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  • Do new yorkers hate tourists?

    Best answer: Based on my family’s feeling that live in NYC they are annoyed by tourists because they stop all the time/walk slow ( New Yorkers are fast and always moving) and they add to places that’s already crowded, they know how important tourists are to their economy, irritated yes, hate I don’t think so.
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  • When your New York drivers license list what city you live in does it list borough, like Manhattan or would it just say New York NY?

    Best answer: It depends on the borough.  It has to do with the fact that the New York City, in its present form, only dates back to 1899.

    The licence will list Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island for addresses in those boroughs.  It will list New York, NY for addresses in Manhattan.  

    In Queens, it's a little more complicated.  When the Queens was incorporated into New York City, there was already number of towns in Queens County.  Among them were Long Island City, Flushing, Ridgewood, Douglaston.  You can still see the ghosts of those towns in the way Queens' street grid suddenly changes in some neighborhoods.  A licence with the Queens address will list the neighborhood, i.e.  Astoria, NY; Jamaica, NY;  Forest Hills, NY; Rego Park, NY;  Elmhurst, NY etc.   
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  • Is New York City EXACTLY how I describe it?

    -Half the city are rich Anglo Saxons (you know, pink skin, icy blue eyes, fair hair and English speaking). -The other half are Italians and Jews. -The young men are sexy and they grease their hair, wear leather jackets and sing acapalla. -The young women are all supermodels. -Everybody idolizes and sings like Billy Joel. -The Italians in the Bronx are thugs and hurt people. Basically, New York City is a combination of West Side Story, Seinfeld, Goodfellas and a Billy Joel concert (or band practice). Right?
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  • How do I get to state of Seattle located in the city of Manhattan?

    Best answer: You will need a LOT of meth.
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  • NYC- something to do Monday ?

    Going to a play tomorrow and heading to Rockefeller to skate Monday. I wanted to do the NBC studio tour but it’s sold out. What else can I do with my teen daughter? 
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  • What the most expensive way to get to penn station?

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  • What are good jobs in NYC that pay with cash?

    What are they?
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  • Is it weird for 2 adults to buy tickets to the Harlem Globetrotter's with no kids?

    Best answer: You are going out with your partner. They are an entertaining group for all ages.
    Enjoy the event and that other stuff anniversary couples tend to do after the game.
    Adults are allowed to laugh, be amazed and have fun too.

    Lighten up and keep your eyes open lots goes on all around the court not just next to the basketball.

    They are very skilled athletes that have fun just playing a GAME. The other team has some fun too.
    You are only out of place if you expect to see only a basketball game.
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  • How can I be sure that if I send letter to 1600 Penn  Ave that he will receive it?

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  • Broadway play - how early to arrive?

    I’ve only been to plays in Boston. I usually try to be at the theatre about 30 minutes ahead of time. How early on a Sunday for a Broadway matinee? 
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  • Do people still dress for the theater ?

    I’m going to Broadway to see the play Beetlejuice. Do people still dress for plays? Do I wear jeans or slacks? 
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  • What is difference between New York City and New York?

    Best answer: NYC is the city, consisting of skyscrapers and busy roads. New York in general is the exitre state. "Upstate" New York is all of New York besides the city. Upstate NY has open fiends, mountains, cows, apple trees and small towns.
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  • Why do non-New Yorkers get angry that we NYers are proud of our city? ?

    So, I had a family member who lives in Seattle writing on Facebook about how great her visit to the Seattle Museum of Art was. Sorry, but I have been there and while it is not bad, it is not the Met.  I have been to the Lyric Opera of Chicago; it's a good opera house but it is not Lincoln center. I have been to theater in LA. While respectable it is not like what we have on Broadway or off Broadway.  Other cities have decent cultural offerings, but they are not on the scale of what we have in NYC. I ate in nice restaurants in New Orleans, but it's delusional to think that they are on the same standard as what we have in NYC.  We are proud of our city because it offers the best of everything. 
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  • Living in new york for a month?

    Best answer: Put an ad on Craigslist. I lived in San Francisco for 2 months by meeting a friend who let me stay with him free of cost, but I did have sex with him every night.
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  • Survival riddle, care broke down in NYC near times square, what tthree tools might help?

    Suppose your car has broken down in busy traffic in New York near Times Square, then it starts running really rough, and then BANG, smoke starts pouring out from under the hood and the car stops. the engine threw a rod and there is a gaping hole in the side of the motor and you have no cell phone and the car battery was destroyed by the engine rod and flames. The horn and lights are all non working. Which three of these tools could be helpful? Screwdriver Lighter Wrench Fire Extinguisher Drill Harmonica Flashlight Hammer Jumper Cables Jack Which two tools would be helpful and how could they get you unstranded?
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  • NYC selling out of masks for coronavirus, would you wear one in U.S or just stay in?

    Best answer: If it started spreading more, and I had to go out, I would. I already wipe grocery carts, use hand sanitizer after handling restaurant menus, and wash hands several times a day. It’s only common sense. 
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  • What is the best palce to visit in NYC?

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  • How long does it take to drive from Manhattan to New York City?

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  • Is New York City a dangerous city to live in?

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  • Why is queens in New York City so much cheaper than the other boroughs of NYC?

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