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  • How to disable parental controls websote blocking?

    Best answer: Scroll down to and click on the Manage your extras button followed by clicking on Manage BT Parental Controls. Select Manage Settings under BT Parental Controls and choose the Manage allowed and blocked sites tab. In the box under 'My blocked websites', type the address of the website you wish to block.
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  • What I need is from an experienced person that can help me hack Twitter that they tell me?

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  • What do vPN do and what do I need to protect my PC overall?

    I use my computer for business purposes now, and I want to protect my documents, internet privacy, streaming privacy, and apps like IG and FB on my phone. What is the best overall VPN? I have heard things about Nord but from what I see it only blocks your IP address.
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  • Cant log in?

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  • How can i stop someone from looking at me through my TV cameras?

    my ex has a hacker friend who works cyber security for banks. They have been monitoring me through cameras on my computer and TV. Is there anything i can do to my home network to be alerted to someone doing this. how can i stop it?
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  • Why does this window keep popping up and how do i fix it? i'm aware of its a trojan or malware threat but it always pops up.?

    Best answer: You need to remove the malware while in the SAFE MODE. Safe Mode only allows the Win 10 files to boot up and nothing else, but you can run your antivirus and/or anti-malware while in the Safe Mode. You have to manually put it into Safe Mode and then you have to manually take it out of Safe Mode. Give it a try ... here's how! <<<<<Win 10 SAFE MODE
    Win 10 is a little odd because you have to go through a short process to put the computer into the Safe Mode and to get it back out of the Safe Mode. Here’s how to do both processes. This works in Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10.
    To Get Into Safe Mode:
    1. Right click at Start button
    2. Click on RUN
    3. In the resulting box, type in the term msconfig and hit enter.
    4. The msconfig window will appear. At the top of the window click on the Boot tab.
    5. In the next window put a check mark in the “Safe Boot” box.
    6. Click Apply, then click OK
    7. Click Restart. The computer will go through a normal looking boot and you will have to provide your password if you use one. The desktop will eventually show up with a somewhat abnormal looking Desk Top with all icons skewed left and will say SAFE MODE in all four corners of the screen.
    NOTE: If you were to reboot the computer, it will boot/reboot continually into the Safe Mode until you take the steps below to change the settings for a "normal” boot up to your desktop.
    To Get Out Of Safe Mode:
    8. Right click at Start button
    9. Click on RUN
    10. In the resulting box, type in the term msconfig and hit enter.
    11. The msconfig window will appear. At the top of the window click on the Boot tab.
    12. UNCHECK the “Safe Boot” box.
    13. Click Apply then click OK
    14. Click on Restart to boot the computer into its’ normal mode.
    NOTE: Once the Restart (reboot) is completed and the computer boots into the “normal” mode it will continue to boot into the normal mode each time you reboot. You are required to use the getting into the Safe Mode process(s) to get into it and out of it. >>>>> Run your protection software while in the Safe Mode!!! Hope this helps.
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  • Whats the best antivirus for windows 10?

    Best answer: Hello and thank you for your question!

    This is a tricky question because answers will differ depending on opinion and what kind of security you need.
    Basic security is already pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs via Windows Defender. Windows Defender has gotten a lot better over the years and is updated monthly by Microsoft to include more and more security definitions (this is what lets the AV program know the difference between harmless files and malware!)

    If you're looking for more comprehensive protection it'll cost you, both financially and performance-wise.
    This is when people start to compare AV providers depending on how active it is in the background vs how much protection it offers. The most protective AVs usually hog the most resources (This is not always the case, most bad AVs hog resources while not protecting much).

    I would look into how much protection you NEED and base your choices on that. As far as my opinion(Not GeekSquad/Best Buy), I generally use Bitdefender or Webroot as my AntiVirus and Malwarebytes as AntiMalware. There is a difference between Anti Virus and Anti Malware and it's good practice to have both! Sorry that I couldn't name drop one "Stop All" best AV, unfortunately it's not that simple and I hope my answer helped demystify AVs enough to help you make the right choice in protecting your data!

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  • Can you tell if this ipad is secretly recording?

    Best answer: trust and open communication is the key to any relationship lasting. just ask her what the iPad is doing. say you walked by and saw that screen.

    if you don't trust her, you will always have doubts. from doubts usually come conflict, and other relationship issues.
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  • What does antivirus software do?

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  • Is it possible to get viruses from downloading pirate movies?

    Best answer: Yes

    Answering for a friend.
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  • What happens when someone steals your identity?

    Best answer: It basically means that they have all of your personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, drivers license number, address (past and present), mother's maiden name, employment information, etc... This allows them to fraudulently open up lines of credit in your name and buy whatever they can. Meanwhile you're getting the bills and the bad credit.
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  • Down load microsoft security essentials?

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  • Confused about tracking cookies?

    Best answer: Yep,stored on your PC unless you disable them or use an extension called Cookie AutoDelete.
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  • What's a good place to store our passwords?

    Do u guys store your password anywhere (phone, computer, written down somewhere) or do you memorize it? sometimes it's a bit hard to memorize all the websites that i subscribed to with all my different username and passwords
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  • I reported a cyberstalker hacker who don't stop hacking my online activity and the FBI isn't doing sh!t?Why this?

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  • If a bank disabled an ex-employee's access by revoking user id. Does that mean nobody can access anything using his identity?

    For example, can not log on to his PC as him etc. Then all his personal data on his PC is safe? I am asking because I just left a bank, worrying about the personal data still on my PC.
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  • How to delete a computer virus!!! PLZ HALP!!!1?

    Best answer: Troll Alert !!!
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  • Can a "cookie " prevent me from getting a job?

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  • How do i get rid of cookies?

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  • Is McAfee a good anti-virus software?

    I get pop ups all the time from HP about them recommending McAfee.
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