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  • Why do I hate North Carolina?

    I am not very happy with where I live in North Carolina!! I am in Winston-Salem. First off, unlike Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Las Vegas, LA, New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Phoenix, etc., we lack nightlife and tall skyscrapers. Secondly, we lack tall skyscrapers, like you see in some of those cities. Third, commute time from one side to the other is only like 5 minutes, and I hate how we have a population lack problem here! Also, we lack crowded streets and colorful lights on at night and during the day and there there are no festivals here like Corn Maizes, Rodeos, Water Park Advertisements here, and jobs here are suffering!!! Not even Charlotte has it!! I think that HB2 in 2016 was a killer for this state! Needless to say, I hate North Carolina with a passion!!! Just look at this miserable empty road!!! Words cannot describe how much I hate North Carolina!!! NC is the only state in America in a recession!! The rest of the United States is not struggling to find jobs or to have a good economy! I feel as if I live in a state that is suffering!! I hate North Carolina with a passion!! I have been to Florida and other states, and when I do go to other states, I feel like a new man, and I always dread coming back to my what I wish I wasn’t coming back home to North Carolina!! I feel like there is too much political things here, too!! 😢 Why do I hate North Carolina so much?
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  • Why are there non white people in the US?

    I went on vacation to the US, hoping to see the white, racially pure country I've seen in the media and was disappointed. I saw n*ggers, Asians, Spanish looking people, and even some Indians and Muslims. So much for the monocultural white America full of blonde surfers, models and cowboys. 🙁
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  • I am a single black mother of an 11 year old, I live in Alabama and want to make a move to North Carolina. Charlotte vs. Raleigh?

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  • Is it true that it's hard to make friends in California because people there are very status-oriented?

    I've heard that the culture in California is very status-oriented, and relationships between people are very shallow and superficial. People won't talk to you if you are seen as ''uncool'' because they are worried about their reputation with others. Is that all true? And how different is California from the rest of the country?
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  • What is the best city in California?

    Best answer: Best is relative. If you're a high tech innovator looking for venture capital you'd want to be in Palo Alto. A surfer, Half Moon Bay. Want to be an actor? - go to L.A. Love the dessert, Palm Springs is for you. Basically there IS no one "best city".
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  • Is it safe to hike in Yosemite national park in March?

    Me and my buddies reserved a campsite in Upper Pines in Yosemite valley in March 6th-8th and wanted to hike Clouds Rest. Should we be worried about the snow? Are we even allowed to hike it?
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  • Where to go for a weekend trip after college graduation?

    My bf and I are graduating together and want to take a weekend trip after we finish school but we have no idea where to go. I'm 25, he's 24, and we both live in Connecticut. We are thinking of renting a hotel or something in a town or city along the east coast. We don't want to go too far down south, just to save on gas and stuff. The thing is we have no idea where we want to go! We've been to NYC a million times, Atlantic City is too dirty, the Cape is really boring, and Newport is mad expensive. We want to do something different- both of us really aren't into museums. I really want to do or go somewhere special, that won't cost more than 50 bucks a person. If there's something unique and fun or trendy and cool- if there's some unique history or adrenaline-fueled or brand new we would consider it. Recommendations for fun, cool, and exciting trips for less are greatly appreciated.
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  • I live in PA and can't afford a beach trip to FL. I wanna go to a closer beach but don't wanna go to the Jersey Shore. Where can i go?

    Best answer: Ocean City MD
    Rehoboth Beach Delaware
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  • Are there any tourist attractions in the state of Delaware?

    Best answer: Yes. For example, Winterthur and the Wilmington & Western Railroad
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  • Question about fastest mail service?

    If I want to mail something from Kansas City to Springfield, IL, can I pay more for it to arrive at its destination in one day? As in visit the post office with the letter Friday so that it can make it there Saturday?
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  • Which is the best state, arizona and new mexico?

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  • What city should I move to for long term?

    I am a single 23 year old male, highly intelligent, plan on making 9-12 figures per year one day and living in a big city. Here are the poll rules: Choose ONE location If you have a suggestion pick ONE location and suggestive location Must base answer(s) on provided requirments Respectful and educational answers only Requirements: Big city High percintage of (single) young adults (millennials) A lot entertaining things to do High rate of successful individuals Low crime rate (I do not do ghetto or surround myself in illegal activity) Similar cost of Texas (1bd rent avg. 1200-1500 give or take) Options: Dallas, TX Austin, TX San Diego, CA Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Seattle, WA Boston, MA
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  • Should i move to Arizona if I live in California?

    I live in Los Angeles and I really hate it here, it's just too fast paced and liberal for me. I was thinking of moving to Arizona since it's not too far, are things better in Arizona? what's it like living there? and what are the best places to live there?
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  • What will happen to a woman if they move to CA with $20 and a sleeping cot?

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  • 22 year old thinking about moving to delray Florida? Is this a young place? Or is nyc/Boston Better? Please help?

    Hi! My boyfriend and I recently graduated college and are looking to move somewhere. We both went to school in Boston and he grew up there. I’m originally from nyc. I am a city girl and love being around the action. I also love Boston. He just recently got a really good job in delray and I am closing out a deal on one soon. Is this a place where young people in their 20s live? Is there room for growth? What would you prefer?
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  • Why can I no longer pay with £ sterling? Barbara Koch?

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  • What are the best cities to be homeless in?

    I would think a small city like portland maine or eugene oregon or ithaca new york
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  • Best state to relocate to?

    My fiancee' and I are residents of Washington. There are multiple reasons as to why we're looking to relocate; however, the cost of living is at the top of the list. The average home in this state is just under $400,000; gas prices are among top 3 in the nation, and rent is significantly higher than the majority of the US. In addition to that, we're not a huge fan of the politics of the state, and would rather live in a moderate-conservative area. Here's who we are and what we're looking for: My fiancee' is a Federal government worker. I am experienced in district level management. We're looking for a place where cost of living is lower, overall. We'd also prefer small town community vibes, but still within 35-40 minute commute to a major city (my fiancee' works for a government office, which will be located in a major city) We prefer a place with land that we can purchase for under $250,000. We love the outdoors, and enjoy things such as hiking, camping, etc. I'd also love an area that's hunting and fishing friendly, as well as gun friendly and respective of religious rights. The top four states we're looking at are: Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. Texas and Tennessee don't have state income tax. South Carolina has the highest income tax. Sales tax is probably the highest in TN, where as property taxes seem to be the highest in TX; however, TX has the lowest gas prices and abundance of jobs. What are your thoughts?
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  • Which city do you prefer: Miami or San Diego?

    Best answer: San Diego. Better weather, better food and better zoo.

    The only person I have met from San Diego that didn't love it and eventually move back actually lived in La Mesa, which is kind of creepy.

    Almost everyone I know that lived Miami described it as 's great place to visit, a horrible place to live.'
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  • Wheres better to live San Jose or San Diego and why?

    Best answer: San Diego's cost of living is much lower and there you'd actually get to see the sun once in a while. But in terms of culture and access to cool stuff, San Jose would be better.
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