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  • Why won't you all let me back on Facebook? I haven't done anything or said anything wrong.?

    6 answers 4 days ago Facebook
  •  Now that windows 10 is practically useless what should  I do?   Start using Linux?

    Best answer: those are lies.
    but the truth is much worse. Microsoft actually tracks everything you do in Windows 10.
    and it requires a much faster system than Win7 did. they force install apps you didn't ask for and force Windows Updates on you without asking, some of which may stop your internet from working. it's just a hassle. i hate that we have to use it at work. Linux is faster, easier to use, and free! i like Linux Mint, but some people prefer Ubuntu.
    6 answers 4 days ago Security
  • HOW can I rip stupid POS windows 10 out of MY COMPUTER, and install windows 7?

    Best answer: I recommend Linux Mint.  I don't have to deal with Microsux anymore
    12 answers 7 days ago Banjarmasin
  • DSL connection dropping constantly ?

    I’m going to do my best to provide as much information as I can initially to help diagnose this issue and I appreciate your help! I currently have a DSL connection where I live. It’s about 10 megs download and 1 Meg upload. I know it’s not great. I have not been able to do any form of gaming on my PS4 with it. When I try I get an extreme amount of lag and I end up dropping my connection. I’ve tried wireless. I’ve tried wireless boosters. I currently have the PS4 connected wired via a cat 6 and I still get extreme lag. There are other family members living there and some days there are quite a few devices on the network wirelessly. Even if there are few devices connected I still end up with severe packet loss connected wired. I’m at a loss. Ice tried going into the router settings to see if there’s a way wired connections take priority but nothing is working...      Any help is greatly appreciated! 
    3 answers 3 days ago Computer Networking
  • How long takes the latest version of ubuntu to install?

    11 answers 6 days ago Software
  • Does using a VPN service affect programms or only browsers?

    Best answer: The VPN builds a "logical tunnel" through the Internet from the device running the VPN client to the VPN server.  All Internet communication, regardless of what application is generating it, will go through this tunnel to reach the VPN server.

    Think of it like this.  Imagine that you used public transportation to go to stores/schools etc.. In order to go anyplace you had to walk through your neighborhood to get to the bus stop and you've got a nosy neighbor who watches/annoys you every time you do, but once you're at the bus stop your safe.  Imagine now if you could put a tube between your home and the bus stop that nobody could see inside of.  Nobody knows if you're in there or not.  You can walk to the bus stop without worrying about being seen/harassed. 
    4 answers 3 days ago Computer Networking
  • What to do to type better with keyboard?

    5 answers 3 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • What does it mean if when you start your laptop it just gies to a black screen with a blue box asking for a password?

    Its my grans laptop and she was doing bios work and its locked her to this screen
    8 answers 6 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Why Is she Invading my privacy ? and my personal life ? ?

    My close friend is very annoying. Every time we are together she wants to go through my text messages and see who I have conversations with. I get very upset and tell her no give me my damn phone ! She then tells me you have something to hide your my best friend you supposed to tell me everything. So she continues going through my phone asking me about the guys I have recently text she goes on and on, on why I didn’t tell her about the guys I’ve been texting. she is not my damn mother and my mother wouldn’t even dare do that to me. Also on Facebook she always wants my passwords I tell her why you have your own Facebook she gives me lousy excuses she tells me I gets lots of likes on Facebook and she wants to post her pictures on my page to get some attention. I find it very immature, I gave it to her one time and when she got my password she was going through my messages with guys I communicate with even other friends. She then tells me I can have her password I tell her no I don’t want it that’s her privacy but she gives it to me anyway. Another time she hacked my instagram account and was going through my privacy again she confronts me about being on my Instagram I got really pissed off because I don’t know how the hell she found out my password to Instagram but I definitely changed it. Another thing on Facebook she goes through all my Facebook likes and keep track on how many likes on Facebook I get Making sure her crush doesn’t like it, it’s creepy what should I do help ?
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  • Why is it RGB instead of RYB? Green is the inverse of red, so on the color wheel it makes more sense that yellow should be the second color?

    Best answer: in the solid pigment colors, yes, but in the light spectrum, green is better for getting more accurate hues.
    remember, combining all pigment colors makes black, but combining all light colors makes white.
    4 answers 3 days ago Software
  • Anyone else miss the old days when laptops were more durable and had better hardware because they weren’t so thin? ?

    It really annoys me that computer companies nowadays seem to care more about how thin and lightweight they can make their laptops than the quality of the hardware and durability of the overall laptop. I mean, just ten years ago laptops were thicker, meaning they actually had room to hold good hardware and didn’t dent or crack so easily. And that makes me really sad. Sad that companies would rather skimp on the hardware and other materials in their laptops just so they can make them as thin as possible. Anyone else agree?
    5 answers 3 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Will Doing a Factory Reset on a PC remove company imaging from a machine?

    8 answers 6 days ago Desktops
  • Which pc does the wifi extender go in?

    Best answer: A wifi extender is used to extend the signal of your wifi. It should be placed where it's needed the most, so somewhere that you often use your devices and where the signal is weakest. I use mine on the second floor to bounce the signal upstairs for when I'm using the wifi on my telephone. I have another extender near a video game console so I don't get as many drops online.
    4 answers 4 days ago Computer Networking
  • Wireless mouse stopped working?

    Best answer: Have you tried cleaning it? There's a laser eye that kind of looks like a camera on the bottom of it. Use isopropyl alcohol or just plain water and a q-tip and clean the lense. It might just be dirty.

    Not saying you're dirty or unclean. We all have oils in our skin that collects on things we touch. Those oils then collect other things like tiny pices of dirt and dust, etc. The lense could be blocked.

    In my experience, no, it's not normal for those things to just stop working. I've had the same wireless mouse/keyboard combo for 12 years and I used it pretty hard and very often I'm almost always on a computer using them and it still works.

    Most of the time they can be made to work again if they do stop working. Most of the time with a mouse when they stop working it's because their lense is blocked or something inside became disconnected somehow.
    Or if it's an ancient style ball mouse (not optical) that's definitely what it is. The ball comes out, clean the ball with just water or rubbing alcohol and clean the contact pin rollers the ball rolls around. Get all the hand-oil gunk outta there and it should work again.

    *Should* work again. It may just be kaput. It's not impossible that it's just dead.
    5 answers 4 days ago Add-ons
  • What is the last version of windows?

    Best answer: The latest released version of Win 10 is 1909, OS Build 18363.657
    5 answers 4 days ago Software
  • I'm thinking I may be facing loading W.10 given my Bank is now posting warning notices re continuing with W.7. I loaded W.10 when it was?

    Best answer: When you installed the free upgrade earlier, a digital license was created on the Microsoft server. This process allows for those of us (including you) who upgraded from Win 7 or Win 8 to Win 10, to always have access to that license in case you needed to reinstall Win 10 one day. This is so if you needed to reinstall Win 10 you wouldn't need to install Win 7 and then upgrade again. So even tho you reinstalled Win 7, your digital license for Win 10 is still there on their server. 

    All you need to do is download the media creation tool so that you can install Win 10. That is here


    I found you a link with some easy step-by-steps on the process so you can easily print them off for reference to use while doing your upgrade. That is here


    If you need confirmation on the fact you can reinstall Win 10 again for free on your computer, here is a link

    6 answers 7 days ago Software
  • C+ - incrementing value of integer x help understand?

    Best answer: Prefix increments the variable before anything is said and done. Postfix increments the variable after everything is said and done.

    So if the value of the variable is 7, and you say, cout << x++; then the printout will still be 7 since postfix increments the variable AFTER everything is said and done, you know, like AFTER printing out it's value. Then the next time just plain x is printed it will show 8 from the postfix.

    In other words, postfix prints out the current value of x and then, just before leaving and turning out the lights, x is bumped up one. Then the next time x is printed it will show 8.
    5 answers 5 days ago Programming & Design
  • Why isn't Trump banned from Twitter and Facebook?

    5 answers 7 days ago Facebook
  • My wifi isnt working for PS4 and phone. DNS error?

    My wifi is saying DNS error has occurred if anyone knows a fix for this please let me know I tried resetting my router and unplugged in for awhile it's glowing all green like it should be idk the problem?
    6 answers 1 week ago Computer Networking
  • What is a good fast cheap durable laptop to buy for running accounting programs?

    Best answer: A dell m 4700 with at least 8 gigs of RAM and a 2.9 gigahertz processor that should be plenty
    4 answers 6 days ago Laptops & Notebooks