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  • Can a computer boot with out an os?

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  • Bought a new? computer on Amazon, will NOT turn on...?

    Computer guy of 30 years tested and re tested ...NOTHING...is there a way to find out if this computer was refurbished, stated it was brand new!!!...Thank You!!!!!
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  • Are there any problems with Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz (Octa Core)? Are there any cheaper variants or is there a game this could not handle?

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  • Is my PC good for gaming?

    processer: core i5-3340 CPU @ 3.10 GHz RAM: 4.00 GB System type: 64-bit Operating System GPU: 2GB Storage:1TB and upgrading the ram to 6 or 8gb will make a big change?
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  • Is this GPU good?

    Best answer: The GT 610 has 1GB onboard memory and the remainder of the memory is shared from your system RAM. The max it can share is 3GB which is why it states that the memory is 4GB. The GPU is quite old (roughly 6 years) but should handle a reasonable amount.
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  • PC randomly just shuts itself off, I bought a new CPU fan and its still doing it?

    just randomly every so often off restart and then it works again no problem right away, I think if I have too much going on like a game and music and something else it goes off more , but even goes off when its not so busy with processes
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  • Question about recovery drive D: My new desk top did not come with a recovery drive D: It instead had just a data drive D: is that normal?

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  • Can you use a HD TV as a computer monotor when your graphics card has HDMI?

    Best answer: Nope.......................................
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  • What’s wrong with my computer?

    I received an Alienware custom built desktop awhile back. I’m not sure when it was first made but the power supply is only a 150W. When I first used it, it was working perfectly but then after a week or two it would turn on but nothing would show up on the display. I figured maybe it was time to replace the graphics card and the power supply. I did and the computer started working fine again but now I’m having the same problem. You can hear it booting up but no display. (Also the new graphics card and power supply are not Alienware, too expensive. The new graphics card is EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and the power supply is EVGA 850GQ.)
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  • Can't get D drive to run disk?

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  • How to make computers work from a different continent?

    Best answer: It doesn't matter where the computer came from. It should work anywhere.

    The main concern is only AC voltage from the wall socket. Most are either 220V or 110V although some (I think) can go as high as 240V or as low as 100V. In case voltage is different, use a step-up or step-down transformer between the wall socket and the PC. Some AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulator) come with both 220V and 110V outlets.

    Some places have intermittent power levels. If you live in such environment, try using two AVRs in series.

    Having a different plug isn't really an issue. Either use a plug adaptor or change the power cable entirely. There are always power cable replacements available. They're not that hard to find. Just keep trying.
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  • Where can I find a good 180mm of fan?

    I have a older PC case and i need to replace the 180mm fan and I can t seem to find any good ones I d prefer one with rgb or any kind of lighting but really all I want is a good fan
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  • Is there any way I can make 1.65 volt ram work with 1.5 volt Ram in MSI Big Bang-XPower II Motherboard?

    My corsair ram model number: CMZ16GX3M4X2133C11R 2133MHz 1.5 volt 8GB 2 x4gb ddr3 2133mhz Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz HyperX Beast DDR3 1.65 volt XMP Ram My motherboard MSI Big Bang-XPower II My CPU i7 3820 power supply 800 Watt something Is there any way i can make them work together? Only one of them boots the Corsair or the Kingston if i try to put them all in nothing comes on the screen. If i can never get them to work together which one i should sell and which one i should keep?
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  • Why 1.65 Volt Ram doesn't boot with 1.5 Volt ram in my MSI Big bang Power x2 ?

    Best answer: So have you looked at the Datashets for both sets of RAM? Are these Single Rank or Dual Rank sticks? Is the CPU a Sandy Bridge-E or EP CPU that already has a dicey Memory Controller? Did you raise the System Agent voltage before mixing the RAM?

    I've noticed the IMC on Sandy Bridge Processors don't like mixed memory and they don't like clocking memory much past 1866mhz even with higher System Agent voltage.

    I see results for an MSI Big Bang XPower II motherboard but not a Big Bang Power x2 motherboard. If you have the former, did you update the BIOS to version 2.8?


    Looks like the Kingston is at least Single Sided, Single Rank memory. I don't know about the Corsair you have since you didn't list the model number or anything.

    Why won't it work? There are too many reason to list. BIOS compatibility, ability of the CPU's memory controller, overall quality of the memory, Ranks, subtimings, etc.
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  • What's wrong with my PC?

    Motherboard - A88XM-A CPU - AMD Athlon x4 845 (upgraded from A6 6400K) GPU - Radeon RX 580 (originally no graphics card then upgraded from R7 360) 16GB RAM ( 2 x 4GB 1600 Mhz + added 8GB 1867Mhz) 500W power supply BIOS 3001 So the computer works but over a long period will (I think) overheat, crash and show an error page then just freeze, if I turn it back on it works fine, it gets warm on top before it crashes this is why I think it's overheating. Is there any way to find out which component is causing the problem? This is the first time I've tried upgrading a PC, I think what's happened is essentially I'm running my (quite dated) motherboard with the most advanced components that it is compatible with, and it can't quite handle it. I considered my power supply may be too low but that doesn't seem to be where the heat is coming from. The top centre of the pc gets warm, so I can only assume the heat is rising from something below. I have only noticed this happen when I play one certain game, but can't disprove other games may cause the issue. Thanks
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  • My computer has no sound.?

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  • Will this make a good backup pc?

    Got and old pc from work after we upgraded everything, not sure what to do with it. Dell optiplex 790 Intel Core i3-2100 3.10GHz; 4Gb DDR3 Installed; Hard Drive: 250GB 3.5" SATA It has win 7 professional with office installed. This particular pc also has a radeon 5450 graphics card so I can use on full hd displays. It has a dvi to vga adapter but no hdmi. It has 10 usb slots.... No wifi but a spare pci slot so I can add on to it. This was a work pc which was not used much at all. Not sure what to do with it, it seems sufficient as a backup, for emails and watching movies maybe to put in a guest room or I can probably sell it for 100usd or so.
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  • Is it still possible to get a decent PC for roughly $200 USD? Prebuilt or build myself?

    Best answer: I don't know how you picked up a new PC for $200 10 years ago. You must have either found one on a clearance sale, refurbished, open box or used. I would be willing to wager that some company like HP or Dell had overproduced cheap desktop PC's that weren't selling because of the recession, so these cheap PC's were marked down to a stupid low price in order to move inventory. Building or buying a PC is every bit as expensive today as it was 10 years ago.

    The only difference is video cards are far more expensive today than what they were 10 years ago. The exception to this rule of inflation is AMD/ATI had Nvidia on the run with the 4870 and 5870. Once Nvidia regained their lead, they marked prices up. Hard Disk Drives are cheaper if you consider what is an adequate level of storage.

    With the exception of the video card, if you can find a prebuilt tower on sale for around $200 that will exceed most of the specs you listed. The PC would also need to be in a mATX or mini-tower sized case that can accept a basic video card. If you buy one of these refurbished PC in a SFF case, trying to fit a decent video card into it will be close to impossible. So if you go the refurbished route then you would need to buy one that's in a case that's large enough for a video card.

    You could also troll offerup or craigslist for a used PC that someone wants to get rid of. Last week I saw a guy selling a PC on offerup for $200 that had a Core i7-4790k, 16gb of RAM, and a GTX 970. Unfortunately the person who bought this PC turned around and sold it on offerup for $440. You'd have to be familiar with the value of used components to pull off getting a used PC at a good price.

    The specs you have listed are of components from 2006-2008. The Ryzen 3 2200g with it's Vega 8 iGPU would be able to thump the CPU and GPU specs you listed, while the Ryzen 5 2400g or 3400g would do even more so. If you know where to look for Windows 10, you can get it for almost nothing, and Windows 10 can be run without a product key if you don't mind the watermark and lack of customization.
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  • Can you mix computer RAM sizes of the same make and MHz. I have 3x 4gb and just purchased a single 8gb?

    Best answer: Go to Crucial.com, have it scan your computer, it will tell you what it needs. You can then, go to a RAM website and get the correct RAM!
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  • Which older motherboard is better Asus M5A 78L-M LX plus or the MSI H81M-P33? Thanks for your help...?

    Just got these 2 older motherboards and would like to build a gaming computer on a budget which one should I use?
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