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  • How to crack Enigma?

    My boyfriend and his brother text each other and leave each other notes written in gibberish. stuff like "Hgay gatp laiv" that's not actually what it was. they broke it in WWI right? is there a site I can out the code in and get the unencrypted message? my boyfriend and his brother are 33 and 43 btw. so their not kids
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  • See below?

    I have recived a message hacker who wants $500 in bitcoins from me otherwise he will do who knows what to my computer Tuesday, and I do not know what he might try to do to my banking accounts if he gets into my email from my computer and gets into my email where I store information, can you help to protect my email, also I git and email about you deactvationg my accout my accout is: feegel2 in 24 hours if I do not hit a program which you sent to me, which goes into a blanlk site which asks me to sign in again
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  • I have virus on my pc. Problem is, my computer etc. every 15 minutes open my main browser with random site. I used kaspersky and adwcleaner?

    Best answer: Do a Clean Install of Windows.   Use Microsoft Media Creation Tool. The tool will download Windows 10 onto a USB stick and make it bootable.  DO NOT install Kaspersky.  It is from Russia and has been banned.  It contains spy ware.
    Windows 10 does not need a third party Anti Virus. It has Windows Defender.
    When your installing Windows 10 Select the Advanced Option and when you see the Hard drive partitions Delete them all (Clean Install).
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  • Is it possible to be rich by being an ATM hacker?

    Hacking ATMs from all over the globe.
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  • Should i start to use a VPN? which one to use? and how do you you use them?

    Best answer: Your ISP can't change Google or Bing search results.   VPN's mostly give a false sense of security\privacy and are a total waste of money for most people unless you are trying to get around a very specific restriction you are aware of or achieve a static ip.  On top of it you will end up with a 30% or more reduction in the bandwidth available when surfing the web.   All that said I've heard good things about NordVPN if you really want to use one. 
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  • I don't want to use security key?

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  • Why did my boss take my lock off my locker?

    I hust clocked off to see my combination lock off my locker. Nothing was moved insode or stolen. Im not in trouble with my work or anything? Wth???
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  • Can someone decrypt this?

    My friend gave me the number '0,0000,000' and told me to decrypt it. She gave me a hint, which was apparently '071'. I'm suspecting that it's a message which you read upside down, but I seriously don't know how you get numbers from a bunch of zeroes.
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  • How to deal with fake internet service provider calls?

    Best answer: They just pick random numbers to call and hope that someone is stupid enough to give out his credit card number.

    I got a call about my windows 10 license about to expire and I’ll need to renew the license. Problem is that my license came with my laptop so I don’t need to renew it. So I just played along then at the very end I told him to go **** himself and I’ll call the police on him. Haven’t heard from him since.

    If you have caller ID don’t answer if you don’t know the number. If you have voicemail let it go to voicemail. If they leave a message then you can use against them for spamming. Notice how they never leave a message.
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  • Does it download?

    I was going to buy my wife a Chromebook. I asked the guy in the store about the built-in anti-virus,& why a 2nd anti-virus program wouldn't be necessary. He told me it was because with a Chromebook you can't download anything. It's good for searching, emails,etc..but no downloads. I was speaking with someone who has a Chromebook & she told me she CAN download. I don't know what's correct & what isn't. I wouldn't want to spend the money only to find the clerk in the store was right in what he told me. So, DOES IT HAVE DOWNLOAD CAPABILITIES???
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  • System 32 cmd black box pop up on windows 7. how to get rid of it.?

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  • Is it a guarantee that if I get a security lock box or suit case -- people will leave my things alone?

    I start my software engineering training at '42: Silicon Valley' next month in October and I am also accepted into the dormitory program. They recommend that I get a security suit case or some such to keep my valuables, etc. safe. Who is to say some nerd *sshole won't take the entire suit case or lock box to try to open else where? If you have dormed and attended 42 school--please give me some input in this. Thanks so much.
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  • Question about an i-pad?

    Best answer: Without your iPad being connected to any company network or device, there's no way for anyone there to track it or monitor what you do with it.
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  • How we can remove password from windows 10?

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  • How to delete computer virus????

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  • My email was hacked . I need better security?

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  • How to use CMD to remove shortcut virus without using antivirus software?

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  • My computer got hacking I cannot get fire fox mazolla private and secure?

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  • I have a site that norton antivirus won't allow. How can I get Norton to accept this website?

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  • What internet security and antivirus do I need to buy for my windows 10?

    I want to buy an internet security to work on my cellphone as well. what internet security and antivirus do you guys recommend me to buy? my computer specification 8gig ram core i7 9th generation Asus mother board 6gig graphic, Nvidia geforce 1660
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