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  • My Christian youth group was taken by my college. I feel alone in christ. Where can I find a group online.?

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  • Libs are all those hispanics wearing MAGA hats at Trump's rally in El Paso right now racist? If so, who is their racism directed at?

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  • My paternal grandma and grandfather are both from Guatemala Mexico, but my dad is was born in mexico , what does it make me?

    My mom is a full native American...
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  • Why the people in Guatemala want to cross the U.S border?

    Best answer: Because they're losers that don't have a clue as to how to address their own problems in their own country. Basically they just want a hand out and not really have anything of value to offer in return.
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  • How can US citizens join the march from Guatemala?

    Best answer: Have George Soros send you a participation check that way your expenses will be covered.
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  • English/Spanish speakers I need your help..?

    What does "las hoyas estan pegadas de comida" mean in English..?
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  • Are Latinas the hottest trend in America ?

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  • Is guatemala a dangerous country to live in?

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  • What's the difference between guacamole and guatemala?

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  • Adopting a legal adult from Guatemala?

    How would a 25 year old be able to adopt an 18 and 19 year old from Guatemala into the United States? Is that even possible? Are there any loopholes?
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  • Is Latin America a bad place to live, spiritually speaking?

    Best answer: Spirits flow freely in Latin America.
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  • What do people in Guatemala wear casually?

    I need to know for a project. Thanks. 5 points for the best, honest answer
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  • How do you stay safe and keep your family safe when your work moves you to Guatemala?

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  • My mom told me there's a ferry service in Puget Sound, Washington that's run by a group of nuns. Why are they running a ferry service?

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  • Is it safe to live in guatemala?

    Best answer: My point of view:
    I would be more careful with a quick wedding date until you can figure this all out. From my own experience, and the experience of many other friends, I suggest visiting here at least a couple times first. The first time would be to get over the initial shock. The second to see if it is something you can actually live with (loneliness, financially, patience with other cultures, lack of your own culture). Your third time would be more permanent. If you cannot afford to do this, chances are very likely you'll have a hard time being able to afford to live here. Unlike all the rumors, Guatemala is NOT a cheap place to live. Sure, there are ways to live cheap, but not as an American. I mean it is one thing to eat beans and tortillas every single meal (which might not seem so bad for a week, but it can begin to taste disgusting pretty quick if that's all you have and you're used to the American diet), but it is another to be able to afford cereal and milk every day, steak, or an occasional meal out at McDonald's. This very much depends on the location you would be moving to. Cities are much different than towns or villages, yet the same rule applies everywhere: Wages are generally much lower if a job is even available, and prices much higher than the states, especially the farther out you go. Americans do live in Guatemala, but most are sponsored by an organization of some sort; not just living with their spouses like you would be.
    Also, will Spanish be the language spoken in his home town? If so, it isn't that difficult to pick up on, but be patient and don't expect it to happen overnight, or even over a couple of years. You'll get used to the language barriers and some cultural differences over time. If not, if it is a Mayan dialect, it could take longer depending on anyone's willingness to teach you and your ability to learn.
    Quick estimation: your mother is probably right about it being as "bad as El Salvador". Here's my opinion on that: It can be a dangerous place to live, but so can anywhere else in the world. A lot of it is knowing what to do, where to go, who to know, etc... For example: Many from here hear that it is very dangerous in the US. My husband is a pastor, and you'd be surprised how many people call us to their homes and ask for prayer for their sons or daughters living in the US, often because their children are traveling from one state to another and they believe it is very dangerous. Us Americans wouldn't think anything of it. Or, the people that about panicked when I visited back there by myself... they thought I'd get killed in the airport or something and that I'd be so afraid when I reached my destination. They don't know how to live there, and assume it is dangerous. Same here. You don't know how to live here and assume it is dangerous. However, I feel there are more dangers here because of the fact that the laws are not enforced and the police are corrupt. There may not be a good sidewalk, and walking in the street (even on the side) can get you killed or hurt. You have to watch extra carefully. You may get robbed more often here because the larger crowds make it harder to watch your things. Just a couple examples of many.
    It would be foolish of me to tell you that you WILL be safe. The last person that told me that got us into a very dangerous situation in which both of my children were nearly killed in front of my eyes in a "chicken bus" incident (so upsetting to remember that I will not go into details). It appears to be much safer to have your own vehicle. Again, we were told we could find one for about $500, but that wasn't true either. It cost us a lot of money to pay someone to haul us around searching for a vehicle, and there was nothing in that price range by FAR... (Not saying there are none, but you may spend a lot searching for that right price, and you usually get what you pay for... You do not want to be broke down on the side of the road here at night!) Your husband would certainly know a lot about what to do and not do, but that also depends on how long he's been away, too. My husband kinda had to learn a lot all over again. The drivers here are also highly dangerous. I had heard many times before coming that "Oh, no one ever actually has an accident.", but within one week of living here, counted about 5 fatal accidents within about 2 miles of our home! (That was just then and we live way out... many more since that time...) Perhaps it's not that there are no accidents, just that there's not enough news stations to get the word out.
    As far as the countries not liking each other, I've met several people from El Salvador here in Guatemala, and also know of many Guatemalans who travel there often. I've never heard of a problem between the people; only that many get robbed on the road between. But, in my town, they do fight with the other side of the town. Apparantly right before we moved here, several people were killed over it, including a good frie
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  • What is the difference between guatemala guacamole?

    Best answer: one is a place on a map. the other is a food.
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  • Should users under 13 be reported?

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