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  • Should I rehome my dog?

    My wife wants to rehome our dog because she poops in her cage sometimes and we have a baby about to be born and she doesnt want the baby to be exposed to dog poop.
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  • My puppy(10 weeks) likes the taste of citrus. What can I use to prevent her from chewing on things she shouldn't?

    She's developing a liking for chewing on cords. Usually we catch her before she gets too far with it, but there have been a few casualties. This was the last straw however, as it is the cord for our modem. It's still relaying, but if we dont find something to deter her from chewing, itll be done for.
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  • Is there anything I can do to help my dogs grieving process?

    I'm giving him extra love & attention. He's become lethargic, nibbles when eating, normal water intake for activity. Isn't asking for as many treats, Whining low guttural noise, goes to her spot and looks sad. has brought me her toys but won't play at all right now.
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  • Why are people allowed to have cats or dogs when all they want to do is cut out its reproductive organs and throw them in the trash can?

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  • What is the best looking dog breed in your opinion?

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  • Which dog Breed would be best for a young woman in college living with her grandfather?

    Best answer: If he's a fairly young grandfather, perhaps he would like the company of a dog.
    Have you thought about how limiting a dog will be and how it will effect your social life.
    You will have to take your dog for a LONG walk be before you go to college, then rush home and take her for another long walk.
    Thankfully she will have your grandfather for company, BUT how will cope with toilet training? Will he object if your dog pees on the carpet.
    Has he a large FENCED garden?
    How you thought about how you will cope when you leave college and get a full time job?
    Getting a dog is a lifelong commitment.
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  • My sister moved in with her dog...?

    Last month my sister came down for a "vacation" and ended up moving in with her dog. I have a five year old and two cats. And we were planning on getting my son a puppy for his birthday. My problem is her dog. It is untrained. It growls and barks and she feeds it people food so it begs us all for food. It has scratched my back door up and now it is using the bathroom in my house. It has even snapped at my husband when he went to move it away from the plants. We also caught it going into the laundry room where we keep the cat food and kitty bos and caught it wating their food leaving them with none She tried blaming it on my cats but we have never had any issues with our cats doing such things and the poo is obviously dog poo. She was told to keep it off the furnature which belongs to my mother in law but she lets him on it anyway. We asked her to keep it out of my sons pool but she puts it in anyway. We discussed getting it training and possibly crate training but she against it. What should I do...did I make a mistake by letting her stay until she got her own place?
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  • How much would it be to remove one puppy dew claw?

    I am going to be picking up my puppy soon from a local breeder,She said when she took the puppies in at 2 days old to remove their dew claws the vet didn’t do the best job at it, she provided me with vet papers(proof it was done by a “professional”) and stated the vet didn’t do his left paw properly so now his dew claw is growing back,She offered to pay for the surgery or take money off the puppy to cover the expenses of the surgery,She said she will be taking him into the vet again soon so they can examine it and see if it would be necessary to remove it. I told her I’ll just pay to remove it if the vet thinks i should, I just want know when would be the best time to remove it and how much would it cost? I know prices can vary but what did you guys pay and where are you from? Also she is making me sign a spat/neuter contract so when I neuter him would it be possible to remove the dew claw at the same time? Also just a disclaimer; the pups have/had back dew claws and I live in a area with a lot of branches and trees which can potentially rip one out so please don’t lecture me on how removing them is wrong,this isn’t a debate.
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  • Moving out of family home with my dog?

    Hi there this has been keeping me up all night because I'm a very anxious person but basically my partner and I are planning on moving in Together within the next sort of year. I currently live in my family home with my dog who is mine to pay for, walk, take care of ect and I'm suddenly worrying about her being left on her own for a long period of time. Currently she's left alone for around 4-6 hours a day because my family come home and can let her out but when it's just me and my partner we both work long shifts so I'm not sure what to do. Getting in rid of her is not an option and neither is leaving her with my parents as they wont have her I'm so worried about this. Please help I love my dog so much I am looking at changing my job to shorter hours/ late shifts so she isn't alone for too long although I don't know how well this will work financially.
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  • Does anyone know how a ESA letter works?

    Best answer: Emotional support dogs are not covered by ADA.. They do not have public access rights. Yes, the principal can indeed kick her off school property. ESAs are not the same thing as service dogs. They are only covered under fair housing laws and airline carrier access laws.
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  • How do I get my one year old puppy to stop humping my other 7 month old puppy?

    He’s always on guard that he won’t even lie down and sleep. He’s always following her and he won’t leave her alone. Is this normal? I’m worried.
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  • Hi, my dog has separation anxiety. if I leave room he will bark until he’s with me. He follows me every single step I take. What do I do?

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  • How come dogs can urinate everywhere but humans cannot?

    Best answer: Depends. Visit France. Or Scotland.
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  • When is the best time to get my pup pregnant?

    Best answer: There is no good reasonbto breed this dog but if you decide to go ahead anyway and want healthy pups and this dog to stay healthy then wait another 2 years.
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  • Teaching a dog to be in a crate?

    We recently got a new dog who sadly came from a bad home where she was kept chained up outside for who knows how long and at night i think was put in her crate sometimes. Since getting her i’ve had to put her in her crate whenever we go out but getting her in it is a struggle, i think it might bring bad memories to her of her past home. How do i teach her that her crate is supposed to be a safe place?
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  • Puppy beaten to death?

    My friends 6 month old husky puppy escaped their yard and went into their neighbors yard. Then the adult son (27 year old) of that house beat the puppy to death in the head with a hammer. Then dumped the puppies body on their front porch for my friend and her young siblings to see the mutilated dog. THE COPS SAY THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!! I thought animal abuse was a criminal offense? We have a posted this post all over facebook and are just trying to seek justice for this poor baby!
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  • Why do dog owners seem to think their dog is more important than our sheep and always try to avoid responsibility based on their ignorance?

    We're in the middle of lambing season and some fool was letting his dog worry our sheep. One of our hands fired a warning shot to try to scare the dog off and the owner flipped out. 3 sheep died as a result of being chased and we told him he would need to pay for the animals. He waited around for the police fortunately, and huffed about his dog didn't touch them and was demanding our hand be arrested for shooting near the dog. The officer got his ID and told him that he IS responsible for the damages just for allowing his dog to bark and chase and that we have a legal right to defend our animals from his dog even if it is only chasing them from outside the fence.
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  • Is a Newfoundland puppy right for me? I'm a single female who runs a corporation. No children. Men find me repulsive. Is that a good breed?

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  • My dog is acting strange. What could be the problem?

    My dog Lily is an outside dog. She is about 10 months old. Inthe last 2 weeks she has become disturbingly skinny but still has a healthy appetite. Weve been keeping an eye on her but today she started scaring me She refuses to drink water but is still eating fairly heartily. WhenIcame home she washiding under my deck laying down. weird for her because normally she ais hyper and wont stay calm.I whistled for her and she got up and walked towards me but she was shaking like she was having a seizure She tripped and seemed like she was very confused and disoriented trying to stand up again. I tried giving her water to no avail. She just seemed totally disinterested in the water but quickly ate the food I gave her. She continued to shake extremely bad but seemed to want attention from me. She wasnt aggressive or shy.I tried giving her bread soaked in water to get her some liquids which she ate. Just now though I went to check on her and couldnt get her to come to me when I called. I eventually found her hiding behind her doghouse but she was standing up kind of leaning against it and shaking worse than before. I tried to pull her out from behind the house but she fought me to stay where she was. She has had her parvo and distemper shots but no rabies vaccineI havent noticed and bites or scratches on her and our other dog seems okso I dont think its rabies. What can I do? In the shape shes in if I call animal control I'm worried they'll think we havent been feeding her Please help
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