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  • How do you physically secure your laptop at public places like Starbucks?

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  • I bought a second hand hard drive and it has an operating system on it that my pc boots to. How do i format or fix this?

    Best answer: You need to go into the BIOS and make sure the original hard drive is the priority drive that the machine boots from. Restart the computer and closely watch the screen during the boot process, you should see some writing stating which key to press to enter the BIOS, it is usually Del key, but it could be F2, F12 or Esc. Once into the BIOS go to boot options and select the correct drive to boot off. Save and exit, hopefully you should now boot off the correct drive.
    You can format the second hand drive by going into disk management (for windows 10, right click on the start menu, select disk management)

    Your other option that should work would be to open the case (power off, of course) and swap round the SATA cables between the two drives so that the original drive occupies a higher priority SATA port. The computer should then see your original drive first and boot off that as priority
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  • Does this laptop look fixableif so how much?

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  • Can I use an external hard drive to keep my laptop data and use it as a PS4 game drive at the same time? ?

    Never used a external drive on PS4 not sure how it works, buying a 5tb Seagate expansion drive.
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  • Will warranty help in my situation?

    Best answer: I have upgraded HUNDREDS of computers in my work environment to windows 10
    if you dont have an SSD after the upgrade your hard drive will be HIGHLY fragmented.

    if you have a hard drive
    defrag and optimize the drive. that will help alot

    next remove all non-microsoft startup services
    remove all startup items

    update the computer 

    clean up the computer (right click the C drive and select properties. then select  disk clean up)

    Defrag and optimize again after a reboot.
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  • Will Athlon II X2 260 bottleneck GT1030 2GB GDDR5?

    Best answer: It depends entirely on what the games you are running need. I just upgraded from a 270 on my kid's computer and it was doing fine for my games... just the motherboard was failing.

    If you're running Windows 10 it will show you the GPU usage on Task Manager. If older Windows, GPU-Z or MSI Afterburner can do the trick. If the GPU usage is near 100% while you play the game then it's the GPU that's holding things back. If the GPU isn't near 100% then it's probably the CPU. Make sure something isn't overheating and you have enough RAM though.

    The CPU load is a little harder to tell because it will depend on how many cores the program can use.
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  • My macbook air had alcohol spilled on it and now it won't turn on or charge. ?

    I was drinking alcohol and quite a bit got poured onto the keyboard, but as soon as the liquid touched the keyboard the whole computer shut down and wouldn't turn on. I've tried leaving it upside down for a while but nothing. I've tried charging it to see if that would help but the light on the charger wouldn't appear. It's been a day now since that happened and it's still not responding.
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  • Problem with monitor?

    Best answer: With no hardware details, like model, brand, port used, hard to guess.  Go to BIOS, display settings, and choose what is primary--integrated port or some card in some expansion slot.  That is all I can suggest from what you tell.
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  • My new pc died. Help?

    So my new pc suddenly won't open after I left it open overnight for the very first time to do some downloading.when i press the power button Nothing starts.No lights.Only my motherboard's RGB when I open the switch on the back but it cant boot.Any quick tips or solutions before I contact my seller?
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  • On my HP tablet, I have no sound when I play videos. I cannot find the sound function on my settings page. Where is it? Thanks?

    Best answer: Two things,on your key board look for a symbol that looks like a speaker,there should be two of them,one to decrease the volume and the other to increase volume. Press the one to increase the volume. If that's not it then go to your Start and click on that and in the search bar type either sound or speakers and options will come up,you can see if the sound/or speakers have been disabled.
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  • How do i get my grades up?

    i’ve been trying really hard and studying for every test and doing my homework, but school is just hard for me. my mom said i could get a laptop if i get my grades up to as and bs. right now i have cs and bs. i’m really frustrated and idk what to do
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  • Nvidia 1060 or 1070+?

    I have an NVidia GTX 1060 6GB and it has started overheating after 1.5 years of use. (it's an EVGA brand card so I wasn't expecting it to last long anyways). I am wondering if it would be more worth it to get another 1060 with 8 or 11GB Video memory or get a 1070 or 1660 with 6GB.  Which one would have better quality as far as VR and desktop gaming.
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  • Do you really need to leave some empty space for SSD?

    Best answer: No, the SSD itself automatically reserves extra space. So if you have a 4TB drive (which is pretty expensive), then there might actually be 4.5 or 5.0 TB of actual space on the drive, and the drive controller electronics keeps that hidden from the OS.
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  • 1660 super 3 fan gpu and 2 fan gpu whats the difference?

    Best answer: 3 fan GPU's should allow the GPU to be overclocked slightly higher, due to the air flow. A 3-fan GPU is usually a factory-overclocked normal GTX 1660 Super. The same 1660 Super in both cases, one is slightly overclocked more. How much extra overclocked? No idea, possibly 10% or more.
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  • Windows 10 Laptop stuck zoomed in?

    One day I had to manually shut my laptop down (held down the power button), and ever since I started it up again, the laptop screen was zoomed in (Kind of like they used to when you played CD-rom games on old laptops), but I have not been able to use certain programs, specifically PC games I have installed. My laptop wallpaper has also not been displayed, it's just a black backdrop and all the apps on the home screen disappeared with the wallpaper. I've tried several possible solutions posted by other forums, but none worked. I've tried going to settings and manually zooming in/out, but that's not the problem. I can zoom further in and out, that doesn't affect the system's performance.
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  • Can I remove the 16GB m.2 SSD from an old chromebook and wipe it and use it in a desktop pc? Specifically in ASRock 970A-G/3.1 motherboard?

    Best answer: an ssd is an ssd. As long as the connection is the same it should work.
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  • I have a Dell G3 that I bought for gaming and it was about 1,050 dollars on amazon and it will not run games for crap?

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2,20GHz, 2208 Mhz, 6 Core(s), Those are the specs I found and I cant even run games on low settings and I dont know what to do because I spent a lot of money on this computer for gaming.
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  • My windows won't work on my computer, do I need a graphics card? ?

    Best answer: I would update the motherboard BIOS to the latest version,  occasionally an outdated BIOS can cause black screens
    Also details of the motherboard, PSU, which windows version and which graphics card would also help. Check the PCI-e connectors are plugged in and the PSU is adequate for the graphics card
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  • My printer is not printing what can i ndo i replaced all mof my ink cartigade.?

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  • My laptop screen is completely broken. How can I delete all of my personal info from laptop?

    So the screen is broken and I am trying to trash it because I have a new laptop. Do I just trash it or do I need to clear that laptop off? How do i do that if the screen not working?
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