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  • Did you know Firefox is owned and operated by liberals?

    I just saw their net neutrality message, I immediately uninstalled Firefox, will never use it again.
    67 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Why can't everybody use the same software?

    Why do we need so much programmers when everybody can use the same source code ?(few coders to modify it a bit here and there). Why we need million different website when we can all shop at amazon?(ok we need few more, but no with lots of zeros in numbers). I know we need variety, but common? Isn't simpler and streamlined better?
    30 answers 7 days ago Programming & Design
  • PC...Is this upgrade worth it? pls suggest...?

    Best answer: You didn't mention what your budget is, round about. We could've given you suggestions based on that. Not knowing what your budget is, here's a somewhat reasonable list of upgrades for you:


    Your current motherboard is a micro-ATX, so the replacement is also one, assuming that's what your current case needs. I'm assuming that you're going to want to keep reusing existing pieces on your current system, such as its existing hard drives, the case, and power supply. So the list only includes a new motherboard, new CPU, new RAM, and low-mid-tier GPU. For the CPU, I chose the G4560 Pentium, which is currently the sweet spot for value gaming, at least until Ryzen 3 processors come out. 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, 2 x 4GB. I also chose an RX 460 as the value GPU, it should easily play most games at medium or high settings at 1080p. Unfortunately at the moment most AMD video cards are almost all sold out, due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrency mining, such as Ethereum. So a good substituted might a GT 1030 (slightly cheaper) or GTX 1050 (slightly more expensive). Altogether this list would cost about $250.
    11 answers 7 days ago Desktops
  • Problem with Intel Windows 7?

    For a few years now, I've had Windows 7 32-bit installed on laptop. The problem was that it is 6 GB RAM, and at the time, I didn't know that a 32-bit Windows can't read more than 4 GB RAM with some dedicated to graphics, etc... Anyway, I've learnt a lot of about it and through research, I've made a custom Kernel that unlocks the additional RAM found on PC. (No I didn't use PatchPAE or any other ready to use RAM patch. I only used the bcdedit commands using cmd). So, on one hand, it worked. I got 5.86 GB usable instead of only 2.87 GB. On the other hand, Intel HD Graphics 4000 is a huge pain in the rear. If I disable it, I can't use NVIDIA GT 620M graphics to further boost performance. If I enable it, I just get a black screen when reaching Welcome screen. So, I customized the Intel HD graphics. I "updated" the driver using Windows XP Intel software, and modified a .ini to make it work for Windows 7 32-bit. Good news, it did. Bad news, instabilities were created in the system, and NVIDIA (with either old or new) drivers STILL can't be used, unless I update Intel back to the official and current patch, the one that results in a black screen. Other integrated graphic card brands don't cause me this much trouble. Why does Intel suck so much?! Also, where can I find an unofficial patch that can alter the software characteristics of Intel that allows 6 GB usage as well as NVIDIA graphics access?!
    13 answers 7 days ago Desktops
  • Does this PC come with WIndows 10?

    Best answer: Yes, it has Windows 10, as shown on the page.
    The price of this system is vey good. In addition to this set is the RGB lighting, keyboard and mouse and wireless dongle:
    11 answers 7 days ago Desktops
  • Why, in code, is there a tendency to use multiple // instead of a /**/ when writing multi-line comments?

    13 answers 7 days ago Programming & Design

    17 answers 7 days ago Comics & Animation
  • So I want to start a YouTube channel but I really don t know what I want to do...?

    I m a 19 year old female and I want to start a YouTube channel but I don t know what to do.... I love gaming, arts & crafts, music..... But I don t know if I want to do any of that... Like I m a very introverted person and I don t know if I want to do any kind of voice overs. Idk... Any suggestions?
    14 answers 1 week ago YouTube
  • How can I fix my laptop???

    My cat knocked water on my laptop, I noticed a day ago. It wouldn t turn on so I charged it, yet it still won t turn on. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
    16 answers 6 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • My facebook has been disabled and it wont tell me why. What's going on?

    9 answers 1 week ago Facebook
  • How can I become a hacker plz help?

    15 answers 7 days ago Security
  • What s the best way to delete a computer virus? HELP!?

    16 answers 7 days ago Security
  • Why happens if a leave a laptop computer, downloading files, on for around 5 hours?

    14 answers 1 week ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • I do not like internet explore?

    22 answers 7 days ago Other - Internet
  • What can i do to cool my laptop down?

    12 answers 7 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • My Computer wont accept new ram?

    I was trying to add new ram to my computer and when i added the new sticks in it would load for about 20 seconds then automatically turn off then turn back on and repeat, i managed to get into the bios and saw that the computer was recognizing the ram but the computer was just turning off i tried almost every configuration of the new sticks with the old, only new , and then staying with the old which is the only way the computer will turn on and stay on. my motherboard is a Intel H57 Express, i have a Gtx 960, Intel core i5 650, and the factory installed ram is 6 GB. my guess is the motherboard just wont accept new ram because the same ram sticks works on all of my friends computers just not mine. i just need to know why my computer wont accept the new ram and how i can fix it.
    7 answers 7 days ago Desktops
  • What is § called?

    10 answers 7 days ago Programming & Design
  • Do I have a bad voice?

    Best answer: No. But it does lack potential.
    8 answers 1 week ago YouTube
  • Which is good for battery of a smartphone for charging it A.switched off B.On?

    8 answers 1 week ago Programming & Design