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  • Is there a material I can put on my furniture to stop my cat from scratching it up?

    She has shredded some furniture before. Sprays don't work and declawing is cruel so I need an alternative.
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  • My daughter wants the cat but my husband dont want it ?

    So my daughter is having a 2 week school vacation and shes an only child, my co worker is going for a week off vacation so he asked if we can baby sit his cat for a week, my daughter whos 15 she got really excited and cleaned her room and watched cat documentaries and prepared a place for the kitty but my husband doesnt like animals so we refused the cat and our daughter is really devastated and pissed off, what do yall think?
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  • Female name that goes with the name Nova?

    Getting a calico kitty to be best friends with my little black kitty, Nova. I want their names to sound good together.
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  • Would it be terrible if I let my cat go outside, against my vets orders?

    My cats 15. She sleeps a lot more, although, but doesnt seem to have slowed down much. Well, I would let her outside until recently, when my vet told me or suggested not to. I already know the dangers. She could be hit by a car, attacked by an animal, get a disease. It's just shes been living outside prior to this for 15 years, and nothing ever happend to her, although there was a time when she dissapeared for a week, although I dont think shed do that now. Wouldnt it make sense if I let her live out the rest of her life able to rome wherever she wants happy? instead of licked inside 24/7? I know she doenst like being inside, because every morning she tries to run out the door, and I have to stop her. Also, I live in the mountains, so it's safer than living in the city or something.
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  • Planning to take stray cat to vet,will she trust me?

    I've been feeding a cat and her kittens for a month now....She now needs to be taken to the vet(either pregnant again or worms).She's been living in the garden,miaows for food twice a day outside my window and asks to be petted very occasionally,but she gets a bit feral when it comes to her food but allows me to touch her (limited interaction till now) has never harmed me or other humans...Do you think she will trust me when I take her to the vet? Or is there a chance she will attack me? I understand all cats are different and a stranger on the internet can't predict it...but my general question is that can cats understand,like a dog would?Thanks!
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  • If a kitten has a bloated tummy,eats excessively and isn't growing as fast as the rest of the litter,does it need to be taken to the vet?

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  • I have a pet cat can I still sleep naked at night could I get sick Somehow and there’s another cat that lays on my bed and he goes outside ?

    Best answer: Yes, you can sleep naked.  Cats are very clean animals and the only way to "protect" yourself would be to wear Dr. Dentons (a full-body onesie).  I just sleep in panties and in all my years of cat ownership I've never had an issue.  The only problem you might encounter is a few flea bites so make sure your cat is protected from fleas.
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  • What do I do if my cat dies while Im at work?

    okay so say i come home after work and my cat is clearly dead of old age...What would I do? SHould i take it to the vet and have them charge me hundreds of dollars to confirm he is dead and more hundreds to cremate him? or should I go find a random field and bury him...but its texas..so I dont know about that being a possibility...i could get shot!..so seriously..what would I need to do?
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  • Is it normal for a kitten to go crazy and sleep very little at nightafter medical suitvis removed the same day? ?

    She had her last vets appointment yesterday afternoon and had her medical suit taken off and shes only slept off and on all night shes run around like shes demented and is still at it right now 
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  • My cat's incredibly boring. What can I do to make her more entertaining?

    Best answer: Give her a toy with catnip in it.
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  • Is it safe to put a 15 year old cat though radioactive iodine treatment?

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  • Healthy cat food (dry)?

    It’s so hard to find a decent healthy dry cat food brand. We feed ours Purina one urinary tract but recently switched to their metabolic dry food. Is purina s good brand? What are some other suggestions? Don’t tell me to ask my vet because half the time I think they’re full of crap. Also, we prefer their food to NOT be grain free
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  • What is the difference of dogs and cats?

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  • 9-week old kitten got at her mom's plate and ate double the amount supposed to,adult cat food instead of kitten variety.Will she fall sick?

    Best answer: It's still cat food, it's not going to hurt her, it just doesn't have the same formula level recommended for a growing kitten vs what an adult needs. 

    While it might not be commended for a kitten to be given an adult cat food all the time since it might be a bit lacking, the random occasion of getting into it isn't going to hurt if she's otherwise eating her own kitten food the rest of the time.

    If she seems to be eating an usual amount she might be becoming a bit food obsessed. Not sure why some cats do, but it happens. Down side is that some may become overweight because of it, but probably not as a kitten.
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  • Why can a male cat breed with a female rabbit and produce cabbit offspring but not the other way around?

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  • Am I morally obligated to call animal control on my boss ?

    I started working at this guys house a couple weeks ago. We get along just great, but he has this old outside cat. It looks pretty healthy, besides a quarter sized bald spot on its hip. I'm very hypersensitive about animals, so I asked why she has a bald spot. He said he has no idea. I said "oh, you havnt tooken him to the vet to get it checked out?" He said "nah" so I just left it at that. Am I morally obligated to do anything more than suggest he takes the cat to the vet?
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  • What kind of behaviour occurs from your pet dog/cat when you are preparing their food?

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  • I pretty much gave this cat five-star treatment and she still left with her kittens?!?

    Best answer: A mother cat will move if she feels that her den is no longer safe. That is how their ancestor behaved in the wild. That means if you play with and handle the kittens often, causing them to protest by crying, the mother may move her kittens to a new den. She may still come back to you for some food, but she feels safer in the new den. She is not doing it because she is ungrateful. She is only doing it because it is her instinct.
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  • What’s in catnip that makes cats so addicted?

    One time, I was at my friend’s house playing with his cats. I picked up a catnip mouse on a stick, waving it in their faces and they were practically hypnotized LOL!
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  • My 4 month old kitten occasionally urinates on my bed and couch.?

    My kitten, Biscuit, whom i absolutely love and adore keeps on urinating on my bed for no apparent reason. He mostly use the litter but this started a month ago when i noticed a stain on the couch at midnight. I immediately took action and began trying to fix the issue. First i drove him to the vet to make sure he doesn't have a medical problem that may be the reason he's causing this kind of behavior. But the vet told me he is very healthy and this is just an issue that is resolved at home. So i began making some changes to his litter and food. I moved his food and water further away from his litter, changed his litter and litter box entirely, i clean his litter twice a day, i encouraged him to use the litter by giving him treats. but to no avail, this kept happening over and over again. I never become aggressive or punish my furry friend, but i do show that i'm upset and leave him alone for a few hours. My parents however are not that understanding that pets can not understand the reasoning behind punishments and can lead to the complete opposite. I'm going lengths to save my buddy, but if this keeps on happening, my parents are giving him away to a friend. Any advice?
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