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  • Is it better to have a closed or open group on Facebook?

    4 answers 3 days ago Facebook
  • PC stuttering in games?

    I have a GTX 960 2GB, i7-4790k and 8GB ram. The computer was built around 2015 and is in great condition still. I meet the recommended requirements for all the games I play, and used to run them with no issues. Now every 2 seconds or so the games will freeze and then unfreeze rendering them unplayable. Sometimes there are only occasional stutters, but most of the time it's quite bad. I'm not talking about lag or low fps, the games run 60fps, it's just they keep freezing for half a second and then unfreezing. I freed up over 400 GB of storage on my HDD since it was quite full, but that didn't change anything. Disabled the windows 10 game bar, didn't help either. It is confusing because this stuttering never used to happen before and there are no viruses on my PC, it also isn't overheating. Updating my drivers didn't help. When I'm playing games I do notice the memory usage quickly fills up, could this be causing the stuttering? And is there a way for me to fix this issue without upgrading my PC? Thanks.
    8 answers 6 days ago Desktops
  • Does uploading affect dowload speed for ADSL internet?

    Best answer: Generally no, as far as the uplink to your ISP is concerned. The upload and download speed of the connection are determined when the modem syncs up with the service provider. There are multiple frequencies capable of carrying data on the DSL line and a few are dedicated to sending data upstream while several more are dedicated to sending data downstream, on the assumption the customer wants to read and view stuff more than he wants to send stuff.
    4 answers 4 days ago Computer Networking
  • Why can't I play a lot of computer games on a standard laptop?

    Best answer: The graphics heavy games typically found in the "steam store" require a powerful graphics card. Most people don't need a powerful graphics card nor do they want to pay for one so most laptops are sold without them. They also require a lot of power and will reduce battery life. Fortunately you can buy a laptop with a good graphics card if you look for that.
    5 answers 4 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Facebook question?

    If I unfollow a friend on Facebook and then refollow them, do they get a notification that I've followed them again?
    4 answers 4 days ago Facebook
  • How do i get sound in an ms dos game running on windows xp?

    Best answer: Get the "VDMSound" add-on.
    That provides DOS sound emulation under XP / 2000 / NT etc.

    It's free from Sourceforge.

    More info about it:
    4 answers 4 days ago Software
  • I can not connect to face book?

    7 answers 6 days ago Facebook
  • I can't access Facebook from my Yahoo account?

    4 answers 4 days ago Facebook
  • Hp office jet pro 6968?

    5 answers 4 days ago Printers
  • How did the bartender know my facebook?

    so i went to a new pub today for a family birthday. never been before. never even been to the area before. had a couple of drinks and a meal and left. about 1 hour after i get home i get a facebook friend request from the male bartender. I am very creeped out for the following reasons: 1) we barely spoke, i just ordered a drink from him. that was it. 2) i didnt share my name or any details like email or phone number etc 3) my facebook name is different from my real name, and people dont refer to me by my fb name. 4) how did he know who i was enough to find my fb account?? the only thing i can think of is that i used the pubs public wifi. but as far as i know the only information he should be able to see from that is my device name, which is the phone manufacturers default device name. is it possible he has somehow used my wifi connection to trace my facebook account? i didnt even log onto fb the whole time i was there... Am i overreacting or is this very creepy and stalkerish? if he knows my fb, what else could he know? it also seems like its an unreasonable use of my data...isnt that illegal? im very worried.
    4 answers 4 days ago Facebook
  • Google.com how normal again stop now?

    4 answers 4 days ago Google
  • Computer Freezes when playing games.?

    I recently changed my motherboard, cpu, and ram. Previously never crashed or had any issues and locks up when i play anything after a short while sometimes 10 min sometimes 2 hours. current intel i7 9700k asus z390-A 16GB Ram GTX 1080ti Corsair 850 PSU 500GB m.2 250+1TB SSD 2TB HDD Previous Cpu was i7 4770k dont remember motherboard
    4 answers 5 days ago Desktops
  • Why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not working?

    4 answers 6 days ago Facebook
  • I have one SSD hard drive on my laptop and it's one partition, is it better to make a Partition for the System and one another for Programs?

    I use some Cracked programs so I want to know does it help for a better performance? the Laptop has a Intel Core I7-7700HQ CPU and 16 GB of RAM, but sometimes I think it gets slow since I installed cracked programs on it
    5 answers 5 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Whrere can i plug my iphone to my dell inspiron?

    5 answers 5 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Why doesn't facebook work right now?

    Best answer: Facebook Earlier was down it is Back up and Running now
    5 answers 6 days ago Facebook
  • Why are kkkonservatards so Satanophobic?

    6 answers 1 week ago YouTube
  • People seem to be getting away from using Facebook. What could be the reason?

    Best answer: Most likely due to all of the privacy stuff that has been coming out lately about Facebook. A lot of people I know have “moved away” from Facebook because of that however they don’t realise that WhatsApp and Instagram is owned by Facebook as well so they never really moved away.
    5 answers 5 days ago Facebook
  • Facebook is not available/working??!!?

    4 answers 6 days ago Facebook
  • April 14 2019 Is Facebook down in many places?

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