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  • Is it weird for a guy to take you shopping for a engagement ring ?

    Best answer: No, not at all uncommon.
    You can be asked without having a ring. I would of liked to have gone shopping together for my engagement ring,
    My daughter and her husband talked over everything. They knew they would be married. They talked over where they wanted to be -they were both graduating college- and their budget, what money should be spent on the engagement and wedding rings, And he did a formal, down on one knee proposal
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  • Is this rushing into engagement way too fast ?

    Best answer: Not really. They're not kids and I assume they've had past relationships so they should have a good idea of what they want.
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  • Are you supposed to bring food to a bridal shower?

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  • How many wedding mints do I make for 175 guests?

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  • What should i wear to my bridal shower?

    I had 3 people ruin a surprise bridal shower for me although my mom who is planning the party doesnt know that. All she came up with was an idea for a work event for her job that i got invited too. Anyways what should I wear to my own bridal shower? I was planning on getting a haircut early in the morning at the mall and maybe picking up a new outfit. My mom told me we dont have to be at this “work event” until 3:30pm so i have the morning or basically until 1pm free. Please no dumb answers like “wear clothes” :/
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  • Flower girl?

    So my aunt is having a wedding and wants me to be a flower girl. I kind of don’t want to be a flower girl but I don’t want to be rude and tell her “no”. The wedding is in about a month or so, by then I’ll be 14. Is that too old to be a flower girl? Also my Aunt said her friends daughter might go who is 5 years old. But my aunt said she may not go and wants me to be the flower girl.
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  • Can I bring cookies from my small bakery I manage to a friend's bridal shower if I'm not a bridesmaid?

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  • Does a bridesmaid always write down a list of gifts received at a bridal shower?

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  • How to cope with my MOH not including me at all in her wedding and going distant?

    My best friend since highschool was in my wedding about 9 months ago. She got engaged a month after I got married. I saw her twice and heard from her somewhat regularly until around 4 months ago I havent heard a peep. I went to her bridal shower last weekend and figured out she selected her bridal party and Im not in it. She also had friends help her with the shower some outside of it and she never once contacted me for help. (Im not sure if she initiated this or the friends offered, however). I also felt she acted weird around me at the shower. I can get over not being in her party, and in some ways it is a relief because I dont know the majority of her friends and thatd be stressful to plan, but how she has become distant and acted weird around me really hurt. I feel so embarassed like I misread how close we are...
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  • Is it a good idea to propose on New Year's Eve?

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  • Awkward moment with the guy I love?

    We went to the beach today and fished a bit. He did, I just held the basket and helped him. As we came back to the shore I noticed that my nipples were visible through the fabric (I wore a blue one piece). He looked at my chest for a bit, as I blushed and lowered my gaze he looked away too pretending not to be nervous. Why did he act like that?
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  • My boyfriend said he has thought about walking away a couple of times because we are so different from each other. do opposites attract?

    Best answer: There's a saying about opposites attracting but soon dividing. Couples in successful relationships tend to have a lot in common. Since your differences are causing a lot of friction in your relationship and other things are also not working well, it might be time for you to part ways and look for someone else.
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  • What color shoes should my bridesmaids wear at the wedding?

    Groomsmen are wearing gray suits and brown shoes. The bridesmaids are wearing red dresses. I cannot decide if i should have the bridesmaids wear brown, nude, or gray. Thanks!
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  • Is This Dress Appropriate For A Wedding?

    This is the first wedding I’m attending and not sure what’s appropriate or not. I know not to wear white and don’t want to wear black. I’ve opted for this dress but not sure if it’s long enough. I’m super short so a maxi dress makes me look ridiculous lol. Any input would be great.
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  • Will he ever propose?

    Been dating for 2.5 years, living together for just over a year. He has said multiple times he wants to marry me. Even said he had bought a ring once, when he was drunk. Also said he knew how he will propose another day. Multiple times he has gotten down on one knee and pretended to, which I hate... it’s driving me crazy and making me a little upset.
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  • Do we have to give a big gift/$ as a wedding guest? We’re not trying to be cheap but we’re really going out of my way here.?

    In HS and college i was always with my SO and the big group of male friends we both shared together. They all have stated on multiple occasions that I am “the mom of the group” and like a little sister to them all. Anyways he is having my SO and all of our original group of male friends stand up on his side along with the brides male siblings. 20 bridesmaids/groomsman. However I did not get asked to stand up. i’m not offended or anything b/c me and his bride are semi close but not the best of friends. I did get invitations for all the bridal party/ bridal shower events that have occurred but I didn’t go. 1 b/c flights are super expensive and 2 b/c i’m not standing up at the wedding so I didn’t feel a real need to go. If I was asked to stand up I would have atleast made it to 1 of the events. Now he’s where the tricky part lies. We had planned to move back home the weekend of the wedding in september but now we have to fly there for the wedding, stay at a hotel, fly back here and start driving back that way, which is a 30+ hr drive. The inconvenience of it all is worth it b/c we want to be there on his special day but i’m just wondering with all of the commotion involved for us what kind of gift are they expecting? Also keep in mind that they both all that we are doing to make it there for them. To top it all off when we get back they want us to move into a house with them, which i kindly declined. So that adds to the confusion of the whole thing.
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  • Who is responsible for paying for most expenses in a wedding? My fiance (male) has not contributed to anything?

    I have paid money to book a venue, photography, etc but my fiance has not provided money for anything and my parents are mad about it. What to do?
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  • Is it okay to not invite someone’s husband/wife to your wedding? Please help, not sure what to do?

    I am 35 and getting married in six months. I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years now. A family friend was married two years ago (our parents are almost kind of best friends with their parents and we siblings are close with their siblings; not best friends but close). I was invited to his wedding but he didn’t give me a +1. I intend to reciprocate by asking him but not his wife. My parents don’t think that it is right if I don’t ask her because they are married, but I think so what, he could have very well given me the option of a +1 but didn’t, I would have definitely asked her if he had. Just an issue of fairness. My fiancé doesn’t want to ask her either, there are couple of instances of the exact same issue on her side and she doesn’t want to ask them either. This is our day after all and we almost certainly won’t invite those people but just wanted to hear other’s opinions on the matter?
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  • Should I speak to the groom s mother?

    I just recently attending a bridal shower for my friend. None of her bridesmaid nor her mother threw her a shower so the groom s mother did. I know the groom s family, the bride, and a few bridesmaids. So, when I got my invitation I asked the groom s mom if she needed help with the shower. She said she could get back to me after speaking to the bridemaids. She then asked if I could bring a breakfast item. I agreed to bring blueberry scones. Two weeks later I get a text from the groom s mom with menu for the shower. My name and dish wasn' t on there (Mind you the list consist of just the ladies from our church..no bride family. no bridesmaid), but she was implying that she still needed two people to bring a veggie side and breakfast casserole. I once again said, I would bring blueberry scones as I mention. At the shower, no name place for my dish, no thank you. As soon as I put my purse on a chair she ran up to me told me, Oh you can t sit here, or there (points to front table, nor there (points to table next to it). These are reserved for bridal party, and family (no signs on the table btw). My friend (who happen to be standing next to me) asked her, were would you like us to go? The groom mom pointed to the two back tables. So, my question is..Should I speak up to the groom s mother about her being rude? I m really upset that there wasn t any appreciation for the help, nor a thank you for coming. I felt abused and used by her. What should I do?
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  • Is it weird for a couple to get married on an ex boyfriend's birthday?

    Best answer: Since you dont hang out with this guy any more, I'd say no malice intended.
    If SOME of you still hung out with him, I'd wonder if she did it just so no one would be with him on his birthday, but as they are her friends and no longer his, that isnt the case so it sounds like coincindence
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