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  • Is a windows 98 computer considered an antique?

    how much can I get for it if I sell it at a pawn shop
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Computers
  • Laptop randomly instantly turns off?

    It's not like it shuts off it just turns off, no shutting down screen just instantly off.
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Can I completly free driver update and a free driver downloader?

    6 answers 2 weeks ago Software
  • Why do SSD prices increase?

    Best answer: I don't know where you're looking but I can still get a 1tb 860 EVO for less than $150, whereas the 500gb version is $80. A 2tb 860 EVO is about $285 on amazon.

    It does appear that these drives might be going back up in price. A month ago I bought another 1tb 860 EVO for $140. Speculators say the prices of DRAM and Flash memory are going to rise this year, due to cell phones using more RAM and Flash memory and the Flash memory and GDDR6 memory that will be used in the new gaming consoles. It would make sense for the 250gb drive to be more expensive since the production cost for the controller, PCB, and case are going to be the same no matter what size the drive is.

    There are 2 factors at play here.

    1. The listing you see of 1tb, 2tb, and 4tb drives are from 3rd party retailers who always charge more than MSRP.

    2. Understanding that only a handful of companies make Flash and DRAM Memory and that these memory modules are sold as a commodity. This means the price of memory modules fluctuates. If you've been paying attention to hardware for more than a few years, then you will remember 16gb of low quality DDR4 RAM going for $150, and a premium 500gb SSD going for $150 just a couple years ago.
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Hardware
  • Is there a very very cheap computer (less than $50) avalble online  that can still run windows?

    I know i may sound dumb, but im thinking of buying some for a small group of mine, i know computers are not cheap, and that parts are fairly cheap , but i just wanna know.
    14 answers 2 weeks ago Desktops
  • If my mom takes my laptop, Do i have the right to take something of hers?

    19 answers 2 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Need help with my computer, please help?

    First problem i had was the computer is becoming unresponsive if i leave it idle for an extended period of time, only thing that works is the mouse... This only happens very randomly, i could use the computer for 13 hours and nothing happens. Then next day i use it, i go to make a coffee and the issue appears when i come back... and i got to hard rese it... next probelm i've had and it only happened twice is Hi my computer turns off and restarts for no apparent reason. this is all event viewer says is it's a kernal Issue. Now the latest problem that has happened is on windows login it only should 1/4 the screen, the rest was black... and it froze except for the mouse any idea why these things are happening before i RMA my pc?
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Desktops
  • Why Facebook not charge and give free services?

    7 answers 2 weeks ago Facebook
  • Sarah Bobst mcCawley ?

    3 answers 2 weeks ago Programming & Design
  • FBI surveillance on wifi?

    Hi guys. For a few weeks I've noticed in the available wifi networks list on my phone a "FBI Surveillance (govt)". It will be there and then disappear. It's been on my 12 year old daughter's phone too. Has anyone else seen this? I'm in WNY.
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Security
  • How many people fall for these bullshit sites?

    Take a look on Facebook. The first thing you see is a friend of yours sharing a link filled with misleading information. How dumb are they?
    5 answers 2 weeks ago Facebook
  • What are WIFI hotspots?

    I never knew of WIFI hotspots until recently at my library. If I bought one myself what would my extra charges be to keep it running. Is it based on how much internet time I use? What should my additional costs be if I get a hotspot?
    6 answers 2 weeks ago Computer Networking
  • What is the best anti virus?

    26 answers 3 weeks ago Security
  • How does Youtube pay so many people and where do they get the money from?

    Best answer: They do it automatically via electronic payment.

    They get the money from being part of the same corporation (Google) that's also home to one of the world's largest online advertising platforms (AdWords + AdSense).

    The money comes from companies and individuals paying for advertising through Google AdWords, with display ads (banner ads like on the side of the webpages both on YouTube + the similar one on the right side menu here on Yahoo Answers).... and also the video adverts that cut in at various points through the video content you watch on YouTube (e.g. for things like Grammerly, and various others).
    5 answers 2 weeks ago YouTube
  • How can I disable my parent’s security cameras?

    My mom caught me having friends over when she wasn’t home, and the next day, 7 Arlo home security cameras were installed inside and outside my home. I feel violated of my personal privacy, and overall... I hate it. They are wireless, so id assume they’re connected via WiFi, but the room with the router is locked out of my access. Any help is appreciated. 
    18 answers 3 weeks ago Security
  • Am a beginner who is in the university studying computer science, pls what's the best programming language for beginners?

    Best answer: Python / Java / C# / Ruby... But it'd be better if you consult with your faculty
    12 answers 3 weeks ago Programming & Design
  • How to disable second hard drive in toshiba laptop?

    how to disable second hard drive in toshiba laptop.
    7 answers 2 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Do cameras ?

    Best answer:  Look at a photo and tilt it. The photo looks different. To be realistic you have to look at a photo head on, but also you have to be the correct distance from the photo.
     "you have to look at a photo head on", yes, that also means that if you move your eye from the center of the photo you are not looking at that part of the photo head on! So as soon as you look away from the center (as taken by the camera, not as cropped later on) you are distorting the image.
     Depth of field! Things in the background are out of focus. Things too close to the camera are out of focus. That doesn't happen with eyes, in real life as you look around your eyes re-focus immediately for any distance. (Unless you need glasses!)
     There is also the problem of whether 'rectilinear' lenses are realistic anyway (see other answer about fish eye lenses). Because the human eye is not 'rectilinear' anyway! (It gets more complicated when you consider brain processing too.)
     On the subject of brain processing, the brain also corrects for color cast, which for a camera you will have to do in Photoshop (or similar software (which may be in-camera)).
    5 answers 2 weeks ago Programming & Design
  • Users with an older PC with USB 1.1 ports will have to buy a 2.0 add-on upgrade card to be able to hook up 2.0 peripherals. True / False?

    10 answers 2 weeks ago Add-ons
  • Is it worth buying an SSD HDD just to put Windows 10 on?

    Best answer: If you like faster boot times. There is even a speed boost on older motherboards that can't take full advantage of the ssd speed due to not having the lastest, faster sata ports. If you have any applications that are slow to open, an ssd can speed that up as well.
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Desktops