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  • Is it ok to turn off aquarium air pump overnight?

    Best answer: You can not turn the filter off.  do you also have an air pump and airstone?
    If your tank is not overstocked, not heated past 85 Degrees. 
    If your tank is fully cycled, so that the water does not contain ammonia or nitrite. 

    The addition of an air pump/air stone/ bubble maker... Is not required.  it is mostly decoration, as the filter should be circulating the water enough to keep the maximum amount of oxygyne that can be in the water anyway. 
    In that case, you can turn off the airs stone/pump, but never the filter.
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  • Why does my fishes keep dying?

    I go through procedures call with my fish tank with cleaning, feeding, etc. I buy better looking fishes but they don't last for a couple days while my gold fishes are all still alive for a month now. When I first got the goldfish, they were small but now they're getting humongous. I'm starting to think it is the goldfish who might be harming the fish tank environment..what do you guys think? 
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  • Can you pet a fish?

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  • I Wanna Start Breeding African Cichlids Fish, Any Ideas? ?

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  • I ve got a betta in a 10 gallon aquarium, I didn t know that filters are needed or what they even were till yesterday?

    I ve never filtered it before, but a guy on here I must have a filter for ammonia build up, I Google best filter and came across a thread that said you can t over filter a tank so I got the biggest filter I could called a fluval fx6 but it s stopping my betta from swimming properly, I m lost now. What do I do, what filter should I get, I don t want him to get ammonia but I don t want him blown away either?
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  • I did a bad thing when I was drunk ?

    Best answer: You'll tell her that you're a dumbass and can't control your alcohol addiction, you will also tell her that she can't live with this kind of father and you'll give her to adoption.
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  • What can I do to stop my guppies from pooping all over the tank?

    It's disgusting
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  • What’s wrong with my goldfish?

    Best answer: You’ve been feeding it weed and now it’s baked. 
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  • Why is my fish not eating?

    My betta fish is not eating. It went from a good diet to progressively eating less and now he won’t eat at all. It’s to the point where I have him pretty much trapped in his net underwater to make sure he sees the food and it’s literally right in front of his face, on top of his head, all around him and he won’t acknowledge it at all. I’ve tried different types of food, pellets, dried shrimp, etc. I’m just really worried I’m doing something wrong. I’m not sure if this could be related but recently I had a bit of a snail infestation in his tank and it makes his tank gross and smell awful in a matter of a few days, I’ve tried to get rid of the snails but last time I did they returned. I just redid his tank yesterday and I haven’t seen any snails yet but he still isn’t eating. I used to do partial water changes but with the snails I end up having to change and clean out the whole thing because they infest it, so it’s hard to fully change his whole tank constantly.  I’m just really worried and don’t want to be hurting him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 💕
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  • What is finer then eating a lobster tail?

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  • Names for fishy?

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  • Need to fry catfish for family tomorrow but I'm under house arrest. I need more fish fry to do it. What can I do?

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  • Can a fish swim?

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  • Every living thing has a solid body, what kind of a body does a ghost have?

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  • How do I become a fish?

    so harry styles released a song adore you and its about a fish, I really really wanna be a fish so harry would adore me. any clue on how to become a fish.
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  • What's wrong with my fish please?

    Best answer: I have raised fish for over 30 years. 

    My guess is one or more of the fish have become aggressive. The redness on that fish's side looks sort of rawness like it's getting nipped from being attacked / bitten by another fish. It doesn't look like any disease or infection that I know of. The only possibly aggressive fish that you mentioned that you have in the tank is the "Daneo", I assume you mean a Danio. Zebra Danio's can be aggressive if they're the only one of it's type in the tank and/or the tank is underpopulated meaning there aren't enough fish in the tank to prevent it, or a school of Danio's, to not be aggressive. You didn't mention what size tank you have them in. I can't really tell from the photo but it looks like a very tiny little tank in the photo you shared, too small for that many fish and that is a very tiny goldfish for it's age of over 8 months which is another thing that indicates to me that maybe the tank you have them in is way too small. Having too small of a tank for your fish causes a lot of issues:1. It stuns their growth. Fish will only grow to a size cooperative with their habitat. Small tank = small fish. They'll never get any bigger. An 8 month old goldfish should be at least 4 inches  long. That one is barely an inch. It's growth is stunned. I'm guessing that's due to the small size of the tank you have them in. Moors can grow up to 8 inches long in the right conditions. Moors have been reported but not proven to grow even larger than that. 2. It can cause aggression in fish that usually aren't aggressive and it will definitely cause aggression and fighting (over territory) in fish that are aggressive and territorial. The fish you have that you mentioned are not known to be aggressive, normally, but having that many in a tiny little 5 gallon or less tank could be stressing them out and causing them to be aggressive. 

    I think the tank is too small, and you don't have enough Danio's, the Danio you have needs some pals to hang out with. That will calm the aggression if it is being aggressive. The first thing you should do before getting more fish though is increase the tank to at least a 20 gallon tank. For the 20 year average life span of the fish you have though you're going to eventually need at least a 55 gallon aquarium. 

    Get a larger tank, and get just a few more fish. Maybe 3 more Danio's and another regular goldfish or Koi to balance the population out more to keep the Danio's from being aggressive. 

    If that's not at least a 20 gallon tank maybe try upgrading to 20 for now as soon as you can and see how things go. Remember to establish stable water in the new tank before putting the fish in it. Let the conditions of the water balance and stay balanced for a few days before putting them in. 
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  • My fan tail gold fish died today. It was 16 years old. Im told that that is very old. What is the normal life span of this type of fish?

    Best answer: According to this, one in a tank lives about 10 years.
    "Despite things like predators and weather conditions, fantails in a pond can be expected to live about twice as long as an aquarium-dwelling fish."   
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  • Would piranhas devour me if I tried to swim along with them?

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  • Can I use a 5.5 gallon fish tank filter on a 20 gallon? (No rude comments) ?

    I was given a 5.5 gallon fish tank filter and a 20 gallon tank for free as well as an air pump 
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  • What fish has no teeth?

    Best answer: The permit fish from what  i have read
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