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  • Can i answer a security question?

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  • Is it difficult for a hacker to get acces to your social media?

    Best answer: It depends on your privacy settings, your password, if you have two factor authentication setup, and what type of access you mean. It's probably not too hard for a hacker to view your social media as a fake "friend", but it is very difficult for a hacker to gain full access to your social media if you have the proper security enabled. We get this notion from the movies where these super-hackers can access anything within a few minutes, but the reality is far from that.
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  • How hard is it to install a car stereo?

    My neighbor gave me their old car. It's a 1991 Ford Escort. I'm thinking about putting in a new stereo How difficult would that be cause I've never done it before.
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  • I have a 2017 MacBookAir and sometimes after I logout of the internet I have hidden spam/ads that only show themselves/pop up when I log?

    back on, and they overlap/replace my homepage. I have not downloaded foreign apps/programs/etc and I usually have 3 ads that pop up so I have to close the internet again 3 times before I can use it normally again. Please help… Thanks :)
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  • Is it possible for someone to hack your devices without your passwords or physical access? How?

    How is it possible?
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  • Does anybody trust the reviews on Amazon that say bad things especially about Norton Antivirus?

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  • Why do I need MacAfee I have an anti virus avg?

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  • Microsoft representative accessed my system 32 folder while remote accessing my computer, is this safe?

    Best answer: If it was a Microsoft employee, they might have had a good reason. If somebody called you and said "This is Microsoft, we have found a problem with your computer, we need to use remote access to fix it," you have a real problem now.
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  • Do I Need an anti virus on my macbook?

    Best answer: If you never get data from somewhere else (Internet, a USB drive, a commercial disk), no.
    But most people do put something from somewhere else on their computers. So one would be safer with protection from an anti-virus program.
    In the past, people thought that most all viruses were written for Windows or DOS computers, not for Mac OS ones. No longer true. There are a few that can attack Apple computers.
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  • How do I find out who has hacked my devices? How to do this? What program will give me the person's name?

    What program will give me name and contact details or a lead to who has hacked me?
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  • I keep getting pop-ups saying I'm being monitored for child porn?

    Best answer: That's a virus or malware you got from visiting a dodgy porn site or downloading an infected video.
    If the FBI were monitoring you, do you really think they would let you know by giving you a pop up?? Of course not. The FBI never lets anyone know they are under investigation
    Stop visiting unsafe porn sites/ Run a virus scan and download and run the latest version of Malwarebytes.

    It's estimated that the majority of the videos on Pornhub are infected. Never visit that site unless you have a very good anti-virus and Malwarebytes installed.
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  • Is Windows 7 good again in 2019 if you install Anti-Virus on it?

    Best answer: Hello!

    Its not that windows 7 isn't safe but they are no longer providing support for it. The mainstream support for Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) ended on January 13, 2015, and the extended support ends on January 14, 2020. So it means you will no longer get updates. Which means Hackers can find ways around Microsoft's security and Microsoft will no longer be fixing it. So it would be unsafe and Anti Virus isn't the answer in this case.

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  • Free anti virus?

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  • Is Windows Defender all I need to protect my Windows 10 computer?

    Best answer: Windows Defender is both full time AV and full time anti-malware. Not all AV have anti-malware and only the paid version of Malwarebytes has full time anti-malware.

    Rarely (less than once a year) I have found a problem that Defender missed and Malwarebytes found. I have even found the opposite- Defender caught something that Malwarebytes missed.

    Defender is all you need. Simply uninstall your present AV and Defender will activate. It may take a little while to download the latest updates.
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  • After I hung up on the microsoft support engineer, I lost over $1,200+?

    ok so recently i was talking to microsoft support there was a big problem with my computer and they got it fixed i was talking to a certified engineer and he installed anti virus and i had to pay for the anti virus so i put in my credit card details and paid for it it was $50 for a year that was ok i do not know the pricing for anti virus is it good i think 50 is good for protecting my computer so after i put my details in 50 dollars gets taken out of my credit card and my membership for the anti virus gets activated but 7 hours after i hung up on the microsoft certified engineer (he was really nice!! :) ) my credit card started getting massive charges getting taken out of it such as $800 and $400 and $1250 and i blocked my card as soon as i found that out and i have no clue what could have happened i didnt scan my computer with the anti virus maybe it would of found like 500 viruses 9thats a lot of viruses yes so i didnt scan my computer with the antivirus the engineer gave me and maybe a computer hacker stole my card info????????? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • What s best antivirus for phone?

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  • What can i do if i have someone’s ip?

    Best answer: You generally can't do much except from what the other answers have said about locating it to the ISP. However it is possible, though not probable, that you could hack a device on the network. This can be an IOT device such as a security camera, a smart thermostat or other smart devices. The router could also be vulnerable and can be compromised. Many new tech devices are susceptible to attacks as they have direct access to the internet through the router and they open ports in order to communicate with the internet. This can mean that an IP address and a port may be the only info that is needed to attack the device. Some devices even have default passwords that people don't change when setting up the device and can easily be compromised. All of this is said for informational purposes only. If you do hack into a device know that you could be prosecuted.
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  • How can I bypass my school’s website block?

    They have blocked all proxies and vpns and we can’t download anything not approved by the school.
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  • How to scan a letter to the computer?

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  • Didn't get a security code?

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