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  • Should I cancel my trip to the UK and The Netherlands over fear of Coronavirus?

    Best answer: probably not.  At the moment we have 1-3 cases in Amsterdam
    7 answers 11 hours ago Health & Safety
  • Should I travel within the USA during the outbreak right now?

    The coronavirus outbreak? I have a trip planned the last week of March to go to another state within the USA but should I not?
    5 answers 6 hours ago Health & Safety
  • If your moving out of state, airplane, lots of clothes?

    Would you have someone ship most of your belongings, or buy luggage ( I’m talking big luggage ) to put all your clothes, shoes, etc. I’m moving to Texas and taking a plane. I’m curious if your on a budget what do you think would be the cheapest way? Thanks to all for help!
    6 answers 2 days ago Packing & Preparation
  • Where could two university student go on vacation?

    My friend and I are looking at vacation options for a week in October, but neither of us know where to go. We are looking to spend less than $1000, and are open to pretty much anything. We were looking at all inclusive vacation options, as that includes the flight and food as well. Does anyone have any resort recommendations (that would be safe enough for two younger women). 
    5 answers 3 days ago Other - Destinations
  • Spain to USA shipping, Passport?

    Is it normal for a transport company to request a passport number or copy? I'm trying to buy an out of print book.
    5 answers 3 days ago Other - Spain
  • Can I refuse TSA? ?

    Let me be clear: I landed in Miami after a trip to Brasil. I went through Customs and whole process. And I received my baggage back, and was on my way out the door. I was running because I wanted to catch the soonest train. When I was on my way out, I was singled out by TSA. Asking to check my bag, I was pissed. He went and checked my bags and of course he found nothing. But I missed the train by 3 minutes, and had to wait 40 minutes for next train. Now 40 minutes not so bad,  but the next train isnt always 40 minutes next. I have missed trains before and had to wait almost 3 hours. Of course I told the man, I was waiting for the train, is this necessary? He wasn't sympathetic and said train is here all day. He was a jerk. My thing is, can I refuse this search? I have nothing to hide but its damn infuriating. What would happen if I just say no you cant check my bag
    13 answers 1 week ago Packing & Preparation
  • Shipping items to Italy?

    Best answer: If you’re moving in or close to a major city then you can rent a storage unit and arrange with them for an additional charge to receive and store your items.

    Or you can contact Italian removals companies who deal with international relocations and make the same arrangements with them. 
    4 answers 5 days ago Packing & Preparation
  • How do travellers get away with not sending their children to school?

    5 answers 1 week ago Packing & Preparation
  • Can USPS hold my mail for three month while I was abroad?

    I know USPS can hold my mail for 30 days. But I need to travel abroad for three month. Any solutions to that??
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • How to pack very lightly?

    I'm going to Florida in two weeks and I don't want to check any bags. I have a carry on suitcase that's just at the size limit, although I don't know if it'll be able to hold everything I need. I'm staying for a week and I will have access to laundry. I always roll my clothing when packing, is there anything else I can do to maximize the space I have?
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • Whats cheaper shipping suitcases or check in bag? when moving?

    Best answer: In reality, the vast majority of baggage delivery options that are available to travelers do not compete on price with registered luggage. ... "The base price of LugLess is generally cheaper than registering a bag, it is always cheaper than registering a second bag, and much cheaper if you are registering more than three bags.
    5 answers 1 week ago Packing & Preparation
  • Hi!I will be traveling  by plane with my 3 year old soon. I would like to know does the security allows 200ml shelf stable milk for toddler?

    Best answer: Drinks for infants and young chilren are allowed to exceed the amount of liquid items allowed through security; you just have to present them to the agents at security.  
    4 answers 1 week ago Packing & Preparation
  • Confused about carry-on and check in bags.?

    21st of February 2020 I am flying to Florida with my parents to visit my grandmother. I thought I purchased a carry-on bag from TJ Maxx and its dimensions are actually 24x17x11.5. we are flying on American airlines and I've been looking up some information and I know the carry-on baggage is 22x14x9 but I haven't been able to get a clear answer if I would be able to do a gate check or if I'll have to pay for a checked bag and if I would get my checked bag around the same time as my parents would for their carry-on bags. I don't know if weight would have a factor but my bag weighs less than 31 lb. Thanks for any answers
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • On average how much is a five-day vacation ?

    I will be sending my great-nieces wedding in Iowa in August.  I just want an average on airfare, hotel room with kitchenette, food, I will be going by myself.  I just want to know would $2500 set aside be enough.  I might only stay four days but putting five that way if I want I can spend an extra night in the hotel.
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • USPS lost my package. It was an old $400 watch. Solid. It was well packaged. It was insured for $500.?

    4 answers 2 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • Where should i move?

    so i want to get out of america is there any countries where i should move to i would like to move somewhere where they can speak English or a language that is easy to learn i would like the crime rate to be low and i would like nice people i also really like Video games and rock music so a country that likes that type of stuff and also the citys are beautiful thats all :] i also dont care about price because im saving alot of money  
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • Getting kicked out not sure what to pack buy or do ?

    So long story short my mom is kicking me and my boyfriend out this Saturday I have a full week to pack and get ready to go.  We only have a non working car parked in the street to live off of.  Not sure what to pack up other then blankets pillow an cloths . Yes we both work but no money saved just stated I get my first paycheck next week . Any advice . ??? No friends or nother family to go to . We're not sure we're we could shower at or sneak a shower at . And most dining rooms close at 10 so that would be our last bathroom chance.  . We work in the mornings I get out by 4 he get off by 7 . Packing or living any ideas how to work this out to survive . And when I get paid any thing I should buy to help us keep living till we save enough to get our own spot.  ???
    4 answers 4 weeks ago Packing & Preparation
  • What is a duffel bag used for? ?

    Best answer: gym clothes, traveling, suspicious activity, camping
    7 answers 1 month ago Packing & Preparation
  • I am From the Netherlands moving to Grand Rapids. Can anyone guide me on this new destination?

    5 answers 4 weeks ago Other - Destinations
  • Why are hotel rates very cheap in Atlantic City?

    Best answer: A few reasons: (1) Atlantic City has been struggling for years now, so they are doing what they can to draw people in; (2) casino hotels regularly offer cheaper rates than other hotels, knowing that you will likely spend your money there in other ways, such as in the casino, restaurants, shops, and shows.
    7 answers 1 month ago Other - Destinations