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  • My printer will not print from the internet?

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  • People today know that computers will be faster in the future since lithography decrease. Did people believe that before microprocessors?

    Best answer: Before microprocessors were invented nobody knew much about or cared much about computers. Back then "computers" were mechanical devices, not unlike a mechanical typewriter on steroids. They used punch cards to crunch complex math equations. You were screwed if you got the cards out of order. These machines were huge and few companies had them or saw the value in them. You leased time on them from IBM.

    There were no DOS computers before the invention of the microprocessor. The first DOS computers used an 8 bit Intel microprocessor. Those didn't hit the market until ~1980.

    I remember when the IBM XT computer came out (roughly 1984), it used 2 x 5.25" floppy disks for storage. You were styling if you had a 10MB HDD. I believe it was with MS-DOS 2.2 and Bill Gates famously said nobody will ever need more than 64KB of RAM. LOL.

    Trust me, an XT with rudimentary word processor was vastly superior to using a typewriter, which is what the other option was. Spreadsheets didn't exist until several years after the emergence of PCs.

    I think what you are referring to is Moore's Law, that says the density of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_...
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  • What is the IP address for a HP LaserJet Pro 200 Printer?

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  • How to log into other accounts with facebook account?

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  • How do you know for sure if cable internet is available at a certain location?

    I'm looking into buying a particular house, and high speed unlimited internet is a must have. The current owners are an older couple who don't do much on the internet, so they have satellite. I do a bit of gaming, and I part time run a business that creates top level DLC for simulators, so it's kinda a high priority must have, and I've been down the nightmarish road of satellite internet before, and absolutely refuse to ever do so again. I am trying to get a definitive answer if cable internet is available there, and can't get any kind straight answer. I check on the various provider websites like Adams, Spectrum, Fios etc with the exact address and they say yes. I call their customer service just to be sure and they say no. The sellers agent says yes, but it's not run up to the house from the road yet. And other sites that have "what's available in my area" maps say yes. So what is the best course of action or website to look at to find a definite answer?
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  • I Have Windows 10 Pro. Would Like To Know, If I Can Still Use It Despite Not Being Hooked Up To The Internet?

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  • PC Back-Up Power: I'm only really running a gaming PC -650w PSU- and a 42" tv. *Frequent Brown-Outs* What power back-up should I buy? Links?

    We have brownouts when the neighbors turn on their heaters. fans will lose speed and lights will dim. Unfortunately I do not have access to the breaker box and our neighbours are most likely on similar breakers. I'm afraid that over time this may mess with my PSU (if not worse). I'm not sure of: Whether or not I need a 650w battery back up? Or would say a 350w backup do? Apparently there are USB connected back-up where, they will auto shut down your computer if voltage goes below a certain level. EVGA SuperNOVA 650w PSU + 42" tv are the only real "consumers". I have a surge bar but, those apparently provide no protection against low voltage events... Help! (Please)
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  • Is it possible for someone to gain access to my android phone without software being put on my phone?

    Just wondering if we are that advanced
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  • Why does this window keep popping up and how do i fix it? i'm aware of its a trojan or malware threat but it always pops up.?

    Best answer: You need to remove the malware while in the SAFE MODE. Safe Mode only allows the Win 10 files to boot up and nothing else, but you can run your antivirus and/or anti-malware while in the Safe Mode. You have to manually put it into Safe Mode and then you have to manually take it out of Safe Mode. Give it a try ... here's how! <<<<<Win 10 SAFE MODE
    Win 10 is a little odd because you have to go through a short process to put the computer into the Safe Mode and to get it back out of the Safe Mode. Here’s how to do both processes. This works in Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10.
    To Get Into Safe Mode:
    1. Right click at Start button
    2. Click on RUN
    3. In the resulting box, type in the term msconfig and hit enter.
    4. The msconfig window will appear. At the top of the window click on the Boot tab.
    5. In the next window put a check mark in the “Safe Boot” box.
    6. Click Apply, then click OK
    7. Click Restart. The computer will go through a normal looking boot and you will have to provide your password if you use one. The desktop will eventually show up with a somewhat abnormal looking Desk Top with all icons skewed left and will say SAFE MODE in all four corners of the screen.
    NOTE: If you were to reboot the computer, it will boot/reboot continually into the Safe Mode until you take the steps below to change the settings for a "normal” boot up to your desktop.
    To Get Out Of Safe Mode:
    8. Right click at Start button
    9. Click on RUN
    10. In the resulting box, type in the term msconfig and hit enter.
    11. The msconfig window will appear. At the top of the window click on the Boot tab.
    12. UNCHECK the “Safe Boot” box.
    13. Click Apply then click OK
    14. Click on Restart to boot the computer into its’ normal mode.
    NOTE: Once the Restart (reboot) is completed and the computer boots into the “normal” mode it will continue to boot into the normal mode each time you reboot. You are required to use the getting into the Safe Mode process(s) to get into it and out of it. >>>>> Run your protection software while in the Safe Mode!!! Hope this helps.
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  • Pls explain to me how Netflix works (its protocols, rules etc). Until now I dont know. Is it like youtube but not for free?

    Until now I dont know. Is it like youtube except all films and tv shows are legally uploaded there (unlike youtube) & you get to watch what's available as long as you pay a fee every month?
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  • Whats the best antivirus for windows 10?

    Best answer: Hello and thank you for your question!

    This is a tricky question because answers will differ depending on opinion and what kind of security you need.
    Basic security is already pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs via Windows Defender. Windows Defender has gotten a lot better over the years and is updated monthly by Microsoft to include more and more security definitions (this is what lets the AV program know the difference between harmless files and malware!)

    If you're looking for more comprehensive protection it'll cost you, both financially and performance-wise.
    This is when people start to compare AV providers depending on how active it is in the background vs how much protection it offers. The most protective AVs usually hog the most resources (This is not always the case, most bad AVs hog resources while not protecting much).

    I would look into how much protection you NEED and base your choices on that. As far as my opinion(Not GeekSquad/Best Buy), I generally use Bitdefender or Webroot as my AntiVirus and Malwarebytes as AntiMalware. There is a difference between Anti Virus and Anti Malware and it's good practice to have both! Sorry that I couldn't name drop one "Stop All" best AV, unfortunately it's not that simple and I hope my answer helped demystify AVs enough to help you make the right choice in protecting your data!

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  • What is the HTTP port used for?

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  • What can I do if my laptop s fan is on the bottom?

    So recently, I brought a new laptop, but the fan is at the bottom, so no air can get out (since I have it on a desk), what should I do to prevent it overheating?
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  • If Trump supporters aren't racist how come I have tried joining the largest Deplorables group on Facebook only to be denied every time?

    My page is completely private with nothing political on it. I even blocked people from seeing my liked pages and groups I belong to. I'm a person of color and I'm wondering if it's because the admins see my picture and decide to not let me in the group based on that.
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  • If i am on my own wifi but on my school gmail, can the school see what i do on incogniton mode?

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  • Does Quora usually take longer to get answers from than Yahoo Answers?

    Best answer: No, not necessarily. Quora us a message board, areal message board. Many of the people who answer questions on Quora are professionals. They give longer answers and they are a lot more credible than many YA users.
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  • What I need is from an experienced person that can help me hack Twitter that they tell me?

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  • Whats a TXT file for?

    16 answers 2 weeks ago Programming & Design
  • I don t have notepad on my laptop?

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  • I unfriended my ex girlfriend on Facebook and she didn't like it?

    I unfriended my ex on FB without telling her and on messenger she wrote "looks like you restricted me and thanks with a 👍🏻 what does that mean?
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