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  • Is it wrong to declaw my girlfriends cat when she's at work?

    My girlfriend cat is scratching all of my furniture. I have handmade furniture that I bought from IKEA. The back of my couch has scratches from her cat and it ties the whole room together.
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  • How old is this kitten?

    Yesterday we caught a poor kitten who was dumped at a restaurant parking lot who was starving and kept almost getting hit by cars in the driveway. Anyways we have a vet appointment for tomorrow to get her checked out and vaccinated. But I was wondering how old do you think she may be? (She’s pretty skinny right now)
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  • How do I ask to be paid after pet sitting?

    So a casual friend of mine recently contacted me to pet sit her cats. Her family would be gone about 11 days while traveling to Canada. It was odd that she just contacted me out of the blue (we are not close), however I agreed. Her mother wrote me a two pages list of chores to do and gave me a half hour tour of the house about a week in advance. She wanted me to change the 4 litter boxes once a day, feed the cats wet and dry food twice a day, change the cats water 3 times a day, feed the fish twice a day, change the pool skimmer box everyday (it was so gross!), and play with the cats daily. Her mom also texted me a ton to make sure I was doing my job. I sent her pictures of her cats as requested and even changed the pool water. The family just came back home about 3 days ago. So far, I have not received so much as a thank you. I am frustrated because it was a lot of pressure on me to take care of these cats. I also cannot drive yet, so I had to bug my mom to drive me to their house 3 times per day. How should I ask if I am going to be paid? Payment isn’t even a big deal, but a gracious thank you would be just as good. Adding fuel to the fire, my friend just posted that they bought another cat yesterday. Ugh
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  • Does my cat (the white one) have a breed or is she just an average cat?

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  • I had a kitten with fleas in my house for two days...how do I prevent an infestation?

    I was planning to adopt a kitten. A friend of mine rescued him and when she gave him to me I didn t realize that he had fleas. Well, long story short. I bathen him twice the day I got him and once the day after. She came to pick him up on the third day. I managed to get some off of him but when he left he was still scratching. I have cleaned the carpet, vacuumed the furniture and applied flea spray to the upholstery, linen and curtains. I also vacuumed, swept and mopped the whole apartment. My apartment building is about 100 years old. As you can imagine there are cracks and crevices everywhere. I plan to continue cleaning every day for the next few weeks but I won t be able to close the cracks immediately. How do I avoid an infestation. Also, the building has mice. Please help.
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  • I purchased 2 supposedly healthy cats. Kittens has crusted over eyes. How do I get money back for medical costs.?

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  • Is my cat dying?

    My cat just turned 11. He will not eat or drink anything. He has lost tons of weight in the last week or so. He’s lost so much in fact that I can feel his spine and hip bones popping out, along with his chest area. He takes short yet heavy breaths, and doesn’t get up off the couch to even take a leak. He’s never acted this way before, and when I look him in the eyes he seems so lifeless like he’s not all there, and he seems careless to everything. I should add that for months now he’s had this weird condition in his eye, my parents thought it was glaucoma, but basically his right eye gradually fills up with white fluid and swells and then it leaks and the process starts over again. I’ve never taken him to the vet although I really want to, my parents keep telling me I'm over reacting but I know something serious is going on. Someone please help me figure out what to do. Thank you.
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  • Will filtering salt water through a coffee filter make my cats drinking water safer to consume?

    Best answer: Try distilling the water.
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  • Cat diarrhea?!?

    Hi! So my 10 week old kitten may possibly have diarrhea. Since yesterday, he had watery poop stuck to his fur. Since the litter clumps his poop, I can’t tell if it is REALLY watery, but I’m sure it is since there is watery poop stuck to his fur. And today morning, there was a lot of it on his legs. However, he poops twice/thrice a day. It’s not frequent. So I am confused. Is it diarrhea? We did recently switch from dry food to wet food. Gradually. And he did get this vaccination and deworming. Please help!
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  • My cat is hogging the heater?

    she legit taking all the heat but doesn't she have fur
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  • Are you a dog or a cat person?

    Best answer: Cats. They’re hygienic and low-maintenance.
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  • Should I be extremely concerned for my cat? Is it something mild or something serious?

    I've noticed that for the past few days that my cat has been extremely lethargic. My husband says he hasn't noticed anything unusual and he thought it was due to bad rainstorms outside. As of yesterday, I started to get very concerned. I put my cat on her bed and swaddled her in a blanket (which she never enjoyed before) then went out. When I came back a few hours later. She was in the same position. She didn't get up to eat or drink anything at all. I also noticed that she now has a limp. She seems to be running a fever from how hot her ears are, her breathing is shallow, she's stopped grooming herself, she's not eating or drinking much, she barely moves, she doesn't purr or react at all if you scratch her, and if you pick her up she seems very lifeless. I have already made her a vet appointment for three more days, but am concerned if I should go ahead and bring her in for an emergency visit.
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  • Can a cat mate with a mongoose ?

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  • Help diagnose my cat?

    Her behavior is very out of the norm, & lasted for about 2 days now. Symptoms: - lethargy and hiding (barely moving at all, not even to eat or drink water, and is disinterested in most things. She sleeps all day, she doesn't seem disoriented and is able to hold her head up, but she's weaker.) - Only eats if I feed her by hand - Hasn't used the litter box all day, (could be because she barely ate.) - She doesn't have a runny nose, and no coughing or sneezing. - Can't spot any signs of pain or discomfort She's 5 years old, heart rate is 144bpm, respiratory rate is around 30-40 breaths per minute, she weighs about 15 lbs (so she's overweight). She gets mild access to the outdoors, but for the most part stays in my room. She panics when taken out or in a car ride, which is the reason I'm delaying going to the vet. Possible causes: 1. Bringing a puppy into the room. Her behavior was normal right before I brought the puppy (who only stayed there for about 1 hour.) It could be a coincidence, but the same thing happened both times I brought the puppy. The first time, a week ago, it only lasted for a day then she was back to normal, but now it lasted 2 days so far and she seems even more withdrawn or depressed. 2. dyspnea. As I mentioned, her resting respiratory rate is about 30-40 (usually about 33-36.) Some sources I find say this is normal, other say this is too high. She doesn't keep her mouth open when breathing, but her nose will flare sometimes but not often.
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  • Does your cat come close to you when you feel sad?

    Like, can cats detect when you're not happy?
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  • Do you have a cat? Did you ever have his teeth cleaned with ultrasound without putting him to sleep? how did it go?

    The vet told me to brush my cat's teeth. I tried - that does not work. I can put a tooth brush in his mouth, but what sort of a cleaning it is i don't know - i don't see anything when i brush. I read about vet's cleaning - they put a cat to sleep. I m concerned about it - we all know Michael Jackson died from anesthesia induced sleep and my ex husband's father dies from anesthesia during the operation on his hip. He was not even old - in his 60. When my cat was neutered he threw up after he came home and was ill looking for 3 days after anesthesia. i don't want to bring him more pain and suffering. In a pet store where i asked about treats which clean cat's teeth they said once cat has tar u first must have it cleaned and then go with treats. They do ulrtasound cleaning without anesthesia. So if your cat ever had that how did it go? If you have your cat's teeth cleaned by a vet - how come u re not worried about anesthesia?
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  • How to get cats across the country?

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  • What are some easy DIY kitten toys?

    Ive bought a bunch of cat toys for my kitten but he seems to take more interest in random household objects such as hair ties, ping pong balls, pacifiers, and shoes. Are there any other DIY cat toys or random household objects that in your experience has entertained your cats?
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  • Took in a cat that has never been dewormed?

    I’m not sure about doing it myself. She’s had all of her shoots but her previous owners were older and never dewormed her. I think she’s around 14 or 15. Should I jut not do it at this point or do it myself? I’ve got a vet app. for in two weeks. I had wanted to do it before then but didn’t know if that is a bad idea. Never been in this situation before. I use Revolution on my other cats. Thanks.
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  • Free Roaming cats question?

    I took on a feral who ended up pregnant, she had 4 kittens, 2 died young for unknown reasons. I am left with the mama and her 2 surviving kittens. All have been fixed. They WILL NOT stay in except for many a few hours a night in the cold of winter. I have had them I guess over 10 years now. They do not go far from home. And there are no coyotes around here. So I disagree with Jackson Galaxy when he says they live shortened lives. Indeed, I think they may live better lives because they prefer to be outside. Comments?
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