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  •  What, Riding motorcycles aren't as dangerous as everyone says?

    Best answer: Riding a motorcycle is not dangerous, it's other idiots on the road that make it dangerous 80% of the time.
    The other 20% is due to inexperienced riders or overconfident riders riding beyond their ability. 
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  • Does a 1976 Honda CB750F need a battery in it to kickstart and run? ?

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  • How come motorcycles dont fall when you wheelie it or idiots are stunting on them?

    tired of morons putting my life in danger on the roads stunting on motorcycles. Waiting on the day they break their legs.
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  • Is driving a motorcycle hard to learn?

    Best answer: It's pretty straightforward - but there are a lot of things you need to know in order to stay alive.

    I highly suggest checking out a rider training course.
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  • 1973 suzuki ts185 top end?

    since they dont make any new cylinder and piston for a 1973 suzuki ts185 is there any other model bike that fit this engine top end?
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  • I want to drive motorcycle , what I learn first?

    Best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3yE-btIbFI
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  • My state has a "stay at home" order... but can I go on a recreational motorcycle ride if I stay with only me and my husband?

    Best answer: You need to call and ask local authorities. We have state guidelines about staying home, no gathering, and no indoor entertainment. But no order.   It depends on how your local government and police view it. 
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  • What should i check if my motorcycle is completely unresponsive?

    i was switching out the ignition relay and crossed the wires on accident. the bike turned over once and then all electronics died. what happened? what do i do? what do i check?
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  • Dirtbike occasionally smokes?

    My trr225 smokes sometimes from the exhuast a white smoke, its air cooled and I know people are immediately gonna say “burning oil” but the smoke eventually goes away but only after about 20 minutes and thats a long time for it to warm up if its condensation. Could it be the type of gas I am running? I highly doubt its burning oil considering I ride it daily and nothing has changed. Oil level also looks about the same so. Any ideas? 
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  • Motorcycle riders: do u worry about car to motorcycle collision & inertia injuries? How do u overcome that fear and enjoy the ride?

    Best answer: "a bad motorcycle accident with a guy doing tricks down the street"
    That was no accident, it was a strong possibility and predictable. If you use a motorcycle as it is intended to be used there are still risks of injury, if you decide to use it as it is not intended then you increase those risks.
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  • Motorcycle valve tic tic noise ?

    ok so i just checked the valve clearance with feeler gauge,everything seems perfect.. but the bike still makes the noise, what could be wrong?? 
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  • 2 stroke bike?

    If 2 stroke motorbike has blown its top end would it start again because I thought that I’d blown my top end on my Aprilia but then realised I possibly hadn’t after it started again but I’m still unsure wether it would still start if it had blown its top end as I don’t have much mechanical experience. Thank you
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  • Has anyone heard of the motorcycle brand moto Roma?

    Best answer: Is Cheap Chinese Crap, someone orders a 40' shipping container of motorcycles, with whatever "brand" they dream up, and sell them on the Internet.  If you want to know who the actually manufacturer is, you need to check the VIN.
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  • Anything wrong in this photo that would be obvious as to preventing my TTR225 from starting? I know nothing about electrical things ?

    Best answer: Know nothing about electrical things? Time to start learning. The burnt  wire indicates that to much current has passed through it. ie there is a short to the frame somewhere in the circuit.
    Buy a cheap multimeter & get a copy of the wiring diagram for the bike ( Haymes or Clymer both write decent manuals for mostmodels)I'll bet the fuse in the fuseholder in the red wire is WAY too big. Fuses are thin wires in a glass tube & are designed to fail before the wire they are in there to protect.Basic rule of electricity. V=IR or I=V/R or R=V/I where V is volts, R is resistance & I is current.
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  • What is good motorcycle for a first time riders?

    I love motorcycles my whole life and now I can finally afford one and I'm looking figure out what is good a bike for new riders or hell I take any advice I can get. Thanks
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  • Leaving motorcycle outside unsheltered?

    Best answer: If your bike is fairly new, the best investment you can make would be to store it indoors. Find a few friends who also need to store their bike for the winter and share the cost of a one car garage-sized storage unit.  It will also be safe from vandals, thieves, and critters.  You'll be able to leave a battery tender connected to it, and even start it once a month to keep the innards coated with oil. Vehicles kept outdoors occasionally find themselves wet with condensation, it doesn't matter that they are under a cover.  Those covers also offer no protection from critters who love to chew on air cleaners, vinyl, build nests, and poop everywhere. 
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  • Turns on but no crank no start.?

    I have a motomia 110cc Chinese motorcycle that has been stationary for 4 years. I recently put in a new battery and petrol, turned it on and tried to start. But nothing happened.  No clicks, no crank no start the battery has enough power and yet the chock (start button) doesn’t do anything and the kick starter doesn’t seem to be producing any crank.  I tested the spark plug and there’s no spark. Which areas should I start looking for issues?
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  • What is riding goofy on a scooter?

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  • TTR225 dead battery?

    Best answer: Trickle chargers are used to maintain the battery when it is not in use for prolonged periods. On their own they are less effective for charging an already depleted battery (but you can get a trickle charger and charger combined). All chargers and trickle chargers come with instructions – read them.
    If you leave your keys in the bike, then do not expect it to still be there when you come back, attach them to your belt with a springy cord if your memory is that poor.
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  • Can fat people ride motorbikes?

    Best answer: If one of prerequisites for membership is a sense of humor, you're a shoo-in.
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