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  • What is the best dog to have as an attack dog?

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  • What would you do if you caught your Dog cheating?

    ......Eating in someone else's house when it was hungry instead of yours. Playing with another human in their yard Going to the vet when you didn't take it. Waging it's tail to someone else and barking at you for no reason.
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  • Is it considered "racist" to not like Pitbulls?

    I don't have a problem with dogs, it's the breed I have a problem with because Pitbulls were bred for illegal blood sports like bull baiting, bear baiting and later dog fighting and killing. It's all in their natural instinct. They are responsible for more human attacks and fatalities than all the other dog breeds combined.
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  • What pet can live with Siberian Husky?

    My family has a 1.5 year old Siberian Husky. She is a sweetheart, but is also very hyper. I want to get another pet, but my family says it will be dead in an hour. I would likely keep it in my room, depending on the pet. My parents keep saying it will escape and have a very sad death story. Any suggestions of good pets that wouldn't escape? Non smelly is also a plus. :)
    12 answers
  • Why do vicious dogs calm down when approaching me??

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  • Why does my dog like meat?

    Best answer: I have no idea..............
    8 answers
  • How do i get my injured dog to go outside to pee?

    my dog injured her back leg this morning so she walks with a limp, i have a appointment for the vet tomorrow, she's been staying off of it but i wanted to know how do i make her go to the bathroom, should i carry her out? she doesn't really want to walk she's lame right now, she still playful and eating just doesn't really want to walk which is expected, was just wondering what should i do, how long can dogs hold their urine she haven't been out since 2:30pm
    14 answers
  • Why do you have a problem with people who buy dogs from breeders?

    Like it’s not your money so back off
    16 answers
  • What advice would you give on owning a German Shepherd ?

    What advice in training, socialization, diet, nutrition and exercise would you give on someone having a male GSD puppy?.
    10 answers
  • What kind of dog is this?

    This is my neighbor’s cousin’s dog
    36 answers
  • What breed is my puppy ?

    I know he is part corgi but the ears and snoot makes me think he is mixed with something else and I can’t seem to figure out what the other part is someone please help I’m going insane 
    14 answers
  • Best places in Ireland to buy teacup pitbulls?

    Best answer: shutup troll................
    7 answers
  • Do the think the people who were working at my backyard hurt my dog?

    I had people working at my backyard and my dog was watching over them. They asked if the dogs bites or attacks to which I said no he's actually very friendly. I come back home and I see my dog laying and can't walk due to his leg hurting. What do you think? I'm really angry right now 
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  • Both my dogs have cancer... should I leave them in the woods?

    Best answer: https://uk.answers.askadc.com/question/index?qid=20191120123250AABoRXp
    8 answers
  • What dog should I get?

    I want a dog that won't bark, won't shed, will be polite. I don't really care if it's dependent or not cause I'm going to be with it all the time. I live in an apartment and I'm willing to give it as much exercise as it needs. I'd prefer a small dog but I'm fine with any dog. Which dog breed would you suggest me?
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  • How many hours does your dog sleep at night?

    My small dog sleeps about 9-10 hours at night but I wonder whether the amount of hours depends upon the size of the dog. (I am not referring to senior dogs who may sleep more.)
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  • Can my sisters boyfriend do this? ?

    He broke up with her out of the blue, they were together 5 years had 3 dogs. They both raised the dogs and my sister paid vet bills. He kicked her out of the house and said he will not give her any dog. She is devastated. Loved those dogs like they were her children. I’m so angry i want To go steal them 
    9 answers
  • Should I work at a dog kennel if I have an 8 week old puppy?

    I am getting an 8 week old puppy in December and it will have it’s first round of shots by then. I have a family friend asking if I can pick up shifts at a dog kennel (it usually houses over 100 healthy pets at a time) during the last two weeks of December and early January. It would only be 3 or 4 half days a week and I have family to watch the puppy while I am gone. I would be able to shower and throw my clothes in the laundry before I see the puppy after work, but my car would be around my clothing when I drive home from work. I am mostly worried about possible disease exposure to my new dog before it has completed its shot series. Any veterinarians out there or veterinary assistants, is this wise? Or would the extra money be not worth the risk of exposure?
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  • Can dogs get abortions?

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