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  • Poll: Would Israelis accept one-state solution?

    Shalom everyone, I really want to say hello and peace to all my friends in Israel. I 'm egyptian who once hated Israel, but now I know you guys are our neighbors and friends, we can't and shouldn't hate each other. I also feel ashamed of what Hamas and Hezbolla the terrorist groups are doing, they definitely do no represent arabs or muslims, they're just militia that are trying to destroy the peace our nations are having together. Back to the question, I'm really interested in your opinions! go ahead
    13 answers 2 days ago Israel
  • What would happen if I went to Israel and did this to someone's car?

    I took this picture in New York by the way. It seems as though the Jew who owns this car fuсked with the wrong Goy....
    7 answers 5 days ago Israel
  • Is it safe to travel to Dubai alone as a female?

    I’m 25 and I haven’t been on a holiday for years. I’ve got nobody to go with and I’ve decided to go to a busy city. Would u say it’s normal?
    21 answers 2 weeks ago United Arab Emirates
  • Koreans have to fight for 2 years!? I thought that was Israelis!!!?

    Best answer: It's both. Well, kinda.

    For South Korea, it's about two years for males. South Korean females are not obligated to serve their nation's armed forces, but they're free to voluntarily sign up if they choose. Men do not get this choice, and have to enlist. On the other side of the border, North Korean men also have to enlist but for them, things are not as well regulated. They have to serve longer, and probably under harsh conditions. They also force some women into their armed services, though not at the rate they do with men. Another thing to note about North Korea is that the sons of the leaders often get to evade military service or are put in cushy jobs, and get opportunities like college which are generally kept out of reach for normal citizens instead of long military service.

    For Israel, it's two years for Jewish females. Jewish in this case means someone a part of the Jewish people, whether that be religiously or culturally. Jewish males actually are obligated to serve three years, and so do the males of the Druze community. The Druze are a separate Abrahamic religion who believe in being patriotic and cooperative with the government of the land, and actually asked for their sons to be conscripted to show this and be treated like most other Israelis. Their daughters aren't obligated to serve, but can if they want to. Other non-Jewish Israelis are free to serve as well, for example many Bedouin men enlist because the IDF grants great opportunity; however, for them it's completely voluntary. One thing to note about Israel's military law is that it does grant military exemption, so the ultra-Orthodox Jews often don't serve (since they study all day) and many women and some men actually can do "national service" instead, where they work with charities and public offices rather than the military.

    You have to keep in mind that South Korea, like Israel, is still technically AT WAR with North Korea. They have a ceasefire, but things can devolve at any minute and they'll find themselves in active conflict with the North. Which, if frequent missile testing indicates, is something the North clearly hasn't written off. Both Israel and South Korea are in situations where they may need to call upon their population to defend their nation, needing the numbers to put up a decent counteroffensive to those who'd seek to destroy them. As such, they have obligatory conscription for many of their youth. They're not alone in this, as other nations forcibly conscript their males (and sometimes their females) at or around the age of 18 as well. 
    5 answers 6 days ago Israel
  • As a German, will I be at risk if I visit Israel?

    Best answer: No, not really.

    Israel hasn't forgotten about the Holocaust, if that's what you are referring to...however, they don't hold the modern day Germans as responsible for that. Even if you are older, there will be no resentment shown towards you. Israel basically got its revenge against the Nazis by living and thriving, and besides the German State since WWII has done a lot to show their regret and make amends to the best of their ability. 

    Israelis nowadays do not have a negative image against Germany, and in fact Berlin supposedly has a rather large ex-pat Israeli population, ironically enough. But within Israel, I would expect no one will look at you negatively for being German. Israelis are cognizant that you're probably not a threat, especially if you're there in their nation. Israelis are actually a friendly people, and curious too, so expect a lot of positive questions about Germany and being German. 
    8 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • Should the United States sell weapons to Soudi Arabia?

    7 answers 1 week ago Saudi Arabia
  • Looking for a particular issue of an Israeli beauty magazine- please help!!?

    When I was a kid, I went to Israel for a few weeks and I saw this Israeli beauty magazine that had pages of grey backgrounds and very beautiful models. There were seven models on seven pages, all with grey backgrounds, and I’ve desperately been trying to find it since I was six. If anybody at all knows anything about the Israeli fashion magazine, please let me know! 
    5 answers 1 week ago Israel
  • Why are Israeli men better than American men?

    American men are typically obese, uneducated and zero combat training. Average Israel man is combat trained, in very good shape and educated. Why are Israeli men superior than American men in almost every way possible? Their women are the same way, too.
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Israel
  • Why is middle east rich in oil?

    Best answer: Crude oil originates from ancient fossilised organic materials, and Venezuela has the worlds largest oil reserves.
    5 answers 2 weeks ago Israel
  • Are the American people willing to travel to Iran? How do they see Iran as a country?

    5 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Africa & Middle East
  • Will Israel be affected with Trump's Impeachment?

    Best answer: We of course have to assume he'll be impeached. I'm not convinced he'll be, at least that's my impression from what we know and the failings of the Democrats to do by this point despite it being their absolute priority. But, assuming he's impeached, I don't think that Israel will be negatively effected. Simply put, Israel isn't brought up when it comes to the potential things that could be involved in Trump's impeachment.

    Yes, Trump has a good relationship with Israel...but after Carter, which president hasn't? Even Obama was more warm to Israel than critical. Our nation has viewed Israel positively for quite a while now, and our relations go back much farther than the Trump administration. The only thing that Trump changed is that he moved the embassy, which the Israelis loved; however, it's worth mentioning that was supposed to happen under Clinton, indicating an appreciation of Israel's capital going back at least 20 years. The military aid that basically subsidizes the US arms sector, massive buy-outs of Israeli start-up companies by American investors, and the utilization of positive relations with Israel by both Republicans and Democrats all show that a relationship with Israel predates Trump's presence in the White House and as such will survive any damage that may come from Trump. People will understand that Israel has nothing to do with Trump's more critical actions, aside from moving the embassy (which was mostly objected to due to concerns of riling up the Palestinians).

    Of course, if it's shown that Israel participated in something shady with Trump, akin to what Russia has allegedly done, then that'll have a negative effect on Israel. There is no evidence of that, and honestly Israel doesn't cooperate all that well with the Russians so if all is proven and the Russians are behind things, we can place safe bets that Israel is uninvolved. That's the only way I can imagine the Israelis facing backlash in regards to Trump, and needless to say I don't think that Israel has done something like that.

    Edit: Changed the first sentence. Realized that it was structured in a way that people can misread and be confused as the rest of the answer would contradict that.
    19 answers 3 weeks ago Israel
  • Am I Worthy of the secret wisdom of the sages?

    10 answers 3 weeks ago Israel
  • I’m Egyptian can I say the n word?

    I’m brown but Egypt is in North Africa, is it okay
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Egypt
  • Why does Bernie Sanders support Jewish nationalism but simultaneously declares war on White nationalism?

    10 answers 3 weeks ago Israel
  • Why can’t Saudi Arabia fight their own wars?

    8 answers 3 weeks ago Saudi Arabia
  • Isn't it time we turned the west bank into a pile of radioactive rubble? Israel has had enough of terrorists?

    Best answer: lf it destroys lsraeI at the same time, sure. My issue isn't that I care about West Bank people, I just think lsraeI is a generaIIy eviI nation that shouIdn't exist.
    11 answers 3 weeks ago Israel
  • Is Israel a totalitarian state?

    Best answer: It isn't.

    It would be a mistake to call Israel a "fascist, totalitarian dictatorship". Israel is actually the freest of nations in the Middle East, much further than any of these adjectives than their neighbors.

    A totalitarian state quashes all political and cultural dissent, and forces absolute obedience to the government without question. Totalitarianism controls all aspects of life. If you go to Israel, you'll find some of the most independent, free-thinking individuals, some of who outright mock and insult the government daily. That...is pretty much the opposite of what a totalitarian state is. You have people openly mocking Bibi, and Arab politicians in the Knesset itself (basically Israel's Congress) sh*t-talking the nation in which they hold citizenship. Constantly. Israelis in general are an informal bunch, who respect authority but will question everything especially if it disturbs them, which a subject of totalitarianism would be afraid to do. Israelis are free to pick their own course in life, move wherever they want within the nation, an express themselves openly and artistically without fear of censure. A good measure of this is the freedom the LGBT community feels bringing up their issues or outright identifying themselves, since a totalitarian state would quash such liberty.

    Fascism is outright a joke when you consider Israel's very recent elections and how close they've been. Fascism doesn't tolerate dissent, and the fact that a new party is showing strong support against the ruling, established one should give one actually making the claim that Israel is fascist some pause. Furthermore, fascism is defined by the lack of rights, where nothing is guaranteed. Israelis...have that, very much so. You cannot take away an Israeli's rights without expecting much blowback from them, and this applies to them universally including the Arab minority. Despite claims that they're "second class citizens", they only feel that way in social sphere where Jews and Arabs may not get along, but legally speaking any Arab Israeli has the same rights as any Israeli Jew.

    And as far as the dictatorship claim goes: While Bibi has been in office, cumulatively for almost as long as I've been alive, that's because he keeps on being elected. If Israelis overwhelmingly don't want him, then he'd be voted out. He's been feeling a lot of heat and criticism throughout his tenure as Prime Minister (itself showing the non-totalitarian, non-fascist elements of Israeli society) and the elections that literally happened yesterday only occurred because the previous ones were too close to call. A dictator doesn't face the sh*t Bibi does, receiving constant criticism and mockery that he cannot shut down, and elections that he's not guaranteed to (and very well may not) win.  Bibi may be called a dictator, but that's clearly by people who aren't looking at him objectively and overhyping his power.

    Really, it's good to find sources other than Palestinian advocates, who only benefit from denouncing Israel as such. Independent, nonpartisan organizations actually tend to classify Israel as very free, normally the most free nation in the Middle East. Israel does have its issues, but most people rather be there than many, many other places in the world where totalitarianism, fascism, and dictatorships are common. When you get down to the data and look at the details, you'll see that Israel is very much a part from those nations with these problems. 
    23 answers 4 weeks ago Israel
  • Why do you need a DNA test to live in Israel?

    Is this done anywhere else in the world? And why would a people of religion and not race require this for anything and claim to be democratic? Its like dna testing for entering America.......
    12 answers 4 weeks ago Israel