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  • Why are sodomites not put to death?

    As per the scriptures.
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  • Where can I get help for suicide?

    Where can I get help for it? can I email someone?
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  • I feel so alone?

    I have been struggling with depression for a very long time. not to long ago I was hospitalized after having a break down and hurting my self. tonight like many nights before I feel loneliness. I just feel so alone and it hurts, its depressing and I don't know what to do. I just find myself unable to sleep, laying in the dark with a heavy heart and a mind racing with nothing but sadness. how do I pick myself up off the floor when I feel like I can hardly pick my head up?
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  • Can you please help me?

    Everything's happening all at once. I'm getting cyber bullied I lost my home my job everything! help
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  • How do you think it take the Left to turn the United States into another Venezuela?

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  • Can you guess which political party fought against slavery?

    Hint: its not the democrats
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  • I hate myself and I need a hug. What should I do?

    I used to think that I was a person built like anyone else, with the potential of anyone else. This year and a half has kind of broken that for me. First, I found out that I had a birth defect and would never have children. Then, I got diagnosed with autism. Just recently, I ruined my first serious relationship (which admittedly wasn’t great) because apparently some events from my past affected me more than I thought, and I’m apparently a psychological mess when it comes to heterosexual sex. It feels like I’m a walking mound of defects. Like God never wants my genes to see the light of day, or he wouldn’t have spayed me, miswired my brain, and let nonsense happen to me until I became unable to maintain heterosexual relationships (at least, until I get months of therapy). I don’t usually let it get to me, but I hate thinking about myself now. I feel like I have less inherent worth than other people. I know that others have it worse. Maybe I’m just down on myself because of my recent breakup. I miss physical affection. I don’t know what I should do, if anything. What was God thinking when he made me?
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  • Why do people dislike mental illness medication so much?

    I just ask because when with a counsellor, she said something like '...because we want to try to keep you off medication unless necessary.' and I realised this is something I've heard quite often. I just wondered why it was seen as a bad thing when it's just take a pill and feel better. I know nothing about it, but if I'd been given the offer, I'd take it. I'm also underage, I don't know if that effects it? I get it might sometimes give you stomach aches or something like that, but for me, that honestly seems worth the result.
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  • Is suicide the answer?

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  • What is the reason that some people are annoyed very easily?

    Best answer: Stress or lack of self time!
    Mostly control freak personality get the better of them.
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  • Why do some people of color still support Trump? Don't they know Trump want them out of America?

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  • Did Djokovic mentally break Federer and ruin his life last night? He cracked Federer badly & fed may never recover?

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  • I don't like my new job, how do I quit?

    I started training yesterday and realized that it's a lot to handle and the shift times are very strict for my schedule. I'm going to start school soon and I was thinking of letting them know I'm quitting this week, so waiting two weeks for the paycheck to come in and I quit or should I just quit right now? It just seems like a lot on my plate and I don't really know what to do. It's only been the first week but I don't think I'm going to like it or be able to thrive in that kind of environment. If I give two weeks notice, the first paycheck would come in in two weeks, but I haven't really done much, so should I just quit and let the manager know?
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  • Can a college deny a doctor's note?

    I go to a public university and I have ADHD and anxiety, I am supposed to have a single dorm due to my ADHD and anxiety. My doctors note was faxed over to the school's disabilities service just briefly explaining that I am under my doctor's care for ADHD and anxiety and need a single room to help me succeed in college. The DS calls me and tells me my diagnosis and note is not enough and that my doctor needs to go into great detail of how my anxiety and ADHD personally affect me, and I feel quite violated by this because how I am affected is personal and I do not feel comfortable disclosing that information with DS.
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  • Why do I have so much guilt over masturbation?

    Best answer: you shouldn't feel guilty. it is a natural thing.
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  • I feel so ugly am i that horrible? im close to killing myself and thats me in the picture i always get treated like ****.?

    Best answer: You are beautiful.
    Stop being preoccupied with yourself.

    I am sure you have hurt many guys by rejecting them.
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