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  • Does Québec still pay tithe?

    Does Québec still pay tithe (tax to support the Catholic Church)?
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  • Why do you think that lots of people call Meghan Markle “MeAgain”?

    Best answer: Mainly because she appears to some as a gold-digger/social climber.
    8 answers 1 week ago Royalty
  • Has anyone ever flew through American Airlines? If so how does eating work?

    Online it says “Travelers should note that while seat assignments are indeed complimentary for American Airlines passengers in select fare classes, those flying basic economy must pay extra to select their seats in advance (or they will be assigned a seat when they check in).” When they say check in do they mean when you print your ticket at the kiosk or when your boarding the plane scanning your ticket? Because I checked in on the kiosk but it still didn’t give me a seat and on my ticket it says unable to assign seat at this moment so will I have to pay for a seat?
    6 answers 6 days ago Air Travel
  • Does a duffle bag count as a carry on or personal item?

    And what are some things to bring to the airport when traveling without a passport? I'll be booking with American Airlines by the way and it will be my first time traveling.
    5 answers 5 days ago Packing & Preparation
  • Do world tourists to England think it is still white and British?

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  • What do I need to do in order to move to New Zealand?

    Best answer: You need to find out what New Zealand requires of people who want to immigrate. If you dropped out of high school, your chances of immigrating legally are zero. Lots of people want to move to New Zealand, and most of them have degrees, or skilled trades, so If you don't have either of those you don't have a chance. If you don't have any money, they may not even let you in as a visitor. Countries like to know that visitors have enough money to support themselves for the duration of their visit. And you can't legally work there as a visitor. Your only real chance is by getting a working holiday visa if you're between 18 and 30. You'll need a return ticket, $4,200 NZ dollars, and medical insurance.
    5 answers 6 days ago Auckland
  • Can a 15 year old own a gun in nyc? For safety?

    Best answer: NO.
    5 answers 5 days ago New York City
  • Why New York City population dropped during the late 1970s/80s and then started to grow back in the 1990s?

    Best answer: Look at the crime rate in the 70s and 80s in NYC. Most of the South Bronx (and a lot of other parts of the city) looked like a war zone then. There's a reason why guys in FDNY referred to the late 60s and 70s are the War Years. Time Square was nothing but peep shows, hookers, and drugs.
    8 answers 1 week ago New York City
  • Is Israel Folau being persecuted for his religious beliefs?

    Best answer: No because it's in his contract, but the NRL have made a fool of themselves by saying they won't have him back because of his comments, yet they let players back that have committed domestic violence against women, have driven under the influence, sexually assaulted women, caught using drugs and one bloke even invaded a house while he was in the US, terrorised the family and bashed the husband, he didn't even know them.
    6 answers 6 days ago Other - Australia
  • How much do flight attendants make in florida?

    7 answers 7 days ago Air Travel
  • Does it bother you that cruise ships have gotten so big, and seem too top heavy?

    Best answer: We cruise periodically - taking one from Barcelona to Lisbon in s few weeks. But we are always on SMALL ships - this time a sailing ship with 300 passengers, last time a river cruise of 125 passengers. We have NO INTEREST in being on a floating high school - with behavior from even a FEW quests at that mentality level that would ruin the experience - and several thousand MORE chances for someone to bring on a vomit/urine/etc. propagated disease. Sorry if I sound like a snob - but we worked hard to earn the $$ for a vacation, and having it ruined by disease or bratty behavior is not what we want. Can a SMALL cruise have a few characters like this? It is possible - but you can avoid a few, but not the mathematically larger number of people on budget cruises - on a monster ship, designed to make money fast. We read all too often about diseases ruing vacations - and the occasional swamping or engine issues of these boats. I would *hope* that getting 125 or 300 of us to safety would be easier and faster than moving 4,000 people!

    Do these ships every COMPLETLEY flip over? Nope - almost impossible. But lisinting severely is bad enough. we take a hard pass - so that leaves more tix for those folks who are looking for that monster-boat experience. Us? TAUCK is the only company we d cruise with. Did obsessive research - they are all-inclusive on their tours, and therefore we find them to be a better value and less stressful experience than many other cuise lines (may of which are now following Tauck's model!) of add-one for everything. So do not faint when you see the prices - it's ONE AND DONE. And NO TIPPING is allowed - you do not run that departure handshake line.
    4 answers 5 days ago Cruise Travel
  • How much does it cost for a greyhound bus ticket from lima ohio USAto Galvenston Texas?

    5 answers 5 days ago Other - United States
  • Why would anyone visit South Dakota?

    I'm just wondering cause I live here and I think it's the most boring state you could visit. Yeah, there's Mount Rushmore, but that's boring. Maybe it's cause I see at least once a year, but still. It's a rock with some faces in it.
    7 answers 7 days ago Other - United States
  • Is it safe to eat sea urchins from Japan?

    5 answers 1 week ago Japan
  • If i buy and bring a wax pen in canada on a plane in my bag going under the plane with the weed/ thc oil, will tsa stop me?

    6 answers 6 days ago Air Travel
  • Why do Americans with British and Irish ancestry usually not have any Welsh ancestry?

    Best answer: Not as much.
    Partly because there were never as many people in Wales as there were in England, Scotland or Ireland.

    Current native | immigrant ancestor population estimates:
    Welsh: 3.1 million | Welsh Americans: 2.9 million
    Scots: 5.5 million | Scots Americans: 20-25 million
    Irish (Rep. + N.I.) : 8.5 million | Irish Americans: 33.3 million
    English: 55.6 million | English Americans: 23 million

    So there are actually more Scots and Irish in America than back home. And a significantly lower proportion of Welsh immigrants in America than all the others.
    6 answers 7 days ago Other - United Kingdom
  • How safe is flying on a major airline in the USA and are we do for a major plane crash since it has been 10 years since one in the USA?

    Best answer: So you are now in your Mid-30's and still "creeped out". I would highly suggest you find a good psychologist who can help you through your fears and perhaps provide you some ways to deal with your issues.

    As for flight safety, if you go by the statistics it is safer to fly than it is to drive where you have a much greater risk of dying in a car accident than you do in a plane crash.

    Although before you do fly please post the flight information here, as your family doesn't have the best track record and I would probably want to make sure I am not on your flight.
    6 answers 7 days ago Air Travel