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  • Where in Paris can I get a good picture of the Eiffel Tower?

    I'm going to Paris tomorrow for a day and would love to get a picture of the Eiffel Tower when the lights are turned on. Unfortunately, I'll have to be at Gare du Nord station around the time that happens. Does anyone know any good spots/streets etc that is fairly close to the station in which I can get a good snap of the tower from?
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  • So I really want to take a gap year abroad and work in France. Any advice on jobs or an opportunities for an English speaker?

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  • Could I check in at CDG and spend the night hours at the CDG airport leading up to my flight?

    I have a flight going to CDG airport and I plan to to spend the day in Paris and then have another flight the leaving CDG around 11am the next morning. Could I check in at CDG and spend the night hours at the CDG airport leading up to my flight? It would be about 12 hours before the flight departure.
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  • Is going to Disneyland Paris in December a good idea?

    I went to Disney when I was in year 8 on the week of Valentines day and it was PACKED! Like over an hour wait for rides AND we had fast passes. However, despite this, it was also one of the best weeks of my life and I was thinking of taking my best friend there for her 18th in around mid December. I was wondering how busy it would be, considering that we will be going mid-week and during term time, so kids should still be in school? If anyone has any advice on when would be the best time in December to go, or how to avoid the crowds, that would be great. Thankyou. :)
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  • How much is a average trip to Paris?

    Best answer: Plane tickets lately have varied from $1200-1800 depending on the time of year. You can get a hotel room for $150-200 a night. If you're going with 4 people or more, you can rent an apartment on VRBO and it will average less per person. For food, you can get pizza slices and sandwiches for 4-6 euros in markets and stands, or spend 30-40 euros for a prix fixe meal, or spend hundreds at a high end restaurant- it's up to you. There are entry fees at some of the sites, but a lot of the joy in Paris is just from walking around or sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee. I go with a group of teachers who don't have a lot of money.
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  • AOC wants the USA to be France!?

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  • Why so many heavily armed military on streets of Paris?

    Best answer: It's the plan vigipirate

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  • Is veganism a privilege not accessible to all?

    Best answer: Yes, in a way.

    To be a "healthy" vegan you need

    1) Access to the foods for your daily nutritional requirements.
    2) Be educated in your daily nutritional requirements and detailed knowledge of what is in what.

    All of which depends on where you live and your social economical status which affects the above. Either people can't access or afford them or you are lucky enough to afford them on a regular basis and are woke about your nutritional requirements.
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  • Temperatures above 40C in France (even in Paris)??

    Best answer: Despite being bordered by 3 different seas, France is large enough to have areas with a continental climate, where summers are hot and winters are cold.
    Furthermore, France is more south than the UK. The same phenomenon that causes seasons (sunlight being spread on more or less area due to the tilt of the planet) causes countries closer to the equator to have hotter temperatures on average than countries closer to the poles.

    And finally, France gets a lot of hot wind directly from the south, from the Sahara. By the time what's left of it reaches the UK, it was mostly stopped or diverted to the north east by the multiple mountain ranges we have. The Massif Central in particular, is right between the Sahara and the UK.
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  • Is 2,300 dollars for a week and a half in paris ok for a couple?

    planning a trip to paris for a week and maybe like 3 days is this amount enough for a married couple? or is it too little this is just the spending money , we got the flight and hotel covered already. thank you for the advice.
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  • What is the best way to have a positive experience with french People in Paris?

    Best answer: Make an effort to speak French
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  • Is 7 days in Paris enough time?

    My family is planning on going to Paris this Thanksgiving, I'm in high school, so I get exactly 9 days off from school. The tickets are two times cheaper during Thanksgiving than during Christmas. But is 7 days enough time in Paris? Like, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Versailles, etc.
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  • What are the chances of Macron of France being re elected?

    Best answer: Hope no
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  • Is it weird that going to Paris, has taken the awe of it away from me?

    Best answer: The grass is always greener on the other side, pal. But go there again, you'll love it!
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  • Traveling alone to Paris (Saint-Germain) as a woman. Is it safe?

    Best answer: Yes, of course it is. I've visited Paris many times- sometimes alone, sometimes with other women. I've never felt unsafe or had any difficulties. Violence against women and tourists is very rare there- you're safer than you are in most places in the US. There are more pickpockets- use a cross-body purse, and you might want one of those pouches on a neck cord where you can keep your passport and credit cards- or leave them in the safe at the hotel. That's really the only danger. The central area where tourists are are quite safe.
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  • Are French people a bit soft?

    I'm sure there are tough places in France, and i love French people, but are they a bit soft?, i think a lot of them are, the nice weather, and nice food and a beautiful country to live in. It seems like its all on a plate for them. I find Polish people quite tough, they work way too much and never seem to try and enjoy life, but i respect them.
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  • Will Paris lose its identity as the city of love?

    Because of Muslims and their Islamic law taking over?
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  • My first time going to paris any advice ?

    i’m going to visit paris in june with my family what’s the weather like ? should we bring heavy coats and where should we go ? it’s our first time and i’m very excited but also worried any thing i should avoid or know in advance?
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