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  • What are some good party foods? ?

    No alcohol or anything this isn’t that kind of party 🎈 thx
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  • What are the little details to not forget when planning an awesome party?

    I’m about a month away from the surprise party I’m throwing and I think I have everything accounted for but I’m sure I’m missing the things that really make the party! Suggestions and tips?
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  • Why do people like hard candy?

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Hard candy is more of a chore then something to enjoy. Every Halloween I throw all my hard candy away or give it to my grandpa. I don’t see how sucking on an individual piece for 10 minutes is remotely enjoyable. Biting it hurts your teeth I mean what is the point?
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  • How much should I charge to do in-home p rivate catering?

    ... to serve dinner and walk around to serve appetizers, pour drinks, clean up constantly and maintain food (by myself, I might add) for a p rivate  party in a home for 50 people ? I was asked quite a bit last year to cater parties. I do not provide anything other than myself and sometimes my husband for bar tending services. I work extremely hard and diligently and I know I'm worth my time. I don't take breaks (shame on me), but want to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. Last year I charged $50 an hour. I do not feel it's worth it at that rate. I'll be gone 3 or so hours and have killed myself physically. Thoughts? What have you paid? I'm being told to up it quite a bit if I'm the soul caterer doing it all. 
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  • How to keep costs down for a party?

    I’m trying to throw an awesome surprise party for my parents 25th anniversary. I’m only 19 and in college so money is super duper tight. We’re using my grandparents house as a venue and I’m doing food myself (taco bar!) and I was going to get a helium tank and my own balloons. Any other ways to keep costs down but still have an awesome party! 
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  • What is your favorite dessert?

    Best answer: Tiramisu. Anything that has tiramisu in the name, I’ll try:  tiramisu cheesecake, tiramisu flavored coffee. 
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  • Superbowl party ?

    Best answer: You list the different foods and I would think it would be enough of a variety, but make sure you have sufficient quantities of each.
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  • What temperature to set my apartment for a summer themed party. ?

    I’m hosting a summer themed party in winter and want to crank my heat up to feel like summer. What temperature is realistic but will also at least feel warm to people?
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  • Best party food?

    Looking at doing a surprise 25th anniversary surprise party for my parents. I want to do a build your own pizza table but I’m not sure if it would work for a big crowd. Also looking at a grazing table or sand which table. Any recommendations? Party is at our grandparents huge house so we’ll have a full kitchen but we’re a picky family about food!
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  • Do you prefer wine, beer or liquor?

    Best answer: Hard liquor, eg Kentucky straight bourbon, but only in strictest moderation...
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  • Is Godiva chocolate a luxury brand or is it just mediocre and expensive?

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  • You bring a dish to a party, and it goes untouched.  Are you offended? ?

    You go to a holiday party with family and friends. It is a party where everyone has to bring a dish or supply something like drinks.  The food is being served buffet style.  You are asked to make a dish, and nobody touches your dish by the time everyone is done eating.  Are you offended? 
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  • Birthday party?

    Hi so i'm 33 years old i've never had a party for birthday not even 18th,21st etc & as a kid my mother never let me go to other kids parties so they stopped inviting me. Is it weird i've still never had or long since been invited to party.
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  • How can I prevent my fruit from turning brown? ?

    I'm trying to make a fruit grazing table for an event I am hosting. How can I make my fresh cut fruits and vegetables from turn brown? 
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  • My sister in laws food is awful?

    You know how people say white people cant season food? It's my sister in law. She's white people. She puts salt and pepper in her bland potato salad, brings stove top to Thanksgiving, fries up some of the greasiest, chewiest cube steak (also salt and pepper seasoned) and the worst gravy (made with the gritty stuff in the bottom on the oil after she's done frying her cube steak). Problem is she thinks shes the best chef in the family and always trying to give cooking advice (that usually is just a harder way to do something but she feels its creative). She's over my shoulder all day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, harping advice that I ignore entirely, only to swoop in 30 minutes before the meal to make her precious stove top (no other stuffing is as good you see) and acts like she saved the day. It drives me nuts and I dont know if I can take another year of it! Advice, funny stories from your Thanksgiving, good recipes for strong drinks? I'll take anything I can get to stay sane! 
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  • Can someone please check my essay for parallelism?

     I'm a full-fledged adult, but I get as excited as a little kid when it comes to my birthday. I know that on that special day, I will receive gifts, eat cake, and be having a party. I start my birthday by sleeping late and to make my favorite breakfast—pancakes and sausage. After breakfast, I like rollerblading, biking, or to run through my neighborhood. I pretend that people know it's my birthday and are coming out of their houses to sing to me. (No one ever does, but it's a great fantasy.) Returning home, I shower and am getting ready for my party. I have to fix the food, set the table, and be decorating the living room. Inviting my close friends and to serve a special meal is a big part of the celebration. After dinner, everyone sings "Happy Birthday," we eat cake, and I will open my presents. Then we listen to music and are telling silly stories about the past year. If I live to be 100, I will always have a birthday party and have been nice to myself on my special day.
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  • Slimming world christmas snacks?

    Best answer: Celery and dip, baby carrots and dip, and so on.  Yogurt is an interesting one you might give a shot- sounds weird but man is it good.

    You can grill/fry veggies which is different enough to be a treat- not for everyone but I love grilled cucumber.  Shicobobs are a good option with lots of veg and some healthy meat like chicken.

    Fruits or fruit salad- watermelon, cherries, oranges, mangos, whataver.  Cut em up and mix em in a bowl or stab toothpicks into cubes depending on how fancy you're trying to be.

    Roasted nuts.
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  • Is it rude to have friends pay for surprise party?

    I am having a surprise party for my girlfriend at a private room in a restaurant. It’s buffet style that is 25$ per person.  
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