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  • Songs not sounding so goo...?

    Best answer: Music coming out of the radio does not sound good to me. I am used to hearing the same songs on radio and from a CD, and the CD sounds a whole lot better. Radio stations often assume that their music is heard through low fi devices, so they kind of boost the bass around 100-200 Hz to make them sound better on low fi speakers You can hear this when you hear male DJs talk on a good stereo system. Their voices sound nasal, boomy and unpleasant. If you think songs from the radio sound better, then that may be your "problem."

    Also, any time music is processed, especially if it is compressed, sound quality may be degraded unless you know what you are doing. They to listen to your downloaded songs without processing them and see if you like them better. Also try comparing the songs you downloaded with the same songs that have been made into a CD, and see which version you like better. If you want the best sound, it is best to buy CDs instead of downloading them from an online merchant.
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  • Laser compact disc in analog format?

    The music industry should introduce this format. If analog compact dish format is able to produce sound quality as good as vinyl records, why not? Many music lover still prefer pure analog format. Analog format also make it difficult to copy it into a computer and thus can prevent unauthorized coping. Vinyl records dynamic range of about 60db is more than enough for our daily music listening. We don’t need dynamic range of 120db which used in cinema.
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  • How do I find headphones that block out noise?

    I just spent an hour arguing with the workers at BestBuy before finally coming home with some "noise cancelling" garbage that uses microphones and opposing noises, and frankly, I'm not impressed. There are still a lot of noises I could hear just fine, even with the "active hearing protection." I was asking for foam insulation, and a stiff headband to deliver a firm seal, but they don't seem to offer it anymore. They didn't seem to even understand what I meant when I told them I wanted more padding. I'm sick of paying a fortune technological gimmicks when all I want is durability and insulation. So how do I find headphones with traditional methods of hearing protection?
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  • Trying to buy beats solo 3 headphones. Do these look legit? ?

    Best answer: Get the serial number and attempt to register.  

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  • Is it a Good Idea to spend on Wired earphones even if you have airpods?

    Best answer: Wired earphones generally have better sound than bluetooth ones unless you go ultra cheap on the wired.

    You never have to charge them

    They are harder to lose

    You can take advantage hi res audio with a hi res dongle on an iPhone or natively on most android devices, PCs and Macs.
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  • I want to get a CD from the USA but will it play in the UK?

    I want to get NOW 73 in the USA to add to my NOW collection But it a USA CD but will it play in the UK?
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  • Most beautiful acoustic guitar music for someone with anxiety?

    I'd like to put together an MP3 player for someone going through a rough time ... ideas of your most relaxing acoustic music? Thanks.
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  • Hifi Question?

    Best answer: Don't know about MP3. It is a file compression method that I do not use. CD players and the compact disc format do not compress the music. If you extract files from a CD, you can save them as wav files, which are not compressed. As long as your receiver has RCA inputs, CD players will work. You can in fact plug a CD into any input (except the phono input) such as those labeled tuner, tape, CD, TV, or aux.,  and the receiver will handle them the same way. The signals going in are the same format. Harman Kardon traditionally makes good amplifiers and receivers. They are able to handle the infinity RS speakers I own that have an impedance of 2 ohms. Most Japanese amps and receivers cannot handle such low impedance inputs and they get damaged easily. Japanese amps are designed to handle 8 ohms, so that their power ratings look good without needing to spend money beefing up the power supply to handle the high current demands of low impedance speakers. My speakers destroyed a couple of Japanese made amps (an Akai and a Sony) before I figured out I need better amps for my speakers. They shut themselves down if I turned up the volume to protect themselves from being short-circuited due to the low impedance of my speakers. After many of these shutdowns over time, the amplifiers simply died.
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  • If you turn a pair of powered speakers off, will they still work if you connect them to an amplifier while they are off?

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  • What do you do if people judge you for using old iPods for music?

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  • New vinyl albums, if it’s source are from digital and it sound similar to CD audio, itsn’t I better just get the compact disc player?

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  • Can we stop compressing audio file now, because now we have high speed internet and big hard disk, and big thumb drive.?

    15 years ago, our internet speed is 1mb/s now our internet speed is 300mb/s some even 800mb/s. 15 years ago, our computer storage (hard drive ) is about 250MB, but now our computer hard disk is at least 1TB, some even 2TB or 3TB or more. 15 years ago, our thumb drive is only 2GB, now our thumb drive is at least 32GB.
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  • How do i gain listeners for my podcast?

    Best answer: Advertise, advertise, advertise. Social media can do wonders for you. Keep at it. Post regularly, and then blast social media about your podcast. And make sure you have a target audience.
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  • Is there such thing as vinyl record restoration?

    Or is a damaged record a lost cause and won't ever regain it's original sound quality? Specifically things like warping, cracks, dents, stains, smudges and scratches.
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  • My CD R disc won't play on CD Players?

    Best answer: only music CD-R discs can be played in CD players, and some CD players will not play CD-R or CD-RW discs because they are not as reflective as CD discs made in factories. From you picture, you may be trying to burn a data CD-R discs (e.g. that contain computer files instead of musical tracks), and these types of CD-Rs can only be read by computer CD players and recorders.
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  • Is it unacceptable to wear over ear headphones at work?

    My small earphones have packed in and I want to get a new pair of more xpensive better quality over-ear headphones to replace them with but I’m concerned that it’ll come across as rude or something. I work as a cleaner and I generally just go about on my own and if someone tried to talk to me I’d pull them off immediately to listen but idk if the general appearance of someone wearing larger headphones would come across standoffish or something to the general public or to the people working in the offices? What does everyone think?
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  • Do they make vinyl record players for the car?

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  • Vinyl Size?

    My sister has a Crosley model CR8005U-CR1 record player and I was wondering if a 10 inch vinyl will play on it? I don't know much about them and wanted to make sure before buying. Im pretty sure the ones she already has are 12 inch?
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  • Should I initially fully charge my new JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker before turning it on and using it for the first time?

    Best answer: Depends on whether the speaker is already charged.  Some company ship devices already charged.  Others do not.  Even those shipped charged will lose charge while sitting on the shelf waiting to be bought.  Odds are the speaker will not work until it is charged, or if it does will run out of charge in a matter of minutes.

    You can not harm the device by charging it before you use it.
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  • Can you legally get your own songs on a cd?

    Like my sister said she put songs on a blank cd but technically she did it illegally... How do you do it legally then, so I can just have all my songs on one cd and customize it more than buying cds...? 
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