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  • What signs are most to least likely to be mean for no reason?

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  • What's something you love doing?

    Best answer: Lately it’s been going on hiking tours, it’s very uncomplicated,can be dangerous but peaceful and adventurous at the same time.
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  • Does astrology collide with genetics..serious replies only .?

    genetics says qualities of a child are determined by the qualities of the parents, whereas astrology says qualities of a person are determined by the date,time and place of birth of the person. does astrology outweigh genetics...can someone reply to this
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  • Do you believe in horoscopes?

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  • Which sign is sweeter, Virgo or Libra?

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  • Most attention seeking zodiac sign?

    Best answer: Leo can't stop it. They are only happy when in the middle of the attention and can't stand not being adored, applauded, loved visibly and audibly. When you ignore them coming in the room, they sulk and throw a STUPID fit. They get really sulky when you don't lavish praise and attention on them.

    Aquarius are so vain and FULl of themselves and cannot stop until everyone is looking at them.
    They think nothing of playing thevictim card All The Time, thinking themselves superior because they went through A, B or C disastrous event ( which to everyone else is just a "bit of a bad time once". They don't do that, they drag it along with them and make it into a life shattering, awful event which needs counseling, therapy, trauma PSTD, you name it. All that happened was a break up, or their sister being mean for example, but no, the average Aquarius makes it into the century's hardest suffering time , which they bore bravely and patiently ) wipes a tear from the eye). They're pretty pathetic. But you CAN joke to them about it when enough time has passed. Leo's, not so.
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  • Why is there is a mental Virgo Troll in this section hating Leo and Girls?

    What a loser
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  • Opinions on aquarius women?

    Best answer: Good:
    Genuine, kind, humble, funny, fun, intellectual, unique, talented, honest and passionate.
    One can be their true self around them.
    What I respect the most in them, is their thrive for justice!

    Sometimes they unintentionally come off as “rude”.
    Can be provocative. Usually provoking others to get a reaction
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  • How do you feel about Virgos?

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  • Bad things about Caps?

    Best answer: Too much worldly power or status hungry. No sense of romance. Never content with life.
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  • What's a mars square uranus and mars square neptune in astrology please ??

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  • What did astrologers say about you?

    Best answer: Idk. I live in the real world.
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  • Scorpios need to be liked to fit in I don’t like them...?

    Why’s that
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  • What's your parent's zodiac signs and are they still happily together?

    Virgo mom Pisces Dad. Mom and dad fought a lot. Father was alcoholic to numb himself being around my mother. Thought he was probably cheating never caught. Mom waited to divorce dad after kids moved out. Toxic family life with drunk dad and a lot of fighting. What about yours?
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  • Are Pisces people traumatized?

    Best answer: Perceptions of the characteristics of people based on mythological traits surrounding stars that were in different positions when astrology was invented is not a science and cannot be used to categorise people in that way.
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  • Why is Libra the only sign that isn't represented by a living thing?

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  • Are a Sagittarius female and Virgo male compatible?

    Best answer: You should get both of your charts done by someone who is an expert in astrology, Caramel. There are a lot of different aspects that interact with each other in various ways that, while maybe not an exact science, do seem to have some significance in determining patterns and perspectives of personality.

    For example: I am a Pisces with a Sagittarius/Scorpio (on the cusp) rising sign. My moon is in Pisces, and one's moon is often how they see themselves, but the rising signs tend to be how one's behaviors manifest (not always, but generally), and a Sagittarius who likes to teach, rearrange, perfect, change, inspire might be quite the opposite of a Pisces who likes to drift, flow, and meander metaphysically while waiting for inspiration. A Scorpio tends to be strong-willed, strong-minded, definite, whereas a Pisces is more ethereal and can annoy both Sags and Scorpios at times.

    As human beings, any combination can be compatible if you have what my Aquarian daughter dubbed her capacity for an "expanding embrace"---the ability to see the whole picture and take pleasure in people's personality just as they are. The surface stuff is not what's important in a relationship, so my suggestion would be to keep communication lines open, figure out each other's values and depths, take joy in sharing ideas, and learn when to give each other some space if frictions arise.
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