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  • Feuding guests are still planning on coming to my bachelorette party. Help!?

    My bachelorette party is in less than two weeks. My good friend is in conflict with another guest by the name of Monika (I invited Monika because she was onceclose with aforementioned friend but not so much with myself). Monika is refusing ( I implored her to extend an olive branch a few weeks ago) to smooth things over but still planning on coming. I don't want to be rude and make Monika feel awful but I feel like either she squashes the beef she has with my close friend or she shouldn't come. How do I proceed?
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  • Should I demote my best friend from Maid of Honor spot?

    Best answer: You have expectations that aren't being met. You'd be doing yourself, and her, a favor, by passing the MOH duties to someone else. Sending a text or email should do the trick since it's sounding like she's invested her time with the other "new best friend" now.
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  • I’ve been with a guy for 11yrs and he won’t propose or marry me unless we do everything his way. How involved in weddings should men be?

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  • Would you ask your guests to do this?

    If you were getting married, would you ask your guests to donate money to Toys for the groom dog Wine tasting trip to Italy, honeymoon Honeymoon in Paris, France Downpayment for a house
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  • Bridesmaid?

    My bridesmaid found out after she agreed to be my bridesmaid that she is pregnant now all of our phone calls are about her and if i bring up my wedding she finds a way to make it all about her.
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  • Am I wrong??

    Best answer: be tactfull and explain in her terms that unless she accepts your choice of husband then she is not welcome at the wedding, at the babies christening or in any other celebration in the future
    Make it very clear that it is your way or the highway and she does have an option
    Like it or leave it
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  • What are the best tips to look beautiful for bride?

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  • Do you need to do this?

    It is six months before your daughter’s lavish wedding. As mother of the bride, do you need to take 8 weeks leave of absence from work in order to plan for this wedding?
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  • Wedding Invites?

    Why is writhing wedding invites so stressful ?
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  • Wedding Advice Please?

    Hello i need a bit of advice please, i booked my wedding for later this year an then a month later my brother in Australia booked his wedding knowing my date for 3 months before my wedding. He had originally said that he was not marring at home but in Australia and now I find out that my dad has agreed to walk his futhure wife down the aisle with out even telling me or asking me how that would make me feel as a daughter I am feeling really hurt and saddened as most of my family can not come home for both weddings and are coming for his not mine help needed how to deal with it or am I over reacting. Thanking you.
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  • Boyfriend made a scene about my relatives and I'm realizing for the first time everything?

    My bf argued really bad with my cousin. He is 23 and I am 18. My cousin is 27 and her bf is 32. I was staying at my grandma's house for the holiday. My grandma invited him over to get to know him. He came for lunch. In the morning I had a shower and my cousin argued with me cause she said I used up all the hot water and now her fiancé, who came from the beach, is all sandy and cannot have a shower. She told me lots of hurtful things and made me cry. As my boyfriend came he asked me what happened but I denied everything as not to ruin the lunch. After it he went outside for a smoke. My cousin again said it was all my faukt about the shower, that I am spoiled (shes been telling me this since I was a months old baby) and attacked me with words when I answered her back. My boyfriend came back and this time insisted with me telling what happened and I told him. He got mad and went to my cousin asking how do you dare? You bully her cause she's too young, and said are you afraid that idiots' b*lls get cold? My cousin argued with him and told him he was an a****le and they both insukted each other. Her bf was shocked and didnt know what to say, tried to calm diwn my boyfriend but he insulted him with his ethnicity (we are eastern european and he is western). My bf grabbed my hand and took me away and smashed the door really hard. I think it's all over with my relatives after what he did. When I told him things like this happened all the time since I was a child he was shocked.
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  • If wedding officiant is part of groomsmen party does he need to match?

    The reason why I was hoping no is because he s a hard suit fit (big boy..) and we could save $$ with just getting one on sale from macy s (~150) vs. renting one (300) just to fit him. I was thinking the officiant maybe just wears same tie but not same suit? I m trying to help the best man who has never even been in a wedding.
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  • Does this mean she is paying for the wedding?

    If the mother of the groom is actively looking for caterers, photographers, wedding invitation companies, etc Does this mean she is paying for the wedding?
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  • My fiancé has asked his best friend to sing at our wedding reception, do we get a say in what she sings?

    My fiancé has asked his best friend to sing at our reception. I have nothing against her singing, she’s got a beautiful voice. She and my fiancé perform regularly as a duo where we live playing rock music. For the reception her husband would be playing with her. However the problem I’m having is she’s putting together a set list for the reception without asking us what we want. My fiancé is fine with it because he trusts her completely but I don’t. Her and fiancé’s musical tastes vary greatly from mine, he takes her instead of me to all these rock concerts he likes as a result. She’s got bands like Queen, David Bowie, Aerosmith and U2; and she keeps joking that she’ll start with Closer by nine inch nails. I’d prefer she sang only from the top 40.
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  • If someone says, "He's got the tiger by the tail," what exactly do they mean?

    I was at a wedding recently and one of the old women from my Church (who knows the bride and her family well) remarked that "[the groom] has got the tiger by the tail."
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  • Wedding couple cancele bridal registry?

    I was about buy a gift from the wedding registry and noticed the wedding couple canceled the registry Is this common? There is no bridal registry and it was suddenly discontinued by the couple
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  • Boyfriend refuses to marry me? What am I doing wrong me?

    I apologize about the long post, I just want an outsider's opinion. My boyfriend and I will be together 6 years here soon. We have a child, a house, a few loans together, and get along well. I ask him about getting married, and its always no. I've asked him if he feels it's too soon, if he doesnt believe in marriage, or if he wants to wait until I'm done with Medical School, and the answer was no to all. He proposed to a girl after 6 months of dating, and I asked him too if he wasnt ready because that hurt him, and he said no again as he stated he wanted to marry someone someday. Unfortunately he did cheat on me 3 years ago and told her he would marry her tomorrow if thats what it took, but came back to me. Not long ago I got upset because most of my friends are talking about getting married, are married, or are getting married, and I asked him if it was something to do with me, and he stated he just didnt want to marry me. It killed me as I asked him what I am doing wrong, and again he stated nothing as he claims I'm still good looking, he will be able to stay home when i become a doctor, and we get along very well. I asked him then why does he want to marry someone, but not me....which he had no answer to. He is an amazing guy, but it kills me because I want to get married, and by no means am I in a hurry as I'm willing to wait 10 years if that's what it takes, but I'm very confused. Has anyone else been in a situation like this and figured out what was wrong?
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  • How to deal with difficult people?

    My sister’s wedding is in less than a month. Our mother is insane and always has to have her way with everything or she’ll ruin everyone else’s day. She has been fine with the guest list and even verified everyone’s addresses for my sister. Now she just sprung on us that if a *certain person* shows up she’s going to cuss them out and call the cops and have them escorted out. She’s trying to ruin my sister’s wedding just because she doesn’t like one person that’s invited. My sister is an absolute wreck and thinks our mother is going to ruin her wedding, and I’m sure it will happen some way or another. Our mother is a classic narcissist and has made my sister so upset to where she changed her bouquet, dress, and bridesmaid dresses just so our mom would like them and stop calling them ugly. I really need to figure out how to stop her from ruining my sister’s big day. You would think that our mother would want her to be happy, but a classic narcissist would never allow someone else to be happy. She’s never been a real mother, and now it’s just getting worse. We need to figure out how to keep her from ruining absolutely everything. My sister is one tiny problem away from a mental breakdown she does NOT need our mom to keep ruining every little thing. We need tips on how to deal with such an ignorant person.
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  • Is it too early to propose?

    Best answer: Yes. Even though you have a long history together, you only have 6 months as a romantic couple. That's easy. What isn't easy is the next 50+ years. Take some time. TALK about everything. Marriages work because the people in them have shared values and goals, and work on the marriage. Give the romance a full year during which time you talk about your financial goals. your hopes and dreams, your career plans, what type of family you want, religion, politics, lifestyle, etc.
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  • Creative way to ask my partners parents for their blessing?

    Hi All, Please can someone help me. I am wanting to come up with a creative way to ask for a blessing before I ask my girlfriend to marry me. I have been with my partner now for just under two years, we are matched for each other - We spend everyday together and I love her so much. She’s helped me so much with things in life and she’s made me so happy and turned me into a stronger person. I know I want spend the rest of my life with her and I know she feels the same. I am 22 years old and I know the time is right for me to ask her to marry me however I still would like to include the parents by asking for their blessing...however I am wanting to do this in a different way. My plan is to propose to my partner whilst on holiday for our engagement but prior to the engament I am going to make a short video for her mother and father to watch...I am basically going to video myself at the first place I met my partner followed by our journey up to meeting her parents and all the things we have done with the family... I am then going to ask for their blessing and then video call them whilst I am on holiday. Do you think this is a good idea?
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