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  • Where can i buy a new laptop completely made in the usa?

    no more chinese made garbage for me.
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  • Is an AM3+ motherboard capable with AM4 processors? Would I need to upgrade my motherboard?

    7 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Hardware
  • My computer keeps randomly turning on I think?

    Whenever I leave my room I feel like my computer turns on, and when I check on it, it suddenly turns off again. I feel like someone can see me through my camera, am I being watched?
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  • Where can buy all drviers for computer?

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  • Computers question?

    You work as an assistant in your school's computer lab. A student asks you to help her install a program on her laptop using an installation disc she borrowed from a friend. You read the EULA, and notice that it provides only a single-user license. What are the ethical and legal issues surrounding using a single-user license on more than one computer? What should you do?
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  • My computer is stuck at a black screen?

    Best answer: get another one
    7 answers 3 weeks ago Desktops
  • Will a game run if I install it on an external hard drive?

    Best answer: You can install a game to an external drive on your PC, but it'd only really work on that PC. If you take the external someplace else, it'd need to be installed or at least repaired before it'd work. Even with the game on an external drive, some parts of it will still be installed on the system (C:) drive and those won't be there when you just take the external drive with you.
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  • 5400 vs. 7200 rpm on internal hard drive matter when adding to external USB enclosure?

    I am trying to get an internal hard drive to connect to my external USB enclosure. It is USB 3.1 external USB enclosure. But does the RPM speed of internal hard drive matter much in a case like this where I am adding the hard drive to an external enclosure? I can see that if I use this hard drive in an internal hard drive then the RPM do matter. But connecting to a USB external enclosure, I am not sure if 7200 RPM will really make much performance difference vs. 5400 RPM hard drive. Does RPM make much difference if the hard drive is used in external USB enclosure?
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  • My computer programs crash frequently and I have no idea what to do?

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  • What happens if someone peed a laptop at apple?

    Best answer: they would go to jail
    4 answers 3 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Where can I dispose of an item and make sure no one finds out about it.?

    7 answers 3 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Will HP repair my laptop's broken left hinge?

    5 answers 3 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • What age would you give your child their first laptop?

    25 answers 4 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Should i buy this pc?

    Best answer: hi Alex,

    I'd say no, it's overpriced.

    It just so happens that I have a similar PC that I'm going to sell in the very near future. Mine has an i7 4790k, MSI Gaming GTX 1070, 16gb of DDR3-2133 RAM, Corsair TX750 PSU, z97 Maximus VII Hero, 256gb SSD, 2tb HDD for storage, Corsair H60 cooler, Windows 10 Pro activated. The core components in my PC are better but the GTX 1070 is a bit weaker than the GTX 1070ti. I plan to list my PC for right around $650usd. If I swapped out the GTX 1070 and put a GTX 1070ti in it's place, then I'd ask a little below $700 for it.

    I'm not going to sell you this PC because I'm selling it locally and I won't ship, but I'm using it as an example of the value of the components. The Core i7-4790k is worth about $150usd because there are a lot of people upgrading from the 4790k to a Ryzen 3000 series CPU.

    8gb of RAM is cheap and not really enough for today's gaming.
    The system you listed has an h97 motherboard which isn't overclockable and it's relatively cheap.
    The system lacks a storage drive, but has a run of the mill Kingston SSD which is about $40usd.
    The power supply is most likely an M12II model which is alright, but lacks modern overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

    I noticed you mentioned Palit. Palit is a Graphics card brand in Europe so the GTX 1070ti is most likely a Palit. The CPU is an Intel Core i7-4790k which was released back in 2014. The i7-4790k is still a strong and capable CPU for gaming but it's not as good as the Core i7-9700k.

    I don't know but it seems like the seller pieced that PC together with used parts and it hoping to make a profit, and maybe you can do the same. The Kingston A400 SSD is a go to drive for budget builders and I see it in a lot of used PC's listed on craigslist and offerup. I'm with Aster Rhoids on this one with the suggestion to build your own PC. Sounds sensible. You can use pcpartpicker.com to compile a build list.
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  • What gpu can i buy for my old dell optiplex 755? how can i know if it will fit my case and have enough power? i want a gpu that is cheap(old?

    Best answer: First you need to know which Dell Optiplex 755 you have. They made 4 different case sizes: Mini Tower Computer (MT), Desktop Computer (DT) , Small Form Factor Computer (SFF), or Ultra Small Form Factor Computer (USFF) .
    Once you figure that out, you can proceed to determine whether a full size or half-height GPU will fit.
    The power supply varied from 220w to 305w, so a low end GPU will be needed unless you replace the PSU.
    Check out the pdf file below for further information.
    4 answers 3 weeks ago Desktops
  • Do i have to get get windows 10 if so do i also have to get new laptop/?

    5 answers 3 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • How does HDD break?

    Best answer: dude! you need to back your files up NOW!
    don't do anything else before you do. that drive is on it's last legs...
    i've seen it a dozen times. get a USB drive and back important stuff up first.
    11 answers 4 weeks ago Desktops
  • Motorolla G4 not charging and dead battery?

    When i try to power it on, yellow triangle with exclamation mark pops up. Reboot menu also pops up when i hold down power and volume button, but no matter what i select, yellow triangle (drained battery) symbol pops up. Is this battery issue or charging port issue?
    4 answers 3 weeks ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • New Computer, PC "Boots" Twice Upon Turning On Power At Socket - Normal?

    Best answer: Hello!

    The first thing that comes to mind when watching your video is that the power supply for your PC may be seriously underrated for the components that are in the device. Every single off the shelf PC I've ever bought has needed an upgrade of the power supply. I would recommend that you look at the internals and see what the power supply wattage is and if it is within the acceptable range for the components in your device.


    If you are sure your PC has enough juice, you should know that there are a number of motherboards that have this "Feature". Each time that you turn the device on, reboot, or restart, it will look like the computer will partially "Boot" running through a series of checks on the board until finally booting to the desktop.

    My gaming PC actually has this "Feature". What we found out was that the computer is running through a series of checks and this is perfectly normal for this particular motherboard model. What we had to do is find out the motherboard MFG and serial number, and search for information on the MFG website forums to find out more about it.

    Now, if you go to boot the device and you find that it is powering up abnormally, getting any kind of motherboard beep codes, or shutting down randomly, you may want to contact the manufacturer.

    Without having more information on the specs for your pc it's hard to give you a super specific answer. If you need some additional help, pop by your nearest Best Buy with the tower and ask for a quick consult with one of our Agents. We are happy to help.

    Geek Squad Agent Kate JB
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    Geek Squad/ Yahoo! Answers Partnership
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  • Are tablet devices getting more popular then desktops?

    6 answers 3 weeks ago Desktops