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  • Sometimes I let my cat in the woods. She came back with a cut in her armpit and now she’s very sad, won’t eat or move. What happened?

    Best answer: take her to vet! she is hurt, she need stitching up! :) i wish best for your cat and i hope she is ok :P
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  • I wanna train my cats to open doors?

    Unfortunately I have stupid door handles that are just horizontal lines, so whenever I tie a rope to it and they try to use it, it just slips off. Is there a specific knot I can tie that will prevent this from happening? Instructions would be helpful - thanks!
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  • Is it possible to get a feral kitten to like being held and petted?

    I found a feral kitten over the winter who was in pretty sad shape. I took her in, cleaned her up, fed her, got her checked by a vet. Physically she is healthy and happy, and has adjusted to being an indoor cat. In fact, she was afraid of the grass when I took her outside in my fenced yard. She loves to play, and has bonded with my other cat. But she hates to be petted or held. The only time she willingly snuggles with me is at night when I am in bed. But even then, she usually sleeps down by my feet, only coming up to let me pet her once in awhile. I am wondering if I force her to let me hold her and pet her, will she eventually start to enjoy it, or will I just make her mad and afraid I am going to pick her up, so she will run away if I get too close to her? I think she is about five or six months old now.
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  • Am I wrong for not wanting to give up my cat?

    My husband and I are moving across country. He is already there as His mom was having some medical issues. We hav been planning to move there for over a year now to help out. Up until a couple weeks ago it was perfectly fine to bring my cats down but as soon as I purchased my plane ticket they are saying I can't have them. They have helped us get into a house that needs some repairs and I am planning to keep the cats there since they are no longer welcome at their house as we need to stay there until all the repairs are done. However I am now being told that I'm selfish and immature because I won't give up my cats especially after they helped us get a house. I love my cats and I know myself and I would be resentful towards my husband and his parents if I had to get rid of them, I am already a little resentful about it as they led me to believe it was ok for over a year and now they say it was a misunderstanding when it has been brought up multiple times.
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  • Are cats freeloaders?

    I mean, dogs can work for their food, we eat cows, chickens and pigs, so it is useful to feed them, and of course horses, donkeys, etc, do something as well. But cats... We just feed them cause they are cute, no matter if they even like us or not.
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  • Is there a way to accurately assess a cats or dogs age?

    We adopted a cat from a shelter and no one was able to tell us its exact age. I don't mean a date of birth but whether or not it is a year old or three years old or ten for that matter.
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  • Are there newer, safer and more humane procedures for declawing a cat?

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  • How do i convince my parents to get a kitten?

    hi everyone! so to start off, ive never had a pet. i always felt weird about it because i love animals and want to work at a zoo when im older:) when my friends would talk about their pets, they would always turn to me and say “hey, whats your pets like?” and i would just be like “i dont have any:(“ and they would be like “but you love animals more than any of us!” and tbh, ive always wanted a kitten. yesterday, my mum said maybe. i was over the moon! but i have to do chores and not get in trouble. how can i convince her? :) have a good day xx😘
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  • Where can i buy a newborn kitten online? x?

    in late 2017, my best feline friend passed away when she was run over. (RIP trix love you xx) and i havent had a pet since. i wasnt allowed one but i finally got my parents to agree on getting a new kitten. im so happy! where online can i get one? send links? thank you<3
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  • My dad feeds my cats at 2 IN THE MORNING. How do I break the cycle ..?!?

    When my dad got our cat pumpkin I wasn’t living with him at the time and my dad is awake during the early hours so he started feeding my cat pumpkin at 2 am , Now that I live with my dad my cat Carly is here too she is 11 years old. And now even she is getting fed at 2 in the morning 🙄 he feeds them about 3 times a day. I tell him not to feed them at 2 but if he doesn’t my cat pumpkin will meow and scream The problem that I have is that when I move out, is that my cats or pumpkin most likely is going to be so used to eating at 2 that I’m going to be forced to feed them at that hour cuz of my dad 😒 that’s what IM SCARED OF.... my cat Carly just likes to eat so it’s fun for her eating this much lol but I never fed her that early in her life. but I’m very pissed off about it and my dad won’t stop feeding them at 2 and I’m scared I’m going to have a bigger problem with this routine when I move out with my cats ..
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  • Tips on how to become friendly with kittten? <3?

    Best answer: Buy a cat care book on-line. Knowledge is power. Cats have needs, and are simple minded. They like fresh water, they like to climb. Never yell at or punish a cat. Cats like everyone, and often will rotate affection to each family member. Buy healthy food, not cheapest. Keep cat box clean. Hold kitten gently, don’t imprison it. Hum to it, humming is like purring and makes it feel safe. Cats don’t like to be over-pet, saying hello to cat when you come home is polite, cat will learn to do the same. Never tease a cat, unless it’s playtime, usually after breakfast and dinner. Midday they take a long deep nap, do not disturb. Don’t let guests tease the cat. Give cat a folded soft blanket seat in a window, they like to look outside. Cats like to be near their owners..if your on the computer a lot..make space on your desk to put a folded blanket so kitten can hang out with you. Cats love toy mice, keep a toys in a shoe box so cat can reach in and play, don’t train cat to play with your fingers, ever..cats have sharp claws and teeth. Always use a toy. Talking to cat and occasionally petting cat while you are on computer will comfort you..my cat is my best friend, and is laying next to me right now! :)
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  • Is it really a bad idea to get a cat as a lonely person?

    I'm a lonely guy, I don't have many close friends, my boyfriend lives halfway across the country and all I can do text him. I really want to get a cat just for some kind of companionship but everyone I talk to says that it's a bad idea and I have no idea why, aside from obviously the crazy cat lady thing. Anyone have actual real advice on whether it's a good idea or not past "it's just sad"?
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  • Cat urine everywhere?!?!?

    My cat is just shy of a year old and she pees on my blankets, clothes, and towels. At first I thought she had UTI or she just didnt like her litter, so I switched litter and even got a bigger box. I bought uti medicine to give her and it still is happening. I have an appointment to get her spayed on Thursday and today is Tuesday. How can I get.the smell out of my clothes and furniture? It's to the point that even after washing it, it still smells. Also what's the best detergent or cleaner to help this? Please not negative comments about throwing her outside or getting rid of her. She is my baby and I will do everything I can to help her.
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  • Do cat vasectomies work?

    Best answer: Yes. The problem is the cat will still have the same behaviors that neutering eliminates like spraying, wanting to get outside, aggression etc.

    EDIT: A neuter and vasectomy are not the same. Neutering removes the testicles. They remain with a vasectomy.
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  • If a cat never goes outside, but is kept in all the time, is he or she truly happy?

    Best answer: Most cats are perfectly happy being indoor cats. Get them some nice pieces of cat furniture, put them in a sunny window, and provide playtime. Indoor cats miss out on things: fleas, ticks, fighting with other cats, getting hit by cars, getting mauled by dogs, poisoned, caught and tortured by pre-teen boys, used as bait for dog fighting, getting hauled off to animal control when the neighbor doesn't want them using their garden as a litter box, or preying on the birds they attract to their bird feeder. I've had many many foster cats that had been dumped outside, and they (with the exception of one) wouldn't even leave the house if the door had been kept open. They are pets, not wild creatures. Mine are all sleeping in our bay window at the moment, after having a wild chase through the house following their breakfast. Quite happy!
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  • Can I sue my neighbor for his dog attacking my cat?

    I was outside doing some yard work yesterday evening when I heard some commotion over the fence. I quickly jump and look over and see the neighbor's dog with my cat in it's mouth swinging it around. and just before I hop over the fence to save my cat, she gives him a good swat to the face (serves him right) then the dog releases my cat from it's mouth. I had to take my cat to the vet which isn't free. Everything is OK with her thank goodness
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  • My apt only allows declawed cats. do i have to find one already declawed?

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  • What are some good toys for kitten?

    Hai so i was originally gonna get a kitten online, since we live in the middle of nowhere, and none of us have cars, so we couldn't go get one from a shelter. but i really felt uneasy about getting one online so we are going to dumfries in a few days to go see the kittens there and buy some food and toys for it and stuff to play on. i really want to make sure the kitten is happy and healthy and has good toys to keep him happy and good quality food to keep him healthy so what are some of the best? P.S this is in scotland, so its not like PetCo or Walmart or whatever. its other stores
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  • Should I euthanize my cat with leukemia?

    Best answer: Are you talking about the blood disease leukemia, or the one called FeLV? Two totally different things. You are jumping the gun with your diagnosis. This is a thing you should be discussing with the vet, not some diagnosis you got from the internet, and with people who have no idea what is wrong with the cat. What we are seeing her is neglect - with a pet comes the financial responsibility for that pet, and if your cat was ill for a year, that is NEGLECT. A UTI moves up the system, and eventually becomes a bladder or kidney infection. Having the cat tested for FeLV is inexpensive and should have been done in the very beginning. If your cat is FeLV+, and you knew that from the beginning, it could have been managed as you need to be very aggressive in getting them to the vet when ill.

    Don't get any more pets, as you ignored this one's health issues. No person will take her, no rescue will take her, and a shelter will euthanize her the minute you walk out the door. What a pity.
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  • Why do cats raise their rear ends when petted?

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