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  • If I put a baby kingsnake in an adult-size enclosure, how many hides should I have?

    I've seen that you can put babies in adult-sized enclosures as long as you have the proper number of hides so the little guys don't feel too exposed, anyone know a good number of hides to put for a kingsnake if I were to get a 20-30 gallon enclosure?
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  • There's a snake in my kitchen and i'm deathly afraid of them - what do i do?

    it's 4am, i can't call animal control because we don't have that in my country (pakistan) and there's a snake lying in the middle of my kitchen floor. i have a huge snakephobia so i don't want to get anywhere near it and i am also too terrified to leave my kitchen. what on earth do i do now (on top of fall that, i'm home alone, too)
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  • Why is my geckos head following me ?

    Every time I move he whips his head around to look at me is there any specific reason why he’s doing this ?
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  • Do you need a license to own snakes in IL?

    I'm assuming not, but just checking (I'm talking about non-venomous snakes, by the way).
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  • What kind of frog is this?

    Best answer: It's a gray tree frog. They actually can change colors depending on the environment to a green, grey or brown. I live near a wooded area and they do NOT stay in trees. I have found them on the side of my house, on top of an outside light in the summer time, inside my house and in leaf litter. They are harmless. If you go outside in the early evening, just before dark you can probably hear them.
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  • Are venomous snakes more temperamental than non-venomous snakes?

    Best answer: It varies from species to species. Water moccasins are pretty laid-back; rattlesnakes are not. Black rat snakes tame nicely; black racers do not. Anyone who "handles" a venomous snake without insuring that it can't bite him deserves to get bitten and to get a Darwin Award.
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  • How long can a lost reticulated python survive in British weather?

    Best answer: As long as it can access some form of drinking water, and is able to stay warm (ie remaining in a heated building in winter) a good while.- I heard of someone lossing a tropical snake in a UK appartment, only to have it show up a year later.
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  • Got a 100 gallon for my turtle, can he live outside?

    I’m just making sure they can. I have two, and I will put in a divider. Both are male and 7+ years old I do not expect much more growing. I got this tank for free, I’m going to re seal it, but I’m not comfortable with it in the house because 1) I can’t lift it 2) I bet it’ll collapse anything I put it on 3) what if it were to leak I am thinking spring, summer, and fall. I will build an extravagant topper, divided for the two. Willing to buy a heater. What temperature should it be outside when I need to bring them in? I live in Canada and refuse to attempt a winter. Thanks!
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  • HELP! I don’t know what to do with this wild turtle! (Rhode Island)?

    Best answer: I'd take it back to the place where they found it and put it on the side of the road that it was headed towards. During mating season turtles (like all reptiles) will migrate between ponds looking to mate. I'm sure his date thinks she was stood up by now, your ruined the poor guys night.

    Every year about this time you see turtles trying to cross the road.
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  • Can someone help me tell what gender my Reeves turtles are?

    The top two photos is one turtle and the bottom two are of the other! The top is currently named Jeffery and the bottom ,Olly. Jeffery is 4 years old in August and Olly is 4 years old in December so not a huge difference in age however, olly seems so much smaller than Jeffery! Based on information I have found on the internet , I would guess olly (bottom) could be female due to the tail being shorter but I’m finding it difficult to find anything else to determine the sex that in internet has suggested. Thanks for any help in advance!
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  • Are wild alligators friendly?

    I will be visiting Florida soon and I will be exploring all over the state. I am bound to encounter a wild alligator or two. Do they like being pet? Are they safe to touch?
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  • Whats your opinion on tortoises?

    Best answer: They can be more of an observational pet and are really low maintenance (especially compared to turtles)
    I absolutely love my tortoise, he’s really friendly and gets really happy when I let him walk around the house.
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  • Is there a kid-friendly gecko or reptile that doesn't grow large and is vegetarian?

    This kid doesn't have the space for a large terrarium nor the means to feed it with bugs in winter.
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  • Baby milk snake wont eat?

    She hasn't eaten since I got her and its been weeks. I have tried live and frozen/thawed pinkies. I had her in a 10 gallon tank and have since moved her to a 5 gallon in case she didn't feel secure. Its also warmer now, at the high end of what they like, but she still isn't eating. She knows the food is there. She will stare at it and slither over it. Shes active and shes not thin so maybe I'm worrying too much? I guess I'm wondering is shes fine or if she needs to eat and how do I get her to eat.
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  • Is it safe to have a ball python and cat in the same house?

    I was thinking about getting a ball python but I already have a pet cat. I’m not exactly worried about the snake hurting the cat but vis versa. Is there a way I could have both?
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  • Can crocodile hatching hurt people?

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  • Is it better for me to give up my snake?

    Best answer: Well, we have al had report cards we hoped would b better, that is not any indication of failure.
    Sounds like a temporary state you are going through that can lead to actions you regret later.
    Your call to re-home your snake, and the thought will only contribute to your mental state.
    True, snakes don't form any strong bond with a particular keeper, and no law says to have to even handle much at all. A suitable habitat, with the needed proper care is all they really need. If that becomes a burden, then the best interest for the snake is another good keeper.
    My first choice would be keep, then if just beyond limits, then re-home.
    This bad phase will pass, chuck the notion of looser. Have a good meal and good nights sleep, you will feel better in the morning and be able to think with a clear mind.
    Many people getting a snake, the novelty wears off then an innocent animal has to pay the price.
    I see you way beyond that and care enough to be a responsible keeper.
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  • How to tame my turtle?

    So just recently I bought an African Sideneck Turtle from my local pet store and no matter what I do he will always cower away inside of his shell. Same goes for my smaller turtle I found in the pond by our house. I've tried putting them down on the same table and offering them lettuce and dried shrimp but they won't take it as a peace offering and just hide inside of their shell. Neither of them bite but I can't tame them. Help
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  • Would a boa constrictor or a Reticulated python as a baby till it gets bigger be easier to take care of?

    Best answer: Retic will get larger unless you get a super dwarf. The boa won’t be nearly as large so it would be easier as an adult.

    As babies they will be similar, the retic will be likelier to bite as a baby, Some boas will be quick to bite to so it just depends on what the one you get is like
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