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  • Do you think the Children who go blind in Africa is really such a bad thing?

    Think about it, if they go blind, they won't be able to see all the suffering that goes on around them.
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  • Is it safe to travel to Kenya right now?

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  • Taking over Africa?

    Best answer: It is the last place were large amounts of food can be grown. Also mineral rich. But needs population reduction before being habatal by white persons.
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  • Best porn actress?

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  • Is It Ok To Like Blondie?

    I am in my 20s and most of the bands i like are old and most have either split or members died or good members left etc such as The Beatles David Bowie Rainbow Deep Purple (Not good without Blackmore) Black Sabbath Dio The Doors Blondie are one of my favourite bands and nearly the only band i like still touring and recording, Debbie Harry is my favourite female singer, i love her voice and her lyrics and she was a very beautiful woman, she still has something about her. The only album of new material i have bought this year (and i love buying CDs) is Blondie's new album which i love and is easily there best since the great 'No Exit' I went to a music festival recently, mainly t see Blondie and they were great, the music was great and Debbie Harry was still amazing. Is it ok to like Blondie and other bands from that era like i mentioned?
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  • Is Kenya a safe place to travel to ?

    For holiday ??
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  • Do you like my hair?

    Best answer: I like it and you look very beautiful
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  • Why do African countries deteriorate so much when white people stop running them?

    Best answer: Because black people are absolutely incapable of running a functioning country without killing one another. As a south african myself I have seen first hand the damage blacks have done to my country since they took power of government. The only thing keeping the place civil is the remaining white people who are increasingly leaving the country. (including myself, i will never return)
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  • What is ironic about black lives matter?

    Best answer: BLM only cares when a Black life is lost to a non-Black person, otherwise their murder doesn't matter.
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  • Can American nurse travel to Kenya without a visa?

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  • What's the draw of "trophy" hunting?

    I get hunting for food, people have to eat. "Trophy" hunters are another matter. I see nothing positive about it at all. What isn't freakish about killing things for the purpose of hanging their bodies in your house? What about killing a magnificent animal makes you want to smile and take a picture with the body? In my personal opinion, it's a sign of something mentally wrong.
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  • Have you ever noticed that darkies have no ambition nor work ethic?

    Best answer: Yes I have. I work for the state and they rarely do any work. If it wasn't for the union they would get fired.
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  • Is God with me?

    Should I ever fear anything if I am trying my best Also does God punish bad selfish people
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  • I love Obama. Do you love Obama? I love Obama.?

    Best answer: You bet I do.

    And he is truly missed.
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  • Why are black people constantly playing the race/victim/slave card?

    Most black people are very bad. They're destroying America with their stupid, "oh woe is me, my ancestors have been enslaved. Treat me better now or you're automatically racist." mentality and their stupid victim card ****. They riot when a criminal that just HAPPENS to be black gets shot by police when said criminal was reaching for his gun and told not to multiple times.
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  • How did I get to be so damn handsome?

    Not only did you fall out of the ugly tree, you hit every branch on the way down.
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  • Why are you so beautiful?

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  • If I wear lipstick, will people think I'm gay?

    I'm a teen boy, do you think people will think I'm gay if I wear lipstick? Mostly light colors, like baby pink or a light red, with the occasional dark red or something.
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