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  • Will I go to hell for this?

    My girlfriend wants a baby and I really don't. She came off the pill and I've been asking my sister to get pills and I put them in cakes and stuff for my gf to eat. She just thinks her period is regular now. She's been trying to get pregnant for 3 months but has no idea.
    53 answers 2 days ago Pregnancy
  • I m due this week and I m still torn on a baby name. Which do you prefer Melanie, Mia or Melania?

    124 answers 3 days ago Baby Names
  • My 18-year old girlfriend is pregnant and wants an abortion, but I don't?

    We have been together for 2 years and have always used contraception. She's been on the pill for 2 years but recently had quite bad health problems and was on a lot of medication including 4 courses of antibiotics which I guess made the pill less effective (and I do trust her a lot I don't think she would come off the pill and then consider an abortion). Well she found out she was pregnant on Monday and didn't tell me till she felt unwell in lesson yesterday and was actually sick but I didn't think she was pregnant because as I said before she has been really ill recently but she told me she was. I was obviously really shocked as both of us are 18 and in sixth form planning to start university next year. As the conversation went on she told me she's mainly considering an abortion which did hit me as I'm quite pro-life. Her reason for it were obviously exams, university etc. I suggested that we could both take a gap year and try work things out but she didn't seem convinced. Another thing is my parents are quite conservative and despite us being together for quite sometime my parents don't really like her that much so I have no idea how to tell them about this cause I know they will think that she done this on purpose. I know I can't force her not to go through with it and it's her choice but I really don't want her to.
    13 answers 6 hours ago Pregnancy
  • What's it like to hit an attractive woman in the face?

    Best answer: It feels nice man. I remember when I slapped this hot chick in my class for punching me and honestly I liked it.

    IMO it feels incredible when you hit a attractive bitchy girl on the face because it will make her cry and run away.

    You should try it.
    14 answers 9 hours ago Newborn & Baby
  • Favorite female names starting with the letter D?

    Best answer: Diana, Diane, Demi, Desiree, Donna, Daisy, Dedi, Danielle, Dora, Dori, Danica, Delilah
    44 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Help.. precum?

    So me and my girlfriend were having sex with the condom on and then we take it off because we think it s over. So then she tells me to stick it back in without the condom for just one stroke of so. So I was scared so I barely stuck the tip in. My penis COULD have had precum on it but I m doubtful.. could she get pregnant from one pump with only my tip in?
    21 answers 2 days ago Pregnancy
  • I found out I m pregnant and Idont want it I need a natural miscarriage how can I do that?

    18 answers 1 day ago Pregnancy

    I need names that start with sh, for my cousins baby. They don't have to be girl names, boy names adapted are cool too
    66 answers 3 days ago Baby Names
  • What would you call this family?

    Best answer: Elizabeth Dawn
    Frederick Phillip
    Anna Scarlett
    Benjamin Patrick
    18 answers 16 hours ago Baby Names
  • What is the proper way to hyphenate a baby's name?

    My girlfriend and I have been discussing marriage and children recently. She is very well suited in her career and would like to keep her last name. I am fine with that, however, I would like for my children to take my last name. We have decided we will hyphenate our child(ren)'s last name. As the father, should my last name come first or second? For this example, let's call her Carrie Mother and I'll be Joel Father. Should our son's name be Zachary T. Mother-Father or Zachary T. Father-Mother? There is no issue as to whose name is used first, we just want to be sure we are doing it correctly.
    11 answers 1 day ago Baby Names
  • Would you save the life of a white baby if it was in danger?

    I wouldn't; I'd walk by and pretend I didn't see it. Then laugh about it at home.
    26 answers 2 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • What would you name these siblings?

    Girl (Age 21)- First- Autumn, Faye, June, Katherine, Olivia, Rosie Middle- Alexandra, Diana, Felicity, Gwyneth, Luna, Violet Boy (Age 17)- First- Arthur, James, Max, Nathan, Owen, William Middle- Brandon, Corey, Devin, Edward, Parker, Spencer Girl (Age 13)- First- Amanda, Daisy, Jasmine, Kayla, Noelle, Ophelia Middle- Anne, Caroline, Jennifer, Kara, Morgan, Penelope Girl (Age 11)- First- Audrey, Harper, Lucy, Mollie, Natalie, Vera Middle- Bailey, Janet, Quinn, Rachel, Teresa, Vivian Boy (Age 9)- First- David, Eric, Hunter, Jackson, Morgan, Zachary Middle- Avery, Grayson, Lawrence, River, Steven, Xavier Girl (Age 4)- First- Alyssa, Emma, Isabelle, Jocelyn, Lily, Nora Middle- Ava, Danielle, Evelyn, Gabrielle, Jean, Riley
    38 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Veronica or Camila?

    16 answers 7 hours ago Baby Names
  • How old do you think I am?

    Just take a wild guess!
    16 answers 9 hours ago Newborn & Baby
  • Pick two: what would you name my twins?

    First names: Mia Ella Isabella Sophia Eva Middle names: Elizabeth Grace Catherine Elaine Mae Brothers: Anthony and Frankie
    32 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • Cani report my neighbor to CPS for leaving her 5 year old in the car while she checks the mail?

    Which is half a block from her driveway. She will put the kid in the car strap him up and then go check the mail before she comes back and drives off.
    19 answers 2 days ago Parenting
  • Any one know nick names for Alicia?

    I got a friend and she wants a nick name and I can't think of one plz help
    13 answers 7 hours ago Baby Names
  • My wife is due in two weeks and we are still torn on a girls name, which do you prefer?

    The two we like are Colleen and Kennedy.
    16 answers 1 day ago Baby Names
  • My sons gay?

    my son came out as gay and i am disgusted. i am thinking about kicking him out when hes 18, hes 16 now. its disgusting and abnormal to be gay, i want him to be straight. what should i do?
    57 answers 4 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • Should a 5 year old be allowed to eat whatever they want?

    Should a 5 year old be the boss when it comes to meal times? Like pizza and cookies all the time just because that's all they like?
    40 answers 3 days ago Parenting