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  • Good morning hi my name is candy ?

    im 34yr  i have 3 kids  already me nd my boyfriend had un protected sex and i wass bleeding after then i was spotting but noting in the underwear im so scared my last cycle was march 8 but i dont feel no pain in my belly the only i feel pain is in mt breast so what can i do 
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  • How Do I Buy A Pregnancy Test?

    So, around two months ago, my boyfriend and I had a quickie at his house because my mum let me go around to give him some maths work, unaware that he was my boyfriend, and he's just told me that he's not sure he used a condom. We're both only 14 - which my mum thinks is too young to have a boyfriend. I have also just realised I've missed a period. Due to the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, I can't go and get a pregnancy test or ask someone else to get one for me as they'd have to drop it off at the house. I also can't tell my parents about this as they don't believe in sex before marriage and would probably kick me out on the street if they found out. It's believed that the lockdown may last a few months too. What should I do?
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  • Can someone please tell me if I’m pregnant ?

    Okay so I had my period twice in February...on feb 5th-9th and the other on feb 21st-25th. Then I had unprotected sex on feb 29th and he released in me. Then I had my period March 9th-15th and it started off really heavy but I wasn’t sure if it was a period because it came so soon. But according to my period tracker I was supposed to get my period on April 4th so apparently it’s late and my period is never regular so I can’t tell if I’m ovulating or not but I have been getting slimy snot-like discharge for the past 3 days and It’s kinda green but I’m not sure why...can someone tell me if I could possibly be pregnant or if I’m just overreacting?!
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  • Is it possible to give birth without making any sound?

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  • Help! I knocked up my twin sister what do I do?

    Best answer: If you think this is in any way cute or funny you are one f'd up moron.   Stop trolling because you are really bad at it.  If this were true, you would not be asking this on YA.  You'd be at church praying for a miracle.  Sorry Skippy, try harder next time!!
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  • Should I have to give up MY rights to smoke cigarettes just cuz I’m prego ?

    Best answer: No, not required but you should quit unless you don't care about the health of your baby and yourself.
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  • How do I prove girlfriend cheated?

    My girlfriend is pregnant. But I don’t think the baby is mine. Around the time she got pregnant, we were at a party and I saw a guy who had smudged lipstick on his face that was the same colour as her lipstick. So I think they slept together. How do I get her to admit it and then have an abortion?
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  • Is it common to fart into the midwife's face while giving birth?

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  • How effective is plan B? ?

    I have been on oral contraceptive for 3 years now and take my pill everyday, and recently had a contraception failure. The condom broke and we did not realize until after ejaculation. I took Plan B 8 hours later but I am wondering what my chances of pregnancy could be? This happened around 2 days before my period was due.
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  • How likely are you to get pregnant and being cummed in on two different occasions?

    Best answer: Depends how fertile you are but the same chance as any other girl 25% chance every time you have unprotected sex - my daughter was a teen when they done it once and he pulled out before he came but she still got pregnant.
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  • Is pregnancy possible this way?

    Best answer: Honey, it is impossible for you to get pregnant from what you have done, unless his penis was inside you for at least 1 second then not pregnant and go and speak to doctor about period problem.
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  • Does this make me selfish for not wanting kids?

    Best answer: No one your age should be wanting kids, you're too young. If pregnancy scares the s*** out of you right now, that's your common sense telling you that you're not ready. Simple as that.

    Fortunately, you don't have to decide right now. Your life will change A LOT in the next 10-15 years, as will your priorities. When I was your age, pregnancy would have been the absolute worst thing that could have happened to me (short of, yanno, being murdered or dying in a car crash or something). But sometime after I turned 30 my priorities shifted, and the things I was scared of about pregnancy/birth really didn't bother me anymore. Pregnancy with my two kids was no piece of cake, but I handled it because by then it was something I wanted.

    Please don't read this as "oh, you'll change your mind someday!" because that's not what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that you don't have to make this kind of major life decision *right now*. You have time. And you CAN change your mind someday if you want to, but if having kids never appeals to you at all, that's okay, too. Parenthood is not for everyone, and it is by no means the only way to do something worthwhile in the world.
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  • What if a pregnant women gets different men's semen in her vagina will it affect child?

    Best answer: No, once the woman is pregnant, the DNA of the foetus is already determined. Subsequent sex with a different partner will not affect it.
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  • Chances of a false negative test?

    I took a pregnancy test yesterday, which was the day after I was supposed to get my period. I supposedly ovulated two weeks prior to Thursday and had sex on that day. The test came back negative. I’ve been feeling very nauseous throughout the day, with slight cramping, but no signs of a period yet. What are the chances of a false negative at this time of my cycle?
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  • I need a abortion pill fast no questions asked where can I get one?

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  • Why do nurses keep working during the pandemic? You are such kind people. ?

    I am an RT that is quitting because I don’t want to treat COVID19 patients. I would rather be a stay at home mom with my 10 year old and get pregnant again 😋
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  • 3 days late - Could I be pregnant?

    I am 3 days late and I had unprotected sex with my partner around ovulation. We used the withdrawal method. How likely am I to be pregnant? Should I tell my partner? If my period does not come by the end of the week I will take a test.
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  • How do I make sure my girlfriend doesn’t get pregnant?

    I’m worried that my girlfriend will get pregnant and she won’t be able to have an abortion because of the current situation. But I don’t want to stop having sex. My girlfriend doesn’t think it’s a problem because she wants kids. I refuse to be a dad though.
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  • Is it normal to have pregnancy envy?

    My first cousin is pregnant after 8 years of marriage. She is 28. I'm 25 and single and have never tried for a baby but I feel jealousy about her having a baby. Is it normal? What to do?
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  • Most accurate time for a pregnancy test?

    Today should be the first day of my period, however it hasn’t come yet. There is a chance I’m pregnant, but I want the most accurate results without having to wait too long because I am anxious and excited about pregnancy. Is it too early to test? Also, is it true I should only test in the morning?
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