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    I hate my life and I’m so miserable that I love seeing other people miserable too. It makes me happy when others have something bad happen to them and that they’re miserable but when others are happy it makes me mad. Like this woman who struggled with infertility and got pregnant after 10 years and I HATE that. I don’t even know her and I don’t like the fact that she’s pregnant. I pray sometimes that her baby dies because I don’t like the fact that she’s pregnant for whatever reason. I hate seeing people happy. It makes me happy when they’re miserable because I have a pathetic life (that I’m trying to improve)
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    Im having no calmness, i cant relax, i cant concenstrate, I feel my heart beating fast, i get dizzy and it feels like im dying, i cant relax, i try to get help but it makes it worse, i feel like theirs somthing wrong with me, i would go to the gym, my job, talk to my friends, go snowboarding with my friends, Every time i Make a plan the last minute my heart starts racing, it gets dizzy and everything is powering off, my legs get numb and my body tingles, it freaks me out I cant control myself, i want help but cant get it, im worried this will happen in public. I avoid places now because of this, its happened before, and now im embarrass and shy, i made my self look miserable.People think im crazy. ITS SO REAL AND TERRIFYING I don't want to die, i want to have a future but its made me avoid places, i keep trying to go but i always feel unsafe, and i don't know what to do, my confidence is low, and its hard for me to not worry.
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  • Beyond depressed..?

    Best answer: Listen, we ave all been were you are. Working at jobs or with people who don't inspire you or have any meaning.
    You have a couple of options, but two will bring you peace: one is to accept where you are gradually work towards getting another job, or leave the job and try to find another job. Acceptance doesn't mean you don't try to your situation, it means you don't let the situation affect your mind. See if next time you can, you can incorporate more acceptance in your life. Accept the job as it is and you know it and from this point forward don't give it any second negative thought. Put all of your thoughts and energy towards finding another job and if you work hard enough I promise you, things will change. Come to a point in your life, where you happiness does not fluctuate based on your life situation and your job situation. You will work many jobs that are good and many jobs that are bad. But if you let your happiness defined by that, you will always fluctuate. You deserve better.
    Beware of destination happiness. The idea that happiness lies in your next partner, career and in your case, a job. Happiness, peace and love is not found in people, situations or circumstances. Rather, they are the THOUGHTS you create when you are with the people, situations and circumstances. You have a CHOICE on how to view your life. What does that mean? It means no matter what situation comes, you have the possibility to always create thoughts of peace, love and happiness. That means even now with your current job. If I showed you people who were homeless and desperate looking for a job, t would make you feel more grateful for your job would it not? What changed? Your thoughts regarding your own situation.
    No one knows what the right decision whether to stay or to leave is, but only you. Only you know you the factors involved, career, financial, family, social impacts by staying or leaving. But whatever you decide take full responsibility for it and know that no matter what happens you will survive.
    In summary, you have choices available to you, beware of destination happiness and remember you can choose to be happy, in peace right now and work towards a better life situation.
    I can only offer you advice. The decision is ultimately yours. I hope you make the right decision for yourself. Wishing you nothing but love, peace and happiness with whatever decision you choose.
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  • If your girlfriend was developing anorexia, how would you help her?

    Best answer: You can provide information about what helps, and that's no guarantee that it will do any good. Getting over this problem takes a lot of determination. It's hard.

    Your ability to help in this situation is very limited. Maybe if you talked with someone in her family you could get advice - that is, if the person has good advice, like from a therapist.

    Here's what NOT to do -  be an amateur therapist. Leave this to the pros.

    Here's what I know - 

    As the first video shows, teenagers with anorexia do much, much better with family-based treatment than with individual therapy with office visits.

    I'll mention that there's another treatment that's often successful - DBT (video 2).

    As this article explains, studies show that relaxation methods help with anorexia, although of course you have to be extremely careful about exercise, as this is usually part of the problem.


    About relaxation, the research on controlled breathing is amazing. A study with war veterans convinced the VA to recommend this for vets with PTSD. I have details about therapeutic breathing in my answers.


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  • How can I destroy or damage the part of my brain that makes me feel anxiety and fear?

    I have anxiety disorder and I would die to get rid of my anxiety altogether. I’ll go through any extreme to disable my brain from feeling anxiety altogether, I really wish I had antisocial personality disorder I take that over anxiety any day. Antisocial personality is the best mental disorder to have in my opinion, you don’t feel anxiety, fear, depression like you’re relieved of a lot of burdens. I want to literally destroy the part of my brain that makes me feel anxiety and fear.
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  • I was misdiagnosed bipolar for years and it's ADHD can I still get ssi?

    I recently was told by my psychiatrist that I may have been misdiagnosed bipolar after 4 different doctors have all said I was bipolar. I was on many meds. Some affected my memory. And now he prescribed me aderall and Seroquel and Zoloft I'm very confused and losing hope. I was going to apply for said because I'm a single mother but now I have more questions than answers I feel like I went through all that and still have no idea what I have. What are my options any advice please
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  • I'm 27 and still unemployed.. much of the time I feel?

    Best answer: Let's talk first about what depression is.. Depression is a feeling - all our feelings are created by our thoughts. So, if you think negative, self-defeating thoughts, you WILL feel negative and defeated. The fact that you are depressed, proves one thing - you are thinking negative thoughts.  If you think positive, self-affirming thoughts, you feel positive. This is how feelings work, and it is the ONLY way they work.. This explains why someone who seems to 'have it all' can commit suicide - happiness doesn't come from having money, a fancy car, a big house, good looks, lots of friends, fame, success or, in your case, finding a job - happiness is a feeling that comes from thinking positive, self-affirming thoughts..
    I know I am going on and on, but I want to make this totally clear - a billionaire MIGHT be happy, if he is thinking about all the freedom he has (thinking positive), or he could just as easily be miserable and depressed, if he is thinking about how expensive servants are, and how everyone wants his money, and how he doesn't know who his friends are anymore..
    The good news is that what we think about every waking moment is a CHOICE! Negative thinking is a habit - habits can be changed. Negative thoughts are like little brats that want all your attention, but you do not have to give it to them!
    step one - a negative thought comes to mind "My life sucks, I will never find a job"
    step two - stop right there and reply "NO. I refuse to think this way. This way of thinking fixes nothing, changes nothing and is a total and complete waste of my time and energy, plus it creates negative feelings. I refuse to think this way!"
    step three - CHANGE YOUR FOCUS to something positive "Negative feelings don't control me. I CONTROL ME! I decide how I will think. I choose what I will think about.. Like everyone else, I have problems, but by setting goals, thinking of solutions to my problems, I can change my life. I will find a job if I keep looking. I can do this!"
    See how this works? First you shut down the negative thoughts, then you replace it with something positive and self-affirming, and finally, you think of solutions and set goals to fix whatever is wrong.
    THINK MORE ABOUT THE BAD STUFF.. keeps you stuck in a problem.. working towards a goal, finding a solution moves you forward, gives you hope, renews your energy and enthusiasm for life.. try it.. every single little step you take towards overcoming a problem and reaching your goal will make you feel GOOD.
    Be your own best friend - this means that you never beat yourself up, never insult yourself, or call yourself names.. for example, would you ever say to a good friend, "gee you are stupid!" No, you wouldn't.. you would try and build your friend up, give some good advice or a little pep talk.. this is how you must treat yourself at all times.. putting yourself down destroys self esteem and self confidence.. accept that we are all weak, flawed, foolish at times, that we all make mistakes, struggle etc.. and be KIND to yourself. Never let a problem or mistake bring you down - immediately get back up and start again.. The phrase "I can do this!" has gotten me through many hard days.. you want to be positive and encouraging.. you want to focus on goals and solutions, never on the problem itself. You want to ACT every day - take little steps towards reaching those goals and solutions, and you want to treat yourself well - this is how you achieve happiness and avoid depression.
    Next topic - you feel ashamed.. you feel the need to mention that you are a 'drop-out' when you could have instead  said, "I have a bachelor's degree" and leave it at that.. what this tells me is that you are upset with yourself because you didn't achieve all of your goals, as you had hoped. You have very high expectations for yourself, and if you do not meet those high expectations, well then you are just going to be upset with yourself.. this is perfectionism - think of how you are treating yourself - would you be ashamed of a dear friend who doesn't have a master's degree? Would you tell them you are ashamed of them? Would you run that friend down, as you do yourself? My guess is that 'no' you wouldn't.. this is a bit different than depression. Depression is thinking negative thoughts, but being ashamed of not being everything you wish you were is to admit that you don't feel you are worthy JUST AS YOU ARE.. you are saying that without that master's degree, you aren't good enough.. and that is simply not true - what then, do you think of people with mental disabilities that haven't even finished secondary school? All of us are 'worthy'.  Take for example, a $20 bill.. if you step on it, what is it worth? It is still worth $20. If you get dirt on it, crumple it up, it is still worth $2- - why? Because the value of that $20 is not based on what has happened to it, it's value is inherent - it has value, simply because it exists. Don't let your job/abilities define who you are.. stop identifying so much with your performance. With or without a job, with or without that master's degree, you are worthy and have nothing to be ashamed of! That doesn't mean that you have to give up.. I don't know enough about you to say what you should do - only you do.. but you do need to accept that we are all weak/foolish/imperfect at times, that we can't always achieve all our dreams. Here is an example from my own life. I went to college for computer programming, which I loved - unfortunately, my brain simply is not wired for mathematics. When it came to writing programs that required a lot of math, I was dead in the water. I tried, I cried, I gave it all I had.. all to no avail - I failed ONE semester of ONE course and therefore did not graduate. I am a COLLEGE drop out! :-) My family urged me to go back and try again, but I knew it was no use, and besides, even if I did graduate, if my job required math, what was I going to do?! So, instead of fighting against what I couldn't do, I thought about my strengths. I like computers, I have good people skills - I took a 6 week bank teller course, and got a job in a week! Point is, I focused on what I could do, I looked at my strengths, and I refused to beat myself up because I am not good at math. :-) 
    CHANGE YOUR THINKING AND YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Happiness, in any situation is possible - I've seen kids in third world countries who are happy - it's a state of mind - stay positive, focus on your goals, use your strengths. If you don't quit, you haven't lost.. and lastly, I hope you will recognize that your worth doesn't come because of your abilities.. sometimes life has other plans for us.. I know in my own life, things haven't turned out like I thought they would, but it is okay.. I am happy, because I choose to be. I like to think I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. 
    You can do this!
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  • Does anxiety ever go away?

    even going to class feels like a chore, scared that im gonna meet someone i know on my way there, having to socialize with people, its making sweat literally pour from my armpits. Im like this and IM IN MY 20S. Its ridiculous, does feeling like this ever go away or am i going to have crippling anxiety my whole life?
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  • I need help but I don’t know how to ask ?

    I want to sleep all the time but my heart pounds out of my chest when I try especially at night. I’ve lost my appetite and don’t want to leave the house. I need help but I won’t get myself to ask for some reason.
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  • How to stop depression cycle?

    Best answer: Therapy could help. As far as the filling it with sadness thing, sadness is familiar, and people are uneasy in unfamiliar situations. You'll have to increase your comfort level with new and uncomfortable situations (like happiness). The other part is realizing it is cyclical, because if you know it goes away, you are less likely to stay stuck as long as if you feel like this state will never change. It's the difference between helpless and hopeless. Helpless is that you can get out of it, you just need help or answers on how to. Hopeless is feeling that it is impossible. Big difference on getting out.
    As far as how you do it, the problem is that there are millions of ways, and certain ones work for some, and not others. That is why a therapist is good, they can help you to see yourself from an outside perspective, and offer suggestions. Everyone sees the world in a biased way, but depressed people see it extra skewed. The more depressed, the more skewed. Having an outside perspective do a reality check is helpful. For isntance, it seems like you feel like you need a purpose in life. If true, there are a couple of approaches. A. Find something to throw yourself into. Doesn't have to be THE right thing. Anything that give you some sense of purpose, and something to focus on other than yourself might get you some traction. B. Dive deep to find out what truly motivates you in order to craft a purpose that is profoundly meaningful to you. C. Try and shift your fixed mindset away from the necessity to have a purpose. You have this belief that you should have one, and the fact you feel you don't causes distress. If you could instead believe you don't need a purpose, that just existing is enough, the distress will go away.
    Now those are just three. They all come with their own drawbacks and issues, and maybe one would work, but maybe not. Because of this, really the best approach is just to try something, and if that doesn't work, try something else. Keep doing that, learning and refining, until you get enough of a direction to do it a bit better. Medication could also help, but there are lots of different ones with differing dosages, so same sort of thing applies (try and adjust).
    The last thing I would say is that I would try and drop the "get fixed" mindset. There isn't another version of you out there, and you are just not that person. You are this right now. You can and will change (nothing stays the same), so you can be someone different in the future, but you will only ever be the only version of yourself there is. It's a subtle concept, but it can make a difference, because if you imagine a happy go lucky version of yourself, and look at yourself in disgust because you aren't that, really you are just living a lie. You got to where you are because of the causes and events that brought you here. They all had other things that caused them to turn out that way. There is no fantasy you elsewhere that you are not, and comparing yourself to that is a fiction that allows you to feel bad about yourself (because that is soothing to feel stable, even if in pain). You absolutely can be different in the very next moment, and the one after that, and so on, but things need to interact to make that reality manifest. You can get better at running a mile if you practice. You can't grow wings by fantasizing about dragons. A happier you is totally possible in the future present moment if you try long enough/hard enough/ or get lucky. You are more likely to get to that place by starting, and trying again when you fail. It's not easy, or simple, but it is straightforward, in that sense.
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  • Do antidepressants help? are there any nasty side effects? ?

    Do I have to take them forever?
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  • How do you deal with loud roommates when you have anxiety ?

    Hello , I am a 21 college student living in college apartment so with a bunch of other college students .So much fun ....Not its a nightmare really .I recently have been having panic attacks which haven't been fun at all.I've been trying everything really , and the one thing that I need to get in order is my sleep schedule , ...but with roommates that decied that 7am is the perfect time to blast music, and 2am , 3am are best times to bring freinds over to party .Having a sleep schedule is impossible at this point ive told them that their being to loud not one but three times already !  whats so hard to get ????!!!  This has stressed me out so much , I cant even take a ******* nap in my own apartment ! what the hell ?  but oh if i blast music at 4am while they sleep i'm the bad person ... i'm just done i'm on the verge of a breakdown of some sort cause i cant get any ******* sleep .( trust me ive tried headphones .... ) Let's be honest I shouldn't have to sleep with headphones on in my own apartment that I pay rent for ! 
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  • Why am I so miserable with my life? I feel like I'll never be happy and at peace?

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  • 15 years of depression and anxiety I m 33 years old. What would you do in my case?

    Best answer: I am nearing my 31st birthday living with depression and anxiety. There will either be change soon, or things will remain about the same. I am already on a high dose of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and speak to a therapist once a week. It hasn't changed my social life. The treatment just makes me sane and placid. 
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  • Should I say something to his therapist? ?

    My husband is in therapy, as well as myself. I don't believe he has been truthful with his therapist about his alcohol use. He goes to the bar every weekend, he ubers so he can get completely intoxicated. He spends between 6-8 hours there when he goes. The next day hes hungover and in bed. He drinks at home too, not just at the bar. Its daily. He told me he explained to his therapist how much he drank and that she said he didn't have a problem with alcohol. I want to say something to her, but I don't know if it is my place. He would also not take it well at all. I don't want to start problems between us. 
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  • Does doctor kills schizophrenia persons?

    i noticed weakness in full body after medication of schizophrenia. i think that i will die. is this true
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  • Have you ever been scared of what the future will bring and don't know how to cope ?

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  • Does anyone know a good 'help' line ?

    My mother is 82 and suffers from general depression, anxiety and postpartum depression to name a few.  She refuses to go to therapy or take medications.  Don't get me wrong I love my mother but I also suffer from depression and even though I have been through therapy and am on medications for it does not make it easier to deal with her on a daily basis.  Rarely are any of the conversations pleasant.  She brings up the same things over and over again to where I just don't know what to say anymore besides the fact that it brings me down. She is either crying or yelling about the past and the things she says sometimes cross the line into it being emotional and mental abuse. Any information you could provide would be so appreciated.
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  • Can you be psychologically addicted to video games?

    Best answer: Yes, people can get addicted to anything and that includes video games.  More than once I've heard news of some kid who literally died from playing such a long marathon video game session he died of thirst, malnutrition, and exhaustion.  That's the most extreme case of addiction.  Of course, the bigger question is, where the hell were the parents that they were never made to stop after a while?
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  • Strange behavior when anxious?

    When I'm anxious I sometimes do the strangest things.. I would stomp and jump. I would feel like sprinting for no reason. I would have a massive, almost uncontrollable urge to hit something or myself. I have been recently trying to hold a stress toy when I feel like hitting myself, so that I hit myself with a soft squishy thing instead of my fist.  Does anyone else get this?
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