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  • Goldfish in bowl... now hold on!?

    My friend has these two goldfish in a mason jar from his college. He might give them to me, but i know that goldfish need at lest 10 gallons each and i cannot afford that and i probably can’t put them outside. So do i do the bowl, or what?. I have a spare 15 and 5 gallon tanks and a sponge filter, any options or opinions, by the way i KNOW goldfish get huge I’ve seen them i hate them being in a bowl. What do i do? By the way, there feeders about an 1 1/2 each.
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  • Can fish fart?

    Best answer: They must. I have a Male Beta fish that kept flouting to the top of the bowl, no matter how hard he dived to the bottom he would flout back up to the top. I thought he was dying but he didn't eventually that would pass, after a couple of times doing this I Googled about it. What I found out was that he had gas. I was feeding him fish flakes, well Beta's eat Beta food pellets, and flakes give them gas. Since I began feeding him pellets it hasn't happened since. The gas left him somehow, a burp or a fart.
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  • What do you know about products that eliminate algae in fish tanks?

    Best answer: Algae is a harmless plant - alge killers can kill your fish too. Plus dead algae rots in the tank and creates a worse problem then ugly algae.

    IMHO =
    Algae is your freind. It Is the only thing telling you that you are over feeding, over stocked, / you should check your nitrates/ ammonia/ nitrite.
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  • Nothing in my fish tank is surviving and I don't know why, help?

    Best answer: A 5 gallon tank is only large enough for a single betta and the shrimp the other fish didnt stand a chance in there.
    That being said, they should have survived for a few weeks or months, not died right away. like that.

    Your tank is cycled? what are the results of tests for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

    The tank has a 50% water change? are you trying to say that you do 50 % water changes?
    You should do 25% water changes once a week with a gravel vacuum. You need to add new water that is the same temperature as the rest of the tank water, which should be 78-82 for a beta.

    Did you acclimate the fish? even bettas need to be carefully acclimated.
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  • Are these many fish okay for a 10 gallon tank?

    In my 10 gallon Fish tank I have 5 neon tetras 4 guppies and 1 clown loach, Are these to many fish or am I okay?
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  • Unusual idea for an aquarium set up. Unsure if plausible or not.?

    Here s the set up: Two fifty-five gallon fish tanks, each on a metal shelf stand. Each tank has two holes (drilled or cut out, idk, and wouldn t mind having the neccessary steps for this explained) in their glass floors. There are corresponding holes drilled through the metal shelves that they sit on. Two U shaped glass tubes seem to hang under it, one bigger than the other, so the smaller one is above it. One end of each is set securely through the holes of one shelf and the holes of one tank, same on the other side (picture to better explain). The idea is that, when both tanks are filled with water, the tubes would fill, too, and the fish would be able to use them as highways, so they could swim freely from one tank to the other. I m not sure how the tubes could be securely connecting, though I was imagining in the same way that the walls of the tanks are connected. Also, a friend proposed the problem of pressure from the water above being too much on the tubes. I really just want to know if this is doable. And, if doable, but there are some glaring obstacles, to have them explained. Side note: This is actually an idea I came up with for a tank set up in a novel I m writing. I ve lived around fish tanks, but have never actually tried doing anything remotely like this with them- not sure how to put that. Also, I ve never been good with science, so a dumbed down explanation would be nice, but either way, any help is appreciated. Anyway, thanks.
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  • Will a tank ever cycle if you add fish right away?

    Best answer: If the tank has a filter and you add a sorce of ammonia, it will begin to cycle. fish are a sorce of ammonia. Thousands or millions, or who knows how many people have kept and will keep fish that dont even know what cycling is, and yet their filter will still cycle in 4-8 weeks. And will still uncycle when they change all the filter media at once, or add too many fish at once....

    It is stressfull and painfull for a fish to go through a fish in cycle, even a mini cycle is rough. They will be permanently effected by the ordeal. Some were along the line, the fish will start acting funny, and the owners blame the store, blame the kids, blame the towns water. But the fact is they gave their fish black lung disease when they used them as cleaning tools.
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  • Do fish drown?

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  • My goldfish are eating their own Crap or Poop and then spitting it out again, does this mean anything?

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  • My mom said live plants make aquariums warmer is this true? I want to add live plants to my axoltols tank to help with parameters?

    Best answer: The temperature will not change from live plants. Finding plants suited to the cold temperatures is somewhat tricky but anacharis usually does the trick.
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  • Are you supposed to leave your fish in the tank while doing a water change?

    Best answer: You should NEVER remove the fish from the tank! unless of coarse their is an emergency such as contamination or you are re-homing them.

    Removing fish is very stressful and it removes slime coat "fishy immune system"
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  • My gold fish seems to be dying, please please help?

    So yesterday, after our hourly walk, my goldfish seemed a little off. He isnt swimming and just floats on his side at the top of the tank. so i emptied out all the matter because i though he was drowning. I left him in the empty bowl to get some air and recuperate but when i came back my cat was sitting beside the bowl with a tail poking between her lips. Upon my arrival she swallowed in and licked her lips. Naturally, i called 9-1-1 for my cats homicidal behaviour. They said thy would be at house shortly. Only goat police appeared. They cuffed me. i said 'no cat ate fish' goat says ' you are cat' i said ' i am bear' i ate goat, i ate cat. ps. i ate fish
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  • Update: moved Fish into a big tuparware bowl - biggest thing I have right now. Will it be enough until I get professional aquarium tank?

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  • How to became a fish?

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  • I have 4 Cory fish in a 10 gallon tank. Only one of them is acting weird and swimming vertically at the top quite often. Idk what’s wrong?

    Best answer: It seems like your tank is not cycle yet. It is very hard on fish to bee in a tank that has not been fully cycled. Not all of them survive. animals dont all get sick at the same time no.

    Albino cories need to be in a 30 gallon tank.
    Cories should be in a school of 6 or more. When schooling fish are not in schools, they are unpredictable, very peacefull fish like cories, may become bullies.

    Cories do best with nutral or lower then nutral ph = 7.0 or less.
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  • Can i put my 2 year old angel fish in with my 4 year old oscars oscars are very timid wont even eat feeder fish?

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  • Question about fish and the way they breathe?

    Okay, I understand how fish breathe. They take the water in through their mouths and then expell it through their gills. Which leads me to my question, if you took a fish out of water and held it under a running faucet, could they survive out of the water? Or at least survive longer than they would if they had absolutely no water at all?
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  • Should i move the beta or the guppies into the new 3 gallon tank i bought?

    i am trying to get my fish separated from the 10 gallon tank i have them in.. 2 guppies, 2 angle fish ( which im getting a 20 gallon for on payday on Thursday) 3 small catfish bottom feeders which whill get there won 10 gallon tank... but im not sure what would be best because eventually i would like the beta to have the 10 gallon tank all to its self.. but im just trying to get them separated as soon as possible.. no fights have happened or anything. i just want to make sure everyone is comfortable
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  • What's a long living fish?

    I want to get a fish for my dad. He loves fish. I want something that lasts a long time. I think goldfish might only last a year or two. I hear neon tetras and angelfish last awhile. Maybe 10 years. Are there others that you know of?
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  • It is normal for some fish to keep looking for food after feeding them?

    Best answer: Yes. In the wild fish must constantly be looking for food, because they never know when they will find any. They continue the same behavior in a tank, but please do not overfeed them. They are just doing what is instinctual, it doesn't mean they need more food. You will only pollute the tank if you overfeed them.
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