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  • Why does my dog eat like its life depends on it?

    I have a German Sheppard that s approx. 4 months old and recently hes been desperately eating his food everytime we feed him. We feed him once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night, in the morning a somewhat full bowl, and I m the after noon and night half of it, sometimes more than half, and he still doesn t seem to be full, any answers as to what might be happening here?
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  • HELP!! My dog turns into a mean attack dog and starts attacking me, when it’s thundering outside.?

    I have a mixed jackdaniel/chihuahua dog, whom is 13 years old. He’s scared to death of thunder and he gets VERY mean and goes into attack mode towards me,during storms. He has left plenty a marks on me, from his attack modes. I’ve tried the thunder shirt (didn’t work) and now I put him in the bathroom, but he starts chewing the bottom of the door and peeing on everything. Once the thunder stops and I open the door, he starts growling at me. I think he’s so worked up, at this point, he doesn’t realize the thunder has stopped. I’ve tried everything form being nice and loving, fussing at him, ignoring him and then putting him in the bathroom. I have to put him in the bathroom or I do believe, he’d tear me up. Of course, I don’t do these things all at once (I’ve tried each on different stormy days). Other than the thunder attacks, he is a very loyal and loving dog to me. Any advice?? 😊 I’ve also had this dog from birth.......I bottle fed him from a week old, due to a condition his mother had. So, to answer what’s probably on a lot of minds, he’s never been abused nor lived in any other home.
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  • Is it illegal for a dog to walk alongside the outside part of a private property fence when the dog doesn t pee/poo on the fence?

    My dog was leashed and stepped maybe 3-5 feet onto a neighbor s driveway for not even 5 Mississippi s. My dog did not pee, poop, bark, or even get close to the neighbors or their dog. The man throws a fit that my dog stepped onto his property for a few seconds and that the dog walked alongside his fence.
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  • How far can a dog walk into the woods?

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  • Why did my dog randomly bark at me?

    I was in the kitchen while my brother was sitting on the couch, after I was done in the kitchen I went to say goodnight to my dog and she did a mean aggressive bark towards me.
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  • How much water and when should i give water to my puppies each about 3 pounds and about 3 months ?

    So i have 2 puppies around 2 weeks apart but both about to be 3 months and they are both around 3 months, i was wondering how much water should I give them and when would be an aproppriate time, i usually give them water when they eat and after i take them out to play but im worried its not enough any suggestions ?
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  • Should I get a Saint Bernard?

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  • How do I help my two dominant dogs to get along/determine who is the alpha?

    I have a 3 year old male husky who I've had since he was 8 weeks old. Just this week, we adopted a 1 year old female husky. My male husky has always been a dominant dog, but the new female seems to be as well. She is constantly trying to hump him and they have begun battling it out to see who will be alpha (I assume). They aren't necessarily fighting, but my male husky is getting very annoyed with the female humping to where he will turn and bite her cheek (not enough to injure her, but enough to make her squeal for a second). She has also been licking his face, which I know is also a sign of deference, but she still humps him any chance she gets and I am afraid that he is getting so annoyed with her, that they will never be friends and he will never want to be near her. Any tips on how to help them?
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  • Which two dogs combined make the best cross breeds?

    I have been looking up Lab/Irish Setter mixes and they are beautiful dogs, also some other strange ones. Id love to see a Cane Corso crossed with a German Pointer -- the Corso for the protection and strength and the Pointer for its attention and intelligence.
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  • It s 2019 do I need to be licensed to rear puppies & sale them?

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  • Can separation anxiety make my dog really itchy?

    My dog is constantly scratching and biting at himself. I've checked his fur and can't see any sign of fleas or ticks and he's been doing this even after he's had a bath. He has really bad separation anxiety (he was neglected, possibly abused, we got his from the animal shelter), could that cause him to be scratching so much maybe as a comfort thing? He's a Chihuahua/weenie dog mix, are there certain skin problems they are prone to having that could be causing the itching?
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  • I have a 9 month old pit bull and she is in heat for the first time can I breed her now or what?

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  • My neighbor has complained to the landlord about my dog and I received a written warning !?

    Best answer: If anybody said 'whatever ' to me when I had a problem, rightly or wrongly, that would be a red rag to me. Fact is it's up to the person to PROVE the pooh comes from your dog so if you KNOW this hasn't come from your dog, call their bluff. Photographic evidence of your dog doing this? Saying 'whatever' was bound to inflame this situation.

    All you can do is walk your dog, away from the communal areas if possible, and PICK UP IMMEDIATELY.

    I don't know where 'the close' is (peeing) - if it should have been 'closet' then how would that affect a neighbour. Sounds like somebody has too much time on their hands, or has had experience of something like this with a previous tenant. Treat this with sugar, not vinegar otherwise you could well face eviction. If you don't decide to move out in any case!!!
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  • Unpopular female dog names?

    I m getting a new puppy in July, at the moment just looking up different breeds. I already have a black cavoodle who is called Shadow. I did have another dog who was a Maltese cross by the name of Patch (But had to put her to sleep just after christmas) Know any names that are good, I have already got - Blue - Kota
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  • Can I return a dog?

    My son really wants a dog but I dont want to have to look after it because I'm a cat person. We already have a cat but he still wants a dog. Im thinking of letting him look after a dog for a month or so and if i end up having to take care of the dog i want to be able to return it. I already have to take care of my son and do all the work around the house in addition to having a full time job. How do i make sure i can return a dog
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  • How do I politely decline a dog walking client?

    Best answer: Just simply say "I cannot take you on as a client." You don't have to justify yourself.
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  • What s the naughtiest funny thing your pet/ pets have done?

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  • Why do people hate pitbulls and chihuahuas??? their the best dogs alive?

    Best answer: Wow! I can't even believe some of these uneducated replies. Ignorance must be contagious. Let me start by saying I don't care for Chi's, because they are small, they serve no purpose in my life, they are generally pretty nervous dogs, they yap, and yap, and yap, OMG! Oh! My "Pit"bull would squash it. Next! To all of the uneducated..I have been around MANY American Staffordshires, (Pit to the uneducated) my entire life. My daddy would go to the dog fights, and buy the losers, as the owner was going to kill them anyway. He brought them home, cleaned them up, and found them beautiful homes. His favorite dog, was a ***** he brought home, from a fight. She was his badass little yard dog. We owned a ranch, so to say we had a plethora of animals, was an understatement. She was an awesome little bulldog though. I was a baby when he brought her home. She thought the sun rose and set in me. None of those dogs he brought home, never bit, mauled, or attacked us.
    I hate ignorance! I also hate people talking about a subject, they know absolutely nothing about.
    I am so glad my daddy raised those dogs around me and my siblings, and gave us a heart for them. When I was dating my husband, I told him, he had to learn to love bulldogs, or we couldn't get married. Oh! He also had to move to Texas..lol he loves our Am Staff ( Keeper) as well as ( Orphan) I fostered Am Staffs all of my kids lives. They lived in my home, until they got a family. My kids treated them like their siblings. In fact, I gave my children a heart for these dogs, and they now have them, for their children. Pretty awesome, huh!
    Now let me get to the ignorant statement.." bred to be aggressive!" This is a lie, from the pit of hell! They are bred to hunt. They are no more aggressive than any other dog, if raised in a normal atmosphere. However, they are very territorial dogs. One of the awesome qualities about them. I will promise you if you come in my house uninvited, Keeper will eat your *** up. I am glad she will too. She definitely is not a people person..she also doesn't deal with stupid. If she thinks I am getting frustrated with somebody, or anxious, due to somebodys stupidity...she will give a low tone growl. I will put my finger on my lips, and she will hush. I don't have to say anything to her, for her to do something, she obeys hand gestures. This breed of dog is one of the most brilliant breed of dog, God created. BTW! Keeper is not the 1st dog that I have taught that way. They make excellent K9 dogs. They make excellent service dogs, although, they tend to be a bit hard headed. The right person working with them, can make them putty in their hand. So to the people that speak and don't know..you are the people who are causing millions of this breed to be euthanized every year. Stop believing everything the media feeds you. They lie!
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  • My Dog is really vicious with other dogs. I have never seen him lose a fight.Would be OK to let him fight other dogs and place bets on him?

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  • What are dog breeds not for first time owners?

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