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  • What is an epidural during labour?

    I dont know if it's true or not but I've heard that you wont have even 1% pain while giving birth or having contractions... What is it really and how does it work?  And how does doctors give epidurals?
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  • What would you think of a man who hopes to have a daughter someday?

    Best answer: I’m a father to a beautiful 25 y/o daughter, she was a dream come true for my wife and I when she was born, we love her so much.

    I understand why you want a daughter.
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  • Can you get pregnant with an IUD ?

    Best answer: I have a couple of friends that are OB/GYN’s and there has been a case where baby was born actually holding the previously implanted IUD in it little hands.

    This was more than 30 years ago and IUD’s have been improved.  So is it possible, Yes, is it likely, No.  

    The only birth control that is 100% effective is a total hysterectomy for a woman or total castration for a man.  
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  • Can a woman have kids at age 35?

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  • Is being childless bad?

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  • My 7 year old keeps acting out in school.. Need advice?

    She keeps getting suspended for telling her teacher and the principal that she's going to kill them. Whenever she doesnt get her way she throws a tantrum and throws things and i try to discipline her by threatening to take away her toys but it doesnt work. She has been to therapy and was put on medication but i feel she may need something else. I want to take her out of the public school and put her into a private school because i do feel that her teacher dislikes me so she encourages my daughter's behavior. I dont know what to do anymore. Im always at the school about something she's done. A few weeks back she was suspended for stabbing her teacher with her pencil. I am a single mom and i am so stressed out. I need advice from parents. Thanks for reading
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  • Calling in sick at work ?

    Hi everyone. My wife left from home at 8, her starting hour 9 o'clock in the morning. I wake up at 7 with abdominal pains, vomits. Really bad. I couldn't stay up. I was thinking that I will be ok after a while and I left her go to work. Around 9.10 I call at her place to work asking for her to come home because I can't manage the situation. I was sweeting, vomiting and very powerful pains ( abdominal ). We have a 3 years old baby and no family here with us that they can take care the baby in a situation like this. Finally her boss told her that she can't let her go because if is something about someone calling in sick needs to call the site with 2 hours before starting hour ( in our case 7 a.m). I really don't know what to say. What do you think guys ? 
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  • What does it mean if someone won't tell you who they are pregnant by?

    Best answer: Some women don't tell for many different reasons. A woman I know didn't tell her daughter who the father was till many years later. She kept it a secret because she was embarrassed and ashamed she didn't even know the man's name. She met him late one night while walking home. He offered her a ride and she got in without thinking because back then in the 70s many hitchhiked. The man offered her beer and they pulled over. Well, she got pregnant that night. She never saw him again. She said she acted out of her usual character that night and even today ashamed.

    Other reasons can be rape, incest rape by a family member, having multiple sex partners, sleeping with someone else boyfriend/husband or just being stubborn and wants to keep him a secret.
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  • Would you find out the gender of your baby?

    Best answer: You are absolutely NOT being selfish. Personally, I think it's ridiculous for them to suggest waiting until after the baby is born to buy anything; you'll either be exhausted or just too busy soaking in all that new baby sweetness to think about shopping. Also, while I think getting hand-me-downs is awesome because you get a little break from spending money, lol, I would NOT have wanted to bring my baby girl home from the hospital in a hand-me-down outfit. You deserve the fun of picking out a special outfit that is all the baby's own.

    Also, if I were you, I would DEFINITELY find out the gender! If no one else wants to know until the baby is born, fine, good for them, they don't have to know. But if you feel like knowing would make YOU feel better and less anxious, then by all means, go for it! You don't even have to wait until 20 weeks; get online and buy a Sneak Peek test. It's a tad pricy, and if you're like me and don't like needles or blood, it'll be kind of a sucky experience, but it's SO worth it! My doctor told me that as long as you follow the instructions completely, the test is over 99% accurate; he's only ever seen it come back wrong twice, and one of those times was traced back to the instructions not being followed, so it doesn't even count.

    As you stated, this is YOUR pregnancy. Do what makes YOU happy and what makes YOU feel at ease, and don't worry about anyone else's opinions.
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  • Can someone give me advice?

    I know this is my fault. I’m not trying to shift the blame. I just want advice about what to do next. Basically, I was on a dating app. Started talking to a guy. He invited me round to his place. I said yes. Got there. Turns out it was a catfish. The guy was significantly older than the person in the pictures. For some reason, I still agreed to go into his house - although he said nothing would happen, just talk. Once inside, he kept saying stuff like, “We’re here now. May as well have a little kiss”. I kept going along with it because I felt so awkward and didn’t want to annoy him by saying no. Eventually, we ended up having sex. I’m now pregnant. And I don’t know what to do. He’s about 30 years older than me. I’m not attracted to him. I really don’t want to date him. But I can’t afford to raise a baby alone. And I don’t want to have an abortion. What would you do? How can I keep the baby?
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  • Is CNA a real job? Or is literally Adult babysitting?

    Best answer: a little bit of both. you could always work in a hospital and get the best of both worlds
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  • How to help baby talk. ?

    Best answer: The internet is your friend. Click on the link below for some websites that teach basic language to toddlers. Ideally, you can spare a few minutes a day to use these websites to help him learn. Since the lessons are fun, they shouldn't be so tiring for you. If you can't spare the time, perhaps there is someone in your life who can, such as a caregiver or a neighbor.
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  • Do you get your children the same amount of presents for Christmas or spend the same amount of money on each?

    Best answer: I only have one but if I had more I would try to get them presents that they want or need. My budget would be the biggest consideration - not whether I've given them presents of equal monetary value. No child of mine would ever demand equal value. I would never stand for that kind of sh1t. 
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  • Why do pregnant women cry a lot ? ?

    Best answer: Her chemistry is all out of whack; it happens a lot with pregnancy.

    To make your wife feel better, cuddle with her and rub her belly. And when you're cuddling with her, take your shirt off.
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  • How to comfort your wife through labor ? ?

    Best answer: Talk to her, find out what SHE wants. Most of the time I found my husband to be useless because he didn't listen to what I needed and honestly the rare times he did, it still wasn't much help. LOL! Just be there for her and LISTEN
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  • Is this even possible? ?

    So this is a long one but I would appreciate any genuine answers please. So I have been married for many years and have lots of kids with my husband. We had a break up 5 years ago for a few days. I slept with another man. He pulled out! Then I got back with my husband and we had lots of unprotected sex as usual. I find out I am pregnant a few weeks later. Now I wasn’t even worried about who was the father BUT I did technically get pregnant that week and using a conception calculated online... based on when she was born it would be more likely to be the other guy BUT he 100% pulled out. I keep over thinking it now and I keep thinking my daughter looks like this other guy now and he has asked for a paternity test which I said isn’t needed but what are the actual chances?!! I KNOW he pulled out and he knows he did to.... I don’t need to be graphic but he did. My due date was a certain date which would have been more indicative of my husband but she was born a week early. Now I’m confused if she was just a week early or if it’s possible that was the due date. I haven’t doubted any of this until these last 2 weeks when the other dude and his wife has contacted me. My husband hasn’t got a clue and I’m so upset and over thinking it all. 
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  • Why do teenage girls get pregnant ? ?

    Best answer: Why is it the modern day thing to call men paedophiles who sleep with them? This proves they aren't.  They're lazy, condoms are even free in some places, no age on them because nobody can stop them having sex. Plain laziness. The governments are never radical enough to do this but, if it was up to me there would be temporary, compulsory sterilisation until you are old enough and have also completed a course to make sure you are suitable.
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  • My baby momma was denied child support?

    Best answer: Tell your mom to quit using you as a meal ticket and go get a job.
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  • Why do teens have kids ? ?

    Best answer: Any or all of the following:

    They may come from a broken home.
    There is nobody in their home who was responsible enough to rear them properly.
    They are downright stupid and horny.
    They may not have had adequate sex education.
    They don't have self-respect nor a feeling of personal responsibility.
    Some holy roller told them that they would go to hell if they get an abortion or use birth control.
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  • Meand my child mother had sex January 21st 2016 and everyday after that. Her due date was Oct 4 2016.. our baby came Oct 1st. Am I father?

    I believe her last period was dec 28 2015 or dec 29.. it was rumors going around saying that my child wasnt mines.. so idk if its possible she slept with someone else..  If anyone can help and give me answers. I will appreciate  it. No negative comments please. Thanks. 
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