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  • Question about buying computer/laptop without Office 365 already on it?

    Best answer: As far as I can tell, the oldest version of MS Office that's compatible with W10 is Office 2010. That's according to the official MS page. They claim that Office 2007 works, but is not supported or tested.

    As you can tell, MS is pushing their subscription model. They prefer that you rent MS Office as opposed to buying it outright. However, you can still buy the Office 2019 program, its just not advertised. Of course, you won't get some of the perks of Office 365, like the 1 Tb OneDrive storage and a few other things, but they're not necessarily important.

    As far as those cheap keys go, its a bit of a grey area. Sometimes, businesses buy what's known as a "Volume license". This allows companies to use a single key on all of their computers. It is sold to that company with the condition that it can only be used by that specific company. Sometimes these keys are "leaked" and/or stolen so people resell them. As far as I can tell, it isn't illegal to use them, but it is against Microsoft's terms of service so they could blacklist those keys, making them useless.

    As the other guys mentioned, you can use free software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. These are alternatives to MS Office, and are completely free. They're mostly compatible with MS Office documents (though I have sometimes run into some slight compatibility problems in some documents.)
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  • Do all laptops come with a usb port?

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  • What’s the right laptop for Steam games?

    On the steam gaming app, I want to play a game and the system requirements requires Windows 7 64-bit edition, Windows 8 64-bit edition and graphics card ig is NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 670 2GB / AMD Radeon 7970 2GB so do I just get any HP laptop with the latest windows?
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  • Loneliness (sorry im on clonex thats why i act this way)?

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  • Why do these software companies want us to use their specific internet browser so bad?

    You would think companies like Microsoft couldn t give so much as two farts about such a thing.
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  • Which older motherboard is better Asus M5A 78L-M LX plus or the MSI H81M-P33? Thanks for your help...?

    Just got these 2 older motherboards and would like to build a gaming computer on a budget which one should I use?
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  • Where can I find pictures I imported to my laptop?

    A couple of weeks ago I imported a whole load of pictures from my iPhone to my Sony Vaio laptop, but now I can't find them. I didn't delete them either. I have a whole load of albums arranged by import date, but not this one. How can I find it again?
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  • A phone call from facebook And Twitter?

    Executives of both Facebook and Twitter called me up on my cell phone.. They told me that the Executive Producer of CNN Investigates, Patricia DiCarlo called them... And then told me that they are going to start taking down bigoted comments, banning bigoted members or what that's truly worth.. And hand over anything illegal to law enforcement. I said Thank You. :)
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  • I cant get into my office 365?

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  • Micro sd card not inserted?

    It was working fine and had 3,000 photos and videos on it. This morning I went to see my albums in my gallery and the pictures and videos on my sd card wasnt there. It says sd card not inserted. I tried taking it out and back in. Please tell me I can still save the data that was on it. Is a 32gb kingston micro sd card.
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  • C drive full for no reason?

    My C drive keeps getting full for no reason. I don't have anything saved or downloaded to this computer, its all on my 1TB external hard drive. I have tried everything from Disk Cleanup to defrag, deleting any temporary files i can find. I went into file explorer and unhid any hidden files and nothing. The weirdest part is every time i do this to tree to free up space it seems to be adding more data to C drive. Example, I had 2.85gb free i went through used disk clean up and defrag, deleted any temporary files and emptied recycling bin and then was only left with 1.35gb free. I have two uncles that work on computers for a living but neither of them are willing to walk me through it over the phone, they want to see the computer in person and they live a state away so that isn't gonna happen anytime soon. Can someone please help me. If it matters, my computer is a HP Stream 11 Notebook 64 bit.
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  • How can I stop users threading my wifi connection.?

    I am using wireless mac filtering on my router and I have provided access to 2 users but one of them is sharing his connection with many others through his Samsung Note9 which has function to act as a router and provide wifi hotspot. I don't want anyone to share my wifi connection without my authorization. My concern is that that is unauthorized access to my internet and I don't know how to stop that sort of activity. Please let me know if anyone knows how can I stop that guy forwarding my wifi to many others. I cannot stop sharing my wifi connection.to this guy. If there are any router settings do let me know I am using D-link router.1
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  • Why does captcha think UPS trucks are buses?

    Best answer: The reCaptcha is a Google product, so you'd have to ask them. Probably because it's a similar size/shape (to a small bus) and at one time the part of the function of the image reCaptchas was to help train self-driving automobiles. It's not crucial for a self-driving vehicle to know the difference in a delivery truck and a bus, it just needs to know it's a large vehicle and to navigate around or be aware of it.
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  • How do I unblock adobe flash player on my computer?

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  • Windows 7 still receiving updates?

    Best answer: Support is due to stop at the end of the year.
    Windows 7 will still continue to work exactly as it already does but, eventually, other programs will be updated to make best use of later operating systems and may become incompatible with Windows 7.
    I am still running Windows XP on a couple of machines but, because of the evolution of the other software I rely on, they are becoming ever less usable.
    Windows 10 is not horrible once you switch off much of the data sharing and other invasive features. It is faster than Windows 7 to boot up and shut down. I still prefer XP as it gives me the control and privacy I want but Windows 10 is not too bad.
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  • I have tried both windows essentials and malwarebytes. They keep missing the virus. anything else?

    8 answers 6 days ago Security
  • Can i run GTA V my laptop I3-7020u 2,3ghz 4gb ram and amd radein 520 2g and windows 10 home?

    6 answers 5 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Wont get my emales?

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  • New computer specs aren't what I ordered?

    I just bought a new computer online from the companies website. the configurations both on the site and in my recipt saw processor is 2.1ghz up to 3.9ghz with turbo boost and a 1 terabyte hard drive. however, my computer speccs show the processor only goes to 2.3ghz and the hard drive is only 930 gigabytes. did they send me the wrong thing or am i misunderstanding something. What my computer says my specs are:https://www.flickr.com/photos/65082826@N... What i was told they are: https://www.flickr.com/photos/65082826@N...
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