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  • Who/what turns you into a raging beast?

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  • In what stage of their life do ants become bees?

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  • Why are humans the only species that require consent?

    Best answer: You are misinformed. Animals court one another in almost all cases. Usually it is the male that is doing the courtship and females can either reject or accept the courtship. For example, a frog will sing to attract females. It is up to the female whether she will approach the male to start mating. Similarly, a male lizard may court a female and no mating will happen if the female refuses to mate. In some cases, it is the female that initiates courtship. In these cases, it is the male that cares for the eggs, instead of the female. The red phalarope is a bird in which the male will incubate the egg and cares for the young, but the female takes no part in rearing the young birds. The female in this case approaches the male and courts him. She certainly cannot rape him.

    Of course there are cases of rape in the animal kingdom. For example, the male elephant seal is so big that the male can sneak into another male's territory and have sex with a female without her consent. Male ducks are known to rape females. Most birds lack a penis, but ducks are some of the exceptions. They can have sex but forcibly inverting their penis into a female. Female ducks usually pair up with a male and the male with guard her to prevent rape. If the male fails to do his job, the female will leave him.

    In fact, in nature most species only mate during a short period of time every year. The females are only receptive to male courtship when they are ovulating. In some cases, females may not mate until their young have been weaned and it may take years. During that time, even if a male risks his life to rape a female, it does not benefit him because the female does not have any eggs that can be fertilized. Risking one's life (because females are often as strong and dangerous as the males) for a moment of pleasure is not what evolution favors. Evolution instead only favors behavior that results in an increase in fitness (defined as the number of offspring one produces that will grow up to reproduce).

    So, how are humans different from other animals? Humans are different because females can become pregnant again soon after giving birth. Humans have menstrual cycles, so that a female can become pregnant in any of the 12th months of the year, instead of just once a year in many cases. Therefore male humans can benefit by being ready to mate at any time. He can become a father (and therefore become successful in terms of evolution) any time he mates. Humans in fact evolved to have sex frequently, unlike most animals, which are only interested in mating once a year or even less frequently in most cases.

    Because human males have such strong sex drives, they can become sexually frustrated easily. Is so, then was rape common among prehistoric humans? That is probably unlikely. We can see evidence for this by examining human anatomy. Humans have the longest penis of any primate both in terms of absolute length and length in proportion to body size. Gorillas are a lot bigger but its penis is only an inch and a half long. Why do humans need such a long penis?

    If we look at gorillas, the males use brute strength to exclude other males from his harem of females. He does not use brute strength to force his females to mate with him. In contrast the chimpanzee, although smaller in size, has a penis that is more than twice as long as that of the gorilla. The reason is that chimps live in social groups with many males, and the males cooperate with each other to defend the troop's territory. To promote such cooperation, male chimps do NOT fight among themselves for the right to mate. If all males can mate with the same females, then what can one increase one's chance of fathering the next generation? How about a penis that can put sperm as close to the uterus as possible? That is why the chimp needs a longer penis than the gorilla.

    If humans have an even longer penis than the chimp. then what does that tell us? We probably need it so that we can put sperms closer to the uterus than those that are already inside a female. If that is the case, it means that males can have sex frequently, and females are receptive to having sex too, if they will do it with many males. If so, then why do modern humans rape? The reason is that females have become less receptive to mating than prehistoric ones? Why? Because humans have evolved to be monogamous, even though we were more promiscuous in the ancient past.

    The reason is that humans no longer live in groups with multiple males under the same roof since we invented agriculture and settled down. Human males also provide parental care, such as food, shelter and education. To make sure that such care is not wasted on someone who are not their own children, human males now demand monogamy. Not only do male humans not allow other males to have sex with their wives, they do not allow their daughters to have sex either, because a pregnant daughter's baby also need food shelter and care. Their daughter's chance of getting married also decreases, and that means a man may be stuck with a daughter with a baby for a long time. Because humans are now a lot less likely to get sex without marriage, rape has therefore become more common. The sex drive remains, but the opportunity to have sex has greatly reduced, even after the sexual revolution made premarital sex more common and acceptable. Ancient people probably did not have to rape if they can have sex at any time with willing and receptive females within their own social groups.
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  • It is inhumane to keep animals in the zoo how can we let them all go?

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  • Are pet hippos legal in the US?

    i want to get one. we have an exotic pet tiger and pet dog so we know how to train pets exotic ones and i want to get another one a hippo bc their cute
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  • Can other animals be as loyal as a dog?

    Best answer: Sort of. Depends on what you include in "Loyalty". The herd or group adherence is not identical among all animal species. Loyalty is a reflection of that group adherence, it is, in effect, a word to describe how much an individual values the group and its membership in that group, and what can cause it to turn against the group. The smallest, and most important group, is the family. Animals that identify a particular human as "family" tend to be very loyal when that type of animal is loyal to family (rather than herd or something else).

    Many mammals, and often even birds, recall humans that they had an important period of contact with, even after many years of subsequent separation, so loyalty is fairly common among mammals and certain groups of birds. I don't know how to put a quantity on the idea of loyalty so I cannot say that one species is generally more loyal, or not. Many individual animals of many different species have been observed to show this sort of "loyalty" behavior.
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  • Can a sperm whale bite a human's finger off?

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  • How would you open a zoo?

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  • What is a wren?

    Best answer: A bird.....................
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  • Can I have a service animal?

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  • Would hairspray of killed a spider?

    I have arachnophobia and have had a large spider living under my bed so not slept in there for 2 nights. Yesterday I managed to see it come out twice and use hairspray on it (from a distance of maybe 3-4 feet away) both times it ran off under the bed again but after the 2nd time when I managed to spray it for longer I’ve not seen it since. I’m petrified of spiders and just wondered if it’s likely alive and I’ll have to try hoover it up or if it has liked died by now, as it didn’t die instantly after being sprayed and has scuttled out of sight. Thanks
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  • Does anyone know what this little guy/girl is? My kittens caught and really cute. But I need to know what it is to take care of.?

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  • Does this mean alarm for rabies?

    i am a health freak so i am asking this ridiculous question but forgive me... there is a small kitten where i live and i saved it from a tree. it has been 5 days since it stratched my hand. my hand did not bleed from its small paws but rabies is a dangerous illness after all... does this situation carry any risk?
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  • What animal/s are cheapish & small enough to have live on my counter? I have ants, and poison/traps aren't working. Maybe frogs? Or lizards?

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  • What is the most powerful monkey?

    Best answer: Monkey King sunwukong in the Seven Dragon Pearls
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  • What caused early mammals to stop laying eggs and to begin giving birth to their live young? Why did it happen?

    This is from a web site, http://www.bobpickett.org/evolution_of_m... About 120 million years ago, the mammalian line ceased laying eggs and began bearing live young. These forms of mammals were the first marsupials, who bore their young at a very early stage in their development and transferred them to a pouch where modified sweat glands secreted milk. It is generally accepted that the first marsupials arose in North America and spread to South America, then to Antarctica and Australia some time before the breakup of Pangaea near the end of the Cretaceous period, some 70 million years ago. Others argue that a southern continental origin is more probable.
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  • What was the first animal to lay an egg that hatched outside the body of the mother?

    Why did that happen? What caused it?
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  • What are some ways to get more milk production from cows?

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  • Should i go to a zoo and open the cages to free the animals?

    Animals should be free so im thinking about opening the cages and letting the animals run away into the wilderness.
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  • What kind of bug is this!?We’ve been catching them in our house(in Alaska). Its lived in a jar of water for 2 days! I can’t find it online.?

    The closest thing I could find that looks like it is a “German Cockroach”, but I didn’t think we had cockroaches in Alaska. Our house is very clean, but we did go camping over the weekend, and I’ve been noticing them since we got back. I just want to know if it is a bed bug or a cockroach so we can fumigate if necessary haha. Also, I put it in a jar of water thinking it would die and I could put it in a bag to bring to the college to identify, but it has been 2 days and it’s still alive! This also makes me think it might be a cockroach lol. It WILL NOT DIE.
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