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  • Hi so I accidentally went on a porn site (looked up Snapchat pics, clicked on website, awful idea) and windows closed it, and began beeping?

    I really don’t know what’s going on, it began to say something about my IP address as well?? I’m scared that the police will come, I wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. Please help.
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  • I cant download something beacouse its always says Failed - Virus detected even if i turn off antivirus please help?

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  • Can organisations hack into your files via remote desktop application?

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  • What happens if you get one or more wrong in a photo captcha?

    Best answer: They keep shoving new ones at you until you get all of them right or you leave the site in disgust, whichever comes first.
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  • I ve been talking to someone and they asked me a favor to take money from her bank...?

    Best answer: Hello!

    We would strongly recommend that you give serious consideration to how well you know the person who is making this suggestion. Is this a person that you know in real life or is this someone who you know only online or is a casual acquaintance?

    If the person in question is having trouble accessing her bank accounts or funds, she should be reaching out to her bank for a solution. The fact that she is asking you to access her bank account, transfer money to your account, and then wire the money to you is very concerning! Why would the person just not take her bank card to an ATM or to the monegram office to do this herself?

    The scam works like this: There are 3 players: The Scammer, The Mark, and The Bank ,

    1. The Scammer seeks out a Mark and gives some story about how Scammer can t access funds (lost card, moved and can t find checkbook, got robbed...etc.) The Scammer provides bank account information or login information to the Mark who transfers funds using Bank to Bank transfer. (thereby linking Bank and Marks s Bank accounts.)

    2. Mark takes out money in cash and then goes to Moneygram office where the cash is converted back to digital currency. Digital currency is then electronically transferred to the Scammer (who is probably out of the country/ offshore/ in a non-us location or using a non-us bank account.)

    3. 7-10 days later the original Bank then reverses the charges because the withdrawal is likely from a stolen account and is a fraudulent withdrawl. Remember the bank to bank transfer that started this links the Mark s bank account to the original Bank s account. Just as quickly as easily as it was transferred, it can be transferred back.

    4. Once the funds from Moneygram leave the country and are fully deposited in the Scammer s bank account the funds are NOT RECOVERABLE. The Mark is then completely out of options because the original Bank will get it s money back from Mark s bank to cover the fraudulent withdrawl. The Mark may also be charged with theft for "stealing" the money from the original Bank.

    Please do NOT help this person--they should follow up with their bank if they have issues accessing their funds.

    Geek Squad Agent Kate JB. -- 30870
    Analyst, Direct to Contractor Invoice In Home Services Operations
    Geek Squad/ Yahoo! Answers Partnership Knowledge
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  • Is Windows Defender in Windows 10 trustworthy?

    Best answer: It's actually quite good. Windows Defender is a good antivirus... Microsoft support that just as much as Norton or Kaspersky or AVG or any other major antivirus vendors are supported.
    Will it catch every virus? No antivirus can be guaranteed to do that.
    Statistics come out every year regarding the effectiveness of all the big names in antivirus, and the good ones tend to have a 95% success rate at stopping viruses, maybe better than that in some cases, but never 100%.
    In answer to your question, Windows Defender is trustworthy, it will do what it was designed to so, and do it well. Microsoft has a vested interest in making antivirus a part of their operating system.
    Also in answer to your question, there can be, and will be, viruses that it will not catch, new viruses, unexpectedly sophisticated viruses... but that is true for any antivirus.
    You need to have antivirus, absolutely, and it will catch most threats out there if it is regularly updated, but it can't protect you from absolutely everything. Avoiding dodgy websites and emails also has to be part of your plan.
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  • What was the most pointless website they banned at your school That You Didn't Understand Why?

    Like at the school I went to they banned Dogpile from their servers which is a search engine that I couldn't understand why when I was 14.
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  • Russian hackers will support Trump while Chinese hackers will not. Which country has better hackers to decide our 2020 election for us?

    Best answer: Fortnite hackers
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  • HelpPPP, i need to get rid of compter virus!! NOW!!!!!?

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  • My dad got an email saying they've got owned and that they know his password. (they actually show it). Should I be worried?

    Best answer: I get them too, they get the info from sites like forums, with poor security.
    Lots of people reuse the same password on every site. So you can see how they might panic if someone knows their email address and an important password, which might even be their email password.
    When I get that mail, the password they claim to know is always a throwaway one which never matches my email password, paypal/banking ones, etc.
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  • What to do if you feel like your WiFi has been hacked?

    I feel like no matter where I go online, I’m being stalked by a troll, I’m tired of it.
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  • Are Indians scammers actually calling from India?

    Best answer: There are a couple of codes that you can use to block any call no matter where it is from and no matter if the number that shows up isn't the correct one. I am on AT&T and use it and it works great. I don't know if the other phone providers have this or not.

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  • A dude messaged texted me off of eBay and wants me to accept his PayPal transaction and told me he’ll pay with friends and family.?

    He doesn’t want to do the transaction on eBay. I know this is sketchy but aren’t I technically not losing anything because he can’t scam me this way?
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  • Is it possible with todays technology for a person to have a security camera inside an apartment?

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  • Hi how can I get rid of porn .?

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  • Question about anonymous web surfing.?

    If I send an e-mail, while surfing incognito, can it be traced??? If so, which anonymous web browser can I use to achieve that??
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  • Are people able to see what you do from your own television even though your television has no webcam or any kind of camera?

    Additionally, are people able to hack into your wifi without knowing the password to your wifi? Are people able to hack into your phone magically? I'm asking these questions because one of my friends yelled at me because I'm not agreeing with them that a certain person they believe is hacking into everything in their house and has cameras in every room of their house.
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  • What is the best antivirus that is free, and isn't Malwarebytes?

    Best answer: The best Antivirus is You. You are the number one way to avoid infections. Most infections are user installed by opening malicious files. This is why some people claim they don't use protection and never get anything. The problem with that though is that some infections can happen without user interaction and this is why Antivirus/Antimalware is recommended. Antivirus programs use real time protection that can block infections before they can infect and can help detect malicious files before you can run them. Starting in Windows 8, Microsoft included a security program (AV) called Windows Defender. It is free and now works very well. It has multi layer protection with Real time monitoring and behavioral detection etc. I personally would recommend only using Windows Defender as your security. Installing any other AV will disable it. The exception is Malwarebytes Premium, though Defender must be running before starting Malwarebytes. This is how I run my computer security.
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  • Does norton parental control spy on all my search history?

    my mum set it up on my computer, but i was wondering does this spy on everything i search up?
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  • Can you tell is someone has been using your secure wifi?

    If someone has obtained your password to your secure wifi and is using it will you be able to know they are using your wifi or will it be undetectable?
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