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  • I’m a Scorpio sun and Taurus moon and my boyfriends a Aquarius sun sagittarius moon. Would we make a good couple? ?

    Best answer: No real astrologer compares Signs to determine compatibility. They look at the distances (measured in degrees-of-arc around the circle of the zodiac) between ANY of your 10 planets (not just your Sun and Moon) and any of the other person's 10 planets.

    These distances are called "synastry aspects" and they do not depend on the Signs involved. They indicate how any particular need/planet of yours interacts with a particular need/planet of theirs.

    Some distances indicate harmony and attraction, and some indication conflict. And there are ALWAYS some of BOTH. So what makes a relationship work is when both people are emotionally mature .. both able to cope with their own unpleasant emotions instead of expecting each other to change.
    And since astrology is only an influence, and since it doesn't control people, and since we CAN outgrow and overcome the negative influences in our birthchart ... astrology cannot tell you if you two will make a good couple or not.
    All the "synastry" can do is point out what conflicts there will be, and why .. and it is up to both of you to work out how to cope with the conflict in ways that do not drive you two apart. Note that it can take as long as a couple years of living together before the differences start to cause problems.

    As an example, you have Moon in Taurus and he has Sun in Aquarius. Depending on WHERE in the Sign (the actual degree OF the Sign) these planets are in, there are 4 possible synastry aspects between your Moon and his Sun:
    (1) A sextile aspect (between 54 and 66 degrees apart) indicating that your emotional nature (Moon) bolsters and supports his sense of who he is (Sun). And his self-esteem soothes your emotions.
    (2) A square aspect (82 to 98 degrees apart) indicating that your emotional nature threatens his sense of self esteem. And his bullying upsets you.
    (3) a trine aspect (112 to 128 degrees apart) ... much like the sextile
    (4) NO ASPECT whatsoever .. meaning your emotions have no impact on his self esteem, and his sense of himself does not trigger any emotions in you. No interaction between those two needs.

    IF you have the EXACT precise birthtimes for both of you, you can do up the synastry for free on this website. But understand that if the birthtimes you use are even off the true times by as little as 4 minutes, you may be misinformation rather than information.
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  • Does Gemini and cancer get along ?

    Best answer: Anyone of any sign can get along.
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  • Which astrological events caused the messy situation we are now?

    Best answer: In March 2019, South Node or Dragon's Tail or Ketu entered Sagittarius where Saturn was already present till 26 Jan 2020. In Nov 2019, Jupiter entered Sagittarius and was getting eclipsed by Ketu moving retrograde in Sagittarius. As Ketu entered his own constellation Moola in Sagittarius, Ketu became more stronger to show his maleficity to the earth. Dragon's Head or North Node or Rahu is always placed complementary to Ketu entered Aradra constellation of Gemini. Gemini is exaltation sign of Rahu and Aradra is ruled by Rahu so Rahu in Aradra becomes strongest to do his malefic acts. No wonder this coronavirus infection started after Nov 2019. Then on 26 Jan 2020, Saturn entered its own sign Capricorn and Saturn becomes boss in its own sign. But Saturn in earth sign Capricorn forms the highly malefic Shadashtak Yoga with Rahu in air sign Gemini as Capricorn is 8th house from Gemini. From 26 jan 2020, the virus started spreading further and Rahu stands for foreigner so disease spread through foreigners or from foreign travel or passport holders. Many nations got infected with coronavirus because of people from China and Italy visiting to returning back to their nation. Currently Jupiter and malefic Mars are also in Capricorn but it is Saturn who will be the boss in Capricorn. Rahu has to exit Aradra constellation of Gemini and it does so on 22 May 2020. Saturn has taught many lessons to humans living on earth-main lesson is travel only when needed, wash hands and keep cleanliness, congestion of human settlement is bad, Corona virus has forced people to work from home, forced students to listen to online lectures from home, air quality has improved, pollution has reduced, crude oil price has lowered to 26$/barrel, electricity consumption has got lowered due to work from home, People have used online payment more than before. Tourism, hotel and airlines industry collapsed whereas socially working sectors like doctors, pharmaceuticals, ventilator, nurses, hospital equipment, police, army came in demand. Socially working sectors like doctors, nurses, hospital staff, pathologies, medicines, etc are ruled by none other than the great Lord Saturn.
    Rahu and Ketu will change their sign on 23 Sep 2020, but this virus infection and its severity will reduce after Rahu enters Mrigashira constellation of Gemini on 22 May 2020.
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  • How to deal with Aquarius heartbreak?!? ?

    I am a Taurus woman who dated an Aquarius man. It has been a little over a year and I still have not been able to emotionally recover from a year and a half relationship we had. My feelings run very deep, as I feel he betrayed me to the point where it is hard for me to even talk to new people. I never understood the way we ended as the days leading up he was becoming so distant, moody, barely communicated with me, and began acting more rebellious than ever. He casually broke up with me over TEXT saying we were never happy together and the next day shut me off completely.  As the breakup itself was already hard enough, He never once let me see his phone (the WHOLE relationship) without taking it away or putting on an instant reaction. The simplest things seemed hard to get by with him.  He got with another woman weeks later and quickly got engaged to her and that’s what hurt me the most. I put my everything into this one man for him to throw me out of his life as if I never existed.  This rollercoaster of betrayal has impacted me emotionally, mentally, and physically in too many ways.  Please explain. 
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  • Do you think Astrology is the most Judgemental Zodiac sign?

    Like... astrology judges people is unfair... How to survive with someone toxic and abusive who judges other people based on zodiac sign?
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  • What is the zodiac sign of corona virus?

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  • Why are Virgo women so horrible?

    Best answer: We aren't......................…...
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  • Whats your zodiac sign?

    Best answer: Scorpio. I'm somewhere in between - I do believe that a lot of astrology is about psychology and how well you can read people but I've also seen quite a few coincidences that can't be explained by logic. You could say I believe, yes. 

    As a water sign, I do like the Pisces energy, but it all depends on the whole chart, of course!
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  • Is Aquarius Rarest Zodiac sign?

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  • Is Coronavirus Pisces or Sagittarius?

    Why Sagittarius? First case was born on December 1st 2019 Why Pisces? Disgusting, arrogant, problematic, hateful
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  • Should we trust horoscopes? ?

    I have been following this website for a couple months now (https://astrologyanswers.com/horoscopes/... and I am a Gemini zodiac sign. The horoscopes seem to some day be so accurate, and the next day not. I wonder how true these really are?
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  • Is it true if a Scorpio is betrayed then those beings are punished by the forces in return right after the harm done to a Scorpio?  ?

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  • What are the aspects? Has anybody ever predicted it?

    A disease spreading wildly People losing their jobs. The sports is no longer playing. Music concerts being postponed. Everybody is advise to stay apart. It seems the world is falling apart. Was it ever predicted by anybody? snckjdbksbcjbvkjsa;uhvc;oubgskjvbksjbdcb... Thanks for looking into.
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  • Why does everyone hate Gemini?

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  • Can you Guess her zodiac sign?

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  • Which zodiac will be your bestfriend?

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  • What indicates media studies in natal chart? Which rising sign and placements?

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  • Which zodiac fear nothing?

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  • NASA switched uptake zodiac signs. But I think we should keep them the way they are. Im a Scorpio and that's how I'll stay. Who agrees?

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  • Will things become better when Sun transits Aries?

    Best answer: Currently the malefic North Node or Rahu or Dragon's head is in his exaltation sign Gemini in his own constellation or Nakshatra Aradra, Madhyam Rahu will enter Mrigashira constellation on 22 May 2020 as per Jagannath Hora  and will enter Taurus on 23 September 2020. It will be better when Rahu enters Mrigashira constellation of Gemini. Malefic Saturn is in his own sign Capricorn which is the 8th house from Gemini forming the bad Shadashtak Yoga with Rahu and even Rahu-Mars Shadashtak till 4 May 2020.  Now the malefic Mars has also entered its exaltation sign Capricorn and will remain in it till 4 May 2020. Jupiter has also got debiliated in Capricorn from 29 March 2020 but 
     Saturn is the boss in Capricorn among Saturn-Jupiter-Mars. Rahu is boss in Aradra constellation of Gemini. Both Rahu and Saturn are showing their full powers as both are placed in a condition most favorable to show their malefic powers to the earth. Sun enters its exaltation sign Aries on 14 April 2020 to form the bad Kendrayoga with the trio of Saturn-Mars-Jupiter  in Capricorn. 14 April 2020, 4 May 2020, 22 May 2020 and 23 September 2020 are important dates to better the things. Important thing is Rahu has to leave Aradra constellation of Gemini. 
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