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  • How do chickens grow bigger?

    Best answer: Are you on something? they grow! like you did, like any thing living does.
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  • Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

    Apologies for not having a clip of audio. Basically it makes sort of a high-pitched "hoot" sound, followed by a short pause, and then 3 lower-pitched "hoot" sounds that it makes very quickly. I believe it is a migratory bird as I only hear it during summer. I personally always thought it was an owl because of the hoot sound but my family always said it was something else
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  • My duck has a bump on his beak and I'm concerned it might be serious. RE-POST WITH PICTURE?

    Best answer: Little ducky might have a tiny parasite or fungal infection.
    I found this question because of one you posted 5 months ago. Thanks for your friendship. I am 74 and suspect you are close to 15. At your age, i was a farm kid. What people most often have done in your situation is to experiment. Please write down the following and tape it where you will find it from time to time. It is one of my favorite sayings and was given to me by a vetinarian.: "You can not argue with sucess!" "You can not argue with sucess!"
    Docktors, all of them, have what is called, "a Practice". Now it is your turn. Just because you pay out money, does not gurantee sucess. I believe you are taking the most intelligent path. I am about to give you some advice from my experiences, which is all a doctor can do, as well.
    Try to see what its bill looks like inside the mouth, underneath the bump. If it looks infected, take some paste or salve used to treat athletes foot. One i know is called, Lotrimin AF. Brush Ducky's sore bill with some of your tooth paste and an old discarded tooth brush. Blot it dry with a paper towel and pack the infection with Lotrimin or what ever might be available to you of similar value. As i know, you do not have a lot of choices.
    Take a spoon and heat it on your stove top, being careful not to burn yourself or get it too hot. Only 130 degrees Fahrenheit is enough. Hold the spoon with plyers, to protect your self. Rub the top of that bump with the hot spoon to kill the surface infection. Put an antibiotic salve onto the top the treated area. Silvadine is the best for this and could be used in the place of anti-fungal salve as well.
    Keep it in a cage, away from mud, with fresh water to drink. Don't feed it for a day. Next day let it eat from your hands, only. We don't want it picking up more germs till it gets well. Keep it in the shade. Set a timer and let it bake in the sun for only an hour a day. The sun has some ultra violet rays that are very effective at clearing up infections. But we don't want it to get too hot, either. If you are able to save its life, or not, you have at least done all you could, within reason.
    If you have a dog, consider getting a rooster. They have a way of teaching a dog to behave itself. But you will have to protect it for the first nine months of its life, till it gets big.. My favorite is a Rhode Island Red. But a Game Rooster is very colorful, can fly a little bit and is more agressive.
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  • Spiritually Speaking, should I train a parrot to say "Help! I've been turned into a parrot!"?

    Best answer: It would certainly be entertaining, though I hear they can be a lot of work in general so you ought to be sure that it's a commitment you're willing to undertake.
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  • How to train my parrot?

    I have a cute little parrot, his age was told 5 months but i doubt it actually is that. He looks older. Anyways, I've tried everything to tame him. From sitting at a distance to being all up on him and NOTHING.. i mean N O T H I N G HAS WORKED! He's still just as scared of me. He does stare at me when i sit in front of him, without freaking out but thats about it. He's scared because his previous owner was clearly rough with him as a baby. I've had him for one and a half month now and its heart breaking to see how scared of me he is. I really desperately need help :(
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  • My budgie died?

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  • Help! the vet called and wants to give my bird a health check up! Do I legally have to give her one?

    So last year I bought her to the vet because she had a broken wing and ended up spending $500. So after that I never went to that vet again and my bird is doing okay. Just now they called and said that my bird is due for a health check up and it will cost $200. One, I do not have that money. Two, I did not like the way they treated me over there. Three, my bird is doing fine. Now I have to spend $200 just for a doctor to tell me that? I'm scared that the police will show up to my house or something! help!
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  • Can I raise chickens in my backyard?

    Best answer: Check with animal control to see if your zoned in a area that can have chickens. Laws are changing, many cities, counties no townships are banning chickens especially the ones that are over run with feral flocks that owners have escapees and never go after their hens or roosters that escape the yard somehow.

    Many cities require aa permit and coop inspection to make sure things are secure enough so they do not escape etc. also if you have a lot of neighbors and the chickens make too much noise, smell bad or you get a rooster that's nuts and crows all the time the city may ask you to get rid of them all because of the ompaints.
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  • Have you used hydrogen peroxide to kill black mold on a hummingbird feeder?

    Best answer: Bleach for mold!
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  • What bird is this?

    Found this birdbin the morning limping, it isn't flying. I want to help it, tried giving it water and some rice but its not eatin. When i get close to it it falls down and opens its claws and mouth. Help me identify it so that i can knw how best to help it.
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  • Juvenile Bird : How can I take care of American robin juvenile?

    Best answer: "Rescuing" a baby robin seems like a good idea, but it really isn't. More on that later.

    Robins are carnivorous. They eat worms. You are going to have to teach him how to eat worms. For now, you just want him to eat, so you'll need to get a can of dog food....the ground up kind, not the chunks. Put it in a bowl. If he doesn't eat it, you will have to mix the dog food with water to make it sort of a pasty consistency and feed it to him through a syringe. My ex and I "rescued" a baby robin once...raising it was an epic pain in the ***.

    You are also going to have to teach the bird how to feed itself. For that, you are going to have to get a can of bait. Eventually, you'll want live worms, but to start, you don't want them moving. You take a couple of worms, dig tiny holes to stuff them into, but leave the last little tip of their body sticking out of the ground. Then put the bird on the ground near the worms. He should go over and pull the worm out of the hole. If he doesn't, lay a worm on the ground in front of him. He'll get the idea.

    Eventually, you will want him in a bird cage, when he starts showing signs of definitely wanting to fly off. During the day, keep the cage outside (out of the sun) with the door open. Our experience was that the for the first few days, the bird would climb out of the cage, and either climb all over the cage or perch on top. For a couple days after that, he'd take short test flights to the porch railing, the porch furniture, etc.

    When he was able to really fly on his own, he would venture up into nearby trees, neighbor's porches, down into the yard to find worms, etc., but would come back to the cage just before it would start to get dark. And then one day, he flew up to a tree and stayed there, but he would (and I'm not making this up) venture down to the porch for a few seconds when he'd see one of us out there. He would also come down from the trees to "greet" us whenever we came home from being out somewhere.

    Anyway, the best thing to do with Junior is to take him to a Bird Sanctuary, if there is one in your area. They've got people who know exactly how to take care of a bird like Junior, and also how to acclimate him to returning to the wild.

    If you are keeping baby bird in your house, I don't think I have to tell you that they stink to high heaven.
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  • Bird in the house won't get out?

    Best answer: If it's nightime, close the door, turn out the lights, and go to sleep. The bird will go to sleep, too.

    Before dawn, get up, don't turn on any lights!! and open the door or a screenless window. As the sun comes up, the bird will awaken, see the sunlight, and fly towards the light. Then you can close the door.
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  • What's your favourite Native and Non-native birds?

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  • How do Crows die?

    For a couple years there was a crow hanging around my house. It would get within 3 or 4 feet of me on my back porch when I threw it food. At my work, 20 minutes away, there was a crow that was similarly tame. It would get even closer. This past spring, after a long cold winter, the crow at my house stopped coming around, never to be seen again. This was after the snow started to thaw but before things were warm enough to provide food for the crows so I thought perhaps it starved just before spring came. The following week the crow at work disappeared. Just curious how these crows may have died?
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  • I need to find new home for my parrot can anyone help?

    Best answer: What does he say
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  • What is a good name for a male cockatiel?

    Best answer: Something that fits him if people disagree and you choose a name you like that fits him and people call it basic don't listen to them and make the same mistake I did. I used to have a Green Conure named Rio my friends called his name basic but it fitted him he was the sweetest bird anyone could ever meet you could hold him instantly even if you didn't know him and he would bite he'd just have fun climbing your shirt and playing although he passed in a cruel way in his cage and I didn't pay attention because I was calling with my friend at the time for a hour while my friend told me his name was basic and I started to regret his name because of what people thought of it but I don't anymore he was just a baby 6 months old.
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  • What's wrong with my budgie's nose? Its nose used to be light pink but now it looks crusty and a dark brown color.?

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  • Do cockatiels eat crickets?

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  • Cockatiel hates being covered?

    Every night i cover my cockatiel cage, i leave the back open because it faces the wall. I have to cover it because my curtains are terrible and let light in plus i have my lamp on most nights so he wouldn t get a very good nights sleep. But even when i grab the cover he will open his mouth. When i cover him he will hiss and throw his head forwards, banging on nearby object. I have only had him a couple weeks and he is only a baby. What should i do about it?
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  • I have to take my budgie to the vets. Is it ok to take her in the small box I got when I brought her. Or a cage.?

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