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  • Isn't it still Hillary's turn?

    26 answers 2 days ago United Arab Emirates
  • Agree or Disagree? Israel is more lenient with Palestinians than America is with Mexicans?

    8 answers 3 days ago Israel
  • How come Israel cant let Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank freely move and vote in Knesset elections?

    Like, how come Gazans get shot for trying to walk across an artificial line in the sand?
    9 answers 3 days ago Israel
  • Did the Chosen Nation Start with Abraham?

    Abraham is widely known as the first Jew, But Abraham (and all the forefathers) lived well before the exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Torah at Sinai—the two defining events in Jewish history. Can he, then, really be considered a Jew? In other words, were there Jews before there was a “Jewish people”? When did the Jewish nation begin? And what does it mean to be Jewish?
    14 answers 4 days ago Israel
  • Do most Israeli Jews have Russian Ancestry?

    Best answer: Define Russian ancestry.

    The Israeli Jews who lived in Russia or are descended from such an ancestor are mostly Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi Jews are not ethnic Russians, so if by Russian ancestry you mean Russian genes then no. I'm sure there are Jews with a bit of Russian in them in this way; however, Jews in Russia were very much a tight knit community that didn't marry out much. Russia in particular had the Pale of the Settlement, an area in which Russian Jews *had* to live in, and even many cities within the Pale forbade Jewish residents. Needless to say, the Russians were pretty good at not mixing with the Jews.

    However, if by Russian ancestry you mean those who ancestors wandered and settled in Russia and aren't part of the ethnic Russian group...then no. It's estimated that the largest group represented by Israeli Jewry are the Mizrahi Jews, or generally speaking the Jews from Arab/Muslim lands. That's even if by "Russian ancestry" you're not just sticking with modern Russian boundaries but including lands at some point a part of the Russian empire, for example the Ukraine or Belarus. I think groups like Lithuanian and Polish Jews should never be counted as "Russian Jews", but some people do that anyway not knowing the difference so I do bring that up.

    Of course, the Mizrahi represent Jews from Morocco all the way to Iran and even beyond, so the comparison parallel is the Ashkenazi. Which Russian Jews are a part of...but do not absolutely dominate. If Ashkenazim outnumber Mizrahim, that still doesn't mean that *most* Jews have Russian ancestry given that Ashkenazim come from communities that sprung up all throughout Europe. When it comes to dividing up Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardi (yet another division) and the rest into national origin, Russian Jews may be the largest of all of them (given Russia's size) but at that point, it's only the biggest piece of a cake that's been divided a lot. Putting the other pieces together to form a non-Russian piece will show you that, no, most Israelis don't have Russian ancestry.

    Basically, no matter how you define "Russian ancestry", the answer is still no. Most Israeli Jews do not have any sort of Russian connection.
    15 answers 5 days ago Israel
  • Does Donald believe that his Band of Vandals will carry out his racist dog whistles against Omar, Cortez and Talib?

    6 answers 2 days ago Other - Africa & Middle East
  • Isn’t slavery just something that some people did?

    16 answers 5 days ago Kenya
  • Do you like the name Queenstar? What does it remind you of?

    Why or Why not?
    6 answers 4 days ago South Africa
  • Why did Israel have a French guy as its first leader?

    Best answer: You must be trolling. Israel was settled mostly by Jews who moved out of Europe after WWII because of the Holocaust. None of the earliest leaders of Israel the country were born there. Golda Meir came from American. David Ben-Gurion was born in Poland and lived many years in the US. None of the Prime Ministers were French.
    8 answers 7 days ago Israel
  • What percentage of the trolls on the internet are jews in Israel?

    11 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • Does the queen still have a neck? In all photos I see these days she looks as if she hasn't but I am wondering if she has osteoporosis?

    10 answers 1 week ago Royalty
  • Why did Israel become buddies with Saudi Arabia instead of Iran?

    Best answer: Saudi Arabia and Israel are not "buddies". They have an understanding. They have a mutual ENEMY in Iran, and the threat that Iran poses to them both caused them to put aside any issues they may have with each other. Saudi Arabia is at the very least willing to talk to Israel, whereas Iran isn't. Iran and Israel used to have diplomatic ties but it was Iran who broke that relationship, not Israel.

    Iran has made it abundantly clear that they HATE Israel, so I really don't get how you can place the failure to become buddies on Israel. The Iranian government spurs its own population to burn Israeli flags and scream "death to Israel". Gee, why do you think that Israel's government isn't so eager to talk to Iran? And that's not even taking into account all the terrorism that Israel believes Iran is funding against it, notably Hamas and Hezbollah's actions.

    As for the Persian Jewish population: To their credit, Iran does dissociate their Jewish community with Israel...somewhat. They're still heavily monitored but escaped the hell most in the Arab world were subjected to. Still, "shrunken" doesn't really illustrate just how reduced that population within Iran is. It's 2-3% the size of what it used to be. Some still use the much discarded estimate of 20,000 people strong (most nowadays estimate 8,500 Jews live in Iran) but even then at best that represents less than 10% of the Jewish population remaining. The grand majority of the Persian Jewish community obviously lives outside, notably in Israel and the United States (particularly in New York and LA). Oh, and they don't have nice things to say about the current government so perhaps you can consider that too.

    Now, Iran isn't so welcoming towards other religions. More so than Saudi Arabia, sure; however, not so much compared to other Arab states. Iran may allow others to practice certain other faiths...however, heaven help you if you are Muslim and try to convert to another religion. That gets you arrested, at least. And if you want to paint a picture of a tolerant Iran, DO NOT look up what they do to those of the Baha'i faith.

    Edit: "Israel should be allied with Iran..." Uhm....if Iran was willing, then Israel WOULD be allied with Iran. Do you not understand how much Iran hates them? No, seriously: It's one thing to believe that Iran and Israel would make good allies, but it's an insane idea that they're not because of any Israeli actions or desires. Israel would love it if Iran would establish some sort of normal diplomatic relations with them, as they used to have. Israeli-Iranian relations were broken off by the Iranians, not the Israelis, following the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

    I won't argue that Iran has more in common with Iran than Saudi Arabia, at least in certain respects (women can actually go out of the house and talk to unrelated men in both, at least) but that's a very low bar. I think Israel has more in common with most of the globe over Iran, though.
    7 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • What time will the media announce the final results of the Israeli election?

    Best answer: I’ll announce it for you. Netanyahu won
    6 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • I will be wearing this shirt in public, what do you think of my ANTI- iSrael/zionism/aipac shirt?

    Any suggestions for improvement are welcomed. http://imgur.com/st0kmuu
    6 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • Why were English kings so fond of lopping of their wives heads?

    8 answers 2 weeks ago Egypt
  • Is it true Africa will become the next superpower?

    89 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Africa & Middle East
  • Why do Jews dislike Arabs and Palestinians?

    Best answer: Hello,

    Just to be clear: the "Palestinians" are Arab, with both Jews and Arabs having been known as "Palestinian" under the British Mandate. Indeed, the reason why the "Palestinians" were opposed to being called a "people" until the 1960's was because they considered themselves primarily Arab.

    The question constitutes deflection-propaganda; a falsehood with no evidence seeking to deflect-attention away from the on-going Palestinian anti-Jewish hate war.

    Let's look at the reality:

    There is a connection between the Palestinian ethnic-hatred of Jewish people and the Nazis, because the Palestinians indeed have a neo-Nazi stance, as is shown by two points:

    1) Palestinian adoration of the Nazis and in particular of Hitler.
    2) Palestinian adoption of the Nazi style propaganda that the Jew is the (fake) cause of all Palestinian alleged issues.

    Palestinian aggression to Israel and the Jewish People is based on ethnic hatred of Jewish people and on Palestinian territorial ambitions.

    The reader can view information about Palestinian Arab support for the Nazis here:

    Regarding the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (al Quds) Haj Amin al-Husseini:

    - - - - Start of quote: - - - -

    “In September 1943, intense negotiations to rescue 500 Jewish children from the Arbe concentration camp collapsed due to the objection of al-Husseini [Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (al Quds) Haj Amin al-Husseini] who blocked the children's departure to Turkey because they would end up in Palestine. [199]”

    Footnote number:
    Carpi, Daniel (1977). "The Rescue of Jews in the Italian Zone of Occupied Croatia". In Gutman, Yisrael; Zuroff, Ephraim. Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust: Proceedings of the Second Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, April 1974 (PDF). Jerusalem: Yad Vashem.

    Quote Source:

    - - - - End of quote - - - -

    Palestinian ethnic-hatred of Jewish people has not changed since the Palestinian support of the Nazis in the second world war. Due to ethnic-hatred of Jewish people and also territorial ambitions, the Palestinian education system in the Palestinian Territories practices mind-abuse, teaching:
    > Hatred of Jewish people,
    > a false victim-mentality,
    > that Israel does not exist (aka the Palestinian false-claim to ALL the land of Israel);
    > and similar to the propaganda of Nazi Germany, that the Jew / Israel is the (fake) cause of all Palestinian alleged issues:

    The following is an example of where the Palestinians have been trained by the Palestinian education system in hatred of Jews, and in a false victim-mentality where similar to the propaganda of Nazi Germany, the Jew / Israel is the fake cause of all Palestinian alleged issues:

    The Palestinians have a problem of child sexual abuse, while deceiving the world it is all Israeli's fault for causing Palestinians “stress” by Israel deploying an economic-blockade - a blockade due to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

    The Palestinian Education Authority in the Palestinian Territories teaches Holocaust-Denial and admiration of the Nazis - see (copy to your web browser:)

    Image: “Palestinian protesters carry a transparent kite defaced with a swastika during clashes with Israeli forces across the border today [web page dated April 20, 2018] - [AFP/Getty Images].”:

    Once the Palestinians had tricked Israel into giving them autonomy of part of the West Bank and the whole of Gaza under the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians since:
    > Do not sincerely negotiate any peace treaty.
    > Make an unverifiable false-claim to ALL the land of Israel.
    > Want to expel the Jews from the Jews ancestral-homeland of Israel.
    > Have expelled any Jewish population from all areas under Palestinian control and then falsely-claimed “Apartheid” against Israel !
    > Consider themselves at war with Israel.
    > Attack Israeli Jewish civilians as policy including children (see below).
    No wonder anti-Semites display such emotional-support for the Palestinians!

    - - - - Start of quote: - - - -

    “The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund is a fund operated by the Palestinian Authority for the purpose of paying a monthly cash stipend to the families of Palestinians killed, injured or imprisoned for involvement in attacking, assisting in attacking, or planning to attack Israel ...”


    - - - - End of quote - - - -

    - - - - Start of quote: - - - -

    “In the Amended Palestinian Prisoners Law 19 of 2013, the payments were actually enhanced for a terrorist who commits a violent act and is jailed.”


    - - - - End of quote - - - -

    The “Palestinian Authority” (which together with the P.L.O. pays the terrorism reward-“pension” of their “Martyrs Fund”, and also funds “Hamas”) is itself funded by the “European Union”. Thus do many European countries since the Second World War, give outlet to their long-held anti-Semitic desire to see Jews killed; only now by proxy, through funding the “Palestinian” Arabs who conduct their ongoing war of ethnic-hatred, murder, and territorial ambitions, against Israeli Jews.

    While there is no evidence that Israel targets civilians, the Palestinians are addicted to ethnic-hatred of Jews and target Israeli Jewish civilians as policy.
    Due to anti-Semitism many people do not require any proper moral standard from the Palestinians.
    The Palestinians cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as:
    “uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”:

    Here are some example results from the Palestinian on-going anti-Jewish hate-war:

    Israeli Jewish child Hallel Yaffa Ariel murdered for her ethnicity by a Palestinian terrorist:
    “Israeli girl, 13, fatally stabbed in her bedroom in West Bank” [by a Palestinian terrorist, June 30, 2016],
    The Guardian:

    Three Israeli Teenagers:
    Eyal Yifrach 19,
    Gilad Shaar 16,
    Naftali Frankel 16,
    murdered while hitchhiking back from their religious schools on the West Bank:

    The Palestinians celebrate attack on Israeli Jewish civilians.
    (Please see the source which I have put into the “Sources” area of this answer.)

    Palestinian joy at the murder of civilians, extends also to the United States of America.
    (Please see the source which I have put into the “Sources” area of this answer.)

    (Image: Palestinians with swastika kite during Gaza clashes - source see above.)

    I hope this helps.

    22 answers 2 weeks ago Israel
  • Why doesnt the USA invade Iran or Saudi Arabia?

    Best answer: Iran has nuclear weapon, so it's a huge risk to attack Iran. Saudi Arabia is basically USA's ally. Saudi provides intelligence service and cheaper oil price to USA. The two holliest sites for Muslims are located in Saudi Arabia. Invading Saudi Arabia means USA will be automatically the enemy of Islam and this means a high risk of war with Muslim countries and the lack of trade with Muslim countries.
    6 answers 1 week ago Saudi Arabia
  • Do Jews still hate the German people?

    55 answers 3 weeks ago Israel
  • Isn't it disgusting to regard a country that blackmails gays to make them informants by threatening to expose them as gay friendly?

    Israel blackmails Palestinian gays to make them informants, if they refuse, Israel exposes them. So, if or when the lives of LGBTQ Palestinians are in danger, Israel is also a part of it. It seems to me Israel tries to exploit LGBTQ right issues just for propaganda purposes on Israel's behave in the West. And, that hypocrisy of Israel just makes me sick, and makes me want to puke, when they try to portray their country as gay friendly. https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium...
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Israel