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  • RAM stick?

    8 answers 2 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • New laptop will only open my old word files in Microsoft office, how can I change that?

    Best answer: I'm not sure what kind of programs you're looking at that cost after you try to save.
    Look into free and open-source office programs like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. For the most part, they work with MS Office documents, but there are sometimes slight incompatibilities.

    If you don't intend to pay for MS Office, then why haven't you removed it from your computer? It makes no sense to keep software you're not going to be using installed as it just takes up space.
    6 answers 1 week ago Software
  • How do people create websites?

    How do people create new websites? I am not asking for a link to one of those build-a-website things, but an explanation of how to do it independently. Because I feel like there is no way that the only way to build a website is to use of those annoying building sites.
    5 answers 1 week ago Programming & Design
  • My instagram account has disappeared without warning?

    My instagram app logged me out of my account with the message “someone may have changed your password” then i tried to log in again and it said “sorry there was a problem with your request” i tried to send a log in link and it said “user not found” and it said the same with i tried to search for it with the url on the internet. Usually if instagram disables your account it lets you know right? Now my app wont let me log into my other accounts either and both of my phones. I can log into my other accounts on the website but the app wont let me. Is this the result of a hacker? My other accounts arent connected to my main one that disappeared however.
    3 answers 1 week ago Other - Internet
  • How do I get free wifi without internet provider?

    I recently moved in a small efficiency and there's no free public wifi in my area. I tried creating a mobile hotspot but my service provider doesnt allow it. I'm trying to get online with my xbox. What are some of my options?
    5 answers 1 week ago Computer Networking
  • I allowed my neighbor to check her email on my computer. how can i get her page off so i can access my own?

    16 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Computers
  • How to completely wipe a hard drive?

    Building a new pc and attempting to use an old hard drive. How do i completely erase everything
    22 answers 2 weeks ago Desktops
  • Survey: about internet?

    1. How often do you use the Internet to search for specific information? A. Most of the time B. Sometimes C. Seldom D. Never 2. How many time should teenagers be allowed to spend using the Internet? A. Less than 1 hour B. 1 to 5 hours C. 5 to 10 hours D. 10 to 20 hours E. 21 to 40 hours/week 3. How many hours do you spend on the Internet a day? A. Less than 1 hour B. 1 to 5 hours C. 5 to 10 hours D. 10 to 20 hours 4. How often do you use the Internet to express yourself or convey the right impression to others? A. Most of the time B. Sometimes C. Seldom D. Never 5. Which of the following Social Networking sites do you use the most? A.Instagram B.Facebook C.Twitter D.Tumblr 6.Dose the internet distract you from doing your work? A.Yes B.No
    14 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Internet
  • How do you like Chrome OS compared to Windows?

    Best answer: Download Crouton to install linux on a chromebook. Chrome OS has more features than people think, and you can get it to work as good as Windows 10 for business purposes, if you take advantage of developer mode. But, as a technician standpoint it is not very competitive and quite like Mac OS regarding terminal purposes, too simple
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Software
  • How many friends do you have on Facebook?

    I have 89. I want to delete Facebook. But the people I have as friends, are friends from Elementary, Middle and High School that I have no other way to keep in touch with.
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Facebook
  • What will happen when Windows 7?

    Best answer: Windows 7 will still work but will no longer receive security updates and patches. You would need to contact the developer of the software to see if is compatible, a lot of software will run perfectly happily on windows 10, either as is or under windows 10 compatibility mode.
    4 answers 1 week ago Software
  • Is it necessary to update bios, as of this date with my specs?

    CPU - Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard - MSI B450 Gaming Plus
    5 answers 1 week ago Desktops
  • What is the Good antivirus software that does not slow your computer.?

    6 answers 2 weeks ago Security
  • My ping is <1 ms and my upload speed is 49.68 mbps and download speed is 38.01 mbps, Is this good?

    6 answers 1 week ago Computer Networking
  • Getting my iphone battery changed tomorrow in store do Apple need my password & will the battery change delete anything? I've just backed up?

    Best answer: Hello!

    Yes, I would recommend backing up all your data before you drop the phone off for repairs. They will require your password when you check it in. They are required to run diagnostics once the repairs are completed to make sure the phone is operating correctly once it is repaired and sometimes that means factory resetting the phone. So back up your data using I Tunes or I Cloud. Apple won't do this in store for you.

    Agent Christian B.
    Consultation Agent
    Geek Squad | Yahoo! Answers Knowledge Partner
    5 answers 1 week ago Software
  • When/Why did youtube start making us to watch 2 ads before the real video? I've noticed this recently.?

    Best answer: Not sure exactly when it started but its very annoying, specially when your watching a video n it cuts right out to the ads
    7 answers 2 weeks ago YouTube
  • Why would a guy like a picture of a girl and then unfollow RIGHT after?

    7 answers 2 weeks ago Facebook
  • Where would my saved photos be located?

    8 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Computers
  • Will a person who sextortion tricked me on Facebook really send vid to people on friends list?

    Best answer: Scam. You did exactly what you should have done, and you should report this to Facebook if you haven't done so already.

    As a hypothetical, let's play this out the other way. Someone is blackmailing you for money, or they're going to release an embarrassing video. You pay them money. They still have the video, and they now know that they can get money out of you. They make the same threat again. You pay again. This goes on and on, and eventually you refuse to pay. So, assuming the video is even real (doubtful), they send the video to just 1 person, and blackmail you again. This could go on forever.

    Or, they make their threat, you shut them down like you did, and that's that. In the very unlikely event that they have a video, and the very unlikely event that they recorded the contact info from your friends list before you made it private, they could hypothetically take the trouble to send the video to some of your contacts. This would take a bit of time and effort on the scammer's part. This would first appear as a friend request, which your friends may or may not accept. Then, a lewd video, after which your friends would certainly block and report the sender. Here's the thing: you've already blocked the sender, so there is no way that they could contact you to extort money from you. There's literally nothing in it for them at this point. You're definitely not the only one they're trying to scam, so rather than waste time and effort to embarrass a stranger, they're going to go after other, more gullible people, like in scenario A.

    You did what you should have done. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but you acted wisely in protecting yourself.
    4 answers 1 week ago Facebook
  • Hey I just deleted a bunch of files from my computer and now my sound won't work. Help please?

    4 answers 1 week ago Other - Computers