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  • Is it hard to learn programming/coding?

    Best answer: Instead of asking, you should just try and see how it goes. I recommend that you start with Python.
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  • What is the best database admin interface for startups?

    We are looking for an out-of-the-box admin interface that helps our team to easily manage database records without having to write any SQL queries. It should be something like phpmyadmin just more intuitive for non-tech-focussed people. More specifically, we have customers that place orders through our website and our team has to manually change some properties of those orders in the database.
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  • Website designer refusing to give up domain and claiming we will lose all positive reviews we've accumulated if we cancel monthly service?

    if someone built your website and they charge monthly, can they refuse to give up the domain if you cancel their services and i want to build my own website (what is the process behind cancellation and re-acquisition of a web address)? and slso they are saying the reviews we received while utilizing their webpage will be void and affect our ratings... is that allowed?
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  • How do I start?

    I would like to get into programing. I have zero clue where to start. I know the basics of web design as in HTML and CSS, but that s not PROGRMING, not to me at least, I would like so suggestions on where to start. What kind of software do I need? Where do I get educated? Is there any hardware? What language should I start in? ect.
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  • How to go about making a database for a small business?

    Hello, Keeping track of all the customers that have come in is always a trouble. I have a car mechanics garage and would like to create a database where I can store clients information. This would ideally be interlinked between a few devices so I believe a server would be the best choice. How can I go about creating one? I have little coding experience but I am willing to learn and do it myself. Any advice? Thanks
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  • Was the Queen's uncle Bruce a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein?

    Best answer: Too close for the Queen's liking.
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  • I can't find my control panal?

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  • There's byte, kilobyte, megabyte, but can we measure milibyte, centibyte, decibyte, or go smaller..microbyte, nanobyte?

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  • Is it a bad idea to take a year off from university to work and figure stuff out?

    I'm going into my third year of computer scince and I really think a year off would benefit me to polish up my resume. I want to work on some projects and improve my coding skills, university hasnt really taught me **** but i still want to finish my degree eventually. I have ideas for apps and sites that i want to finish this year. I'm currently 21 and i work full time at Apple. My parents are not supportive of my decision at all but they don't understand my reasoning for taking a year off. They think its a year now, and it will become 2 than 3 but im commited to going back next fall. I even lost all my grants from the new ontario provincial govt so I would have to pay alot out of pocket anyway. If i do full time school and part time work, it will get dificult and this is a job i cannot quit because later on after university , i can switch into a department that fits my degree easier. You guys think i should take this year off to work on my finance ( i owe 20k school and another 3k in credit card debt) and work on projects , or ride the next 2 years out and finish it.
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  • When celebs give money to charity, is that just another million quid or so they can't be taxed on?

    So in a sense they're part-robbing us by only contributing to things that they happen to agree with, leaving the cost of boring things like roads and prisons to someone else?
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  • Can anyone recommend a good inventory software?

    I am trying to open a distillery with my family. We are “just getting off the ground” but need to make things easier. We need a basic software to maintain inventory of both ingredients and the product as well as track cost. The software will need to create identifiers for each product to track it through the distillation processes (i.e. INGREDIENT A, INGREDIENT B, and INGREDIENT C were used to make BATCH 001, which blended with batch 101 and batch 121 to create BLEND XXZ. Blend XXZ is bottled and given SERIAL NUMBER 19H12B210T and what was the cost to create each bottle. It would also be helpful if the system would generate label(s) throughout the process with the specific identifiers and eventually create the bottle’s labels from a template with the required information. The software should be very user friendly as the people who will be using it are not tech savvy. I honestly don’t know where to start to even look for this kind of software if there is one available or if it would be cheaper to create have a software developer create a program to do this for us. If so, would it be better as a web-based program or a desktop program? Any advice would be appreciated.
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  • What should I do in my marriage now that I realize that my wife officially doesn't need me at all?

    She makes enough salary to support our 4 kids, 5 pets, all the food, and all the bills without my income. She has a joint checking account with me and excludes me from seeing how we are doing financially. She prefers to cook all the meals so she be in control of what she's eating at all times. She hires out all the work that I would be doing as a "man" - lawn, home repair, etc. She is a child focused person who values the company of our 4 teens (13, 16, 17, and 18) over my company. When we do talk it's only to give me orders of what she wants me to do to help her life easier because I have information she needs that she can't get herself without my help. She hasn't been sexually active with me in over 10 years despite her going on the pill to regulate her periods (no, she's not banging someone else - she appears to be asexual and aromantic). She doesn't even have friends, she has dropped all her friends and now focuses exclusively on the kids (she appears to be asocial as well). And finally, everything she does for fun is done as a group; she doesn't allow me to have one on one time with her. So basically, she has taken away everything from me "as a husband"; the only choice she's left me with is to "be one of the kids"... I've never been non-dependable either, I've always been here for her and even tried to go above and beyond the call of duty; I've just never done it "good enough" for her so she has to do everything over again and she just took everything over.
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  • What is a returning viewer basicly?

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  • Why is selection sort named as selection sort?

    Best answer: Selection sort describes how the sort algorithm works. It searches through the items to be sorted, selects the smallest or largest item in the list depending on the direction, and then repeats until all items are sorted.

    The first sort many learn is the bubble sort. It runs through the list of items and the items bubble to the top as the algorithm constantly compares and swaps until no new swaps are made.

    An insertion sort is generally considered better for small lists. However, for large lists, you may want to use a quick sort which is often the most efficient or "quick". Each type of sort has different characteristics. Another sort I use when combining lists is a type of merge sort. Many algorithms often have descriptive names. It isn't just sort algorithms.
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  • Can you recommend the best EMF-protection device please?

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  • What should a PHP developer know?

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  • Does anyone know any programmable chips that support the C# language that I can buy?

    I wanted to try Arduino but it turns out it doesnt fully support C# or that I needed to learn the Arduino programming language or sth. So is there one that can be programmed using c#? Thanks
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  • I need some sort of a program that can do this, what program can I download?

    A program that can circle words that are in a bitmap, jpg, png or whatever? I had a program that can do that back in 2006 but now the program is lost & I cannot recall the programs name. What can do that and on a Windows 10?
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  • Unable to view a .png that's an ad?

    The image or "gif" as it is animated won't show as an image in a different tab if right clicked, dragged into the tabs and its blank in the "drag it here" section. The link of the image (a .png this time) shows black. I went to Application Tab and showed the same.
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  • Which programming language should I learn next?

    I already have a few years working experience with Python, Javascript and C++. I also have a pretty thorough knowledge of Java. I feel like PHP and Ruby (on Rails) are dying languages so I have decided not to study them any further. Which language(s) do you guys think will be big in 2020 and beyond?
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