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  • How can I get more Instagram follower?

    Best answer: Get more Instagram followers from https://followfans.com
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  • What is your favorite outfit?

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  • Am I right to be angry with this person? will give a best answer?

    Best answer: Your feelings are totally valid! You thought that you had made an actual friend and they deceived you! I would be livid!! And the fact that they think that they can have sex with you just because they're your friend! What the hell is that? You have every right to be mad because you spent your time on creating a friendship with this person. You are not over-reacting! Anybody in their right mind would be pissed
    7 answers
  • What does it mean when people use the expression; "the girl has blossomed"?

    Best answer: Meaning grown. The word blossomed means spreaded. Someone who has blossomed has grown.
    9 answers
  • What do woman look for in a man?

    Best answer: first they need to be comfortable with you. then followed by good looks and money.
    24 answers
  • How can this girl go from a 4/5 to 7/8? Most people rate her below average and average, sometimes a 6. She wants to improve her looks, would?

    Best answer: She is already very pretty. But I suppose she could put on more make up and I think she would look great with straitened hair.
    10 answers
  • My 14 year old daughter wants to get acrylic nails. Is she too young? What do you think?

    17 answers
  • Why did God choose me to be the ugly one? My sister, cousins & auntie have all got model potential, good face symmetry, some have modelled?

    Best answer: I feel so sorry for you 😢 You must feel terrible all the time.
    8 answers
  • Why do i have to be so ugly? I mean it seems it should be so easy to be born with good features?

    Best answer: There are very few ways
    to be extremely beautiful,
    but there are countless ways to be ugly.
    The few very beautiful people
    were just lucky lottery winners.


    John Popelish
    (a person who avoids mirrors)
    8 answers
  • How to look pretty with glasses?

    So I’m a young girl and I’m really ugly, I have to wear glasses all the time with really thick lenses which is even worse. My glasses are quite unfashionable but I can’t see a thing without them. I also have braces and I’ve recently developed acne. I just feel so ugly.. any tips from pretty girls how I can make myself look abit better???
    10 answers
  • I hate how I look?

    Best answer: The thing is, everyone has insecurities about themselves. Even those you idolize (unless they're an
    egomaniac) will have some aspect of themselves that they want to change or wish they didn't have.

    The thing is, every single person is different, we're all different shapes, sizes and colours with our
    own details that make us unique, and when we come together, we all form this amazing huge picture
    of the world :) If we were all identical or change who we are for the wrong reasons, that piece of who
    we are is lost forever.

    I completely understand the feeling, I've been there and still catch glimpses of myself and which some
    parts of my body were different, it's a normal thing but whenever you catch yourself on your thought,
    just tell yourself that you are incredibly unique, being yourself and one of the things that can really help
    to boost your self confidence, is to own your look :)

    The people you meet who are entirely happy and comfortable with who they are, went through the
    same struggle that you are going through now. At 18, it's completely normal to feel that way, but don't
    forget that you are amazing, unique individual and standing out isn't a bad thing :)

    All you have to do is 'own' your look and rock it ;)
    10 answers
  • What do you guys think of piercings?

    I'm 14 and I want more ear piercings but my mom says no because she thinks I'm mutilating my body but I dont see anything wrong with ear piercings, like if I decide I dont like it anymore I can just take them out
    4 answers
  • How can I look older?

    I'm 19 and people say I look 14 so how can I look older?
    11 answers
  • Should I get my daughter into modeling?

    Best answer: Does your daughter want to do it? It could open up a world of possibilities for her if she can handle the environment. As her mother you should act as. her manager in the beginning so you have direct knowledge of the type of assignments she is getting and steering away from the ones you are not comfortable with. If she is successful you will probably want. to get her professional representation with an agency you feel comfortable with and let. her shape her career. First off I would check the guy out who approached you two in the mall. Do an Internet search and maybe invest in a background report, People are discovered a lot of times in everyday settings because the scout sees potential that isn't staged, it is natural. She should go for it but with no expectations that this will lead to fame or that she will even like it.
    15 answers
  • Why would this republican male friend of mine wear women’s perfume?

    Best answer: Well friend let's get down to brass tacks here men's cologne is primarily based on the tail gland of animals. Woman's perfume is more strongly based on ambrosia or whale vomit! So again it's down to brass tacks do you prefer vomit or do you prefer animal ***?
    14 answers
  • Is it generally okay to ride the subway barefoot? I have done it only once so far and no one seemed to mind.?

    Best answer: I'd be more worried about your health than anybody else's. As far as legality, I'm not aware of any law requiring footwear in public, though there could be in some places.
    14 answers
  • HELP!!! My acrylic nail broke in the airport earlier, it was bleeding and it hurts. how do i gently get it off?

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  • What is the psychological reason that women with blonde hair like to drive white vehicles and wear white clothes?

    Best answer: That seems to me like an elaborate generalization, just because a few women you know have blonde hair, and so happen to like the same car and the same colour doesn't mean that every woman with blonde hair is into those things. It's not good to generalize anyone by their hair colour and their interests, especially because everybody is different and you cannot just assume that's how things are.

    That's like me stating that every man I know has dark hair, and brown eyes, there's a lot of men in my life that have brown eyes, and have dark hair, but then, the rest of them don't.. so what I would be seeing is a coincidence, just because half of them are similar, in order for it to be a general, standard thing, it would have to mean that all the men in my life that I know (family, friends, boyfriend) were alike, but since they're not and only a few of them have dark hair, and brown eyes.. that means they're not all the same.

    There's nothing more to say other than the fact I think you've read too much into a coincidence.
    5 answers
  • A modeling agency wants to meet with me, will this mean they are going to sign me?

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