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  • Didn’t do well in math at high school, want to major in astrophysics?

    I took all the necessary math and physics courses after high school online, these online courses were extremely easy and I did not learn ANYTHING whatsoever. My plan was to major in psychology so all my effort went to studying that. I have 3.5 months till university and I’ve applied to both psych and astrophysics, do you think 3 months is enough time to learn calculus 12 advanced functions 12 physics 12 and a bit of chemistry properly and well? If yes, any advice how and where? If no, why not? I’m extremely passionate about both fields and would be happy doing either but astrophysics and science in general is my true passion and I want to know and understand as much as possible about the universe, thank you!
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  • If in the BEGINNING there was NOTHING so how could GOD said NOTHING as 'LET IT BE...' in the VOID where NO SOUND EXISTS?

    Best answer: God made the sun on the 4th day, so how did He count the first 3 days?
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  • Have you ever try the 40 DAYS FASTING BIBLICAL DIET? Does it Work?

    Best answer: If your goal is death it works great.
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  • It's TRUE that after passing 40 DAYS STARVING UNDER THE SUNi OF DESERT JESUS came back proclaiming he was the SON OF GOC?

    Best answer: A human being, alone in the desert, with no water and no food, will rapidly dehydrate and die within 5 days without water, and in about three weeks without food.

    The only possible way to survive against a desert sun is to dig sleeping trenches perpendicular to the path of the sun during the early morning, sleep through the day, and travel at night. The trenches ensure that you are in shade all day except at the noon hour, thus minimizing your loss of water through sweat.

    Water can be obtained by digging a solar still, but you need an oiled cloth, a bucket, and a straw of some sort to do so. The heat of the sun collects under the tarp, evaporating the ground moisture, which then condenses on the underside of the tarp, dripping down into the bucket.
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  • If CHRIST means "THE ANOINTED" who was the one who put on OIL to JESUS?

    Best answer: the oil that the woman (with the alabaster jar) was putting on Jesus was meant to "prepare Him for his burial" (john 12:7); this is in keeping with tradition-people are "annointed" with a fragrant oil before buried. In contrast, Jesus being The anointed One" refers to His being anointed by God for a specific purpose.
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  • What's the POINT about THE BIBLE that ATHEISTS are unable to UNDERSTAND? Is ROCKET SCIENCE after all?

    Best answer: Oh, we understand the bible just fine, child. Usually, we know it far better than you do. It's not rocket science, you're right. It's just a compilation of primitive, middle eastern fairy tales.

    Taken in its context, and without the ridiculous, childish claim that it is "gods word," and it's an entertaining, and x-rated insight into Jewish and middle-eastern mythology and culture thousands of years ago. No more applicable to today than the Brother Grimm or Mother Goose fairy tales.
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  • If according to THE BIBLE "tHE LAST will be the FIRST" what's the point on doing ANY EFFORT?

    Best answer: How about those Christian theologist who interpreted that .
    It's so simple pre- Sunday Schooler's could get it . Of all the parables that one was the easiest .

    No one deserves salvation more for any reason and all deserve equal salvation because salvation is not earned but given . Jesus Christ Christians - Do you need atheist to teach you Christian doctrine ?
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  • Why EVANGELIST CHURCH is the only one that makes MIRACLES nowadays?

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  • When SUN will be about to EXPLODE do you think GOD will send the PLANS of a ROCKET to some NOAH to save HUMANITY?

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    Best answer: did the strength of Samson come from his hair?
    you never read the book of kings have you.

    oh I mean Judges.
    didn't see this mistake did you?


    GOD gives us strength.
    no one is stronger that walked the earth in the flesh than JESUS.
    (NO ONE)

    to live for someone else is special.
    to die for them is even greater.
    (JESUS did both for all of us)
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  • JESUS was the FIRST JEWISH that didn't JUDGE PEOPLE for the LENGHT of his FORESKIN?

    Best answer: Jesus is probably a myth composed of a combination and exaggerations of stories about a number of men, all of whom judged people by the height of their cornstalks on the 4th of July.
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  • Once CHRISTIANS take the WHITE STUFF from the PRIEST they become DEVOTE to the BONE?

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  • If CATHOLIC CHURCH don't believe in EVOLUTION or why they make the MONKEY out of they BELIVERS?

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  • Do MGTOW even know that people are not aware about their pathetic existence?

    LOL good luck with your hands losers. As a woman I wouldn't touch an MGTOW with a 10ft pole.
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  • How would you proceed in the negotiation over the purchase of some land?

    Out of the blue a stranger contacted me offering to buy land I own for 75k. I said I needed time to consider the offer, as selling had never crossed my mind. The offer is extremely good and way above my own estimate of the land's value. A day later the person calls again and tells me "name your price and I'll buy your land", then corrects himself to say, "name your price and I'll consider it". One week later the person increases the offer to 85k, which he says is a final offer. Again, I said I needed time to consider. So far I haven't commented on the size of the offers nor have I given any indication of what I want The land has stables but no house, nor does it have planning permission. *IF* I was selling it with planning permission, the asking price would be higher than what I am being offered (i.e. around 120k to 150k). Planning permission would be difficult to obtain because of the location, but not impossible. I strongly believe the other person's circumstances or contacts make it likely he will get planning permission - hence the high offer. If the land had an average sized house, the market value would be around 350k. I am inclined to sell - but am not sure how to proceed. I have not set any price or expectation myself - any input/advice appreciated.
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  • Why does it seem like conservatives get triggered so easily?

    Just start talking about guns and they start losing their minds.
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  • Gods existence?

    Best answer: You can make an argument that is unsound without committing one of the formal fallacies. That doesn't make the premises true, only that the argument is valid (the conclusion logically follows the premises) but if the truth of the premises can not be demonstrated the argument is not sound.

    I agree with you, i have never heard a argument for the existence of god that was sound or isn't based on a fallacy.
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  • Considering his ORIGIN is TRUE that is REAL NAME was JEWSUS?

    Best answer: Parecen decir que se llamó Yeshua o sea Josué o sea Jesús. Pero también eso significaba Salvador (el sucesor de Moisés, el que conquistó la tierra prometida).
    Y otros dicen que nazareos eran un grupo (que se dejaba crecer el cabello como Sansón, uno de ellos). Entonces no era un gentilicio, de gente de una aldea llamada Nazaret (que no parece que existiera en el siglo I según dos listas de aldeas, una de Flavio Josefo).
    Conclusión: parece, más que un nombre propio, una definición o un título. Un líder o un personaje que era el Salvador del grupo de nazareos. Algo como un nombre simbólico.
    Como Emmanuel que es un nombre simbólico y que no tiene nada que ver son Yisus.

    No somos nada.
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  • What strange thing would you like to happen at your funeral to make people laugh?

    Best answer: My body to explode during cremation.
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  • Why should one travel to Nepal?

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