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  • Which name do you like for a boy, Allen, Ethan, Axel , Archie or Archie... also what are good middle names?

    Best answer: Allen: makes a better middle name 
    Ethan: one of my favorites 
    Axel: I love this name as well but it has to be fitted with the right middle name 
    Archie: it’s okay not a huge fan 

    Allen Zachary 
    Allen Wesley 
    Allen Parker
    Allen Finley 
    Allen Seth 
    Allen Tyler 
    Allen Nicholas 
    Allen mason
    Allen Caleb
    Allen Jacob 

    Ethan Riley 
    Ethan Garrett 
    Ethan Blake 
    Ethan Lyle 
    Ethan Weston
    Ethan Malachi 
    Ethan Silas 
    Ethan Daniel 
    Ethan Connor 
    Ethan Gabriel 

    Axel Corbin 
    Axel Eli 
    Axel Keegan 
    Axel Mathias 
    Axel Ryan 
    Axel Jace 
    Axel Hayden
    Axel Roman 
    Axel Trenton 
    Axel Jared 

    Archie Landon 
    Archie Gavin 
    Archie Franklin 
    Archie Liam 
    Archie Luis 
    Archie Douglas 
    Archie Robert 
    Archie Lucas 
    Archie Preston 
    Archie Solomon 
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  • EImaquinn or EImaIynn for a baby girI?

    Thanks!! Peace & Love y'all, Peace.. and .. Iove!!
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  • Do you think it's fair for the bio mom to get to change her mind about adoption after handing over the baby?

    Personally, I do not. If a woman spends nine months swearing up and down that she doesn't want to or can't raise a baby for whatever reason and wants to find a family who can give the baby everything he/she deserves and then is willing to go so far as to actually SEND THE CHILD HOME WITH ANOTHER FAMILY, I don't feel like she should have the right to change her mind. It just seems so cruel to me that an adoptive family can spend months excitedly waiting for a baby, jump through all the necessary legal/financial hoops, then actually take a baby home and begin to bond...and then have it all ripped away in the blink of an eye. I've never personally experienced this, but a friend of mine recently did, and it made me sick. I guess I'm kind of just curious as to what others think about it.
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  • If a woman had a baby boy with a man, and then had a baby boy with the man’s father?

    Does that mean, the two children are half-brothers as well as half-uncle/nephew? 
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  • How to nicely tell someone I can’t babysit anymore?

    I’ve been babysitting for a family member a bit over a month now. Im a SAHM and my 2 year old and the girl I watch are only a few months apart. I didn’t realize how EXHAUSTING it would be. I watch her 3 days a week 12 hours a day the other 2 days she goes to another sitter. I mostly did it because since I’m not working it wouldn’t hurt to help them out and at the same time make a bit of money but i find myself SO tired. I don’t know how others do it. I think it’s mostly the fact that it’s 12 hours but that’s what I agreed to and they really have no one else to watch her those days. Also in the beginning they weren’t bringing her meals so I was providing breakfast lunch dinner and snacks and getting paid $40 a day I was already losing so I had to ask them to bring meals so instead she upped my pay to $100 extra a month for me to keep providing meals. Also she isn’t potty trained yet so she did bring her some diapers but no wipes so I’ve been providing that too and it does add up with 2 toddlers. I kind of feel taken advantage of but since it’s family and I don’t like awkward situations I haven’t said anything yet. Also this past week I was asked if I can start potty training her and they would pay me $100 which I haven’t answered because honestly I already have to potty train my LO and I don’t think I can handle it. So I’m trying to build the courage to tell them I can’t babysit anymore but don’t know how to go about it without sounding like a B any suggestions? 
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  • If a person had sex in January, when she is going to be pregnant?

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  • Questions about wanted to get pregnant?

    So does your husband have to come with you to the first visit to obgyn if you guys want to start trying to have kids?
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  • Do you like my daughters name? ?

    Best answer: Mesmerizing name.

    All the Best!
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  • I think my friend is faking a pregnancy?

    So, about two months ago my friend said she was pregnant and that the father was one of our close friends but there are so many things that just don’t add up. she is 10 weeks today and completely flat stomached not only that but it’s supposedly growing too fast and is the size of a 14 week old, she says her mum booked her at-home ultrasounds (she also claims everyday her mum beats her up and that she’s not allowed home but everyone that has spoken to her family is devastated and wants her to come home) so she hasn’t been to a doctor about it although when i spoke to her younger brother he said their mum didn’t even know she was pregnant, she told me one day she had like one of the ultrasound photos they take and that she would show me then a few days later when i asked about it said she never got one, the story changes a lot first it was going to die on it’s own then it was fine and it’s just been going back and forth. she also has a very long history of making things up i mean literally constantly but the father and all of our other friends believe her
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  • If parents were to choose from a list of 50 names, how many choices would they have when naming their child?

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  • Why so many man children and woman children nowadays?

    I see a lot of men who are 30+ still living with their mom and 30+ year old women still living with their mom and only working part time and playing video games all day long and generally just not interested in having kids or a family and smoke weed all day and depressed and can't hold a job, don't know anything about personal finance, etc. If their parents died, they would likely end up homeless because they have no idea how to support tthemselves
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  • Is my baby advanced or can all babies at his age do this?

    My baby is 10 months old. He just now started crawling a few weeks ago and he can “walk” up the stairs all by himself. Is he advanced or can babies do that at his age?
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  • Could I be pregnant?

    I got my birth control (nexplanon) out on December 5th of last year. I haven’t gotten my period since taking it out, but I had unprotected sex about 2-3 weeks ago, and again about 4 days ago. The last few days I’ve been very nauseous all day, but haven’t been throwing up. Is it possible I could be pregnant even if I haven’t gotten my period back yet after removing my nexplanon? 
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  • Do I really need birthing classes?

    I don't have any anxiety about giving birth. I'm not necessarily in to be totally holistic means of birth giving oh, I'm having the baby in a hospital probably going to have an epidural Etc. But I feel like understanding the process of birth doesn't require me going to a class. I'm generally well-researched on the subject now from doing a lot of reading while being pregnant and I don't feel that it will benefit me to go especially since if I did have any questions I can probably find the answers via the Internet on YouTube or from my own mother who has obviously given birth. My mother-in-law is giving me a really hard time about not taking Lamaze or birthing or nursing classes and I can't quite explain to her how I am not anxious about the birth and I feel confident that I will be prepared naturally
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  • What are two good names for husbands for Ava and Vivi?

    Best answer: Ava and Eric
    Vivi and Nathan
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  • When to put toddler in church class ? ?

    She is 1 and a 1/2 . I am not ready mentally yet lol but when do you put them in ? Her dr hasnt really said and i am afraid she will get sick ? 
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  • Am I pregnant? Needing advice please as my head is going wild?

    Hello! So basically in October me and my partner decided we were going to start trying for a baby so I came off contraception. I had a period in November and then in December we had a positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately we miscarried the baby in December shortly after we found out we were pregnant (known as a chemical pregnancy). We started trying again straight away as we want a child desperately. I had a period again in January after the miscarriage and now I'm due my period again this week. I took a pregnancy test two days ago (6 days before my period) and today (4 days before my period). I know you shouldn't really take a test before your period but I'm becoming so impatient as we want this so much :( anyway.. the faintest line has shown. I don't know if I'm imagining it as we want it to be positive so desperately so basically I'm just writing this hoping for some advice and if anyone has ever been in the same position? I have attached photos of the tests. TIA!
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  • Is this a red flag?

    My boyfriend and I are really kinky. He has a beating fetish and has said that if he ever got me pregnant he knows a safe way to beat me so it doesn't hurt the baby. Is that okay?
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  • Extreme cramping, should I go to hospital?

    It is currently 12:29 AM, I’m having really bad cramping pain on my right side abdomen and lower back. I’m not sure if they’re contractions (first pregnancy). The pains are really bad, I’m not sure if they’re in my hip joint or not. Can’t pinpoint. I haven’t felt baby move in a few hours but I’m just starting to feel him lightly. The pain is a bit unbearable at times. It started about 30 mins ago. I went to hospital in a panic about a week ago because I thought I lost my mucus plug. They checked me and everything was fine. I know I may be freaking out, but should I be? Is there a valid reason? I’m really scared of losing this baby 😢
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  • Cheyenne wyoming?

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