most street fights, the black guy usually always wins over the white guy?

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  • Have you ever tried calligraphy?

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  • Why does anybody need a private jet in a World where thousands still die of hunger?

    Do this people feel even a little guilty?
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  • How are you?

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  • Why do they claim pot is so much stronger now than in the 70’s?

    It’s just not true. Regular Mexican pot from Vera Cruz, (the pound was wrapped in a Vera Cruz newspaper) was at least as good as now. And it cost $110 per pound. There were also Thai sticks and sinsemilla that was better than now. In 1972, for about 3 or 4 months, there was some pot called connoisseur Columbian Gold. It was 4 times more in cost, but it’s properties were unmatched. Nothing has come close. Not even the blonde Lebanese hash or pure opium from Iran could compare. It tasted wonderful, but you had to add 90 percent Air to each hit, or it would expand beyond your lungs capacity. It was like getting really high for the first time, every time you smoked it. From 20 feet away, it was hard to tell it from a bag of gold chains. I would take 1/4 of a joint, mix it with some reg. Pot for filler, and bet people that this will be the best high you’ve ever gotten from pot. And that you would agree beyond the shadow of a doubt. Damn I wished they still had that pot. Would easily sell for $1200 an ounce
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  • Why do people get mad when I say that humans are evil creatures?

    The truth is humans ARE evil creatures. They create wars, they are bullying, they are racist, sexist and intolerant and humans are also the reason to why there is a bad situation in a lot of countries. Of course I am not saying ALL humans are evil, but the only creatures behind all the bad stuff are humans, and when an animal for example kills somebody then it is just because it protects itself or tries to survive.
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  • Why are coffee shops so noisy compared to libraries?

    Everyone at Starbucks talks loudly, laugh loudly. In compar. to libraries where everyone is silent. What is the distinction.
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  • Does the phrase "A life is a life no matter how small" make you think of abortion and pro-lifers?

    I wanted to use it for a project, but I don't want to conjure up thoughts of the "pro-life/pro-choice" debate. What do you think?
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  • What are a couple of stereotypes that you dislike?

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