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  • Horn not working in 2011 Toyota Tacoma. Any ideas?

    I have ruled out the horn itself, fuse, and relay. What do you guys think it could be and if so is it something I can fix or should it be taken to shop?
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  • The security light on my 2014 Toyota camry is blinking and the car cranks but dose not start?

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  • I'm troubleshooting starter/solenoid on 1984 Toyota Pick -Up Truck, solenoid seems to work to make contact but not spinning.?

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  • Is the Toyota 86 a good first car?

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  • I have a 2002 toyota corolla started to have a loud and cracking sound, specially when i accelerate.?

    i have a 2002 toyota corolla started to have a loud and cracking sound, specially when i accelerate..
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  • Is 2nd Generation Toyota Prius battery good for car?

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  • I have a 2007 Lexus is250.... My check vsc light is on... engine light is on and trac light is on I don't know what these are and what to do?

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  • Hello, my Toyota Rav4 aircon won't cool, it happened a week ago, it's a 2006 right hand drive, anyone have a clue?

    Best answer: Toyota Rav4 2006

    you don't mention which part of device is not working, and the fan merely pushes basic air into cab, there are two types of fan systems , one is for high pressure A/C and Heater/defrost, the other is basic heater / air flow,

    You turn on A/C and open hood to see if compressor is turning with belt drive, if not, then may be relay fuse switch,
    if it is turning then that is the Freon gas leaking or low or not available, but the pipe as well should get cold or frost condensation,

    then double check that you have fan switch on and the A/C button on, and set to defrost or High Air or High heat, if set to midway, it may not work as you are not switched to Air that computer knows,

    and reminder that heater defrost is same as air in that it turns on Air to create more engine heat form heat faster than normal cab heat.

    check manual for troubleshooting

    fuses under hood
    4 ECU- B2 7,5 Air conditioning system, power windows
    14 AC INV 15 AC inverter
    18 HTR 50 Air conditioning system

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  • Can I upgrade a Toyota lease?

    I’m aware that I can just call the Toyota dealership but it’s 7am and I’m curious now. If I started leasing a car about 9 months ago, is there such thing as “upgrading” my lease to the newer model (from 2017 to 2018) I’ve also exceeded about 3k of my annual mileage expenditure... just curious how/if that would work
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  • Is getting a toyota extra care gold (extended warranty) for a toyota corolla S 2016 worth it for 7 years/100000 miles?

    Best answer: the dealership always insists you get the highest costing extended warranty...and it is a will add a hundred dollars a month to your bill...dont do the gold dont do the silver, and dont do the bronze...turn the page over..there is a nothing that.
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  • Which is a better daily driver, the Toyota Tundra or Tacoma?

    Best answer: Get the Tundra. The honeys will be saying Hi to you.
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  • Toyota land cruiser v8 never start the engine?

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  • My 2004 toyota corolla will not turn over when I turn the key?

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  • How much would it cost to replace a 1999 toyota camery power steering assembly?

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  • Toyota corolla how much is extra moonroof on a used car?

    Best answer: You don't want to put an after market sunroof in a vehicle. They don't have the extra reinforcements in the body and subframe and when you cut the hole in the roof everything flexes and it's just not good.
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  • Getting really bad gas mileage in my Prius, what could be the problem?

    Best answer: There s no tune-up on most modern cars, and definitely not on Toyota's hybrids. However, there is a maintenance schedule that calls for the spark plugs to be replaced every 100K miles. I would recommend doing that now to cover that issue - the first rule of troubleshooting is to make everything right and see what symptoms remain. For the same reason this is a good time to do the coolant service, including replacing the thermostat. A thermostat that is stuck open will bring fuel economy down to 25 mpg.

    Otherwise, there are the fuel injectors and the throttle body. If you have not been using top tier gasoline regularly those two items don't like it. A bottle of fuel injector cleaner will often get the injectors to behave, but in some cases they have to be replaced. The throttle body gets a lot of soot from the Miller valve timing and you can't use spray cleaner of any sort - the hybrid system will get very mad at you. The cleaner has to be swabbed on and wiped off - I use an Intake Snake on my Prius cars.

    One more thing that can cause all sorts of strange behavior, including rapidly dropping fuel economy: the 12V battery may be failing. The DC-DC inverter requires a decent battery to stabilize the 12V that is used for all the computers. If it is more than a few years old this is a good time to have it tested. NAPA carries replacements. Since the posts are undersized they can be hard to find. If you never test it you can get a surprise when you come out one morning and it is stone dead. The 12V battery does not start the engine; the hybrid battery does, so there is little warning.

    Finally, it is possible the hybrid battery is failing. That is rare, but you can rule it out by setting the display so you can see the state of charge of the hybrid battery. It is normal for the state of charge to vary a lot, but you are looking for signs the hybrid ECU is trying to equalize the module voltages. That shows up as the state of charge cycling from zero bars to completely full; you should never see zero bars. The engine will run when it normally does not.
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  • Can u buy a corolla and add a moon roof to it ?

    Best answer: You can, but it would be extremely expensive; so much so, that you would probably be able to spend that money and just buy a Lexus or something that already has a moon roof/sun roof.
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  • How much does a Used 2013 Toyota Corolla cost?

    Best answer: Significantly less than a 2017 and significantly more than a 2008.

    A wild guess might be around $8500-10,000 depending on miles and if you mean private party. dealer retail can easily add $2000-3000.

    Yes, you have been asking the same stupid questions for years. Just save and don't worry about it until you have $8000.
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  • 2001 Toyota Prius?

    Best answer: I strongly recommend against trying to modify the first generation Prius (2001-2003, outside Japan). It has a lot of quirks that were worked out in subsequent generations that will happily rise to bite you if you try to change things. I guess you already know the radio can't be replaced.

    There are two general areas where there is room for improvement in fuel economy The first is maintenance: if the spark plugs were not replaced according to the 100K mile maintenance schedule, do it now. If the throttle body has not been cleaned recently, especially if the car has been running on random gasoline instead of top tier gasoline, it should be cleaned because the Atkinson-Miller engine burps a lot of soot into the throttle body. Do not try to clean it with a spray, which will make the hybrid system furious. Swab on a cleaner (I use the Intake Snake with its detergent swabs) and wipe it out, or have the dealer do it. Finally, the upstream fuel/air sensor has undoubtedly become sluggish and would be better if replaced.

    The second general area of improvement that can be had in fuel economy is to keep the engine warmer. It does not produce a lot of waste heat and fuel economy nosedives when the engine is cold. When the first generation of Prius was current a lot of members of the Yahoo Prius forum put foam pool noodles or cardboard in the grill in the winter to prevent overcooling the engine. Of course, short trips (especially in winter) can badly affect fuel economy.
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  • 2002 Toyota highlander help!!!?

    Driving then all of a sudden all lights popped on and radio shut off lights turned very dim came to a stop sign and car died pushed it to a store and got a jump off car started up then started acting weird started making a knocking noise then only seemed to accelerate slightly when I took my foot off the gas but eventually came to a stop again doors won't lock only thing that works is the driver window which goes up very slowly
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