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  • Can you code in another language?

    learning some programming and thought, wait, would a computer know what i meant if i replaced "head" with say "cabeza"
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  • How do computers know what to do with code?

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  • Is it pronounced Gif or Jif?

    Best answer: The debate over how to pronounce GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, re-emerged this week when Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the widely used Web illustration, declared it should be pronounced “jif,” like the brand of peanut butter, rather than with a hard G sound.
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  • How do people create websites?

    How do people create new websites? I am not asking for a link to one of those build-a-website things, but an explanation of how to do it independently. Because I feel like there is no way that the only way to build a website is to use of those annoying building sites.
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  • Can you tell me about the GoDaddy web hosting discount?

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  • What does ‘sudo’ mean?

    Best answer: Sudo is a program for Unix-like computer operating systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser do" as the older versions of sudo were designed to run commands only as the superuser.
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  • How can I make my website load faster?

    Best answer: Reduce the media size that are put into your Website. This might be helps you to load your website faster.
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  • If all modern things (toasters, vending, fridges, etc.) have computers involved, what type of programing language is used?

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  • Should I prioritize learning the concepts or debugging?

    Best answer: I don't know how much time "only so much time" entails, but unless you're spending 10-20 hours/week I don't think that "coding for a year" means a whole lot.

    By all means, learn how to find your own errors. When you find the cause of a problem, don't just fix it and move on. Take a few moments and figure out how you plan not to make the same sort of mistake in the future. Is there a cleaner way to avoid the problem during the original coding? If so, rewrite the code along those lines and prove to yourself that it works.

    If you have to get outside help to solve it, spend even more time on the post mortem: Figure out why you couldn't find the error on your own. What's missing from your toolbox? You may need to study or review language or API features that you misunderstood.

    One way to speed up your development is to test as you code. Write functions or methods, not whole programs, and test each one before you move on to the next one. Doing that, you have fewer lines of new code to debug on each session, making it easier to spot bugs. Once you have a fully tested function, you can use that in the rest of your code with the same confidence as if it were part of the language or class libraries you're using.

    Yes, it takes extra time coding this way; but you will usually get a net savings from reduced debugging time. Most developers would rather spend time coding rather than debugging anyway.
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  • What is the difference between Microprocessor and microcontroller?

    Best answer: It's the target application, as far as I can tell. Nobody would call an Intel Core i series processor a "microcontroller", but pick one of the many offerings with an onboard graphics controller and there are more transistors in that chip used for "peripherals" than in just about anything you'd call a "microcontroller".

    The Intel 8080, 8085 and Zilog Z80 chips used in early 8-bit microcomputers were actually designed and marketed for microcontroller applications. "Real" computers were mainframes at the time. Same for the 8088 used in the majority of true IBM PCs sold.

    If the application is a device where the processor is being used as a control element in a system that's not intended to be a computer, that processor is being used as a microcontroller. I'm tempted to add something about the "micro-" in "microcontroller", but all processor are microprocessors this century.

    Processors designed for that use will chip area to implement peripherals used in many or all small systems. ROM of some sort (usually flash EEPROM) for program storage, RAM, timers, UARTs, digital I/O ports, analog-to-digital and/or digital to analog converters; instead of using that area to implement multiple cores or huge cache memories. This reduces chip count in the final design, at the possible expense of including circuits that won't be used. It's still a net win.

    Both of the first two answers describe microprocessors as "bulky". That's accurate, since the goal in nearly every microcontroller application is to reduce manufacturing costs (chip count is a big factor) and power consumption. Still, to a guy who grew up with room-filling computers programmed on punched cards, the idea of a smartphone a "bulky" is pretty funny!
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  • JavaScript function question?

    Best answer: Well, in your let statement, you spelled value wrong.

    I don't know if you retyped it into your question incorrectly or if you copied and pasted it. If the latter, that would be a problem.

    However, it says to use an if STATEMENT. You are using a LET statement.

    However, if the chapter that you have been using has been focusing on a statement similar to the one you presented, then the wording of the exercise COULD be misleading. Since I don't have all the materials you have been using it's a bit difficult to tell.

    But, if you are supposed to use an if statement, then it should start with "if" (without the quotes), not "let".

    Edit: a boolean is a value that is either true or false.
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  • Who still programming on Turbo Pascal ?

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  • JavaScript function exercise?

    Best answer: let length = str.length;
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  • What is my code?

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  • So I am currently in Year 9 and I have to pick my options. Aka subjects I want to take. I plan on being a programmer so what do I take?

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  • What is a easy way to learn python programming?

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  • If all methods in a class are abstract, is the class abstract?

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  • How does a computer get infected with malware via word document or note pad?

    If you write something in the note pad or word document, how can it execute code. It shouldn't matter what is written in the note pad or word documents as its just a tool to write and display text.
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  • I don't know anything about coding but want to do a cyber security degree (UK) will it be hard / impossible?

    Best answer: Don't think about the difficulty mate. If you are really interested I'm sure you gonna crack that. But patience is must....
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  • What is IOS Swift?

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