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  • How did “Corona Virus” get started? What was cause of it?

    Someone told me people were like eating animals or something?? Like eating worms? Or eating Snakes? Eating some kind of animal?? What caused Corona Virus?
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  • Can texts provide evidence for sexual intercourse? (statutory rape)?

    I know it’s the law, but I think it’s stupid that the age of consent is 18 in Virginia and that you can be charged even if the other person is totally fine with it. Regardless, hypothetically let’s say I’m 20 and my girlfriend is 16 and we live in Virginia and engaged in sexual intercourse and her parents stole her phone and think we had sex based on her texts and based on them having a tracker on her and finding out she was out late at night. If that were the case what would be the best thing to do? We could say we were in Maryland because the age of consent is 16 there. Also the nurse said if her hormones haven’t changed and are at 0 (because we might have not used protection), they don’t have proof that we did anything (apart from the texts). Is there anything else to consider in this situation and do you think there’s any solid evidence? Thank you for any responses
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  • Would you eat a snake?

    Best answer: I have, on a couple of occasions. Not bad. And it DOES taste like chicken.
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  • Do frogs eat dead insects?

    I plan on getting a frog soon, and it seems like their diet consists of live insects. I personally do not think I'd be able to handle live insects, so I want to know if they will eat them if they're dead. 
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  • How do you discipline a pet Burmese Python? ?

    She already weighs more than I do and is at least three times stronger, and she doesn't like being told what to do, where to go, and who not to eat. Frankly I'm at my wit's end.
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  • What happens if someone gives their pet lizard steroids?

    What are the consequences?
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  • What size tank is required to house a baby box turtle?

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  • Help! Would you consider a pig a reptile?

    Best answer: Nope, not at all. A pig is pork, and it tastes wonderful. Most reptiles taste like chicken.
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  • My bearded dragon stopped eating? ?

    He's in a 40 gallon tank, zoo med heat bulb's and a zoo med hood uvb bulb as well. Temperature on the cool side is around 80 farenheit and hot side is 100 Fahrenheit. He use to eat kale, endives, and cabbage all the time and slowly refused to eat them. So I've been substituting the vegetables with vegetable baby food. For bugs he eats the zoo med superworms (cooked) as a treat occasionally and wax worms. He stopped eating 3 days ago. I noticed he hasn't gone to the bathroom so I gave him a warm bath and massaged his stomach and he did go to the bathroom. He then ate 5 wax worms, and I force fed him some kale, and the next day hes back to not eating? He's very active and is acting like nothing is wrong with him. I dont have anything tall in his tank or rough in his tank for him to harm himself on, he has a green mat as substrate and I do use calcium powder on his worms. Ik I need to take him to the vet, but I'm just wondering if anyone has advice to help stimulate his appetite it would be greatly appreciated. 
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  • Should I get a boa or a bearded dragon? ?

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  • Can someone recommend a reliable .22 automatic. I need it to be pocket size. It is used mostly to kill venomous snakes.?

    Best answer: If you want to kill snakes, it would be better to use something with a shotgun shell, like a Taurus Judge.
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  • How canI hide my pet gecko from my parents? advice?

    Best answer: I tried to hide an Old World chameleon from my dad by locking the door to my room when I was a teenager, thinking that he may be freaked out by it because it looks so weird. Instead he thought that I was inside the room and not answering because I may have fallen ill and needed emergency help, so he kicked the door open while I was not home. LOL. Turns out he did not care about the lizard pet I just got. He, like me, likes pets.  The lesson of this story is that it may do more harm than good if you try to hide your new pet from your parents. Leopard geckos are not as bad as a cat that will scratch up your family's sofa or a dog that will poop inside the house. If you act like you are trying to hide something they may think it is something bad or illegal

    If you like the gecko so much, go ahead and get it. What will they do to you? Disown you? Ground you for life? Throw the gecko away or flush it down the toilet? I don't think so. I don't think they will do anything to you or your pet. Just take good care of the new pet, don't make a mess and they will understand and let you keep it. Just don't let your lizard run around ouside the cage and inside the house because it may freak them out. Tell them it is not venomous nor will it bite.
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  • My baby crested gecko isn’t eating, help!!?

    Best answer: I agree with Joe: The temps and humidity must be correct. I would talk with a pet store who specializes in reptiles, RIGHT AWAY because this lizard is extremely underweight. They could tell you what to do, and what he may eat at this point since he is likely very dehydrated.
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  • What is the best way to get rid of snakes that live in my basement?

    Best answer: Rent yourself a propane fired Barn heater. Put it in your basement where are the flame can't catch anything on fire plug the thing into the wall socket with an extension cord if necessary and fire it up. Close the door. In a short time the temperature will reach higher than 150 degrees in the room. Just let the heater run wide open for about 4 or 5 hours every last snake in the basement will die because of the high temperature. Give your basement plenty of time to reach high temperature and let it stay that way for a couple of hours and that way you can know for sure that the snakes are dead.
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  • How often should a snake be fed?

    Best answer: Hatchlings can be fed once a week, as long as they take prey. Sub-adults can eat once a week or every two weeks, and once they reach adulthood, they can eat once every two weeks, so twice a month or so. Snakes should ALWAYS be offered prey after they shed, regardless of the last time they ate. It take a lot of energy to shed skin, so something should be offered. 

    Also, keep in mind that with sub-adults, you may get months of them not eating. Both of mine went through this; one for 5 months and the other for 6. Didn't touch anything, then out of the blue, started eating again like nothing happened. Also, depending on sex, during their breeding season, they will not eat as much. Balls are also notorious for being finicky eaters and really inconsistent with offerings, but you should still try. Many balls can go about 8-9 months without food at all.
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  • Help! There is a rattle snake in my basement. What should I do? ?

    Best answer: Call GAME AND FISH ask
    Shoot it
    Grab a shovel and the biggest old sheet you have
    Throw the sheet over it, gather it up or hit it.
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  • Are frogs turning gay?

    Best answer: I don't know but I never heard of homosexua; frogs before barrack HUSSEIN alobama, AND NOW ??'???????
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  • When you have a reptile do you have to gradually upgrade their cage size or can you go straight to the biggest size they'll ever need?

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  • How to stop crickets from making that deafening sound?

    is there a way to reduce cricket noise? they are near the yard in the bush of a daytime and they are extremely LOUD constant and deafening they do not shut the f up ALL DAY they dont even have a break for 5 mins and driving me nuts
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  • Do all the snakes have to eat alive mice?

    Best answer: No. Not at all. Many snakes will eat dead mice. Snakes rely on odor and motion to detect prey. A moving object that smells right will induce a snake to strike. So, move a dead mouse slowly, head first in front of a snake (no sudden movements) by grabbing the mouse by the tail, and the snake will likely strike. You can also use a forceps to grasp the mouse. In fact, it is safer to give them dead mice, because a live mouse can bite. Many owners will kill a mouse and then offer it to the snake head first. Often the snake will strike and then coil around the mouse, not assuming or knowing that it is dead. If the snake refuses to eat, you can put it in a ziploc bag and freeze it. Then you can thaw it in the future and offer it to your snake again. In fact, some dealers sell frozen mice to snake owners to feed to the snakes. Make sure the mouse is completely thawed before feeding because otherwise the snake cannot digest it. Raw meat does not have the calcium a snake needs.

    I have force fed baby snakes with strips of raw beef, sprinkled with calcium powder, when they refused to eat after hatching. Some snakes (e.g. a gopher snake I caught a while back) will indeed eat raw beef. In fact, I have seen a gopher snake trying to eat the remains of a dead mouse that was flattened and stuck on the road after being run over by cars. Give the beef a try, but make sure it contains calcium since snakes (especially baby snakes) can develop deformed bones without enough calcium.
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