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  • Can a REALLY nice trimmed goatee attract women?

    Best answer: Some women will be attracted and others will be repelled.
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  • How safe is traveling to Mexico city these days for American tourists?

    Best answer: So many ignorant answers! The problems with the drug cartels are along the border- because the US is the biggest market for them. There are problems in Mexico City, but most don't concern tourists. It's an amazing city. Follow some simple precautions- take taxis from the official taxi stands for example- and you'll be safer than you are in most US cities. I've been in both Mexico City and Moscow, and I was given many more warnings and precautions to take in Moscow. Central Mexico is really lovely- it's a shame more people from the US don't visit because they can't tell the difference between Tijuana and the rest of the country. 
    Just BTW, Saudi Arabia is one of the safest places on the planet. I know three Americans living there now who are treated very well, and there is almost no theft or violent crime there. I wish people wouldn't answer questions on here when they don't know what they are talking about!
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  • If I cross the boarder illegally into Mexico can I then board a flight to South America without any problems?

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  • Is Puerto Vallarta safe?

     My boyfriend and I are planning on visiting Puerto Vallarta over winter break. I am a 19-year-old female and he's a 20-year-old male. I have read from some Reddit pages that it is a relatively safe place but the pages are a little bit outdated. So I came on here to ask...how safe is Puerto Vallarta? Is there anything we should prepare ourselves for?
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  • What is the most common cause of death in New Mexico?

    What is the most common cause of death in New Mexico?
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  • New Mexico rental laws?

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  • Our flight departs at 7 am from dtw to cancun mexico on sat nov 9 what time should we arrive at the spirit cunter at airport?

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  • Why do workers in Cancun speak fluent English. Do they grow up and learn English in Cancun or are they hired from other countries?

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  • Is Houston the capital of Mexico ?

    Best answer: it is actually the capital of south America  
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  • Is beef from Mexico safe for human consumption?

    Best answer: YES the cows in Mexico not only produce milk but can supply beef that is safe to eat.

    Currently, Mexico is the tenth largest beef exporting country on the planet.

    Most of the feed grain they eat comes from the USA.

    Can there be bad beef? YES ALL COUNTRIES can have beef that is contaminated.
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  • Making a pit stop in Albuquerque New Mexico. We'll have about four to six hours to kill; any suggestions on what to do or see on a budget?

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  • Can someone travel to Mexico with an official passport?

    Best answer: You are only supposed to use USA official passport for official travel:

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  • Can an American just walk across the border?

    Best answer: Yes, you need a passport as you are travelling from one country to another.

    If a guard sees you attempting to cross the border then they are supposed to stop you, although they are more focussed on preventing travel in the opposite direction. In theory you could walk across in an unfenced area without encountering a guard but this would usually involve a very long trek through the wilderness.
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  • Is it racist to call Mexicans Mexicans?

    Best answer: i dont think so since theyre from mexico
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  • If I go to Tijuana will I be hated for my skin color? I will be just staying close to the Border. Is it safe enough for me to go solo?

    I'm 26 black guy thinking about going down to Tijuana to have some fun and relax. if I do I will be going solo. I know the street smarts I keep my head down don't draw attention to myself or dress flashy.
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  • The safest way to get in and outta Mexico ?

    So I am planning a trip to Nuevo Laredo Mexico ,I have the option to fly or to use the bus . So my question is because the cartel wars have been pretty active in Nuevo Laredo lately. What s the best way to cross the border. I was thinking of getting a taxi to get me over the bridge and my family would be waiting on the other side? What do you suggest on making it from point A to point B without falling into a bad situation? .
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  • Why are houses, streets and buildings so much nicer on the U.S side of the border with Mexico?

    Best answer: There are generally better rules and regulations here in the US compared to Mexico when it comes to buildings and houses.

    I was in Mexico last month and I'd say the biggest issue for road repairs and maintenance is a "lack" of money. There is money, but it often goes to the wrong people/places.
    Semi trucks are overloaded way beyond what they're meant to support which adds extra wear and tear to the already bad roads. Some roads are cheaply repaired and start falling apart soon after they're "repaired".
    My uncles from my dad's side of the family are truckers and they all pretty much say that they regularly drive with overloaded trucks.

    My grandfather mostly built the house that my mom, aunts, and uncles grew up in some 40+ years ago. However, he really didn't have any regard for design. The house is large and roomy inside, but not particularly well built. There are uneven parts on the floor, poor paint job, etc. I'm pretty sure that they have building codes and requirements for home construction, but I don't think they're very well enforced.

    There's a lot of corruption in Mexico. The Federal Police (Policia Federal or Federales), are notorious being easy to bribe. It isn't uncommon for one of them to stop you for no reason and give you some BS explanation. He is expecting a mordida (bribe) to let you go. Sometimes, they do have a legitimate reason for pulling you over, but again, a bribe can usually set you free.

    With all that being said, Mexico has a lot of really beautiful and interesting places. It has a lot of rich and fascinating culture, history, traditions, towns, cities, villages, landscapes, etc. I went to San Miguel de Allende almost a month ago and it was really cool. I also very much enjoy the food there, specifically the street food. Some of the best food I've ever had was from a small and humble shack on the side of a road. I have a cousin who sells dinner outside of his house. Him and his wife make very good tacos, enchiladas, etc.
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  • Ex marine going to Mexico?

    So I got out of the corps in May a few months back I was a 0311 (grunt) so me with weapons isn’t a issue if I need safety anyways my dad wants to go to Mexico (I’m Hispanic/American) my dads full blown Mexican my moms born here anyways they both have papers obviously but my dad wants to go deep in mexico to visit his mom he wants me to come but I’m scared due to the fact that I have sleeves on my arms basically (tattoos) and I clearly have “USMC” in the back of my triceps in big words im scared that 1 me having tattoos and looking Chicano will raise flags in Mexico to cartels 2 me having “USMC” on my arm will make me targeted for cartels but I’m not sure if that’s a myth my brother is also a marine actively he said cartels would kidnap me if they saw me is this actually likely ? I know when I was active in pendeelton they said no one is allowed to Mexico but they never said why. I’m wondering am I safe to travel to Mexico someone whose in or was in or that has some common sense let me know thank you
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  • I was planning to go Cancun because it's insanely cheap, but now I hear the prices skyrocket during peak season?

    Kind of a bummer, thought I was getting a cheap action but it's expensive like everything else :/
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  • Is Mexico really that bad to where people cross miles to come to America?

    Best answer: Mexico is a lovely country- if you have money. That's why thousands of people from the US retire to Mexico- it's got a great climate, good food, and inexpensive housing. But there are few job opportunities for poor people with little education. Mexico has been investing in education, so the number of people trying to leave Mexico has declined dramatically. Most of the asylum seekers now are from Honduras and Guatamala, countries that have been torn by government corruption and crime.
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