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  • Do dogs have a third eye?

    Best answer: Only when they hold their nose up high in front of a mirror with someone taking a photo of them at at advantageous angle. (Good troll attempt actually)

    A third eyelid they do have - the nictating membrane.

    A dog's pineal gland is only 1mm long whereas that of a human is 10mm. Probably less 'spiritual' function there in the dog which, makes up for it by instinct being passed on much more effectively.
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  • Do tall people like dogs?

    Best answer: I don’t know why they wouldn’t
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  • A woman contacted me to buy 2 puppies, paid the deposit and now wants her money back after I've held them 2 extra months for her.?

    She wanted a discount for buying 2 and I gave her 100 off each puppy and asked me to hold the puppies an additional 6 weeks. On day before pickup she says she can t get them and wants her deposit back. I turned down other people. Any advice?
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  • Why won't my dog go up or down the stairs anymore?

    I have a 10 year old corgi and he's never had a problem with stairs before. this problem started these last few days. he will stand at the stairs and whine until someone carries him. he doesn't seem scared, and I also know that he's not in pain because he jumps on/off beds with no problem. just yesterday when he saw me taking his leash out, he got excited for his walk and went down the stairs by himself (slowly, after hesitating). why is he doing this? I don't know if this matters, but he has fallen down the stairs once. it was months ago, he showed no signs of fear after that and continued using the stairs normally. that was the only time he fell, to and to my knowledge it has not happened recently so it can't be fear right? he's old but he shows no sign of age or pain just yet. just today he was running around the house like crazy, anybody know why he won't use the stairs?
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  • Is it legal for my boss to ask me to pet sit her dogs?

    My manager is going away next week for two weeks for her honeymoon and she asked me if I could pet sit her dogs for those two weeks (stay at her house for those two weeks). I personally have no obligation for this and am more then happy to do it, because there is only 4 of us at work and we all get on very well with each other! And i’ve seen her dogs multiple times! But just wondering if this was legal? Your answers are very helpful! Thank you!
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  • What is a too human sounding name for a dog?

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  • I have a 9 week puppy, getting his jab in 2 weeks but i cant drive & the vets is about a 20 min walk. Will he be safe to walk there & back?

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  • If I work 8 hour shifts on the week days , is it fair for my puppy to be crated all this time?

    Would it be considered cruel to leave my puppy in a crate for extended periods of time? ( several hours) while I am away at work ? Right now , what I have been doing is let her roam around the apartment freely while I am away....I don't want her to be confined in such a small space . Because then she might be unhappy.
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  • Why are dog lovers angry of people who cannot afford taking their dogs to a vet? Especially when these people belong outside US?

    Best answer: It's just sensitivity when you get attached to something, and then you just overlook situations and expect everyone to treat everything they way you can.
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  • Dog has weird scab like bump on back of her neck and doesnt like it being touched?

    my dog has had a scab like bump that feels hard by not apart of the skin for awhile and it keeps getting bigger she has had a history with fleas by they are gone now everytime i feel the bump its bigger and when i touch it she squirms and runs away and ideas?
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  • What happens if a no kill animal shelter killed a healthy dog that s wasnt a danger to the public?

    So a dog had been living at the shelter for a year and a half nearly 2 years. He wasnt goid with other dogs but he never pulled towards others or tried to get aggressive unless he was in a yard with one (off leash) he was healthy other then some arthritis. Well this so called no kill shelter put him down this morning. Yes they ve put down clinically I ll dogs and sent the behavioral problem dogs that "they felt at least" were a danger to the county to do what they want (most likely be put down) Can they still be classified as a no kill? Can anything be done?
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  • Training chow chow dog Biting pup help, dog breed, adopting s dog with issues. Is it possible?

    My partners close friends stupidly bought a chow chow pup 5 months ago with two small children and no dog experience. It has recently shown signs of aggression towards there two small children so they want to get rid of him ASAP (the children have been allowed to be very rough with this dog and with any breed it doesnt really suprise me tbh, its very sad). Me and my partner have been wanting a dog for a long time (Ideally i wanted a breed which is more sociable and active) but maybe im biased having Labradors etc. (we both have lots of dog experience) we do live in an apartment and I have got the time to try and train this 7 month old dog but I m worried I wont be able to. Do you think its possible to train a chow chow at this age out of what he has already learnt or are we biting off more than we can chew, I would just be very upset if he went to a bad home as he is a lovely boy. Also, I am happy to have a dog with less energy, less need for cuddles etc. but if we have children in the future or when I take him out I would not want to be in the same position. Any links or advice welcome... i have agreed to take him in for the next couple of weeks to see how things go. Many thanks in advance! :)
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  • How to get over a dog that got hit by a car?

    I’m 17 and I had a poodle since I was in 6th grade , I got him when he was just a couple months old . He was my first He was a part of the family and he started walking outside a lot and he was already used to the neighborhood and everytime someone opened the door he would shoot out . He’s been doing that for a good two years maybe and I’ve had him for 7 years . He often goes around our block but he’s been going across the street a lot for some female dog at another house . He was always back and forth there but on Sunday night or Monday morning he got hit by a car . It was right next to our street and someone told Me they heard a dog crying but they don’t know if it was him or another dog . I believe he got hit a second time which is when he actually died . My parent didn’t want me to look at him so I never went to go see his body . I just feel so bad and I can’t stop thinking about him. I got him from a friend and his mother lived much longer than 7 years . I feel so bad . I’m sad I wasn’t there by his side during his death and I’m sad that his spirit might hate me for not being there in his time of distress .
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  • I’m adopting an unneutered dog. how long should i wait to neuter him?

    i’ve seen some people say to do it right away, and others say to wait until the dog is more used to the new home. i start school in a month so if i waited very long i wouldn’t have as much time to spend making sure he’s comfortable while he’s recovering
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  • How can I put down my dog safely at home?

    I am a vegan and personally dont want to bring my dog of 5 years to some institution where they kill animals, so i wanna do this humanely at home with zero chance to make a mistake
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  • Is my dog smart enough to be trying to avoid discipline?

    When my dog does something that worries me or if she does something wrong, I'll bring her to the side and say "bad". Every dog seems to know this word for some reason and I know she understands, because when I tell her she's good she'll jump in the air or run in circles when she's happy. But when I try to tell her she's bad, she smiles at me, wags her tail and licks my hand. Is she trying to charm people not to punish her, or is she just a friendly dog who doesn't understand what she did was wrong?
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  • Is it mean that I don’t like dogs?

    Like I don’t hate them but I don’t find them cute, especially big dogs like pit bulls. To me dogs stink and they’re too hyper and their barks are annoying
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  • Artificial grass with a plastic tray - Effective dog potty training aide?

    Does anyone know anything about how effective those trays are with the artificial organic scented grass? Has anyone had luck with them? How do I get my puppy to use this ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Large-Pet-Pot...
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  • Puppy with kidney and liver failure?

    So I’m an ethical breeder, I test all my dogs and puppies before sending them off to their new homes. I recently had a littler of 8 beautiful Siberian husky pups. All have went to new approved homes. But recently a buyer messaged me about their puppy who has liver and kidney failure.. I had all puppies given age appropriate deworming and vaccines and examined not once but 3 times by my vet before sending them off. The puppy should now be 3 months old and this is what buyer has told me: Just today. She wasn’t pooping properly. Her poop was liquid since we had gotten her. So we had some tests done. The first one was for worms and she came back negative on that. But did a blood test and she came back positive for liver and or kidney failure. I then replied that if anything does happen she is entitled to a replacement puppy of similar value.she also has stated: Well the vet said that they wanna do more tests and examine her more to see if there is a possible alternative to keep her alive and happy. I’m trying to make it through work cause they just dropped the bomb on me during my last break. I feel like the worst person ever because of this..I wish I would have known about this before sending the puppy off so I could’ve prevented breaking my buyers heart. What should i do about this? I had both parents tested for diseases such as PRA, CD, DM-WT/WT, I also had their ofa hips and eyes - both scored excellent! I also must add I require a spay contract to spay before 7 months.
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  • Should owners who let their dogs continually bark or neighbours who own dogs that bark loudly and scare their neighbours?

    when they walk outside have their dogs taken away from them
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