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  • What would you do if you developed a crush on a gay guy?

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  • Teenage girls are you schools closed?

    Best answer: Not sure about teens but my class is empty. I mean i work in a hospital, i thought that everyone would feel safer coming to the hospital but i suppose they don’t want to get sick
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  • Can siblings share clothes?

    When I was younger (like 5-11) my parents would try to save money in all kinds of ways. I main one was the water bill. My family only did Landry once a month. Once you were out of clean clothes you would have to share/borrow from my other siblings. I had two sisters and I was the middle child. You can imagine how this would turn out. Some months I would only have to wear there underwear. Sometimes I would be wearing leggings and a flower shirt. It was only for a day or two but it still sucked. 
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  • My 14 year old daughter is awkward and an introvert. What should I do ?

    Best answer: Nothing.

    She will likely grow out of it when she is ready.
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  • I’m moving to Canada next year. I’f be in the last year of high school. Are the teens there friendly? Is it easy to make friends?

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  • How to survive being hated everyone and not having a dad or older sibling?

    Best answer: I am sorry about you not having a dad, that must be hard. But I can assure you, not everyone hates you. Confide in a family member, like your mom (or guardian), maybe a school counselor. You don’t have to go through this alone, there are those who care and want to help.
    Still being shy is not easy, I know from experience, but there are some things you can do to become more outgoing despite being shy, or even overcome shyness. Check out the following links for tips and advice that has helped me and others become more confident and outgoing …

    You can find more great advice in making friends and how to find real friends, in the following link, click on the link and check out the topic subheading “Friends”. Feel free to check out the other topics too, this website has great advice for all ages, especially young adults, and its all free! …
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  • Do you think my teacher should have let me off because of the exceptional circumstancies ?

    Best answer: What a silly question.  Of COURSE your teacher shouldn't have "let you off" and there were no "exceptional circumstances". You were warned 3 times to behave in class and you knew what the consequences were going to be if you didn't, but you chose not to heed the warnings.
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  • Can you get cognitive disorder from smoking 2 cigarettes?

    Best answer: Stop doing stupid stuff just because someone tells you to, they are not a good friend, do not smoke again, tell them they can kill themselves if they like, but you are smarter than that, and get a new friend!
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  • How much allowance is appropriate for an 8th grade boy, and what should he be expected to buy from it rather than what his parents provide?

    Best answer: Whatever that boy's parents have deemed appropriate for his weekly allowance.  It will vary wildly depending on where you live and what you expect it to be used for.  Some require their kids to practice the rule of thirds (third to spend, third to save, third to donate), some don't.  It's not something that you should let other parents decide.  If you're the parent, you should know what's appropriate for your own child.
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  • What should a 17 year old girl do when her mom still spanks her?

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  • How would you react if you came home and saw a large group of teens having a party at your home uninvited?

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  • Do parents love their kids less as they get older?

    when we were kids, parents love us unconditionally. As teens, we had to start doing chores if we wanted an allowance. As kids, it was given to us automatically. II seems parents love us more as kids and less as we get older. Also, parents tell us they love us every day when we are kids, as teens it was rare, my brother who is an adult, never gets told he is loved by our parents. where do parents love go when we age?
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  • What do think of same-sex couples in high school who wear matching outfits? And hold hands? Is that okay?

    Best answer: I think wearing matching outfits is cheesy, regardless of sexual orientation.  As for holding hands, depends on school rules.  If they allow it for heterosexual couples, damn straight they need to allow it for same sex as well.  
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  • If an alcoholic constantly yells at her son due to his horrible grades in school, and he grows up yelling at her, is it her fault?

    Let’s say his father walked out on her before her son was born. So for his entire adult life, she worked single-handedly to provide a roof over his head. But due to stress from her job and no male companionship to help raise her son (as well as lack of “needs,” if you know what I mean), she drank. Please don’t get it twisted, because she was NOT the cliché drunk on TV and movies who stayed out all night in bars and neglected her son. On the contrary, she was not only 100% in his life, but spoiled him rotten (as he’s her only child, and she made a great living).  But she habitually bought bottles of wine on the way home, causing her son’s incompetence in school to easily trigger her temper. This was especially evident when she helped him with his math homework, as she would yell when we couldn’t solve the problem. In addition, she generally yelled at him at the top of her lungs when he brought home a bad report card, to the point where the neighbors could hear, “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” This would cause him to break down in tears, to the point where he feared coming home to yelling whenever he got bad grades, the same way kids feared getting “the belt” — words hurt just as much as hitting.  Although, according to the mother and son’s family, he’s a disrespectful spoiled brat, because she only tells them HIS faults: she yells at him, but never told them about her intoxication and yelling at him. Is it fair that he’s viewed as worse than Hitler, so to speak?
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  • Will I grow taller ?

    I am 16 and almost 5'4. I started puberty at the age of 12. I didn't receive any major growth spurt between 12-15. I grew normally like other kids of my age, who did'nt begin puberty at that time . But after my 15th birthday my growth slowed to such an extent that I have hardly grown 2 inches since then.  I have a little amount of facial hair and lots of pubic hair . Also, I can see fine hair on my stomach. My father is also 5'4 and my mother is 4'8. Does it means that I will end up being short , I want to state that my father was malnourished during his teenage years and the same happened his father and siblings. Is there any chance that I will grow taller if I start taking care of my diet and physical activity? I really want to grow taller as everyone in my locality, from 8-17 years age group is suppressing my height.
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  • 13 and 14 year olds in middle school aren't actual teens?

    Best answer: No of course they aren't.
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  • Why Does mostly everyone think that teens cut for attention?

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  • Do weight or height percentiles stay the same throughout your life, or can they change?

    Best answer: of course they change.  When you have a growth spurt or simply gain weight you change.
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  • Is it normal to be a 20-year-old virgin?

    I see all these 10 year olds getting to have sex and I feel this unique RAGE burning inside my heart. I'm so tired of being a virgin. I'm the only adult virgin on my block. I'm just so hateful and jealous. I hate 10 year olds so much with every blood cell in my heart. 
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  • Kinda weird?

    About a month ago I was in a mood to do something weird and stupid so I went to a super market and for some stupid reason I thought I should buy some nappies (keep in mind i was on a sugar high 😂) and I bought them home (without my parents knowing I'm only a young teenager) and since that day onwards I've worn them to bed each night And I usually end up waking up in the morning and  the nappy is full, a few days ago I ran out of nappies and haven't used any since but the last couple of nights I have woke up and I have wet my bed- I have never previously had a problem with bed wetting so I don't know why this is happening? I know this is weird and stupid but idk If any of yous have any advice that would be great thanks 
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