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  • Why are Libras so evil? Now I have wasted 10 years with a liar, cheater, manipulator...etc... He was so evil towards me...?

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  • Why are Aquarians so blunt?

    Best answer: Not all of them are.
    Their "zodiac sign" is only their Sun sign ... Sun represents how we relate to ourselves, not to others.

    Mercury represents our communication and speech and thinking. If the person has Sun in Aquarius, their Mercury cannot be far away ... Capricorn or Aquarius or Pisces. Mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius could be blunt.

    Venus represents our interactions with others .. our social and romantic relationships. If the person has Sun in Aquarius, their Venus cannot be more than 1.5 signs away ... late Sagittarius, anywhere in Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces, or early Taurus. Venus in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius could be blunt.

    The Rising Sign/Ascendant is out "social mask" .. the way we act in social situations where we are not totally uncomfortable ... but this Sign could be ANY of the 12 zodiac signs (it depends on the precise time and location of their birth).

    But for any PARTICULAR person with Sun-in-Aquarius, we cannot say they WOULD be blunt basing it just on their Sun sign.

    Sun in Aquarius = a person who tries to find inner wholeness by being logical and detached. If their Sun is "well-aspected" with other planets, this brings out positive Aquarius traits in what they need to feel whole. If their Sunis "badly-aspected", this brings out difficult Aquarius traits which interfere with the Sun's need to find inner wholeness.
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  • What does balance means ( moon in libra )?

    Does it mean to not be extreme and find that middle point or does it mean to be fair regardless of religion, relationship, race
    5 answers
  • I'm a tuarus female, and I really like a scorpio male. Just curious is it a good match?

    12 answers
  • Can you guess the zodiac sign by the looks?

    For fun, don't be uptight.
    7 answers
  • Which zodiac sign you feel safe around him? Say yours also?

    Best answer: I feel safe around brave people .. I don't think you can see it from their zodiac sign but maybe some other placement, because recently I went to holidays and there was 2 Leos with us (both girls, around same age) and one was brave (my sis) and one was a coward (my relative) ..
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  • Why are ghetto girls always Taurus or Scorpio?

    10 answers
  • Libra woman are tomboyish and manly ­čÜż?

    8 answers
  • What's your zodiac sign?

    And what's your favorite zodiac sign?
    20 answers
  • Who here loves SONALDO the Indian cringe?I use the word cringe because it's his favorite word,doubtless because it rhymes with his minge?

    7 answers
  • Wow...this group is NOTHING like it was 10 years ago.........?

    I was a regular user of Y!A many years ago. Ihaven't been on Y!A in like 10 years. Figured I'd see how much has changed, and WOW, soooo much different. This group used to be super active. So active that lots of regular members formed real life friendships just from interacting with each other in this group all day every day. Horoscopes and Polls & Surveys were the groups I frequented. I went by the username Spirit... Are there any members from 10 years ago that are still here?
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  • My birthday is August 22. Is that a Leo or a Virgo?

    I've calculated it online, I was born in the evening, but before midnight.
    7 answers
  • Prove to me that horoscopes are real?

    15 answers
  • Is 23 october born libra or scorpio?

    13 answers
  • Please predict about my career & marriage.?

    My Date of Birth is 22 september 1984. Time of Birth is 16:30pm. Place of Birth is Yamunanagar (Haryana, India).  I am into administration job, please predict that will I have a stable career? Also please predict that as per astrology will I have a love marriage or arrange marriage?
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  • CapricornÔÇÖs, Are you a serious type of person or a goofy type of person?

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  • What is your Zodiac Sign and what is your expierence with each of the Zodiac signs?

    Aries: Some of the meanest people I have met. Often very mean, talk **** behind your back and to your face. Selfish. But I am often sexually attracted to them. They are damn sexy. Taurus: My favorite sign.Loyal, dependable (most times) Calm, cool and collected. Most Tauruses love food of any sort, which I really like. They also mot have a sweet tooth, like me. I have many similar interests with them and I admire them sometimes. And they usually always like me or are attracted to me. Gemini: Never had any conflicts with them. Can have interesting convos, but after a while they keep talking when the chat has gotten dry and boring. I think they like the sound of their voice. Very all over the place, sometimes fake and two faced. Not very serious about anything and not emotionally deep. Hover I have been sexually or emotionally attracted to several geminis. They're kinda sexy af to me Cancer: (My sign) Love them at first, then they can get on my nerves. I know I will always have a lot in common with my fellow Cancer. My ex best friend was a Cancer. A majority of my crushes and attractions were Cancers. My intuition tells me they are really good in bed and we'd have great chemistry in bed. Leo: Idk what to think about them. Sometimes I like them and other times I hate em. My problem is they are not really loyal as friends ( In my experience). And they have hot tempers and nasty attitudes sometimes. Also kind of superficial af.
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  • I can not stand Libras! Why are they the most unfaithful, superficial, shallow sign ever?

    I hate Libras! That's right...HATE. Every Libra I have ran into is the same. Every time I tell a Libra this, they tell me "Awwww that stuff is not real, you shouldn't judge people on astrology". What happens? They always go and prove me right. I don't even associate with Libra women anymore. Those women really think they are the living breathing Disney princesses of the world. When really they just enjoy sleeping with married men, and using them for their money. Libra men...oh boy. They are crazy. Boy are they crazy. These dudes make Scorpio men look like saints. Underneath that charm is a true psychopath, and if they have water in their chart the worse they are. Geminis are the only sign that can tolerate Libras...and that says alot about them. Why are Libras like this? Are they just narcissistic sociopaths by nature? Why are they so evil? What is wrong with them?
    5 answers
  • Fire versus water versus earth versus air?

    8 answers
  • Prediction about my life? in short now i am suffering in life(money /job/ love/family ) all front learned astrologers help me?

    date of birth- 17 oct 1980. time- 10:45 am place of birth- bikramganj (bihar) Latitude: 025:12:N / Longitude: 084:15:E
    4 answers
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