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  • Which is the sneakiest zodiac sign?

    21 answers
  • What body part attracts an Aquarius girl?

    16 answers
  • Which zodiac sign do you hate/is the most annoying and no one likes?

    18 answers
  • Do you believe astrology is real?

    Yes or no? and why.
    13 answers
  • What's your Zodiac sign?

    mine is March 15,When is yours?
    14 answers
  • Why do virgos randomly pick fights with people who did nothing wrong to them?

    Best answer: VIRGO is a harsh critic and this quality invites lots of negativity from others because many can not accept 'bitter' truth
    8 answers
  • Why do Aquarius resort to silent treatments when mad ?

    9 answers
  • Is lovergal the most hated user in this section lol?

    17 answers
  • Problem with a Sagittarius girlfriend?

    Recently I had a fight with my Sagittarius girlfriend. I feel very down these days and maybe a little depressed so I needed some time at home, drinking hot chocolate, reading books, watching TV and being with my love. First we fought on my birthday (October 26, I am a Scorpio guy) because she wanted to organize a big party and I disagreed. After all, it was my birthday. We made out. However, she is in the mood for drinking and partying whole month (believe me, she is not like this usually, she is shy and aloof). But she said that we are young and beautiful but we live like old men at home. I was kind to her to whole time but she continued being angry and even blamed me for making her introverted and not letting her have fun. This is absolute bullshit. I just need time alone, with her actually. And she forces me to go clubbing. She even started crying and said that if I don't go with her and her friends on her birthday (November 26), we are endgame. I never said that. And I am not dictating her anything or isolating her. I thought she was going to understand me since she knows a thing or two about depression. When I met her, I saved her from the very same thing after her Pisces boyfriend hurt her and she was bullied at school. She is still acting superficially... But I love her and I just don't want her to leave. Like everyone else. I wish she could understand how much I need her and how confused I feel.
    7 answers
  • Taurus boy and Scorpio man compatibility?

    6 answers
  • I’m a Taurus mainly attracted to Aquarius how can it work out?

    Im a Taurus with Libra rising not sure if the Libra rising actually matters with compatibility but I’ve noticed majority of guys I’m attracted to are the Aquarians sometimes even gemini for their intellect. They seem to be attracted to me back I’m afraid only for looks though. My friend is an Aquarius atm whom I have a crush on and he seems to like that I’m witty and care about others so much. I sense chemistry building but don’t want to ruin how close we are if we take the next step. Any others have this combination with their SO and it working out? Astrology isn’t the forefront of my mind but I do believe in it to a degree since the sun is a star and gives you energy so maybe the others stars also affect you.
    6 answers
  • What makes you believe in astrology?

    28 answers
  • Which zodiac signs do you not get along with or can’t stand, & explain why?

    I’ve been getting into astrogly lately and trying to self-teach myself and I wanted to read your opinions and experiences :).
    12 answers
  • Gemini girl and Cancer boy?

    Best answer: Steph Curry's parents. Hahaha.
    11 answers
  • Why can’t verbally express myself emotionally?

    I don’t know what happened as I use to be so much more care free. But now I overthink to no end and I question myself about everything... I’ve become so much more anxiety prone and self absorbed after I graduated high school. I can’t exactly pinpoint what I’m feeling ideally but it’s like the realm of emotions is numb. I can hardly speak without studdering or slurring my words it’s just that bad of anxiety. Im so trapped in my head and I just want to be able to talk about myself emotionally for once
    7 answers
  • Why do Libras always let Geminis boss them around?

    11 answers
  • Astrology?

    what moon sign is the strongest?.
    12 answers
  • Most shallow to most deep zodiac?

    Best answer: SHALLOW IS good. I make it a point to be shallow. Everybody loves a mysterious shallow person. The most favored signs are the most shallow. Why? Because people love a challenge. I strive for it.

    No one likes a clingy, over emotional, deep cling on sucking the life out you. Give me more shallow, light hearted, people who know how to laugh at themselves.

    I'm also not fake, so I can admit that there's not one single person out there who doesn't judge people by looks. The liars are the ones who will say that they don't. That's where the phrase "first impressions are everything" comes from. Whoever most shallow is I want to be them. I'm not kidding.
    11 answers
  • Do you like scopios?

    Best answer: No
    16 answers
  • Is This Pisces man serious?

    This Pisces man is pursuing me and he has 2 baby mamas and a girlfriend, but tells me I m his better half we have very strong spiritual connection and he says he loves and he wants to marry me should I believe what he says?
    8 answers