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  • What age do you know for sure your kid is a gay?

    My son is 5 and I think he’s showing signs of being a gay. He’s quite feminine and shows no interest in girls. He only wants to hang around with boys. When will I know for sure if he’s a gay? And is there anything I can do to minimise the risk of him actually being a gay?
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  • Is there anything wrong with both parenting techniques?

    Parents of a 19 year old. Mother doesnt want child to live and study in America because she'll be far away. She's trying to convince her daughter to stay close to her. Shes worried about what's going to happen to her. She doesnt know what the economy is like in America even when she researches the area. Father wants his child to study and live in America  he thinks it's a great experience as long as she researches different areas of the state that she's living in. She needs to experience independence and find her two feet. He'll worry about her but she needs to fly the nest. Both parents argue about who is right or wrong.
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  • Any other new fathers out there hating this lockdown?

    My girlfriend had a baby a month ago. It’s a nightmare. Stuck at home constantly. Cant get away from her and the baby. I really want to go out and get drunk and hit on some chicks and have fun. Ah, wish the lockdown would end 😩
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  • Would you discipline a child for taking their anger out on other people?

    I've seen cases where when some kids get angry, they cope with their anger by taking it out on other children or authority figures. As for the question well this depends on the situation. For example if they got angry over something stupid and they start being hurtful and/or violent towards another child, that's something that requires discipline along with a talk about better ways to cope. If they're lashing out because they're being bullied or abused then that requires a therapist because that could get worse as they get older. So would you discipline your child if they take their anger out on other people?
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  • Was your mom ever your teacher ?

    Ok since we’re all in lockdown I’m pretty much looking for people’s experiences and stories because I’m board so here’s mine.  My mom was my teacher from the age of 14-15, I hated it mainly because if I had been messing around or hadn’t done a homework for another teacher the would go straight to my mom and let her know, also there were days where I’d have to stay in school until like 4 because she was finishing  some stuff up, on school trips if a question was asked she’d expect me to know the answer ( I suppose that’s just typical parents tho ) but no it wasn’t all that fun to be honest. if anytime I was off for awhile because of sickness she’d actually ask for any home work for me to do so when I was better I wouldn’t be behind. That’s actually not to bad now looking back but at the time I hated it, she would also prefer I’d call her mrs in class so it wouldn’t make the other students feel strange (She got called mom 😜) but yeah that’s my experience anyone else have a similar situation.
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  • How to make 12 yr. old boy toughen up?

    This child is extremely oversensitive. At the smallest thing he cries and we're just sick of it. We don't know how to make him toughen up. He doesn't have any friends because he just cries and hides. If anyone is upset in a room or if 1 little thing isn't right, he starts crying for hours on end. This kid is 12! It's so annoying, we try to be tolerant but it's gone on for too long! Both of his siblings, 15, and 4, aren't that sensitive, but the 4 yr old is learning from him. We've seen a psychologist, but his advice was only to have him break things. We tried that, it hasn't worked. We can't do martial arts because he'll do them irresponsibly. Our govenor just passed a stay at home order and I'm about to snap if I have to deal with this non-age appropriate behavior!  
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  • In a perfect world without money and housing issues, how many kids would be ideal?

    Best answer: I'm still a kid myself, but I really like the thought of having a big family. This might sound crazy, but sometimes I think having 10 kids would be super fun.
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  • How to raise good children?

    I'm almost 30 years old, and I expected by now that I would be your father, at least when I thought about my life as a teenager, but so far that hasn't happened yet. But when I do become a father I want to raise my children to have good character. I want to raise my children to be responsible, hardworking, respectful of not only Authority, but of other people, and most of all, I want my children to be appreciative not only for what they have, but also what I and their mother, my future wife whatever she might be, would try to give them. Don't want them to grow up and be unappreciative, disrespectful, and contemptuous of anything and everything around them. I have no experience in raising children, but it is something that I do think about. There are things in my life that I do want to do, and one of them is eventually have a family, I'm afraid if I don't start now I'll never accomplish it, and I do not want to wake up and be one of these 40 year old men who is now when he is in his middle age trying to take care of a young family. I used to think when I was 19 that 30 years old or so far away, but now that I'm almost 30, and I look back and how fast this last decade has gone by, it feels like it went by in a blink of an eye. And I know that's how it's going to be the next coming decade, so has got me thinking.  That's my main question, how do you raise appreciative children?
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  • Can I put restrictions on my child’s access with her father? UK based?

    My daughters dad and I split up when my daughter was 10 months old, she is now almost 4. He is meant to have her every weekend and occasionally for a week in the holidays but quite often he comes up with excuses why he can’t have her, he doesn’t work so doesn’t have any obligation there. He spends most of his time out with relatives or round friends houses. He also makes up excuses not to video call her. She’s becomes overwhelmed when this happens.  I also have concerns for her welfare whilst she is with him. When we got together he claimed his older brother had raped him and his mum (whether this is true or not I have no evidence to prove) he claimed they no longer had links with him. When we had our daughter he was suddenly in the picture. Their now claiming he can take her alone to the park or look after her but I do not want him around my daughter. He also rolled myself and my daughter round a  shopping centre. When this was bought up with my daughters dad, they said yeh he always does that.  What can I do to protect my daughter? 
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  • "Almost" stepbrothers sharing bath?

    Some background; I'm a longtime single mother with a 10 year old son. My ex is not in the country, and we hear from him once or twice a year. I've been seeing my current boyfriend Sam for almost a year, and he's the single father to two sons, 5 and 9. My son Eric mostly gets along with them, but sometimes finds them annoying. Due to the current situation with the virus we're all staying at Sam's place, and we're using it as a trial run for "blended family." Every night Sam gives his 5 year old a bubble bath before bed, and sometimes the 9 year old will join. After a few nights of this, Eric started joining them in the tub. He's old enough to wash himself, which he does, he's just there to play with the other boys. He felt left out hearing they were doing something "fun" that he wasn't doing...and during this "stay indoors" time period there isn't much "fun". I thought nothing off of it, but my mother told me I should end this ASAP. She said they weren't Eric's stepbrothers yet, so it wasn't appropriate. She also said that I was putting my boyfriend at risk for accusations by allowing him to be in the bathroom with someone that isn't his son.  Being cooped up for weeks has my questioning every single parenting decision. Should my son stop sharing baths with his "almost" stepbrothers?
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  • My dog bit my baby in the face?

    Best answer: You need to get rid of the Pitbull pitbulls and babies and little children have no business together. It's your responsibility as a parent to protect your child. And you have to have the knowledge to know that a pitbull is probably going to respond by biting if you hurt it. Your child takes precedent over a dog get rid of the dog
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  • My boyfriend doest stop having sex with me when his daughter comes in the room? ?

    So we have sex all the time and sometimes his 4 year old daughter comes in. He keeps going (while i'm shocked) and his daughter seems very confused. she's asked me "what do you do with my daddy?" and i'm not sure what to do because it's his kid. Thoughts? 
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  • Do you agree that parents should always take their children seriously?

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  • I don't understand how we're supposed to raise ourselves?

    I feel my parents taught me very little.  Yes, they taught me the basics like how  to do chores and value of being polite. I know very little about how to navigate the adult-world on my own. I don't know the first thing about paying bills, how to rent an apartment or choose  a career-path; plus personal-habits  like time-management, how to stand up  for myself, make responsible decisions etc. How is that other young-people learn  these things on their own? I asked  my parents - they said you were  supposed to learn these things at school.  None of my friends or counselors  ever mentioned these topics. I don't get it? 
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  • Ex-babysitter left something at my house... should I re-engage to return it?

    This is such a stupid question and a silly thing to be fretting about, I know. My son's ex-babysitter who quit on me while I was at work and I had to scramble to see if my mom could pick the poor kid up; left a personal item at my house, a Bible. I've been hesitant to let her know because of how manipulative she was while watching my son... I know, I know. I hired her way too quickly, she was safe enough, however, constantly commenting on my parenting, would drag my son all over the place then complain about his meltdowns when she was told several times that he has severe anxiety and is on the autism spectrum so please don't do that, finally she informed me that my house is so dirty it makes her sick. When she finally quit, it was after weeks of constantly calling at the last minute "sick"... just raging now, sorry. Anyway, would you feel obligated to reach out and return the Bible or just move on? And, yes, I know I should not be continuing to stress over this.
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  • What would you do if you caught your 18 year old daughter drinking beer?

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  • Is a 17 year old old enough to make basic decisions like what clothes they wear (if they have a job and are paying for the clothes)?

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  • Is it inappropriate to kiss your child on the neck?

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  • Is it weird for A 23/24 year old to live with their parents still?

    Is it weird for A 23/24 year old to live with their parents still if they are saving to buy their own house? It is common? How old were you when you moved out?
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  • Help with childproofing?

    So my 2 year old loves to play outside. We have a large fenced in back yard and a patio out back. The problem is with our sliding glass door. My son loves to try to climb on the little lip of the door to attempt to open it and play an inside outside thing. The lip is about 2 feet off the ground as there is a few steps up to it and I would hate for him to hurt his head on the concrete patio because he lost his grip. We keep a good eye on him and get him down but more and more it's like that's all he wants to do. We have looked at temporary fencing options but as big as our patio would be to fence in it would be a lot of money on a chance it would work. Anyone have any ideas how to block off this lip so he can't hurt himself?
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