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  • My friend is abuseing/starving her animals!!!?

    Today i went over to my friends house for the first time! I thought it was going to be a nice time to hand out with her but I was so distracted by how many animals she had... I mean it’s fine to have a lot of animals as long as you care for them properly.... but she wasn’t her dogs were so skinny I could see the hip and spine bones:( she had a boxer and lab they looked soooo sad and sick. She also had a cat but she looked normal but she lets her outside and inside so she might be catching mice I dont know but she had a hamster and it’s cage was so filthy I wanted to cry she probably had not cleaned it in months!!! She also had a rabbit in a wired cage and his feet was so dirty and had huge sores on them!! She had so much more animals like turtles, mice, chickens, a goat, and a pig in her house! They were all so under weight EVEN THE PIG I didn’t think a pig could be so skinny I thought there always fat!!!! Even her turtle was in a 10 gallon tank with know filter the water was so dirty and it had know uvb light!!!! Sooo I asked her a few questions about all the animals and why they were not cared for property but she got mad at me for asking... I told her to sell them if she can’t care for them I know it sounds harsh but it’s true but she won’t listen to me! So like what should I do I feel so bad for the animals she has:( any advice would help, should I call the cops?
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  • What’s a good name for a rabbit that looks like this?

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  • I really want a bunny but im afraid it will stink the house. Do they smell like dogs and cats?

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  • My male rabbit is a sex addict. What can I do?

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  • House bunny weeing and pooing outside cage???

    Me and my partner brought a 9 week old, female mini lop. We have decided to keep her in the house. We have her in a indoor rabbit hutch when we are working/sleeping and she has the run of the lounge/kitchen when we are watching her. We arent necessarily litter training her as we are hoping to keep her cage long term and keep her in her cage when we are out. Her cage is full of sawdust and hay as normal. She urinates and poops in her tray during the night. However, when we let her out, she straight away poops and urinates everywhere (it is not designated to one corner) it even ends up on the sofa! It is as if she holds her poop in until she comes out of her hutch! Other than that, shes super playful, always up for cuddles etc. Im not sure What were doing so wrong! Any tips??
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  • What shall I call my two male Guinea pigs?

    Need to be food names as all my current pets are named after food! So far I like.. Porridge and Oats Porridge and Muesli Cheesecake and Mousse They are both a mixture of grey/caramel/white! So something that suits a mix of colours. Suggestions please!
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  • Can bunnies be around pot smoke or no?

    Best answer: Small animals shouldn't be around any smoke. Not good for their noses or lungs.
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  • What animals are allowed?

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  • Do penguins have knees?

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  • Child refuses to clean room?

    Best answer: Clearly your 6th grade teachers need to assign more homework.
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  • My rabbit bite me. is there any precaution or medicines that i should take.?

    it is just a little cut. he is 4-5 months old
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  • What would you do if your vet got your pet's test results mixed up with another pet after putting down your pet?

    I'm not saying this happened to me but I'm just asking what would you do? Just a random question
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  • Does anybody know what rabbit breed is this rabbit?

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  • I'm having my 1st baby in late summer, in 6 wks my stepdaughter is having her baby. Why is my husband more excited about becoming a grandpa?

    Wouldn't you find it annoying that a stepdaughter's baby is more important to my husband's family? Her aunt and my mother in law already had a party for her. I was there, there was no mention of me having a baby later on this year. Would you find this rude?
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  • I got a bunny! tips?

    hi!! i got my bunny! she is so cute and i love her so much!! but she doesnt seem to want to hang out with me :( she just likes hiding under the desk which i know is normal cause bunnies like hiding in areas but do you guys have any tips on how we could bond?
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  • Whcih rabbit breed are more likely to be afraid of dogs ?

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  • Can bears be domesticated?

    Best answer: They shouldnt be. They're predatory animals, let them live their life free, not in a small environment. They're made to roam and hunt, not live alongside us like the domestic dog or cat
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  • Correct this sentence she has swam the english channel several times in the past year?

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  • Plz help me convince my mom to buy me a ferret?

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  • Is it shameful (or childish) for an adult to cry from physical pain?

    Best answer: Its a normal reaction. Your body reacts to physical pain in different ways. Its the same way how people cry when they're upset, its the body reacting. If I say, bump my leg into something, it hurts, and the body responds by sending pain signals to the brain. And, if you somehow get a cut, your body attempts to clot the blood at the spot to heal the wound/cut, no matter how small. Sometimes if I get punched in the face, my eyes water. I don't want to cry but its how I respons to moderate to severe pain.

    Also remember, crying is looked down upon because of society. But I say, who cares? Im the one getting punched in the face, not society! So don't worry about it.

    And I probably wouldn't because I literally react the second I feel the pain. Its not like I could prepare myself or something if it was out of nowhere. Then again, we often find strength around others. It can be easier to hide it when you're taught that most of your life, and we like to not be vulnerable around others.
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