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  • Koreans have to fight for 2 years!? I thought that was Israelis!!!?

    Best answer: It's both. Well, kinda.

    For South Korea, it's about two years for males. South Korean females are not obligated to serve their nation's armed forces, but they're free to voluntarily sign up if they choose. Men do not get this choice, and have to enlist. On the other side of the border, North Korean men also have to enlist but for them, things are not as well regulated. They have to serve longer, and probably under harsh conditions. They also force some women into their armed services, though not at the rate they do with men. Another thing to note about North Korea is that the sons of the leaders often get to evade military service or are put in cushy jobs, and get opportunities like college which are generally kept out of reach for normal citizens instead of long military service.

    For Israel, it's two years for Jewish females. Jewish in this case means someone a part of the Jewish people, whether that be religiously or culturally. Jewish males actually are obligated to serve three years, and so do the males of the Druze community. The Druze are a separate Abrahamic religion who believe in being patriotic and cooperative with the government of the land, and actually asked for their sons to be conscripted to show this and be treated like most other Israelis. Their daughters aren't obligated to serve, but can if they want to. Other non-Jewish Israelis are free to serve as well, for example many Bedouin men enlist because the IDF grants great opportunity; however, for them it's completely voluntary. One thing to note about Israel's military law is that it does grant military exemption, so the ultra-Orthodox Jews often don't serve (since they study all day) and many women and some men actually can do "national service" instead, where they work with charities and public offices rather than the military.

    You have to keep in mind that South Korea, like Israel, is still technically AT WAR with North Korea. They have a ceasefire, but things can devolve at any minute and they'll find themselves in active conflict with the North. Which, if frequent missile testing indicates, is something the North clearly hasn't written off. Both Israel and South Korea are in situations where they may need to call upon their population to defend their nation, needing the numbers to put up a decent counteroffensive to those who'd seek to destroy them. As such, they have obligatory conscription for many of their youth. They're not alone in this, as other nations forcibly conscript their males (and sometimes their females) at or around the age of 18 as well. 
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  • Can I get into collagee if I am pragnette?

    I am pragnette but I am tring to get into Harverd. Will I be turned away if I am pragnette. or should I try appleing to Gel. I hear that it is a good collagee to. Any other suggestion that do not turn away pragnette women??? I need to know ASAP.  PS my sat is above 100
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  • International water islands in Hawaii?

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  • Should I move to Florida?

    Best answer: It's very hot and humid from June to September. There are plenty of insects including 1-inch cockroaches. It's becoming increasingly crowded and expensive. Good jobs can be hard to find. 

    On a positive note, the weather is great from November to March. You can grill in your shorts while people up north are wearing layers of clothes and shoveling snow. 

    Should you move here? Yes, but only if you can find a good job and what I mentioned at the beginning does not bother you.
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  • What is the nearest airport to the Phil embassy in Washington DC? I have to apply for a new passport and I need to fly there.?

    Best answer: The closest airport is Reagan National. The Philippines Embassy is at 1600 Massachusetts Avenue. You can take a taxi/Uber from the airport to the Embassy or the Metro. If you take the Metro, take a Blue line train going toward Largo Town Center and get off at the Farragut West Metro Station (7th stop). The embassy is an 11 minute walk from there.
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  • What is the future of Rome, as a city?

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  • I’m a guy can I wear women’s short shorts when I visit Miami and Miami Beach Florida. I also have my legs?

    Best answer: wear whatever you want
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  • I wanna move to Australia in 1 year time. i have level 3 electrical installations, can i work as an electrician or need nvq?

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  • Are New Yorkers flabbergasted, if not devastated, when they see non whites in their city?

    Best answer: The Dutch called they want their colony back with reperations we rare suing you in the U N because we Swindle the land first from the Iraquories fair and square
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  • Is the Bahamas really interested in being incorporated into the USA as a commonwealth with semi autonomy, and if so, how would that come?

    Best answer: Not that I've heard of. There was a movement for the Bahamas and some British islands in the Caribbean to become a Canadian province, believe it or not, back in the 1920s or 30s, and it got some traction but never came about.

    It could have made good economic sense -- there were some products that each country produced and the other wanted that could be traded more cheaply if they were all in the same country. And the UK was apparently perfectly happy to let those islands go. But issues of distance and especially race sank the idea before it came to fruition.
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  • Is there really an issue with wearing high heels on a plane?

    Best answer: Flight attendants don't generally wear heels. They wear dress shoes, but usually flats or very low and wide heels.

    The reason they informally discourage heels is also the same reason they informally discourage flip flops - it would be hard to effectively and safely evacuate the plane in an emergency in that type of footwear. Heels can also puncture the emergency slides, so they usually won't let you wear them when evacuating that way. But there are no set rules against wearing heels or flip flops or any other kind of shoe.
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  • Why do Americans complain very loudly?

    I work at a hotel in Italy. When Europeans and other people have complaints, they says gently. Only Americans come out and very loudly say "I need to see a manager!!!" "I'm pissed"  "This is ridiculous" "Are you kidding me?"
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  • As a German, will I be at risk if I visit Israel?

    Best answer: No, not really.

    Israel hasn't forgotten about the Holocaust, if that's what you are referring to...however, they don't hold the modern day Germans as responsible for that. Even if you are older, there will be no resentment shown towards you. Israel basically got its revenge against the Nazis by living and thriving, and besides the German State since WWII has done a lot to show their regret and make amends to the best of their ability. 

    Israelis nowadays do not have a negative image against Germany, and in fact Berlin supposedly has a rather large ex-pat Israeli population, ironically enough. But within Israel, I would expect no one will look at you negatively for being German. Israelis are cognizant that you're probably not a threat, especially if you're there in their nation. Israelis are actually a friendly people, and curious too, so expect a lot of positive questions about Germany and being German. 
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  • Why are airline sales prices more expensive coming home than going to an destination ?

    Best answer: Not sure where you are seeing this because if you book on an airlines website you can see the different prices and not all of them are more than the outbound.

    But many times, people fly home on a Sunday or Friday which can be very expensive because they know you want to come home on those days. But if you bought a flight to say Las Vegas on Friday and came home on Monday it is almost guaranteed that your return flight will be cheaper than the outbound flight
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  • I'm thinking of moving where would be better Nottingham or stoke?

    Best answer: probably Nottingham.
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  • Name me one thing that Sadiq Khan has done that has directly contributed to increasing crime in London?

    And bear in mind, crime is on the increase all over the UK, so why exactly is the increase in London different and down to Khan?
    6 answers 1 week ago London
  • Can I get money back from Southwest Airlines? ?

    Hello everyone. I recently got into a very uncomfortable situation. Last Friday, My 23 year old son and his friends were celebrating his birthday . They got so drunk that for some reason they ended up at the airport, bought the first available tickets to California and flew there. When they sobered up, they realized what they had done, and had to come back. My son used my credit card to buy his ticket which I did not know about. I would very much like to know if I can get my money back, since my son was not in his right mind when he committed such an irresponsible act.    Best regards, Julie 
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  • Can I book an International future flight for my not yet born daughter?

    Could someone with airline knowledge help me out here? I’ve tried calling the airline but I can’t get a straight answer and google doesn’t help. Im looking to book a flight from Los Angeles to London for May 2020. My second daughter isn’t going to be born until December this year. I want to book now because I want to buy her a seat and reserve them all near each other and not do the lap thing. If I book later I’m afraid I won’t be able to get 4 seats for the kids and us next to each other. The only issue I’m having is when I go to purchase the tickets it asks me for her date of birth and won’t let me choose a later date. I obviously can’t predict her birth date, I figured I would just put her expected date but that doesn’t work. So, is there any way to book a flight and a seat for her before she’s born? Or is there no way around it? I don’t want to make up a birth date because I’m afraid if her reserved information doesn’t match her passport, it’ll be trouble. Thanks so much.
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  • So whats up with hotel fees during mardi gras?

    I was expecting the htoels to be expensive...but 200 a night for the hotel and then another 100+ Hotel fee? Ended up over 600 for 2 nights new orleans mardi gras...We re close to everything which is nice but we re in a pretty shitty hotel in a pretty shitty area on the border of the garden district. Even though we got a lesser hotel ended up being reasonably priced to other nicer hotels. Due to the outlandish hotel fee. Whats up with that
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  • Can an American just walk across the border?

    Best answer: Yes, you need a passport as you are travelling from one country to another.

    If a guard sees you attempting to cross the border then they are supposed to stop you, although they are more focussed on preventing travel in the opposite direction. In theory you could walk across in an unfenced area without encountering a guard but this would usually involve a very long trek through the wilderness.
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