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  • Why are psychiatry drugs so expensive?

    For the past year, I have spent close to 30 dollars per month on prescription drugs. It costs about 14 dollars per bottle. This is a slap in the face to those who have health insurance but are financially struggling.
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  • Mentally ill and disabled with no hope of working again. No family or friends. What should i do?

    Best answer: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28, KJV). 
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  • Should I start smoking cigarettes?

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  • Am I going crazy?

    Best answer: Just enjoy the fact your presence affects them so much. It's not you, it's them with the problem. Try not feel intimidated by their immaturity. . I go to a 7-Eleven every morning to get a coffee. One worker has it in for me because I don't buy fuel or anything else there. So I pay him for the coffee as I walk in, he slams the till shut and bangs things loudly to show me his annoyance. He's a real *******. Yet, when I see another worker, he's very nice to me, he's from Sri Lanka and this morning he was showing me pics on his phone he took of his mother, his pets and elephants in his country and told me he's in my country studying accounting.
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  • Should I tell anyone?

    I want to get help because I feel like I have depression, and I feel like I have bipolar disorder, but my friend said I should not tell anyone, what do I do?
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  • Why is my sleep getting interrupted at night after few hours?

    Best answer: keep active and busy, plenty of cardio exercise and eat a healthy diet to.
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  • Do social workers give medication?

    I have an appointment with a social worker. I need medication. I suffer from OCD. I am not go to waste my time seeing someone who can't help me with meds.
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  • Weed makes me panic?

    Is it normal for weed to make you panic I already have anxiety but it makes me panic so bad My friends dont. Am I weak? it affects my confidence
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  • Why am i suddenly angry?

    Im 20 years of age, have lived in my hometown all my life. Ive had lots of bad experiences with ex friends and ex girlfriends here. Also had plenty of good times and more. Last week i took an oppritunity to go out of state for a week and try a new job in a new city. That went well, i met up with some friends in a nearby university and i like the job and the city. I told the man offering the job i wanted to go home and sleep on the decision for a week. Well now im back home and ive been in a depressive/angry mood since. Im not sure if im just excited to move in a few months or if this is a legit feeling, but i just cant get past the bad times. Ive already seen my friends again, and they were excited to hear about my trip. But i didnt miss them. Ive seen my family again, but its just another day. I had a bad day at work even though nothing was wrong. All i can think about is reasons i dont like it here, even though there is so much i love. Im pretty well known around town for not showing emotion in either direction, but now everyine is saying i look really upset. But i dont know exactly what is upsetting me. I was hoping somebody had some tips to cheer me up again as i just feel "not healthy". Thanks in advance.
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  • Is this right for me to do?

    I’ve been thinking about attempting suicide in order for my mom to take me to the doctor. I’m 14 and I haven’t been to the doctor since I was six besides for shots. I’m scared I have some bad because I shake a lot and forget lots of things etc. I don’t know what to do.
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  • Are mental hospitals allowed to give poison instead of actual medicine?

    When I was in the mental hospital recently I felt as near death on several occasions and I wonder what was allowed. I do not feel I got proper treatment this time.
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  • Withdrawal?

    If I’m 11 days clean of nicotine and take a puff will I go through withdrawal again.
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  • I have made no friends at uni yet, and feel lonely everyday :/?

    I just started uni two weeks ago, and am eighteen years old. I live off campus, and did not attend my Frosh week. As a result, I have no new friends. I sometimes hang out with my high school friends and talk to some people in seminars, but sit alone in lectures and have nobody to hang out with outside of class. I have joined one club and plan on joining a sports intramural. I am also a little shy (before I know someone well). Any advice please?
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  • Depressed about future?

    I do have a learning disability, i really am dumb, beyond the point where im asking myself whats the point, i have a part time agency job i do not like its heavy labor but its money, i am studying admin at college which i do not think ill get a job out of, i cheated on the test i would never have passed without it, theirs no point anymore
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  • It's all me? I'm done trying?

    No matter what I do it's all me. I'm done trying. Nobody cares anyway. I'm killing myself in a while.
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