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  • How do you deal with a “meth baby”?

    His bio mom did meth while she was pregnant with him. He has severe behavioral problems that exceeds the norm for a toddler. He’s two and he is 90-nothing 24/7. He hits, bites, kicks and slaps out of the blue for no reason. If you tell him no, he slaps himself in the face repeatedly and pitches a fit. Timeouts do nothing but make it worse. He hits other kids for no reason; I’ve tried pulling him to the side and getting down on his level and talking to him in words that he can comprehend to let him know that his behavior is unacceptable but nothing works. Do shrinks see two year olds?? Like I literally have no clue what to do or where to begin seeking professional help. 
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  • How do I get my toddler to sleep in her own bed?

    My three year old sleeps in my bed and I’ve let her do this. I like it too because I love to be close with my daughter. We don’t get a lot of bonding time during the day because I work from 6-3:30. I try to get her to sleep in her bed with fun stuffed toys or cute little lights around her bed but she cries and wants to be with me. Will she outgrow this? My family thinks it’s not good for her and they say she won’t lol at me as her mom, but a buddy. They also think she will be teased about it as she gets older if I don’t stop it. Any advice? 
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  • Could my toddler have coronavirus ?? Please help ?

    Hi so my son has a very runny nose and dry cough like cold symptoms but he’s had it for a week and a half it’s seems so much worse at night , been checking his temperature it’s been 36.5 so no fever , he’s eating a little bit less but still is eating now and again and playing as usual and drinking as usual normal poos and wees just this cough is awful he’s 22 months old and there’s not much to give him I wanted to take him to a doctor to check if his chest is ok as I doubt he’s got the virus as no fever but with it going on I don’t think my gp will see him just in case what can I do ? 
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  • Ex-Wife wants me to take child to the Doctor?

    She wanted mt to take our child to the Doctor on the days I had him. He has a rash that won't go away, thinking it might be yeast/fungal. I decided not to and instead went to speak to the Pharmacist and asked what he suggested. He gave me something for it. I don't think it was something that he needed to go to a Dr for as we don't have insurance and I thought a Pharmacist would be pretty knowledgeable about something like this. Every time he sneezes she take him to the Doctor, I can't afford all these Doctor visits, she's taken him 3 times in the last month and a half. Am I wrong for trusting my better judgement and talking to the Pharmacist instead. It's a rash not the flu.
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  • Would you still pay for daycare $1500/month which is closed due to coronavirus?

    Best answer: She's decided to close, so it should be on her to do the right thing and not charge for services not provided. I would get together with the other parents and all agree not to pay her. She's being totally unreasonable at this time.
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  • Why does my toddler push children younger than her ?

    Best answer: She probably doesn't know how to interact with them and is pushing kids as a way of interaction. However you need to teach her that this isn't ok and that there are nicer ways to interact with other kids. If she continues pshing the other kids at the park then you may need to ban her from the park for a little while as well as making her apologize to the child who got pushed like you did in this situation. You can also try talking to her about why It's not ok to push like telling her sternly " No, we don't push other children, that hurts" ( you don't need to yell at her but you at least need to be firm and consistent so that she know's that she did something wrong). 
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  • Should I shut down my baby's playgroup because of corona?

    Best answer: What is the story with the lady who is watching them? Does she have a big family? Contact with the public?  She can pass the virus along just as well as anyone else outside of your homes.  From what I understand children are handling this virus much better than the sick and elderly...it's a chance you will have to take if you continue to work outside of the home.  Good luck to you all.
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  • How to make a 2year old respect you?

    So my son has been exposed to me being treated like crap by his dad hit on and some more. We no longer are around his dad I packed up my son and moved one night. But my son wont listen to me he hits me and always tells me no punishments don't even work he will just go right back to what he was doing after.I honestly feel he doesn't respect me. What do I do?
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  • My 4 year old refuses to poop on the toilet, what can i do?

    My son is 4 and has been peeing on the toilet for nearly a year but refuses to poop on it. He knows when he has to poop. He knows what poop is he just refuses to do it. I ask him why and he said because i like changing his poop which i told him i do not and im very upset hes refusing to use the potty. He will pee on the potty then wait until he gets off and poop. He will poop in underwhere or diaper. Ive tried the potty training dvds all that ive tried leaving the poop on for a few hours so he will be uncomfortable, but he says he likes how the poop feels on his butt. Wtf can i do? Im sick of cleaning this kids man sized skunk smelling poops! 
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  • My tiny 7 year old refuses to eat? ?

    My 7 year old is tiny, she's about the size of a 4 year old and barely eats a thing! The doctors can't work out why she won't eat because there's nothing physically wrong with her, it's definitely a behavioural problem. She's had to have NG tubes put in more times than i can count because she's been so resistant! It's so bad I have to keep her home from playdates so I can monitor her eating. I'm not sure what to do anymore. She has autism so doesn't communicate very well so I can't really just ask her... Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?  
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  • Do imaginary friends actually exist?

    Is it possible that imaginary friends actually exist but only kids under the age of 5 or 6 can see them? Do you believe that kids see stuff that we don't see including the ones that are older since they no longer believe in imaginary friends?
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  • My fiance wants to spend all his free time hanging out?

    We have a 8, 3, and 1 year old. Currently still potty training on top of running after a baby. I work full time and I'm the one solely responsible for getting the kids to and from school/daycare @ and picking them up because his job hours don't permit him to do so. So it's a lot. Now he wants to go fishing everyday after work and or every weekend...and leave me with the kids I NEVER go anywhere for me so I'm telling him it's hard and I would appreciate his help more but to no avail. So am I tripping to expect more from him?
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  • Sound proofing can't sleep.?

    Best answer: Try hanging blankets or tapestries on the walls. A white noise machine might help.
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  • My son holds his breath to get his way and passes out?

    Best answer: It's not harmful. You don't punish or reward the behavior. Make sure he is safe and then pretend it never happened. If he doesn't get the result he wants (his way or attention) he will stop doing it. 
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  • I my boyfriend but I cannot stand to be around his his 5 year old son. He hits and pinches my daughter. I don’t know if I should stay.?

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  • How to get full custody of my 25 year old son?

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  • Are toddlers shy one day and outgoing the next?

    My toddler is typically shy around strangers but sometimes she will just go right up to people. It seems like it depends on her mood. Is that normal? 
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  • Sons a picky eater, how do I fix this?

    Best answer: Could be a lot of things, I think kids just like to do things like that to parents! I know when my son started eating solids, he'd eat whatever I put in front him and I was so pleased that he seemed like he was going to have a healthy palate... ten years old and he eats pretty much only carbs and cheese. I just keep offering foods he likes alongside the veggies and fruits that he doesn't and don't make a huge deal about it because the second I try to force, he shuts down completely. It's just because he's an individual and that is him; just involve him in grocery shopping, gardening, preparing foods, selecting foods, etc and relax.
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  • Rich, bratty, spoiled step kids? Only wear Burberry, Gucci, Balmain, etc? Suggestions? ?

    Best answer: I never introduced my boys to designer clothing, so they were unaware of high end labels. They wore Levi and Wrangler jeans.

    They grew up in a better frame of mind than your step kids ever will.

    I suggest you have a sit down with your wife and the children and set the rules.  Without rules and consistency in enforcing them, there is zero point in any rules in the first place.

    Have them donate all of their "poor clothes" to those who are grateful to have clothing to wear. If they refuse to wear something, take it away without replacing it.  I can pretty much guess that they have much more than they will ever need at this time and in the near future.

    It is a shame that your in-laws and your wife raised little spoiled brats because they will most certainly suffer from terrible parenting.

    A child's personality is pretty much formed by the time they turn 7, so you have a battle to get them to be not only respectful, but appreciative for what they have.  
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  • Why does my toddler go up to random people ?

    She is three and lately she goes up to random people and hugs them or says hi. Yesterday I had given her a candy in church and she went up to four or five different people to show them and she’s normally shy with people that are unfamiliar to her. Why does she do this? 
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