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  • Will I lose my WIFI connections if I swap my SSD?

    I m looking to update my old Macbook soon and would like to transfer my old hard drive onto a Solid State Drive with larger capacity. The catch is- I use my laptop for work, and it s only by the good graces of an old IT employee who is no longer with my company that my personal computer is connected to the company wifi. My company provided computer option is an old Windows dinosaur that would seriously affect my work productivity... My question is, if I transfer all of the data from my existing hard drive to a new one, will I likely have to put the wifi password back in or should it still connect automatically? I realize it s a long shot either way... Thoughts?
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  • What are the newest programming languages that are expected to be the most in demand in the future ?

    Best answer: Depends on what layer you want to work on. For example Lua is great for higher level layer programming, but it's also limited. Ruby is great now that they introduced continuations. Python will never go away, which is a good thing. There are a lot of high level languages that are very interesting but probably will never see the light of day.
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  • How can i stop someone from looking at me through my TV cameras?

    my ex has a hacker friend who works cyber security for banks. They have been monitoring me through cameras on my computer and TV. Is there anything i can do to my home network to be alerted to someone doing this. how can i stop it?
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  • How can you get images from a corrupted SD card?

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  • How to log into other accounts with facebook account?

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  • I Have Windows 10 Pro. Would Like To Know, If I Can Still Use It Despite Not Being Hooked Up To The Internet?

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  • Does UPS limit how much PSU can draw?

    Best answer: Let's override PCPartpicker and Outervision with actual design numbers. (I am qualified to do that)
    AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor 95 Watts in overclock
    MSI - B450 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard 50 watts max
    IronWolf 2 TB 3.5" 5900RPM Internal Hard Drive 30 watts peak
    EVGA - GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB XC ULTRA GAMING Video Card 182 Peak watts
    30 watts maximum among fans and ram
    95+50+30+182+30 = 387 peak power spikes
    ( 300 watts is typical max in gaming with overclocked ryzen 5 2600 )

    Wall power use in high level gaming typically 375 watts power. Spike to 470W is still well handled by the PSU.
    It is not the power supply maximum capable, but rather your system maximum capable from the wall with most decent power supplies.

    Let's examine the PSU in more detail to get even closer.
    Fractal Design Edison M FD-PSU-ED1B-650W is an actual 650W Continuous (Not a false advertised one), made by #2 Quality Seasonic (Only Super Flower is better in quality, and many manufacturers in China are far worse). As a Gold efficient PSU, it typically is more efficient than the 80% guidance and will use even less wall power and be cooler in operation. It was a nice choice.
    New revised- 430W peak power spikes and 333W in full gaming to the max sustained required from the wall with this power supply.

    A UPS is typically used when home gets either a power "Blink" as unreliable central power that lasts a few seconds and to allow you to shut down if power goes out without damage to your system in a longer power outage. When you know power in the home is out, you shut down your computer. It is not meant for sustained gaming.
    It is rare that CPU+GPU+ system are all running at full gaming or spikes. Games don't push the CPU and GPU to their limit.

    I looked at the detailed specifications of the UPS.
    It is a 300W maximum and can sustain full load at full charge for a little under 4 minutes.
    The 300W output to the power supply gets 270 watts to your system through the power supply efficiency.
    It's low in power to be gaming with an overclocked CPU and GPU running at maximum.
    Under normal usage it is probably sufficient, but if your home power sees outages, a stronger backup would be better. This is one where your expensive build linked to unstable home power needs a better UPS.
    If your home power is normally stable, the statistics of being at such a high load and power going out is not enough to upgrade the UPS, but if weather and utility at your home is not stable, unfortunately I would go a better UPS to compensate. If it must wait, don't overclock the Ryzen 5 2600 until you upgrade the UPS.

    It is not the 650W that is the concern, but rather the 333W at full gaming with peak spikes higher in an overclocked CPU situation when power goes out at just the wrong time. These UPS are designed for home PCs and midlevel gaming systems. Your modern system and excellent power supply allows it to be adequate until you replace and upgrade to assure no issues are possible.

    I was a 32 year Procurement Engineer at IBM and Lenovo often working with failures and worst case scenarios.
    Most people would say you are fine, but I look at the cost of the UPS and system and know some countries have unstable home power. You need to judge your home power history and whether you want to be 80% comfortable or 100% comfortable that the UPS will work as intended. The UPS is low to be 100% certain.

    But, you need 430+W output to be 100% certain and 350W to be about 95+% certain of no issue in a problem.
    I estimate you are at about 80+% of the time it will work as intended in a power issue.
    The 650W is not the measure.

    This is an Engineering estimation art form more than an exact science because many factors are guidance to when they occur. Exact science mathematics says 430W is what you want from your UPS, but it so rare that everything goes wrong at the same time.

    Summary -
    You can wait with overclock of the CPU. If home power is normally very stable, you are generally in good shape with what you have. But since you spent so much money on part, ideally, a 430W output from the UPS is really what you would want to be positive it does what it is supposed to do in all cases. Most people run without a UPS at all.
    I call your system "Very Good" with the 300W UPS, and moves up to excellent if upgraded to a 430+W.
    Even a full power outage does not damage PCs normally. It is like turning off the power or the plug falling out of the wall. The UPS is also acting as a power limiter and you should never see hardware damage, but is not guaranteed to work under every circumstance to the function it is intended (Power off blinks without making you recycle everything or a power outage when at full gaming giving you time to shut down your system in a 4 minute process of ending).

    Remember that it is lightning strike power surges that are the biggest concern and the combined UPS and Power supply should keep your system safe for that.
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  • Did a Black man named Walter Pickette really invent the microprocessor and tell Steve Jobs and John Wozniak how to build the Apple Computer?

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  • I sent an email to my nephew. I now want to send it to my sister. How do I "resend" the original.?

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  • What is appropriate to charge as new web developer/designer?

    I recently got a call from the church I work for asking for a meeting about hiring me to update the church website. I've never done web work for profit before, always only for fun. So I don't have any experience freelancing at all. The website requires updates in links, photos, removing tbs and pages, and adding videos and photo galleries. Updating information and such things like that. Text will be provided for me. I'm likely to have to use my own camera to take photos of the building and what not. How much is fair to charge? should it be a lump sum or by hr? Any help would be great!
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  • Hw do I find a person from the past?

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  • What I need is from an experienced person that can help me hack Twitter that they tell me?

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  • The reality is that very little of hacking the Twitter account of a woman someone to guide me?

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  • A mic that breaks up when adjusting it, unless you hold the base. Would it be the mic or the base? (picture below)?

    Best answer: If it's a standard type mic with an XLR to XLR cable, get another cable to start with.
    They are very cheap on ebay.

    That should be cheap and will eliminate possible problems with two of the connectors.

    If the mic end is still erratic it likely has a bad / cracked joint in it's internal XLR and needs re-soldering.
    Any small electronics shop should be able to do that.
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  • Is it okay to install a new gpu into an old computer?

    Best answer: The Core i5-4690k was released in mid 2014, and the GTX 770 was released in mid 2013, so they're not quite 8 years old as of yet. The i5 CPU from 8 years ago was the i5-2500k and I would be a little concerned with pairing that with a 6gb GTX 1060 but not too concerned to avoid it.

    Well the first thing I should do is warn you of a site called "The Bottlenecker" which tries to take a guess as to how a CPU would bottleneck a GPU. "The Bottlenecker" has a real woody for Haswell i5 processors so don't expect that site to go easy on you.

    The i5-4690k is still a good CPU and the single core performance it has is still very strong by today's standards. So it's not going to be bottlenecked by the GPU you pick, but it will have issues with some of these game engines that want to use 6 or 8 threads. For the most part it will do fine, but if you're looking to go past 60fps or eliminate some of those temporary FPS drops, then you'd want a new CPU.

    Yes, the GTX 770 can be long in the tooth because most of those card have 2gb of VRAM. I'd suggest a card with either 6gb or 8gb.

    Cards like the RTX 2070, GTX 1080, Vega 64, GTX 1070ti (listed from fastest to slowest) are all within a few percentage points of eachother. Any of these would be fine with your CPU.

    About a year ago, Gamers Nexus did a scaling test with the Pentium g4560 and various Graphics cards. As you can see here, the g4560 really couldn't handle a GTX 1070 in most games. Since the Core i5-4690k would stomp a hole in the g4560, I think you'd be fine with the GTX 1080 for the most part.

    If you can get a GTX 1070ti for significantly cheaper, then the GTX 1070ti is a better value. I'd also suggest looking at benchmarks and reviews of the RTX 2060, and see how that compares to the GTX 1080. The GTX 1080 is not significantly faster than either the GTX 1070ti or the RTX 2060.

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  • What do vPN do and what do I need to protect my PC overall?

    I use my computer for business purposes now, and I want to protect my documents, internet privacy, streaming privacy, and apps like IG and FB on my phone. What is the best overall VPN? I have heard things about Nord but from what I see it only blocks your IP address.
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  • Whats the best printer to buy if I don t use it too frequently?

    My current printers ink dries out quickly because I don t use it very much so I m looking for something where that won t happen.
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  • I am tire of facebook cenersoring my comments. How do I file an complain?

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  • Am I in trouble with work?

    In the past I have visited NSFW sites on my work laptop at home but never at work (I don't have a personal laptop). A couple of times it may have been while I was connected to the company VPN but can't remember. The last time I visited these sites was two weeks ago and I haven't visited them since because I am trying to give them up. Is it possible that the IT department could go back a couple of weeks, see this activity and land me in trouble? Thanks.
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  • Is over clocking my laptop dangerous?

    Best answer: there is no point in overclocking a laptop even if it was possible there are too many bottlenecks in the hard drive , graphics, motherboard etc
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