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  • How many fish in a 30 gallon tank?

    I have a tank that is 22 inches long, 17 wide, and 23 high. I am only keeping 30 gallons in it at the moment. How many fish could I keep in there? Im wanting to have some guppies (No more than 6, if even), 2 mollies, a betta, and 2 aquatic frogs, along with a single goldfish. Would I be able to do that?
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  • How did my fish die?

    Best answer: Did you know fish will eat and eat and eat until they overeat and die? That's why you're only supposed to feed them small bits at a time. So either it was overfed or it wasn't able to survive with the water being clean, also you can't just put new water in the tank, you have to let it sit for a couple of days.
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  • What type of fish is this?

    Won it at the Fair yesterday and am trying to figure out which food to buy!
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  • Fish Food BuildUp?

    So I have a lot of fish food that has built up on my gravel because I used it for cycling my tank. I have done about 4 gravel vacs and there is still a good amount left. I am also developing biofilm because of the protein released from the food. I have a few questions. How often should I gravel vac? ( I have been doing it everday) Is the food going to release any kinds of fungus and disease that will destroy my water?
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  • Should I be worried about my Angelfish and my pleco in a 10 gallon?

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  • Need help with Aquarium Cycling Problem !!!!!!!!!?

    Best answer: Save your water, put a new unscented and not an antibacterial bag in a bucket and dump all the conditioned water in it without disturbing the gravel no making a food dust storm. You won't need a hundred percent of the water but at least 2/3 of the conditioned water.

    Dump the gravel in a pail or container, pull the the filter and do the same, break down the whole tank. Rewash the tanks inside glass, remove any film build up, only water no soap, no salt no viniger or beach.

    Next scrub the gravel between your hands, get all the gunk and food rinsed out. If you have an undergraveo filter, rinse and scrub it clean, any other filters leave alone as they have the established bacteria build already to go.

    Set up the tank, start running it. Add the saved water you should not see the floaterw going. The undergravel filters do not establish bacteria builds but most other do so your advantaged by having aged water and a filter that's been seasoned. For what water you couldn't save new water can be drawn, treated and saved until the tank is ready. The water you saved in the pail (if the pail or bucket is new and never had Bleach, soap or chemicals then you shouldnt need to line it.). You can start putting the saved water back into the tank. Better than 3/4 was saved and now has the established bacteria you need.

    When your adding the water back use a big glass or jar and do it a scoop at a time. Any gunk or food that transferred over in the water doing a scoop at a time no not disturbing the whole pack it should have settled enough not to be scooped back in the regenerated tank no floaters, If you start getting cloudy water stop and wait about an hour. If still coming up dirty stained looking then dump it and add new, fill the tank back up to the top, if ony missing a gallon fill it all, if two or more put in half what's missing, wait couple hours and have the last of thr water that was drawn hours before and add water. The tank should be ready to go with fish in 24 hours.

    I found when I start a tank I use a feeder goldfish or two and let them add the good bacteria. The new tank does not seem to bother them and eirse case if you decide you don't want to keep them you can bring them back to the store. If it's within a week you can usually get a refund.

    Good luck
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  • Can I keep some other fish in my tank with my Betta?

    I currently have a 2.5 gallon tank (9 and a bit litres), with one small regular male Betta fish in it. Could I keep 3-4 neon tetras in there with him as well? If yes, what plants should I get to accommodate the neon tetras?
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  • I think my goldfish drowned and im scared?

    she hasn t move for five hours, and she is limp. im scared she drowned in the water 🙁 pls help i only had her in the tank for a day and i don t want to lose another one
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  • Why do my other fish avoid my catfish?

    I have a pair of 5" comet goldfish, 2 largemouth bass 1" and 3.5ish", a handful of bluegill fry for the bass to feed on, and 4 juvenile bullhead catfish about 2.5" maybe 3". I've yet to see the cats get aggressive with the other fish, yet the other fish avoid them and even my goldfish avoid them and they are twice their size and chase the bass and bluegill occasionally. Why is this?
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  • Do you buy fish online? What if the fish get delivered and you're not home for a couple of hours?

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  • How would u describe her?

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  • For beginning aquariust out there, what 3 major fish keeping activities would you do to help keep a great tank?

    Best answer: What type of fish do you have? Then you can get an ideal answer.

    I have tropical so;

    1- change water 1-2 weeks. Around 15-25%.
    2 - test water using 5in1 (or preferably 6in1) test strip every week.
    3 - change filter (I use a bio clean cartridge that lasts up to 120 days and change the foam every month)
    Bonus 4 - get a bottom feeder. Snail, shrimp, catfish etc.

    I have tiger platys that are 3 years old. Never needed treatment.
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  • Is there a fish food that doesn’t contain shrimp meal?

    I’m allergic to shrimp, but I want some goldfish and sharks. I noticed Atleast at Walmart anyway all the fish food has shrimp meal in it. Is there any fish food that doesn’t contain shrimp? Thanks
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  • Would you like mosquito eating fish as your pets?

    Best answer: Yes, Apparently goldfish, mosquito fish, minnows, koi and guppies DO eat mosquito larvae
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  • What fish can be kept in a bowl? I want a fish but dont have the power outlets or room forca large tank?

    Yes i know tanks that are heated and filtered are best! I kept bettas for years til i moved.
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  • What kind of fish should me and my son put in our new aquarium. Its 10 gallons?

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  • Is it illegal to keep fish from the wild in a home aquarium?

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  • Is a saber tooth tiger a different kind of tiger or the same as a regular tiger?

    What's so different about a saber tooth tiger and a normal tiger??
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  • Do goldfish get lonely?

    I’ve had a goldfish for about a year now. He’s the kind that you get from the fair. He’s pretty small and he’s brown. Today I finally transferred him from one of those little cages you put a hermit crab in, to what I believe is a one gallon tank with an actual filter. Now that he’s in a bigger and better tank, should I get him a friend or two? Do they get lonely? If so, what kind should I get?
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  • I had my water tested in my aquarium and everything came out perfect. I bought a healthy fish and it died in one day. Why?

    Best answer: what were the resurlts of the tests? Is your tank cycled, with nitrates in the 20s, and not zero, or did the petstore guy assume that everything at zero ment that the water was healthy, when it really means your tank isnt cycled.
    If your tank was cycled did you carefully acclimate the fish?


    "the filter is always kept clean"

    This is your problem. The filter should not be clean. The filter holds the nitrifing healthy helthy bacterial that keep your tank cyled and livable. if you clean it too much , your back at square one.

    if you filter has only one filter cartridge, stuff somthing else into it. even if your filter has a 3 stage bio wheel/iten that does not get removed or cleaned ever. you can buy bio balls, or rings, or any chemical free spong, or a peice of craft felt, or filter floss, and stuff it into any open space in the filter.

    Now once every 2 months you clean one thing in the filter, you dont have to throw away the cartridge unless it is just useless and broken.
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