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  • Whats your pets name?

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  • What's the most bizarre thing you have seen your pet do?

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  • Kennel Attendants, is this normal for a working interview?

    A week ago, I had a working interview with a clinic's dog boarding section for their Kennel Attendant role, and some thing struck me as odd. Of course, this was my first working interview, so I'm not sure if this would be considered normal. When I got there, everyone was nice and welcoming, I filled in an application, etc., and the hiring manager brought me back to the kennels. So far, so good. She immediately left me with another employee who'm I basically followed around, and asked questions about what needed to be done. However, I was never shown how things worked or where everything needed to be, I had to ask basic questions like 'Where does this go?' or 'How do I work this (in regards to sanitation)?' Which, in regards to the second question, fair enough I did have work experience so they probably assumed I used something like that before, but I at least generally expect to be shown around and where things go, as different clinics may work differently. I was also approached by the hiring manager close to my shifts end, and she asked if I could stay an hour extra, which was fine with me. Close to the hour I was originally supposed to leave, another employee told me it was fine to go and that the manager wouldn't care. Also, I haven't yet been paid for the interview. Is this a normal thing with working interviews at kennels, or should i be suspicious?
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  • What veggies should a rabbit eat daily or all week? Should I change it weekly? I see too much of the same can cause problems?

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  • Rabbit over eating pellets?

    Best answer: At 2 months, she can have unlimited plain rabbit pellets. You don't need to start limiting until her growth slows. 7 months is usually the recommended age, but I find that small breeds like Holland lops are done growing before that and can become obese quickly if not limited, I usually start cutting back pellets around 5 months with smaller rabbits unless they're underweight. If she's not eating hay well, you might see if you can find higher quality hay that's more attractive, or offer multiple varieties.
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  • Can I keep male and female I desexed rabbits in the same hutch?

    Best answer: Not recommended, if they're both whole, sexually he will breed the doe almost to death, killing any babies they have...
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  • How do I get a pet lion?

    Best answer: go to the zoo, maybe they'll give you one
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  • Should rabbit water be poured out and replaced every morning?

    Best answer: If your rabbit is drinking from a water bottle on the side of the cage, you probably don’t need to refresh as often because it is not as exposed. Probably once every 2-3 days if the rabbit hasn’t finished all the water already. You may already know this, but water should be available to your rabbit 24/7, so refill as soon as you notice it is low/empty. If drinking from a water dish, I would recommend replacing the water daily. Bugs, dust, dirt, fur, old food particles, and sometimes poo pellets and pee can find its way into your rabbits’ water bowl. Just as you wouldn’t want to drink that, it’s not what’s best for your rabbit either. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and just change it at least once daily if it’s in a bowl. Hope this is helpful :)
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  • My mother is crazy we have 3 pet dogs and a bird (who stays inside) and my mother wants to bring a cat into the house what should I do?

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  • Are cockroaches harmful to rabbits?

    Best answer: It's not likely to come to any harm, and one roach even if poisoned would not harm the rabbit. I would get those glue roach traps and put them around the walls of your room, paying attention to the areas behind dressers, etc. Check them daily and dispose of any that have roaches on them. We had a serious roach problem in an apartment I lived in - and I used the glue traps as I had cats and didn't want them to spray my apartment. The nasty things are very hard to kill, and even had babies on the glue traps! Disgusting things, and let's just say that I moved ASAP. You cannot do that, but the glue traps do work for a few roaches. Secondary poisoning is a danger to any animal (like birds of prey eating poisoned rats) but rabbits as a rule don't eat insects, and it would take a whole lot of them I'd suspect to harm a rabbit.
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  • How old does a rabbit need to be to be neutered?

    I’ve heard conflicting answers. It is a male rabbit.
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  • Does anyone have raccoons as pets? I'm wondering if they use a litter box. Also do they clean themselves like cats?

    Best answer: I will just suggest you reconsider. Not all states or counties will permit the, where legal, you must get them from breeders, they cannot be removed from the wild and there may be permits needed.
    Their behavior,, they are cute and playful when young but males reaching maturity will become a nightmare.
    They need out of cage time and will tear up your house and furnishings. you cant make them do or not do something they want and get nasty with you forcing them. no, they are not the best for litter traing.
    Now some people have the patience, time, and money to deal with them and have a better perspective.
    They need an exotic vet which isn't going to be cheap. A minor URI may cost $1000 or more.
    My observation from a neighbor that had one. If legal where you live, there are other unusual pets better suited, like a skunk, a possum, or even a porcupine.
    I inherited a baby skunk, a rescue from road killed mama, too young to fend for itself.
    Your first stop needs to be a vet for a complete health check and a follow up date to be descented, shots and possible worming. My little girl was just wonderful, playful when younger, got along good with the dog and cat, even sharing food and bowles as well as the litter box. never was caged, freeroam like the cat. they may scratch furniture a bit and live a good 10 years.
    I rescued 3 baby possums from a mama hit by a car, a litter of 10 and one just not strong enough to make it.
    Start that young, the strongly bond, affectionate and they housebreak to some level. One went to a neighbor girl that wanted one, mine even slept with me between pillows, very sweet animal, sadly they don't live much over 5 years at best.
    My cousin had a porcupine a good while, same thing, you just need to study their keeping needs and have gloves handy interacting. Now their antics, like a puppy, will have you laugh now and then..
    All different animals with their pros and cons as well as needs and requirements for keeping, and know all that first. Again, there may be laws or provisions for keeping them, one hard rule, never take one from the wild for a pet, not only illegal but cruel as well. where legal, there are likely breeders you can get them from.
    Hope this helps.
    Note,, skunk, raccoon, and porcupine are vector animals and must have rabies + vaccinations.
    (Some stats ban them for that reason)
    Possum is low risk, but should be checked for Hanta.
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  • What small animals imprint on humans?

    I love the way baby birds imprint and they actually grow up seeming to love you and want to be with you and act like your their mom. Do any other small animals that can be kept as pets do this as well?
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  • What would you do if a 9 year-old (not your child) harm or kill your pets?

    Best answer: If that was my child they'd get one hell of a smacking then they'd be taken to the mental hospital and dropped off.

    People who let their cats roam have no one to blame but them when their pets are killed or turn up missing. Same with any one who keeps their pets outside.

    The kid needs to be hauled off to a mental hospital. Kids who abuse and kill pets go right onto hurting, abusing and kiling people
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  • Do you agree with animal research?

    Best answer: If its done for developing medications and other important things then yes. Why? Because it saves lives.
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  • Bunny pooping everywhere?

    Best answer: That is very normal behavior. Rabbits can be potty trained if the mess is bothering you. Whenever you notice pee or poo on the floor, clean it immediately. Take a thin paper towel and get a little pee on it and put the paper towel in the area you would like the rabbit to pee/poop. Pick up a few poop pellets and put them in that area as well. It will take persistence and patience, and your rabbit will only be trained as well or as quickly as you are persistent and quick about fixing messes. But with time, he will be potty trained. When choosing a location for their litter box, try observing where your rabbit is peeing/pooping most frequently. Rabbits like to use the bathroom in the same areas, so if you place their litter box where they are already trying to pee/poop, training will most likely be quicker and easier! Rabbits will poop all over the place, naturally, though. There is probably nothing wrong with your little bunny! :)
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  • Is it worse if someone kills a small, defenseless animal than a large one?

    These are two real cases I've read: - Two college guys got arrested for beating a duck to death for their sick pleasure. - A man strangled to death his sister's Rottweiler pet. In both stories the animal wasn't attacking. It just got killed off by a savage. Which is is worse? Someone that kills a smaller, weaker animal that can't defend themselves or someone killing a larger, stronger animal by strangulation, poisoning or elements of surprise...then laughs like a maniac?
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  • Should I keep my un-bonded piggies or get a baby bunny?

    My four guinea pigs are not very cuddly, except for one who does sometimes likes cuddles but prefers to run around. I really need an emotional support animal who will love and cuddle me but my mum will only go as far as a rabbit. I feel like I know now, how to train a rabbit to be cuddly and happy. I really want the baby bunny that my friend is giving me for my birthday but I also want to keep my sweetest guinea pig or rehome them somewhere I will know they are safe. I could possibly build another cage for the bunny. photo of the sweetest guinea pig (white and grey) and his little brother.
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  • What can I get as an emotional support animal?

    I suffer from depression/anxiety and I'm thinking of talking to my psychiatrist about getting me an ESA. I can't get a dog because my brother already has a dog and my parents don't want 2 dogs in the house. In the past people have had ferrets, squirrels, ducks, pigeons, large pigs and kangaroos as ESAs. Do you think I can get a squirrel?
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  • Should we breed miniature/docile versions of wild animals and turn them into pets to save them from extinction?

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