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  • Why do people own ducks?

    To eat them? To keep them a pets? To eat their eggs? What's the reason?
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  • Can someone help me not lose my bird??

    My parents want to get rid of my bird because it doesn't get attention even though they know I always check on it every hour for food and water and I clean the cage once a week. I also hang out with it every hour. I am the only one doing things for it. I try to convince, but they don't want to listen to me. Can someone help me come up with something to say to them or do something else with the bird? I would appreciate it a lot.
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  • Is egg first or hen first?

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  • I have a cute Budgie named mango I'm not sure about the gender please help!?

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  • Are hummingbirds dangerous?

    At my home I have flowers that hummingbirds seem to like a lot. I probably see about 50 per day Sometimes they fly really fast only a few feet away from me. Also, one time I was approaching the flowers where one of them was and it just looked at me and was chirping loudly. I walked about 3 feet next to it and it didnt move. I was wondering if it might be thinking about attacking me, so I walked away from it.
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  • What can I do to help this duck? Or make her more comfortable?

    Best answer: There is nothing "weird" about your connection to animals, and Yaboo has mental health issues, which you already know. He posts constantly about cruelty to animals. Ignore him.

    In MY City Animal Control will come and care for the duck. The SPCA also has a wildlife crew which is caring and kind and does amazing work!

    I don't know how old you are. I do know your parents should be so very proud of you. To care for any animal, to care this much for a duck, to be concerned, well, just very, very touching, bring back faith in how people can be if they would only try.

    I hope the duck is okay. And thank you for caring.
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  • How Can You Kill Two Birds With One Stone.?

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  • Is a swan a lot larger than a pigeon?

    Best answer: Yes and a lot more aggressive
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  • Why did a crow hiss at me?

    Best answer: He's mad at you :v
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  • Is my parakeet a male or female?

    Best answer: It looks female.

    That bird is very young, only a couple months old likely. At that age males do not have a blue cere, but rather pinkish/purple. Young females have a very light blue cere with a white ring around the nostrils......as the one in your pic does.

    The males develop the blue cere only as they mature.

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  • Why are birds in the dinosaur family?

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  • Can you raise chickens on a small island on a lake?

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  • Is rice good for pigeons?

    There's that old myth that uncooked rice will kill birds. Is that true? In particular, can I feed rice to pigeons or is it dangerous?
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  • Why don t birds suddenly appear any time I am near?

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  • Can you name different types of birds?

    There are many birds in the world, can you list up the birds you know.
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  • Can anyone help my budgie ?

    I have a white budgie and she started to bleed from her nose 5 hours ago but now her upper beak is just black and the lower tip is white instead of yellow thank god she is not bleeding anymore and thank god she is still alive can anyone tell me whats wrong with my budgie ?
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  • Can my budgie breathe when I cover her cage at night?

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  • Swans and love birds mate for whole life. isn't that so romantic?

    Best answer: Most birds do. Not just swans and love birds. It's more efficient so they can have one guard the nest, and the other go get food. Otherwise all their chicks will get eaten by predators, if nobody is there to watch them. And albatrosses just use the males for fertilizing their eggs, but then they like to be lesbians, when they raise their chicks. But they usually always go back to their same lesbian partner each season if they lived and can find them again.
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  • Single crow cawing in my yard everyday? Is it okay?

    At my house we get crows all the time but usually they come in flocks and are multiples of them caw together and fly or whatever. We have this crow that comes to my house everyday and it just caws alone in the same spot in the trees not doing anything. Normally I wouldnt care but this crow is very much by itself, and sometimes its caws sound a little off, like they ll turn into a gurgley sound or like its trying to imitate other birds. Is it okay? Is it just a strange loner or does it have some birth defect? It isnt causing trouble I m just curious.
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  • How to kill a rooster with a shotgun?

    Best answer: You don't sound weak Rex, you sound human. Its not easy to take something's life and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Don't go blasting away with a shotgun in the chicken coop, like you said, grab it at night, and put it in a separate pen. If you're not eating him, from 15-20 yards away, fill him with buckshot, like number 8 or 9. Pay attention to what is behind him before you shoot, then bury him deep. You gotta do what you gotta do...
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