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  • Has anyone been to visit the $135mil replica of Noah's Ark built by Australian creationist Ken Ham?

    It has been open for six months now but it might be a bit of a trek for you guys in Oz because he decided to build it in Kentucky, Bible Belt, USA. Possibly less likely to get graffitied or burnt to the ground over there. He was planning on building a huge theme park but didn't hit the donation funding mark that he wanted. $135mil is still an enormous amount to raise though, which makes me think quite a lot of money must have gone into Mr Ken Ham's personal collection plate. Don't get me wrong, the craftsmanship looks excellent but it is still just a wooden ark (probably not even seaworthy) and a bunch of plastic animals. For $135mil you can build a 30 story tower building with a total of 40,000sqm and 450 standard sized turnkey apartments. Apparently, it is also built to the dimensions mentioned in the Bible and includes dinosaurs! Creationists believe the world was created 6,000 years ago and every animal that ever existed was around at that time. Creationists have backed themselves into a corner on this one. The ark is far too small to accommodate 2 of every creature around at any one point in time and you would have to be out of your mind to think two of all species ever would fit in there. Perhaps it works like the TARDIS? http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/07/0...
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  • What souvenirs do you bring back from the places you visit.?

    Best answer: I like finding a local art market and buying a small original piece that is indicative of the place but not like the mass market stuff
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  • Could one conclude that the constant anti-Australian trolling is a by-product of the LNP being under pressure for their corruption?

    Best answer: Even worse the rusted on conservatives whose answers on travel rorts are inevitably
    a - its within the guidelines
    b - the ALP does it too

    they are only too happy to form a lynch mob when it suits them but circle the wagons and deny, obfuscate and if all else fails stick their fingers in their ears chanting laalalalalala when the boot is on the other foot
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  • Australian Travellers.Is it all over between the prat Chazza and Mrs Horseface?

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  • Who do you regard as Australia's greatest explorers.?

    Best answer: I regard Sir John Forrest as the country's greatest explorer. I may be a tad biased because he was a prominent West Australian. He was the first Premier of Western Australia and a cabinet minister in Australia's first federal parliament.

    During my working days, I travelled a lot through the desert regions that he explored and became interested in him from what I learnt from the older locals. He was a great bushman who could find water by studying the habits of birds and animals.

    I have also read several books of his life and travels. In addition I have read up on other explorers as I have always had an avid interest on such men.

    Edit: Thumbs down to just about every explorer - seems none are deemed to be great by the respondents in here. Plus I had a bit of a chuckle to see Ludwig Leichhardt and Burke and Wills names mentioned as being 'great explorers.'........ very famous, for sure but not 'great'......... seeing the demise they came to.
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  • What can I expect on a Greyhound bus?

    Best answer: Greyhound busses really vary these days. It is hard to tell you too much that I can promise will be true. The last time I was on a Greyhound bus was last year, and it was extremely clean, on time, with free wi-fi, and was two-thirds empty. On the other hand, I've heard stories from other people about rude drivers, busses that leave very late, or are not as clean as one would wish. I hope your experience is more like mine, but you will just have to wait and see.

    One thing I recommend is that you sit by another woman. It doesn't guarantee that you will be safer, but it is likely to be that way. Certainly, it will save you from any unwanted advances that might otherwise occur. Also, sit closer to the driver. People interested in causing trouble tend to sit in the back.

    The bus wil definitely stop for meal, but the places you stop won't necessarily be to your liking. In fact, they may be downright unpleasant. So, one thing I recommend is for you to bring some food. It could just be sandwiches or some fruit. Just whatever will travel easily that doesn't need refrigeration. Don't bring junk food, though, such as candy bars, as that is one thing you almost definitely be able to purchase along the way. Try not to drink too much as the bathroom on the bus or where you stop might not be quite up to your cleanliness standards (although, it is true, it could be very clean. . . you just don't know). But do make sure to drink some liquids. It is not healthy to go without for too many hours.

    As far as what to bring to amuse yourself, it is all a matter of what you enjoy. Your smartphone (if you have one) would be great. A book or several magazines is also recommended. Some sort of game if there is something you like. . . crossword puzzles or sudoku or whatever.

    One thing I always bring, because I get cold easily, is an extra sweatshirt or sweater. And, if you want to get really comfy, think about bringing some slippers, so you can take your shoes off but not have to get your socks dirty.

    It's a long trip, sure, but if you haven't traveled much, you might also have a good time looking out the window (at least in the daytime. . . and since you're going in the summer, your days will be long). See if you can find out, beforehand, if you bus route is mostly on the interstate or if you will, at least in part, be going through lots of little towns. Rural and small town America is always much more interesting to look that straight, boring highways. I've usually enjoyed long bus trips when I got to see the lay of the land. You just might find you do, too.

    Have a great time!
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  • Were you offended by the large Billboard in Melbourne promoting Australia Day with 2 Muslim girls wearing head scarfs on it?

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  • Do you like kangaroos?

    Best answer: Sure do, This is Trevor, he's a friend of mine that lives in my back yard.......
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  • Why didn't Australia do this too me?

    I'm black and so are my friends and we are from South Africa and my friends went on a holiday to Australia for Christmas and we tried to go into a pub but the security at the door said that "Only Australians are allowed and they won't let's us in because they are afraid we might steal something".
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  • Why does it seem like Australians hate everyone who isn't Australian?

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  • This is gonna sound like a dumb question?

    I found a Canadian coin in my purse (It says it's a 25 cent coin) I use GBP because I live i the UK This is gonna sound dumb, but is there anyway I can send it back to Canada?
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  • Are airplanes fun to ride? are they scary?

    Hello I am going on an airplane ride next month and I was wondering if they are fun or scary because there so high? Oh and i'm going to be on it for about three hours. thanks.
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  • Did you realize that the USA is in middle of the heart of JerUSAlem?

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  • My uncle is having his wedding overseas and he invited us to come. Do we have to pay for the plane ticket? How does it works?

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  • Does your browser always crash when that stupid Qantas ad appears at the side?

    Best answer: Qantas never crashes.
    I use "adblock"
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  • Would Walt Disney the man would be disappointed in how his theme parks turned out?

    Best answer: no.
    walt wanted both.
    he got both.
    families spend time and money.
    he secretly purchased land CHEAP to save money which he knew would make him a huge profit in the end.
    he went with the opinion of his advisors as to where to purchase the land because they said he could get a lot of visitors which would equal a lot of money.
    if he had gone with his inital plan disneyw orld would be located in my back yard! literally!
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  • Poll: Is it a good idea for me to move to England?

    Best answer: Irrelevant - we are not going to let you in.
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  • Is it possible to use Us-personal check to deposit money to a Thailand bank?

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  • Booking a seat near front of plane... Would this mean I am closer to the door?

    Best answer: The front sections are normally reserved for 1st class and business class, but basically yes, the front is the standard location for the A380 entrance/exit doors, jet ways have been designed to allow separate boarding/exiting from each level.
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