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  • What kind of insect or bug is this?

    Found this on my ceiling. Thank you!
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  • Have you ever been chased by a wild animal?

    Best answer: I was in Germany in the Army on guard duty and it was night in the cold woods and very quiet. Everyone has to take an hour to guard the camp. My time was probably around 1:00 a.m.

    My flashlight was running out of batteries but I rarely used it anyway. You learn to use your night vision. Anyway, I heard what sounded like eating and smacking the lips.

    I walked toward the sound and it got louder. I assumed some pig (human) was eating really noisily just ahead and I walked further and it got really impossibly loud. The smacking of lips and tongue were really over the top loud. I proceeded further and it got louder.

    I shined my light on a movement and I saw tusks and beady black eyes looking at me from maybe 20 feet away. I realized right away that it was a wild boar. I had an M-16 but it wasn't loaded. The Army never lets you load your weapon in training.

    Anyway, I grew up in the woods and I wasn't that scared. I figured I could easily scare it away and I went aaaahhhh and grunted noise to make it leave. The boar immediately pounced to attention and stood broadside of me and looked at me like it couldn't believe I was stupid enough to interfere with its meal. It seemed to take a second to weigh charging me or running away.

    What it did seems unbelievable but I swear on my mother's soul that it is true. It decided to run in a very tight circle around me maybe 15 to 20 feet in radius and it moved so fast it was almost running on its left side because of the centrifugal force but it held its head up and was looking at me as it ran. It probably ran 3 circles and I saw its muscles and it shiny fur. It could have easily killed me but it finally moved about 30 feet away and made noises at me. I jumped up on an Armored Personnel Carrier and it was couple hours before I jumped down to wake up the next guy but the wild boar made go back up on the APC.

    So it didn't really chase me but it thought about it I think. The next morning, my platoon sergeant said that he woke up and saw a large boar looking at him from the opening in his tent. He froze and it finally left. It scared the begeezus out of him.
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  • Would you like to bottle feed a goat ­čÉÉ?

    Best answer: Nah.

    They're cute though.
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  • (Poll) Why are white people so annoying?

    Best answer: because they have no soul!
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  • How often do you get a raise?

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  • Why do wild species have single color pattern and domesticated species have color variations?

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  • Are Gorillas violent or friendly towards humans?

    Best answer: Gorillas are not a violent or aggressive animal. They can be defensive of other animals invading their turf that they think may pose a threat to them.
    Dr Jane Goodall showed that gorillas are not offensive to humans provided there is no action to display threat.
    She sits and a curious wild gorilla comes right to her, checking her out,smelling her and satisfied just goes on its way.
    A human displays any act of aggression to a gorilla, it will likely pull your arm off and bludgeon you to death.
    There have been a number of human fatalities from gorillas, generally the result of the above synopsis.
    We all remember the Harambie incident. Wildlife behavioral experts examined the videos and concluded the gorilla was more likely trying to protect the young boy from all the panicked onlookers, gorillas don't know their own strength and yet the boy was unscathed, the outcome just tragic for the gorilla.
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  • Are giraffes related to ostriches?

    They kind of have the same shape.
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  • Once upon a time, there were tree bears. Where'd they go?

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  • Why are raccoons prone to obesity?

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  • Who would win in a fight a polar bear or a grizzly?

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  • Which of these groups survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary?

    Best answer: Mammals are the only one.
    Similar animals to ammonites, nautilus, survived.
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  • What kind of bird is this?

    Saw it at the zoo but it wasnt part of the zoo. It was on the California coast
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  • Do crocodiles need sunlight to survive?

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  • Why don't wild animals attack wild life photographers near them sitting in an open jeep?

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  • Should scientists give octopi bones?

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  • Do animals feel pain?

    I'm considering being a vegan.
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  • Why boars love acorns?

    Best answer: Boars will eat anything. They are omnivores. They will eat a lot of things that are unappetizing to us if necessary. They will of course eat something nutritious and/or tasty. Acorns are nuts. They are full of proteins and fat, so they are very nutritious. They are tasty too.
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  • What do elephants eat?

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