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  • What are some good free photo editors for Windows 10?

    Best answer: This may be helpful https://ayrne.io/photography/photo-editing-software/best-free-windows-photo-editors/
    6 answers 1 day ago Software
  • My computer have a virus?

    12 answers 11 hours ago Other - Computers
  • Got a message from a hacker, what do I do?

    I received an email from someone who says to have my password, an old password which I used to use many years ago, the person claims to have a trojan virus that alerts him if the email has been viewed and warned to pay $800 to bitcoin, or he will cease my operating system, email address and reveal all my personal info, messages and what the hacker calls "dark secrets". The hacker claims to usually "lock computers" and ask for randsom. This is scary, I don't know what to do! I I do have a webcam on my pc, but I hardly ever use it except for chatting, but nowadays i mainly use the tablet. But sometimes use the pc. I have not done anything as the hacker claims I've done, but he claims to have numerous screenshots.
    10 answers 23 hours ago Security
  • Are there any working Pentium 3 computers nowadays or have they all died by now?

    9 answers 20 hours ago Desktops
  • Who likes windows 10?

    Best answer: Like many others, I wasn't ready to give up Windows 7 until the time arose for making a decision to keep 7 or get 10 for free, or hang on to Windows 7 and purchase Windows 10 when forced to because of no security updates. As time ticked away, I made the choice to update to Windows 10, and have been very satisfied, especially with Windows Defender as part of the Windows OS.
    19 answers 4 days ago Polls & Surveys
  • Is face book down for the moment?

    30 answers 5 days ago Facebook
  • Where to go on computer to clear history and cookies?

    7 answers 22 hours ago Security
  • Desktop CPU Heating up!?

    My Desktop CPU keeps heating up! My Motherboard is an ASUS Z97 LGA1150. The fan used is the one from the stock, and I'm planning to change it. I ran a stress test using HeavyLoad software and within 20 seconds, it's reaching 93 degrees Celsius, at which point I'm forced to stop the test, otherwise my computer will force crash protecting my CPU (max temperature is 100 degrees possible before breakdown). My CPU is the I7-4790K, and no I don't have it overclocked. Can someone please provide me with websites that include tables of comparison between CPU cooling fans for LGA1150 please? Like I said, I'm planning to replace the fan with a much better one.
    9 answers 2 days ago Desktops
  • Which Q&A websites do you use?

    10 answers 2 days ago Other - Internet
  • Hp computer won t do anything?

    My hp computer is so slow. It won t let me click on the start menu. If I open a program it takes ten minutes to click on one aspect of the program then you have to wait and hope it doesn t freeze. I just ran a full virus scan which came back clean. Defrag. Optimized disk. Cleaned all temp files etc. Also ran in safe mode and everything checked out. Closed all start up programs. Idk what else to do.
    16 answers 5 days ago Desktops
  • How can I wipe all the files from my laptop without having to reinstall windows?

    I've graduated from school and just want to rid my laptop of all its files. Some sources tell me that in order to wipe it without having to reinstall windows I'd need to pay for and download certain software to do so. This can't be true. Surely I can just wipe everything instantly without any other limitations.
    8 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Would today’s $1,000 dollar computers have been Super Computers in 2001?

    Best answer: My 1998 and 2000 computers seem like today's "stupid phones" or some barely "smart" ones.
    So the fancy computers of today, while quite impressive, are far short of the 1990s Cray and similar.
    "As of November 2004, the Cray X1 had a maximum measured performance of 5.9 teraflops, being the 29th fastest supercomputer in the world."
    6 answers 13 hours ago Desktops
  • Being harassed?

    These two girls are harassing me on Facebook, i a not bothering anyone and still being harassed. i'm afraid they might find out where i live because my parents aren't well and I don't want anything to happen. I called the police and they didn't want to do anything to help
    18 answers 6 days ago Facebook
  • Recommend a good laptop on a budget?

    What specs should I look for I only use laptop for watching movies and occasional work related work other than that nothing. Any recommendations. Thanks
    6 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • How can I covert a RTF Document to a Word Document?

    Best answer: Search Results

    Click the “Save as Type” drop-down menu located toward the bottom of the dialog box. Select the “Word 97-2003 Document” option to save the RTF file in the classic DOC format. To save it as a DOCX format instead, select the “Word Document” option from the same drop-down menu.

    I save mine as open office though.
    8 answers 3 days ago Software
  • Hacking his Instagram ?

    Is there a way to hack into my bf's instagram? He resented hid his activity so now I can't see when the last time he's been on is.... How can I get in?
    6 answers 2 days ago Other - Internet
  • Transfer harddrive to SSD drive?

    Best answer: Waht you are proposing won't work, you can't simply copy the operating system over, there are protected files that cannot be moved with the normal copy process.
    You need to clone the drive using cloning software, such as Macrium Reflect free, Acronis Trueimage etc.
    You only need two drives - the source drive and the destination drive.
    Connect the SSD either internally with a spare SATA power and Data connectors or externally using an external USB caddy. Install the cloning software and make a bootable cloning USB according to the instructions
    Run the clone, once done you can then remove the old HDD and move the SSD to its place. That's it the SSD should be recognised and windows will boot into it
    6 answers 1 day ago Add-ons
  • How to set up a modem and router?

    So I’m in college and my dorm only has one ethernet port and no wifi. I connect the ethernet cable to my laptop to access the internet but I can’t set them up.
    8 answers 3 days ago Computer Networking
  • Is there a way to make a computer, usb, or external hard drive wipe itself if compromised?

    Is this just a hollywood thing, or is there an actual way to make your computer or usb or hard drive wipe itself if it is compromised? Say, for example it is encrypted with a password. Lets say someone tried to hack in and guess it and when they get it wrong, it wipes the whole drive? Does that exist? Or can all i do is immense encryption measures? I tried to google but didnt get far. I already know about kill switches and all that, but that only does so much.
    6 answers 2 days ago Security
  • Is Facebook not working right now?

    15 answers 5 days ago Facebook