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  • How to avoid Jacksonville on the way to Daytona Beach from TN?

    I’m from TN and will be taking 95 to Disney World at the end of May. We’ll be stopping and staying the night in Daytona Beach. The only part of the drive I can’t stand is Jacksonville. I have a car that literally cannot drive 100 mph like most of the cars going through on 95 are. I drive a Nissan Versa, and I literally am clenching my butt cheecks if I even have to go 80. I’m willing to drive up to an extra hour to avoid feeling like I’m going to be run off the road. Any route suggestions? Thanks!
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  • People getting off planes in Hawaii immediately get a lei?

    If this same tradition applied to the rest of the U.S., what would each state immediately give to visitors?
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  • Planning a trip to both Florida and Vermont. Would like to take our cat but unsure about procedure on taking on Amtrak. Any advice?

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  • How much does it cost for a greyhound bus ticket from lima ohio USAto Galvenston Texas?

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  • Why would anyone visit South Dakota?

    I'm just wondering cause I live here and I think it's the most boring state you could visit. Yeah, there's Mount Rushmore, but that's boring. Maybe it's cause I see at least once a year, but still. It's a rock with some faces in it.
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  • Not only do I hate North Carolina, but it pisses me off to live here! I know that for many weeks I keep asking. Is what I keep saying true?

    Best answer: If you want something different, try Austin TX.
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  • Are you more thankful or resentful to be born in the United States?

    Best answer: Thankful. I could have been born in a place like Yemen which is in the midst of a nasty civil war egged on by outside influences. But we do have our problems here in the US of A. Sad part is that many are fix-able, but we seem to have a knack for going down the stupid road whether in domestic policies or foreign policies. It would take a book with several volumes to list them all; unfortunately, we listen more to ideologues than evidence-based solutions with a win-win focus.
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  • Would you live in (pomona, ca) hinterlands of southern california?

    Best answer: Not if I could avoid it. Although being a college town there is some interesting stuff there.
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  • I just actually WON a free trip, and I have questions about the weather?

    So, long story short, Hilton hotels chose me to be transferred to some agent who gave me a free vacation plus perks. I got to chose between myrtle beach, orlando, and vegas- and because of where I live and travel expenses I chose myrtle beach. So there is many other perks they offered but only if I redeem the vacation and attend a seminar. Basically their peak season is june 1- august 1 and there’s a fee. I’m taking a summer class and can’t go until mid august. Will it still be sunny and warm possibly? Or at least warm enough to swim? What is the weather there like in mid august?
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  • Why do we call Usa America?

    Best answer: Official name is The United States of America. USA and or America is just a shorten version. Easier to say.
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  • Beautiful places in the U.S. that have mountains and lakes by or near them.?

    Ok I may move to another state in the near future (currently living in Boston Massachusetts) what are some beautiful places that have mountains, lakes and isn't too far to a major city (1 hr or less away by car).
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  • How many days are there in a year in Alaska?

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  • What are the differences between California and New York?

    Best answer: So many things are similar and others are just different. Things like the news.

    You get more news from the east coast than you do the west coast it is a time zone thing.
    A westerner gets more from the middle. The Air is generally just cleaner.
    Not about to explain the many different taxes and fees each place has be that your garbage pick up or a library card.Some higher some lower.that your current rates.

    Watch your spending. It takes time to get set up and you do not need everything NEW your first week there.Get out and participate in your street your town your city. The more you put in the more you get back.

    As you not narrowed down to a county or town/city a little hard to say what is different or just the same.

    Politicians. They all tell lies to get elected. the same.
    The price goes up every holiday. Amazing they need maintenance or a temporary shortage a day or two before.holiday time.

    An AAA membership from NY is good to use at the new place if you are driving.Can get it at the new place to. Take sometime to just explore. Get on the bus and ride see where it goes ride your bike or whatever see what you see. Next week next month you can explore that interesting to you thing.
    Take different routes to and from just to see what else is nearby. The dog park, the swimming beach, the country hike, hundreds of choices Some you like and some you just do not.You will never know if you never go for a peek.
    A map is just a punch of lines.does not tell you much.
    People you meet are just people. Some you will like and some just avoid them if you encounter them a second time.

    Just like in New York you have your local issues so does Northern California and every other place. Be patient it takes time to adjust to the way you do stuff at the new place.
    Finding the pharmacy, the place to get your groceries for best price and on and on.
    It took you years where you are now. You do not learn it by your first weekend at the new place. You are not expected to know everything. ASK if you are nice about it most will help you out.
    If you are of some particular religion you can attend many places before you pick one. Have some hobby or sports interest join a club or team.

    It is an adventure keep an open mind and explore the next road , the shop you just pass by the window or whatever it is. Suggest you do not sign any long term leases until you have explored a bit for options.

    Good luck it is not a horrible place . If it was there would be more moving out.

    CRAP HAPPENS have your bug out packed near the door for just in case.The river flood, the forest fire, the car crash that takes out a power line. Call home and send a few postcards so everyone can boast about your adventures..

    WEATHER just a warning in the mountains it can change fast one mile to the next. It does matter if you are down in the valley or up near the top.especially when the sun goes down.
    Depending where you are those nice mountains to look at can block your signals. You can make a paper map in a few seconds of the area you will be as back up
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  • What are the driving directions from Lansing, Michigan to Buffalo, New York without going through Canada?

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  • Are there anything to do in San bernardino, california?

    Best answer: hookers and cocaine
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  • Hunting: We are going to the Outer Banks in 6 weeks!?

    Best answer: Nice area. What's your knowledge seeking question?

    This is Yahoo ANSWERS, not Yahoo Announcements.
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  • Thinking of travel any advice?

    Best answer: What kind of 'advice' do you need?
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  • Should I move here?

    So I live in Michigan. I hate anything 60 degrees or lower. I want to move to a warmer state. I was thinking about moving to Arizona. Any Advice?
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  • I want to go on holiday to America and will probably travel alone. Where is best?

    Best answer: My suggested locations you consider:

    Boston: good public transportation. Lot's of history with respect to the American Revolution. City has a lot of character. Boston is a walking city, if you stayed in a hotel in the city proper you could easily walk to most attractions. From Boston you could take a train to either Portland Maine or NYC (or further).

    New York City: Great public transportation, it's very safe (my 20 something daughter lives (since 2013), works and rides the subway in NYC), there are great galleries and museums. There is the whole 9/11 / ground zero experience. Manhattan should be on everyone's bucket list in my opinion. Lot's of flights from Europe to NYC to pick from. Downside is that it is the most expensive destination in the USA. Excellent value hotel in great location = The New Yorker.

    Washington DC: For history/galleries/museums Washington DC can not be topped. You could spend multiple days visiting the Smithsonian alone. If you select lodging that is in the capital area you can walk to most of the attractions. You never know who you might see in the restaurants/bars in DC.

    Williamsburg, VA: This is a recreation of colonial Williamsburg, it's south of Washington DC. I find it very interesting. It's also near Jamestown, VA the sight of the first British colony in the new world.

    For European travelers I usually recommend the desert southwest, Arizona, S. California area as I reckon you will find the whole wild wild west atmosphere the most appealing? If you don't have a personal vehicle to get around this area will be a challenge. Sedona, AZ would probably interesting for you, but only for about 2-3 days - then what are you going to do? Go out west when you have a driver.
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